WOODEN BOAT REBUILD - Shaping the Cutwater / More Timber! (EP57)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Shaping the Cutwater / More Timber!
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    EPISODE 57.
    In this episode, I cut the rest of the shape of the Cutwater into the Stem, using a chainsaw. Then I plane it smooth, and shape the transition to the square stem-head with a grinder. I also take a trip to Bellingham, where I look at the Oak Deck Beams on a beautiful old schooner. Finally, the huge timbers for the shelves and stringers arrive by truck, and in order to move them around I have to practice my welding and improvise a timber cart.
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    57. Shaping the Cutwater / More Timber! (Tally Ho EP57)

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    1. Chris Debono

      The amount of work going into shaping the cutwater is impressive, well done Leo

    2. Martti Aura

      How do you change the tyres of this timber carriage?

    3. Paul Baker

      "It's always fun to take a chainsaw to the most expensive and time consuming object in your life..."

    4. Slashley gibbins

      If I built that, when you put it in the water it would be going round and round in circles.

    5. LaLaLand

      I would like to propose a name for the old Hyster : Forky McForkface :) I know, it´s just lended but for the time being it sounds fun. As reliable as it is and heavy enough to cope with what You throw at him the old workhorse needs a name. Without this important team member You´d be high and dry...

    6. Ole Kristensen

      I see no rabbit.

    7. coug96fan

      Leo: A boat builder and a sailor (And sculptor, welder, cart surfer, community builder, parrot wrangler, living an amazing adventure!) Tally Ho!

    8. peter kangas

      how do you get along driving on the right side of the road here in the U.S. as to driving on the left/wrong side in England 😀

    9. Richard Finney

      Have you ever tryed a belt sander on leveling it works way better than diisc sanding even on brass get the black belts they are far better than most belts made by norton the yacht lookin good

    10. Solsken Group LLP

      FYI The most expensive thing you will ever handle is your kid. When he smiles at you with those new braces, you'll look down and see half a new Honda Civic in there, glinting in the light.

    11. Belo MOLNAR

      It is admirable how Great courage has this Leo. Absolutely.

    12. Belo MOLNAR

      Yes I wonder how could built up his war ships Peter the Great of Russia in Holland and than in Charkov.

    13. Thomas Davison

      Can checking in the beams be controlled by putting bolts through beam? Does checking weaken the beams?

    14. Scot Fenn

      A Makita variable speed sander / grinder tool is an amazing asset when it comes to finishing things once ground down to size. AMAZING especially compared to the usual 10,000rpm mini grinders.

    15. Peter Leyland

      That was an outboard motor stand Leo!!

    16. KSD Zafeer Gaming

      Hi bro

    17. Charles Seymour

      Now your use of wooden pegs pays off not having to worry about nail strikes.

    18. WonkaaVision

      Errrmm... how do i get these wheels off. ;-)

    19. philip Brailey

      The way he’s going it won’t be too long away before he sails to England.

    20. King_ _Donut

      Make the platform a rail so you don’t fall off the forklift platform

    21. Jerry Baird

      Cutting off a lot of structure for the cut water. Necessary? Stylistic but beneficial?

    22. vic tweezy

      "The most expensive and time consuming thing in your life." I feel that one man... So does every avid boater... Been binge watching this, thanks for the great content.

    23. SV Chineel, Junk-Rigged Schooner Sailing

      You should pronounce Bellingham the english way - Bel'n'h'm

    24. Bobby Nowell

      Does the cutwater wear down over time from the water constantly hitting it?

    25. trevor hanlon

      Art :)

    26. remco ankringa

      1:18 lucky Leo again!!! See how lucky Leo was before, Tally Ho 51 at 11m29s

    27. Peter Brickwood

      Thanks for your excellent explanation of the "rabbit" (spelling?) in the last episode and in this one. I've been wondering what it was for several episodes.

    28. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    29. Page five S

      The arbortec blade is awesome but it goes through grinders. Buy a good grinder if you are going to use one or plan on getting a new grinder when you are done.

