Removing Tally Ho's stem & bow! (EP49)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Removing the Bow Assembly / EP49.
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    EPISODE 49.
    After a holiday on a beautiful aluminium yacht in Turkey, Cecca and I head back to the US, where Tally Ho is waiting. I get two new volunteers, Joe and Jack, who start off by making Frame Templates for the bow. In preparation for the new Bow Assembly, we cut the old Frame Heels and Hood End Fastenings, spring out the planks and frames in the bow, and remove the old Stem and Forefoot.
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    49. Removing the Bow Assembly (Tally Ho EP49)
    Nat Keefe with The Bow Ties - Dude Where’s My Horse
    Freedom Trail Studio - We Share This
    ELPHNT - Unrest
    Nat Keefe with The Bow Ties - Big Sciota

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      1. Robot Munkee

        Mate, Checkers is lovely. You both got a real partner in life there... total keepers, both of ya. Lovely to see when it's just so obvious that people fit that well. Good on ya both. Keep being there for each other. You guys kick ass!

      2. rtmordecai1

        Tsgamer 101, he expects to launch the boat in two years.

      3. Teagan Smart

        When it is launched what is next

      4. Sampson Boat Co

        @ctujoao Approved! Thanks a lot! :)

      5. ctujoao

        @Sampson Boat Co Well, I've done some english subs as well. I actually should have started with that.

    2. Justin P

      This is like open heart surgery for boats

    3. shaenj

      You and I are the only people I know who take their own Stiches out. It's always more convenient just to get it done rather than hunt for a Quack.

    4. Mark Jennings

      I wonder what will be the very last part of the original hull to get ripped out? (I dont think planking counts as original)

    5. USMC forever

      Great music

    6. Bill Dyke

      Aluminum makes great beer cans, terrible boats. Every ding leaves a dent. And that eye looks like Cecca has a nifty right hook...

    7. Dean Knight

      Dude your mono brow needs to get a divorce 😉👍🏻

    8. Lee Tingler

      Ive been watching for the last few episodes and it brings back memories of when my dad built boats. All this seems so familiar. I'll keep watch and liking This is covid19 time and this is great to watch.

    9. J Hemphill

      HOHO you finally admit that Cecca's your girlfriend! I had an inkling.

    10. Shnick

      Sending you a box of eyepatches.

    11. Christian McCollum

      Can you imagine what all this is costing the young chap?!! A helluva lot of quid!

    12. Colin Campbell

      No with Francesca back everything back on even keel. She see to all those important things eating properly attend to general running backup systems and helping or more than helping hand. Just admit you need her imput help more tha' Girl Friday.

    13. An Onymous

      "I'm from New York and Ireland". Nah mate, you're from New York.

    14. Harold Conover

      Lucky Man, Beautiful Boat..

    15. Beaky Twitch

      A boxed set of DVDs marketed with these videos ? I would buy such, especially if funds raised went towards other boat building adventures as well as this one.

    16. XSAVIER busy

      everyone should grow a chicken, they’re so fun.

    17. Galerak

      Totally missed opportunity for an eye-patch there xD

    18. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    19. The Talent

      Leo (16:20):“Joe and Jack have braced up the props” Me: *looks in background* “yeah they did!”

    20. Daniel Michaud

      It's always a good piece of wood this stem. Are you going to use it for something else on the boat?

    21. David Dooley

      Leo, I just want you to know that even though I cannot donate at the moment, i wish i could. This has been the most interesting series i think i've ever watched on youtube. Your work ethic insipres me as i am also a hands on type of worker. Thank you for making the videos.

    22. chinchilla149

      Leave animals alone

    23. Hamza Altıntaş

      Türkiyeden selamlar videolarınızı heyecanla izliyorum ve beğeniyorum. I eagerly watching your video greetings from Turkey and i like it.

    24. NitrogenFume

      Oh man, seeing you with a black eye brought back some fond memories of my grandfather. He had melanoma's removed from each of his cheeks, each time getting identical bruises to yours.

    25. Dries van Oosten

      Taking the bow assembly out looked pretty scary!

      1. Gottenhimfella

        I worked it out when I watched episode (I think) 52: they use the forklift to slide the centerline timbers in and out, and so the forks need to fit alongside the timbers, hence the extra gap.

