Frame-Raising Party! (Pt1) / EP46 / Wooden Boatbuilding

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Frame-raising Party! (Part 1). Support; Become a Patron;
    EPISODE 46.
    After weeks of hectic preparation, we begin the big push to re-frame the stern of Tally Ho! For these 3 weeks, we have 10 people (including myself) working full-time on the boat;
    Kirt (USA), Finn (UK), Arnaud (Belgium), Thom (UK), Pat (USA), Max (USA), Robert (UK), Glenda & Bill (USA).
    After a few days spent training all the new members of the team, we get into full-swing frame production, and are able to achieve our goal of getting one pair of frames made and bedded per day! There is a great sense of camaraderie in the yard, and after making 7 frames we celebrate our progress by taking our little gaff-rigged dinghy out for a lazy Sunday sail.

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    46. Frame-Raising Party! (Part 1) / Tally Ho EP46

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    1. Carl Blomgren


    2. Chris Debono

      I don't know anything about wooden boat building, but couldn't those frames be steamed and bent?

    3. Bob Carruthers

      There must have been a collective sigh of relief when the ginger gonk moved on......they're usually trouble and the Orange Roughie was no exception (take note of Pwince Harry and his octoroon wife)

    4. Mark Jennings

      Same shots every week! - phuttocks, and some phuttocks with the occasional phutock.

    5. smartguy1996

      It’s been great to watch the way this project has evolved from a one man show to a coordinated team effort. A symbiotic relationship too, in that the boat benefits and the folks contributing are learning so much.

    6. Bill Dyke

      I think this blows a hole in the Joshua Slocum myth. If a middle-aged man built a boat on his own it would not be ready to sail before he was too old to weigh anchor. Thumbs up to Josh's anonymous Kirts, Finns etc. And suddenly this beautiful cottage industry boat build has become a factory... I understand that it was necessary, but Leo, Cecca, dog and the irreplaceable parrot... Happy days.

    7. The Man from Epsilon Crucis

      I imagine Kirt and Finn have already consolidated their position as crew members once Tally Ho is launched. I look forward to the videos teaching the crew how to sail this old girl!

    8. Static Music

      Astonishingly good work.

    9. Mr Mahmud


    10. Phil Rant

      Simply superb as all the vids. Great team will have learned much.

    11. Grunions

      Man, this is life-affirming stuff. What a team, and well done Kirt. Screen-time is not reflective of effort.

    12. Drew Hunt

      Let me just say that the soundtrack is awesome.

    13. Damian J

      That dreadlocks guy is cool

    14. Wayne Dollemore

      Love the small dinghy yacht the guys sailed in, any details to share on it?

    15. Hapi Toopi

      You an fin pretty well gel together Leo you hav an exceptional skill set once again Leo what a talent

    16. Michael Colgan

      kirk's planer table was spot on smart . It was a real finger and labor saver lol

    17. benjamint444

      all these people on the trail from Oregon, im starting to get worried about dysentery ;)

    18. Mario Denig


    19. Joseph Demro

      I just want to say this is an amazing undertaking. I love it! I wish I had some time to help out and be apart of this project. Maybe on the next one. Keep up the videos and Great Craftsmanship that you all are doing. I cant wait to see her when she is finished. Joe USA, Virginia

    20. philip shlain


    21. Carl Thornton

      Great Video!!! ~ Lamar County, ALABAMA ~

    22. xpez

      @06:27 you guys run out of tar and just use some Hersheys Syrup? I heard it works great in a pinch.

    23. philip Brailey

      It’s quite amazing watching how to build a boat.

    24. John von Horn

      Leo could easily run a ship building academy. He is a polymath and a master craftsman. What a great team.

    25. winston cat

      Goodness me, you were lucky with the quality of the volunteers here. What a team!

    26. Harold Conover

      I am STILL,,Really enjoying all of your video's..Thanks for sharing..OH,,Where is your girl friend ??She must be back in England..

    27. anthony wright

      Those were famous Monty Python's Flying Circus silly walks,I watched back in the 70's,we had so much fun acting silly in junior high,I'm sure your success in shipbuilding will land you in a tropical climate like gulf coast Florida,we have many bays and ports you can live and build ships and sail to tropical islands,living the dream on the beach,cheers.

    28. Peter Brickwood

      Glad you got a catering crew.

    29. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    30. The Talent

      Kurt is a bit of a champion I reckon. Every time we’ve seen him he’s been implementing or creating something that improves productivity at least 10 fold

    31. The Talent

      2:30 is that a giant shake in the futtock?

      1. The Talent

        Ahh. I see now. This was addressed at 5:20.

    32. Benjamin Harvey

      That shake repair was neat

    33. cameron simison

      the mini sailboat looks like fun

    34. Joseph Rogers

      It looks like a fun crew.

    35. tactus tenebris

      use a plexiglass plate for your router base, rather than a piece of opaque plywood

    36. Ken Teh

      Finn is a monster with that chain saw. Free handing the rought cuts.

    37. Zihnigür Dereli


    38. Sagar V

      I just realised I'm 46 episodes in and I forgot to click like on the videos. Time to go back to the start and click them like buttons haha. Love your work!!