    30. Calvin Horch

      You took a chainsaw to your girlfriend?!...

    31. Vaughan Holtom

      Leo it came off!

    32. johnny east

      an angle grinder with speed adjustment would really make the sanding/grinding easier and improve quality! loke your work mate

    33. J Greenseed

      When your life, and the life of the crew depends on you getting it right, you better.

    34. Richard Carr

      Hi Leo l am an old world shipwright in Australia l have restored a number of timber yachts and l was wondering why you prefer to make the rabet with hand tools. Rather than a large router and straight bit straight off the keel and stem you have just shaped. Love the way you financed this project which looks like you will have literally a new boat what original parts are going back into the hull for example

    35. orion

      17:39 ilmango anyone?

    36. raynier l Lewis

      wow how did they all that work with hand tools

    37. Josh Drexler

      For this type of rough hogging out of bulk stock there is a better (hand) tool than straight edged framing chisels, and that is roughing gouges, sweeps from #5 - #9, widths 20mm - 30mm, or even 60mm fishtails. You have to carefully watch the grain direction, but when sharp they can hog out a truly awesome amount of material very rapidly. I wonder how much bulk removal could be accomplished by cutting off the tang of a 60mm fishtail gouge, then welding the fishtail's butt end to a rod compatible with a stone cutter's pneumatic chisel.

    38. Robert Mecalis


    39. Gary Caldwell

      This Guy is so COOL.

    40. Johan S.

      man, u have balls of steel. im following this beatifull project now from start and u manage to amaze me almost evry single time. U are a GREAT , skilled man. And a verry nice person to see how u deal with others, i totally respect that. if i had money, and unfortunatly i bairly come arround, i would GLADY support u. But i fear i cant. Anyone who is able, i totally recomend this project to assist. greetings from Belgium (flanders).

    41. anthony white

      Knowing that all went well didn't stop my nerves when watching you use the chainsaw. Well done. Great video. Thanx.

    42. DundaBluebone

      i wish Andrea would come back to help.

    43. Gruntslayer 35

      with all this welding experience you should learn to build steel ships

    44. saitotiktmdog

      Leo you should contact Alec Steele. He is from England but he now lives in Montana. He is a really good blacksmith. Maybe you can collaborate and have him make some things for Tally Ho.

    45. Fancy Shoes Vlogs

      I had to hit the bell button, have been missing your videos. And youtube deleted all my viewed videos...

    46. Thuyền gỗ phong thủy

      Wooden boat. Made with wooden crafts. video: ithomes.info/net/qJuCysywep9_hmk/video

    47. bryan coventry

      I see lots of covers on Zodiac's rigging and sails. I cover all sorts of boats here in the UK, and would love to do yours just for the hell of it. Years down the line I suppose, but keep it in mind.

    48. Vicarious Air

      Just curious what percentage of the original boat will remain at the end of the restoration? I looks like you've had no choice but to refabricate 90%

    49. lon cramer

      Its not about the boat ....Its about the SEA ..Which I miss very much... We ae in the age of HYDROFOILS I have designs

    50. Scot Fenn

      OMG Your using a 10,000rpm angle grinder???? At the very least get a 6 - 8" variable speed finishing wheel. That angle grinder is going to leave a mess! sorry but geesh.

      1. Scot Fenn

        @Sampson Boat Co I guess if you are having to remove a lot of material in a tight spot its OK. But I usually use hand tools and the variable speed sanding machine. I could never come close to a decent finish using a hi speed grinder or an orbital vibrating sander for that matter. Power plane then hand plane then hand sand, all with the grain. Good on you guys though. Amazing big job.

      2. Sampson Boat Co

        ..so did it leave a mess in the end?

    51. Piledriver

      Nice work guys good eye with the chainsaw!