      2. Gottenhimfella

        I found myself wondering why it had to be opened up so wide. There will be a good reason but I didn't hear it mentioned.

    26. Robert Oliver

      she is just a delight you are a very lucky man

    27. Maximus Griffiths

      The sprung frames make her look like the Silent Mary! Unleash the sharks!

    28. Doug Wray

      Sir Albert would be delighted to see his design treated with such respect. Leo, you're an artist. Thanks for doing this and thanks for sharing it!!! This will live on the internet forever.

    29. John Collins

      You got into a fight and won! Cheers!

    30. Cawfee Dawg

      I think Cecca named those chicks after rock stars. 😂

    31. Zihnigür Dereli


    32. Richard Hibbs

      49 episodes before you said GIRLFRIEND!!!

    33. Gavan Duffy

      Wow! In Australia we use anaesthetic to put the patient under...

    34. Frank Russell Design

      You got that parrot and the wench and the bad eye? Where is the eye patch? Arrrgh

    35. Richard Curtis

      You know what they say about bacon and eggs: For the chicken, eggs are a contribution; for the pig, bacon is a commitment.

    36. Matt Moody

      Well, I can tell you that was a cockerel that tried to jump out of the box!

    37. Nikki Newman

      Your girlfriend must really like you. I can't imagine trying to cook for a whole crew in the middle of an active woodworking shop!

    38. TheJustonemore

      That laugh is scary,look out Leo

    39. TheJustonemore

      Arrrr scar

    40. anthony white

      Nice Bristol Garden.

    41. anthony white

      You deserved this kindness! Nice!

    42. Eckhard Koehler

      Where in Turkey was that beautiful sailing!?

    43. Jason Willis

      Is your girlfriend from Turkey? I couldn’t quite place her accent in the previous videos

    44. JimTheSoundman

      I hope you are saving all that old wood. It would be awesome if you could remill that old wood and use it to rebuild the interior of the boat. It would be difficult to remill as it's all filled with metal I'm sure, but it still would be amazing.

    45. Jono Thorne

      I'm glad you finally let us know that Cecca is your girlfriend. Took you long enough!

    46. Lordp00m

      Who saw the spider at 10:23?

    47. Daniel Ladishew

      NURSE! RIB SPREADERS! That was oddly satisfying to watch. I've been binge watching this series, and it's going to suck to have to wait when I catch up!

    48. Andrzej Cichy

      Hard work whit this boat. I admire you.

    49. Elli P

      I used to do a bit of cabinetmaking; those slabs of purpleheart give me goosebumps!

    50. EZME excuzemoi

      Building a new boat....great job

    51. Thomas Russell

      Well, the girlfriend word finally made it into the fray. Congrats you two. Also, it is seriously starting to look like not much of the original Tally-Ho will remain in this boat. To be fair, there is a lot of damage and rot, so hopefully the interior will keep much if the original appointments and timber. Do you still have any of the original rigging? Is that usable? Was it ever fitted with an engine, and will it remain, or also be replaced? I can't wait to see her back in the water, racing along under sail. I'd bet when the sheets fill, she'll be as fast as she was when new. Keep up the great work. The top of the stem looked right nice, will that stay? Or will it be replaced with the purple-heart as well?

    52. 2212db

      14:30 on is a disturbing/scary sight

    53. MrHotbulldozer

      Are you going to marry that lovely girl, don't have her living in sin. Have a blessed day.

    54. Mark Lowry

      Outstanding work, great cinematography, and it's lovely to see Cecca back with you in Sequim.

    55. Ted Carruthers

      Leo watch out for the signs that Czechers is getting clucky.....they'll spring a sprog on You if they think they can get away wiv it.. Having pets can be a good diversion....

    56. Case 275

      Mate when are you going to marry that lady! She’s a keeper!

    57. Tom Legrady

      Have you been watching the America's Cup races? I understand the foils lifting the boats out of the water have a significant effect, but I don't understand a 10 km/hr breeze producing 40 kph boat speeds.

    58. Weston Ward

      I have a question about displacement of a boat/ship. Is the number the weight of the diplaced water? I am from Indiana and am facinated with wooden boats and sailing ships. Any information will help.