    39. Chris C

      When making the frames, they use the red lead paint between the pieces of wood but every now and then I see that black tar stuff in spots. At first I thought it was where the joints were but I just saw one that wasn’t anywhere near a joint. Can someone clue me in?

    40. Mick S

      I find it very interesting that back in Episode 22, when Leo first got the Ship Saw, he expressed that he didn't necessarily need the Ship Saw but wanted to save it anyway for nostalgic reasons. Its hard now to imagine how he would have gotten by without it. But at that time he had no idea of how his dream was going to grow into such a large community. It just proves that destiny has a way of making sure that good things happen to good people.

    41. Mick S

      Kurt has been worth his weight in gold for what he has brought to this project. From tool and jig design and manufacturing, to production planning and team management. Hoorah to Kurt 👍

    42. fallenbullseye

      that little sail boat is rad. i want one.

    43. anthony white

      Excellent Video!

    44. Mike Skelly

      Most people nowadays build wooden boats, not many build floating fine furniture...

    45. Ben Springsteen

      Let’s be honest, they are building a new ship

    46. shiner

      Bow ties included with the check.


      Leo, If you had a musician boat builder they'd write a song Rockin' the Frames.

    48. Daniel

      What an awesome sight to see people (men and women) working together on such huge project. Being now in my 60's, it truly warms my heart to see that there are still young people that will to do hard physical work. Thanks for the videos. I love seeing all the work but I especially love seeing the "ship saw" in action.

    49. wileycsg

      Are you going to bevel the bow frame so it cut thru the water ?

    50. sa madrid

      How is this boat getting dragged to the ocean? Is is just to sit and wait for global warming to flood the area and float it? That'll work.

    51. russell

      Finn is the boy. I see a new boat builder in the making Regards

    52. Y Sanchez

      I do feel jealousy , I've Always dreamed of having the mental cognitive ability to reach these levels of achieveving this sort of knowledge and ability with these types of individuals ...spending time and sharing working experience to a whole new level ..

    53. Tarman The Champion

      Tally Ho will be absolutely breathtaking when you guys complete her!! Not even a Ferrari driving by would divert my eye from watching her come together at last LOL! It's got me wondering if you maybe made some kind of bet with Steve and Alix to who will finish their wooden sail boat first?! You with Tally Ho, or Steve and Alix with their ship Acorn to Arabella??! 🤔 hmmm the plot thickens!

    54. Lars M.

      A lovely Dinghy. What type exactly is that, it a cornish 12`?

    55. macelius

      Ministry of Funny Walks @ 8:00. Lovely to see the view of all the frames down the centerline, and the little sail boat at the end was great, it would make a cute little tender!

    56. Mr Me

      By Jove I think you’ve got it!

    57. notatechie

      Sailing is fun.

    58. Jasan Grey

      I'm curious to know whether all. your volunteers have insurance? Do you have some kind of insurance in the event someone gets injured?

    59. Glenn Jaggard

      I must say Leo that the Old Bandsaw would have been your best investment also great to watch how they work as a team

    60. Glenn Jaggard

      I agree with Bob Hudson what he said I'm waiting for the next Videos

    61. Richard Bohling Sr

      The frame raising on the stern section looks to have gone smoothly and quickly. Great planning and organization to make it happen. It looks like everybody pitched in and worked well together. She is looking quite like a boat again, thanks to you folks.


      If yourace Tally Ho what class would she be? not a j class please explain.

    63. pangrac1

      Crazy hairs again :D

    64. Rich Churcher

      English subs done!

    65. Bob Hudson

      New video overdue. Hope all is ok. Fingers crossed x

    66. boatboy222

      So where's part two? You must be too busy working.

    67. JC S

      Leo what type of dinghy was the gafe rig one? Thanks

    68. blair rowton

      The suspense is killing us!!!!!

    69. Shawn Cook

      More videos please

    70. Bill Karoly

      According to his Facebook page he's taken another trip home and the next video is this weekend.

    71. Bill Karoly

      I'm suffering from withdrawals. I need a video fix. Hope all is well.

    72. anthony rondolino

      Miss the videos....Hope all is well!

    73. Hugh Roney

      Its been 2 weeks and nothing new, what is going on??

    74. Charles Reliable

      At 6:40 minutes, on the video below, the shipwright discusses His 'bevel board' design, for determining frame bevels, which I don't understand, yet, but, Leo, You did give Us a hint, somewhere, in Your excellent videos. I understand there must be bevels on the inside of the frame surface and there must be a bevel on the outside frame surface. Which two lofting lines, did You connect together, to determine the bevel?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        Hi charles, starting at the 7th minute of Leo's video EP29, you can see him determining the bevel angles by measuring adjacent lines of the body plan (port-starboard cross-section) on his full-size lofting layout. As in the video you referenced, these lines are drawn to the outside of the planking.

    75. Dave Koons

      I guess you're done making videos huh?

      1. Jwb

        It’s been a while....