    52. Tarman The Champion

      I like how you didn't speed up the noises of the power tools :)

    53. Tarman The Champion

      Remember to flip your chainsaws bar for even wear ;)

    54. Benjamin Hathaway

      Smart move moving the gas cans! I would have forgotten them and caught them on fire!! XD

    55. s kingjr

      I don't know, i kinda expected you to hand-plane the cutwater shape. Good stuff!

    56. Norman Boyes

      Beautifully accurate work with the chainsaw.👍😀⛵️

    57. Graham Parr

      Fabricating, welding, is there no end to this boy's talent?

    58. joseph kiamba

      Me: And then at 11:48 - 11:50 the Project Manager started getting anxious. "We are behind schedule Leo". He Said. 😁

    59. mike underbrink

      I'll take a look your off cuts. Really...

    60. Larry Sorenson

      Trimmed your rabbet? Nautical terminology; ya gotta love it. Like everyone else, I held my breath through the entire chain saw massacre. Spectacular.

    61. Peter Simpson

      I worked at Rockport Marine in Maine building Lynx, Godspeed and Adventure over. 10 year period. Wish I had time to work on Tally Ho but sailing my small schooner in the Caribbean keeps me going. Great to follow you.

    62. Grumpy G

      Good job!👍👍👍👍👍

    63. Splash111

      just curious..no judgement. How do you support yourself? This is easily a 12-16 hour day of work...every day...not just weekends?

      1. Tony Grimes

        See at 19:53 in video.

    64. Larry Giust

      The amount of craftsmanship is amazing. The trades in general are disappearing and boat-building is even more so. To see so many people interested is uplifting. As someone that was over my lifetime a car / light truck mechanic, Heavy equipment mechanic, building contractor, wood worker, nondestructive vibration analysis, bearing analysis, and overall jack of all trades I wonder if there was anything I could do to work with you Leo?

    65. Hamadanners


    66. Adam Jung

      Geez, is there anything this guy doesn’t construct?

    67. Michael Panella

      Does anyone know what this shop was used for before boat building? There is a tool for everything in there.

    68. Michael Panella

      How on earth was this done without power tools!!!!

    69. randy thompson

      Is it even the same boat at this point?

      1. randy thompson

        @Chris Rogers That's cool Chris. I was just asking the age old philosophical question. Not every cell in our body gets replaced. Our heart for example will still contain cells from when we were born.

      2. Chris Rogers

        You're missing the point. This rebuild is completely true to Albert Strange's original design as Leo makes very clear throughout the process. I've heard that your entire body gets replaced every 7 years or so with new material just by living.

    70. Life On The Hulls

      Great stuff Leo, thanks for the video.

    71. Cawfee Dawg

      Leo, are you still dead set against laminating the deck beams?

    72. Elli P

      "Wow, sweet curves!" (said Leo as Elli sailed by, broad in the beam and a little top-heavy...) ;-)

    73. Youssef Oraby

      Looking closer and closer to the final product! Really hope this channel keeps going after completion

      1. Youssef Oraby

        Tony Grimes true and there are. But this dude is documenting a start to finish rebuild. That’s pretty awesome

      2. Tony Grimes

        I anticipate a lot of sailing videos from all over the world.

    74. Johnathon Smithname

      A quote from my dentist who carves decoys: 'the decoy is already there i just remove the excess wood from around it`

    75. Glyn Tutt

      Could you update us all on what your plans are over the late autumn and winter months as to what work you will be doing in the cold, but dryish Pacific Northwest...... you never know, a few of us may be able to help out?!!!?

    76. Archibald Tuttle

      I like the colored two legged dog!

    77. karl isenberg

      absolutely love it keep up the good work sir

    78. Theophilus Jedediah

      The arbor tech is VERY aggressive and should be very well practiced before use on final project. Flat chisels are almost always the way to go.

    79. Patrick

      If you love Leo, donate. If you can or can not donate, share this series and talk it up.

    80. Patrick

      So. Leo won as expected. Those wheels far exceeded my expectations. That timber is a LOT of weight. Seems they can take it. I need to edit out of my memory all the crappy wheels I've experienced.