      1. Weston Ward

        @Frederick Stibbert I understand, I guess I should explain what I want to do. I want to build a scaled down wooden speedboat. Something around 7" to 8" long. I want it to handle like a real boat and I know to do that it has to be heavy. I have seen the modern RC boat and I don't want some zippy thing. I want a cruiser. The thing is I can't find a dry weight on boats. If I knew that I could figure out what I need to shoot for. Thanks for answering.

      2. Frederick Stibbert

        Technically yes, but there are umpteen ways to determine the number, like Gross Registered Tonnage or Full-Load Displacement. Tally Ho is usually listed as 30 tons Thames Measurement, but TM is really just a mathematical formula based on hull form, used for small yachts. It's more similar to calculations used to determine a racing handicap, & is an estimate of her displacement, not a 'real' number.

    59. axel usul

      Looks like you were near Cesmir and the Greek Islands beautiful place.

    60. Michael Panella

      Have you considered doing anything neat with that bow timber for Manuel?

    61. Leonard Hall

      We thought we saw your hair flat but on review we were mistaken: :)

    62. D Sloop

      enuff of yer wanker face and crappy music, get on with the boat. Acorn to Arabella is much better.

    63. Andrew T

      @1'53"...let off your topping lift!!! 🌞 🌞 🌞

      1. Andrew T

        @Cecca I apologise for being a smart arse git, Ma'am... 🙂

      2. Cecca

        topper was off - we were unable to depressurise the hydraulic boom vang, for some reason!

    64. boatboy222

      Does anyone have an email for Leo? I cant get to work. Anyone any clues.?

    65. couerl

      Handle those chicks a lot when they're young and they'll be very friendly when they get older and get that heat lamp off them, they're already too old for it unless its freezing there. . Wonderful project you're doing, wish I could help you build it.

    66. Roy Hicks

      I think it is pretty neat that in her rebuild this time around that there is so much video documenting her new life. I'm in awe of what Leo is able to accomplish. I'm enjoying every video. Only thing is he releases his videos on Saturday and that is the day I go out on the road for five days. Yes I could watch them on my phone but that's just not the same.

    67. tchiwam

      Guessing here the Aluminium boat is from Makkum, Netherlands ?

    68. dphotos

      Last year I had the same Mohs Procedure on my nose. I looked horrible for a week but it all healed up fine. Wear your sunscreen and a hat.

    69. Ron A. Bolton

      Thanks Leo, What a fantastic episode. Watching the front of the boat open up was an amazing shot and something that I would imagine very few people have ever seen. I hope the "Thing " removed from your face was benign, I had one removed last year too, can be daunting.

    70. Terry Prather

      Plz tell everyone how u cut off ur finger tip

      1. Gottenhimfella

        Refer episode 38

    71. Davide Grego

      I'm a bit late but... Total sun protection 50+ everyday for at least the next three months (six would be better) on that surgical wound! Otherwise it'll turn red/purple!

    72. Motel DePott

      I hope you recuperate well soon and glad to see that frenchesca is back

    73. daedster1

      Weird, YT unsub'd me, wondered where you went.... YT, FB, Twerper, doing weird stuff

    74. Gotta Split

      Great work as always!!!

    75. Duncan Mac

      Thanks for taking the time to put these great videos together. 😁

    76. Pavel Boyarov

      Leo, Francesca is a good girl, take care of her

    77. EvanTheFox

      No English in subtitles.... Very lame to me

    78. Really buddy

      You and Checa? are light skinned get in the habit of sunscreen the biggest hat you can put up with and sun glasses. it will really pay off when you get older not just the skin thing but the sun over the years will cause cataracts loss of vision and other nasty things. Trust me

    79. Michael Danesi

      Was Tally Ho originally fastened with a mix of iron and bronze?

      1. Michael Danesi

        @Sampson Boat Co Thanks! Looked like the metal floors were iron. I'm asking b'cause I'm using galvanized for my Chebacco boat (

      2. Sampson Boat Co

        nope - copper rivets for plank fastenings. Some Iron in the deck though.

    80. Kevin Blevins

      Amazing Like a can opener

    81. Rexis

      I'm going to wonder about this forever if I don't ask. Did Leo ever say how he hurt his finger?

      1. Gottenhimfella

        Yes. He cut it off with the bandsaw, accidentally.