    76. Craig Cook

      Leo, watching this project has made me wonder about something. How long, in your opinion, would it take to build an 18th century type warship such as HMS Victory, given the use of modern materials and equipment, and of course an appropriate facility and numbers of skilled personnel? The actual ship took six years from the laying of the keel, to its launch date (1759-1765). Just curious.

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        HMS Victory probably could've been launched in three years (instead of 6), fitted out & commissioned in 12-18 months (instead of 4 years), had she been needed ASAP for war service. So, a minimum of 5 years to bring a 1st-rate from the forest to active service, patrolling off Toulon. Given that you've posited the availability of expertise, craftsmen, raw materials, tooling & shipyard (none of which exist at this scale), all we need now is 2 or 3 truck-loads of 5-pound banknotes!

      2. Craig Cook

        Frederick Stibbert The replica ship build had to face challenges that would not have been faced by the original builders. Such as financing, changes to the original design ( and the subsequent associated approvals required), and having to use plans from an English sister ship as a basis for the build. But I see your point. There is actually a documentary that follows the replica build from start to finish. I saw it not too long ago. Very interesting.

      3. Frederick Stibbert

        French frigate l'Hermione (1,166 t) took 15 years from lay-down to her launch in July 2012 - a replica HMS Victory would displace three times as much!

    77. Nathan Fenelon

      When you finish this project, you should help rebuild Notre Dame.

    78. Rolf Larsson

      I lived 10 min from the place this was build I think your project is worth so much and your commitment is awesome I love it thanks

    79. Jan Kristensen

      I am now officially a patreon !! Proud of myself and a huge fan of Leo ..

    80. dav snow

      You can never, ever, have too many clamps.

    81. David James aka DJ

      Leo ,Kirk is cru,simple

    82. Nick King

      How many people does it take to pilot a cutter vs a schooner?

    83. Conan the Destroyer

      14:56 what a beautiful shot!

    84. John Sherborne

      Thinking ahead, what state is the anchor winch in? I was looking at the winch on a Dutch sailing barge of similar age last week and it looked as if it could do with some love. If so what about asking Keith Rucker at vintage

    85. Jack neff

      whee s this weeks video????????????

    86. Juliamarie Palero

      Leo What are you going to use for your keel timbers.???. I would go with Bronze timbers since you pulled steel out.

    87. Frederick Stibbert

      I'll pass along some ASA info (the Albert Strange Association) from the latest e-newsletter. They held their Annual General Meeting in Lancaster (UK) during the 1st weekend of March 2019. During that meeting, Leo was granted Honorary Membership to the ASA - so he'll be spared from having to send a payment for membership every year! "Reports were given by the various elected officers, proposals made, accepted and rejected and suggestions received enthusiastically, including the conferring of Honorary Membership on Leo Goolden and Gill Moon in recognition of their support and promotion of the ASA as well as a Life Membership for Anne Krejsa." Ms. Krejsa survives her husband John, who had restored the Strange-designed yawl "Mist" over a period of 9 years. Mist was completed & launched, she joined 6 other Albert Strange boats for the sail meet in September 2018 on the Deben river in Suffolk. John was v. ill at the time - he witnessed the meet from shore & passed away soon afterwards. I'll mention that Mist was re-discovered, rescued & re-built from a condition rather worse than we discovered from the initial introduction to Tally Ho, yet she sails again as a fully-accepted restoration.

    88. reliablecanvas

      Skipper Leo? If Your Crew is going to McDonalds, after dinner, they need more food.

    89. Rob

      Im feelin like a rumba oh cha' cha' it's all in the hips...

    90. Elli P

      This project - the people, the subject, the excellent quality of the work, the overall 'esprit de corps' - gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Warm and fuzzy is good. So... um... YAY! :-)

    91. john milne

      No criticism intended but is this a restoration or a new build inside a footprint?

    92. Deep River

      Is there anything that will be saved from the original boat or will it all be gone ?

    93. linda austin-morin

      Hey friends of Leo, I found this article and thought you all would like to read it

    94. rcpmac

      Great episode!

    95. richardmg9

      I assume you have an opinion on Theseus' ship?

    96. Joe Haralson

      Leo, I've been having this burning question that I've been meaning to ask you. When you get the Tally Ho back in the water, then what? Your essentially on the wrong side of the states and I assume your going back the the Atlantic side eventually so what are the plans? Truck her across to the Atlantic coast, sail down to the Panama Canal, take the Northwest Passage, sail 'round the Horn, sail the Pacific and work your way down to Australia and through the Indian and around Good Hope? Help me out so I know where we're sailing to and you'll be the captain and I the bilge rat !!! :)

    97. Caroline Paquier

      Whew....had me worried for a bit. Sooo glad to see the next episode. It seems to be moving fast at this point...too fast I might add. Us Tally Ho junkies don't mind if you take a few extra we........mon.........years :))) So Leo, I have to ask, when will we see Cecca again? I hate to pry .....but it's for my own good. BTW....looks like you have all of your employees for that boat building company you're going to start soon......verrrrry soon. : D

    98. Demitrix

      Quite the project manager, great work done by everyone!

    99. Wombat One

      Well done chaps! Keep up the good work. Team work always gets the big jobs done!