    81. Patrick

      I've done a lot of fork lifting and feel it viscerally when I watch. You?

    82. Patrick

      Here's another of those weird impulses that _I_ don't mean. I bet some of you also have this exact impulse: I _would_ have Leo's child.

    83. Patrick

      So. Watching the construction, I winced a bit to see that the wheel, the most vulnerable portion of the thing, is only replaceable by cutting welds. Don't judge. I _know_ that it will outlast its need. It's just that my brain's always thinking. Plus I'd have used larger stronger, non-air centric wheels for the extreme weight. The cost would have been more. My sense is that it would have been a good thing, and I look forward to see how it works out. I hope (and expect) that Leo's seat of the pants judgement based on some actual experience will trump my experience base only on my imagination. My tendency _is_ to King Kong an overly strong design.

    84. Patrick

      I don't mean this, not literally, but I express it just to express a genuine feeling: Can I marry Leo?

    85. Patrick

      White eyeballs. Parrots are cool. Does anyone remember the parrot's name? Does that matter? Does the parrot respond to a name? That's a serious question as are all of my questions. I wonder about everything.

      1. Patrick

        @Tony Grimes thank you.

      2. Tony Grimes

        She is called Pancho

    86. Patrick

      It's strange to me to see Leo switch from a chisel to a power grinder to do final finishing, when for quite a long time, the chisel _was_ the final finishing to the sweet clean line tool. By strange I do not mean bad, I mean wonderful and I mean I wish Leo would have talked through his shift on that. Does anyone else feel sorry for the original makers of the boat who had no power tools other than large scale, (wood mill scale), tools. Also quite proud of them.

    87. Patrick

      So, there's someone below quite upset about using a chainsaw for roughing out. Please watch more videos. It's not just possible, but commonly done to rough out with chainsaws. So, does skipping using the new roughing out tool on the grinder reflect the tool, or the tool user. I don't have a dog in that hunt, but I love tools, so if anyone has experience and knowledge and can give an informed opinion, that would be amaze.

    88. Patrick

      It's interesting the parallels between boat building and timber frame construction of houses. They also shrug off what looks like _serious_ checking. If you could do without that would be better? Wouldn't keeping your timbers in one piece be better?

    89. Kai Broeking

      Brilliant video. You really showed you have nerves of steel during that cutwater job and I take my hat off to you. And it turned out beautifully, looking unbelievably elegant.

    90. Bryan Anderson

      Both the last installment and this one highlight the importance of accurately locating the stem assembly fastenings. Nice work.

    91. Jim Newell

      By any chance, are you planning on a figure on the prow?

    92. Thomas Russell

      When you pulled out that turbo plane it made me more nervous than the chainsaw. That rather handy tool males it real easy to remove too much wood too quickly. One could carve a decoritively stylized desk from a single large log with that thing. Practice is essential to master that tool. Not too many people can use it and not hog out too much material when first learning that tool. I am even more impressed with your skill than I was before. And I did not think that would be possible. We'll done Sir Leo.

    93. cage9876

      How long till she's in the water approximately??

      1. ernie w

        only two years left .

    94. Liz Beeson

      Fantastic to watch the progress on this project. Did you all know Leo has been nominated for Seahorse magazine's sailor of the month bit.ly/Seahorse-sailor-of-the-month

    95. lee Gorton-Shihad

      You and Scott Brown Carpentry, I say some of the BEST TUNES on this ship...thank

    96. Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS

      Ha ha, Leo, by the time you are done, there will be (almost) nothing 109 years old on TALLY HO! Great video a,d editing, as always!

    97. Hamza

      Are you going to be navigating oceans with this ship or is this mainly going to be for short voyages?

      1. Sampson Boat Co


    98. Jason Murawski

      I don’t like boats, why am I watching this

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Hey sometimes I think that I don't even like beats either, why am I rebuilding one?!

    99. pangrac1

      I love shaping.

    100. farmwork686 Mi

      Just truly amazing I am so proud to watch such an amazing craftsmen