      2. Tony Grimes


    82. andy cain

      Great time lapse sequence springing the bow another awesome vid keep them coming mate

    83. Brad Baerwald

      Just curious, Boat, built by NL’r in Turkey... flying a big ol Murican flag? Hmmm

      1. Brad Baerwald

        Frederick Stibbert ; Thank you! I agree and that makes a LOT of sense! Especially the Value Added Tax bit! (ran a studio in Barbados for a year and saw ridiculous VAT on everything there). In an age where I have known folks motivated to claim they are Canadian to hide the fact that they are American (in areas that are less than friendly toward Americans) those reasons you state are very logical and intriguing to me. Also I might be seeing things askew? I know nothing of the boating world and my premise that a US flag would be a target is probably (flat out) wrong? Also it occurs to me that I’ve made it sound like the Dutch hate us.... obviously it’s not THAT bad, the Turks however... I assume are much less enamored LOL

      2. Frederick Stibbert

        hi Brad, my best info is that NERIDA is Dutch-owned, Dutch-designed, Turkish-built & US-registered. As to *why* she is US-flagged, I assume that was her owner's choice, but I can offer these uninformed reasons: - more attractive to charter customers & cheaper to insure because she meets US construction & safety standards. - owner can receive US consul / embassy aid to help navigate local conditions or legal shoals. - if re-sold, the transaction won't be subject to (substantial) European VAT rates.

      3. Brad Baerwald

        @Frederick Stibbert; gotcha, but still doesn’t explain why? (BTW I lived in Holland (NL) for 7 years of my life in two different decades, the early 70’s and later as an Air Force grunt in the later half of the 80’s). I “know” the dutch and while the older Dutchmen felt positively towards the Americans (circa. WWII), the youth started protesting against America even towards the end of my first stay in NL. So my question: why would a Dutch built boat, harbored in Turkey(?) be flying an American flag?? (And my understanding is that while Turkey is a NATO member (?) the Turks are even less friendly to Americans or should I say “down right hostile”? (My dad worked for NATO while we lived in Den Hague and had a a Turkish boss who happened to be a Butt hole)

      4. Frederick Stibbert

        No hmmm about it, ships are an international thing. US flag low at her stern means she is US registered, meets US standards, US law applies aboard her, she's protected by the US government. The Turkish flag on the starboard spreader means she's passed through Turkish customs & acknowledges Turkish sovereignty while in that nation's waters. This 'courtesy flag' is always flown higher than a ship's national flag.

    84. chronoboat

      How much of the original boat will be left once you are finished????

    85. Jonathan Moscatello

      At 11:20 you describe “what’s next”. Wow! That’s a lot of work and many steps. I’m excited to watch.

    86. D|M Photo

      Liked the use of timelapse in this one a lot. Nice video!

    87. Cptn Uwe's Pirate Tales

      awesome thanks

    88. lancedaniels

      Thanks for posting and sharing your adventures. Turkey and the Bahamian Cutter looked great.

    89. juke box hero

      Francesca Tuttigiorni Di La Nota

    90. sonsieboy

      What do you think of the original bow timbers?

    91. John Duffy

      Great progress!!

    92. Bob Hudson

      That is one classy yacht you were lent. Wow x

    93. John Petersen

      Another wonderful episode - thanks Leo!

    94. mars_hikes

      You should really found a consulting company, like a fire crew for this kind of old boats. Sadly in Germany there is now a new patient who needs urgent care: Elbe No 5. She was rebuild on quite a budget but had an encounter with a container ship.

    95. Donnie Clapp

      Nina Simone, Tina Turner, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, & Dolly Parton. Right?

      1. Donnie Clapp

        @Cecca is that a comet?

      2. Cecca

        Donnie Clapp ah yeahh ☄️✌🏼

    96. Tom Hutchins drive carefully

    97. Sid Vak

      Just when it seems there is too much accomplished since you're last video, Leo, you casually add that you've built beautiful drawers for the woodshop galley. I'm starting to think you're a twin.

    98. Fulla Blarney

      How much of the original boat's timbers will be left? It looks like it might have been easier to build an entirely new boat alongside the original, using the original for reference

    99. shartne

      Your getting closer.

    100. Finbar Murphy

      Hope your eye is alright Leo