Chopping off the end of a finger! - Boatbuilding & Woodwork (TH EP38)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Losing a Finger / Framing Progress - Support; Become a Patron;
    EPISODE 38.
    Well, I’ve done something very silly and cut the end of my finger. Why would I do that, you may ask?! Well, it was all going a little too well, so I thought it was time to add a little drama to this project! In other news, making and installing the new frames has been progressing pretty well, and we have now replaced every station-frame in the centre section of the boat! We also finished the “roller-furling” roof on the new covered area beside the boat. Eventually, Ben and Steve had to leave, but I’m now getting some more help from Brad, who drove up from Oregon. Feel free to guess how I injured my finger, but it wasn’t on the table-saw or the ship-saw! (and yes, I am fully capitalizing on this injury to try and get more IThomes views)
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    38. Losing a Finger / Framing Progress (Tally Ho EP38)

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      Buy anything from Amazon and support the TALLY HO rebuild by using this link Thanks for so many kind words, guys!

      1. Bill Atkins


      2. Mary Christiansen

        If I click on the amazon link and then log into my account, does it still register commission for you?

      3. DitzyDoo

        Welcome to the shop-teachers club stubby. I had the tip of my left middle-finger, about like yours in a farm accident when I was 16 years old. >_< I knew the risks and all was well and good for most of the summer. It was simply a moments inattention to detail with a thresher blade and that was that, lesson learned. The good thing is like mine, that the base of your nail is intact were the nail seed is. the nail will grow back with time, maybe not perfect but it will protect the tip. Good luck in the future with Tally-Ho. Cheers. ^_^

      4. Wallie Hart

        I no old joke, still funny . Not as bad as a smashed toe tho. For some reason a sore toe becomes magnetic. Anything dropped in 10 ft circumference will hit a sore toe. Smarts like hell. Like your work.

      5. Mmmyess

        Just used your affiliate link to by myself some Xmas presents. Happy to help your cause in this small but painless way.

    2. Michael E Jean- louis

      You are absolutely right we marking a breed of glass boys afraid of everything .

    3. Jalo Kuiper

      I can't agree with you more. It seems more and more that people bubble wrap their children to the child's detriment

    4. S. Smith

      I can't remember a single large project I've ever done that hasn't drawn blood in some sort of fashion. I chalk it off to appeasing the Gods of Construction. Never lost part of an appendage though. Gotta draw the line somewhere...

    5. Brian Blair

      Leo, I only have admiration and positive thoughts on your endeavor with Tally Ho; I am impressed with your skills, experience and maturity. Completely respect your remarks about the injury and the nature of risk-taking and awareness... but did you just say “...this is Brad and he has come to lend me a hand...” with a straight face? Billy Connolly would have loved it. LOL. You are an embodiment of the expression that it is not the destination, but the journey which gives one satisfaction. Fair seas and following winds to you.

    6. Minute Man

      You've got a lot more of your fingers left than a few guys I've seen on your videos!!

    7. Christopher Dawson

      Oh so buttock lines to exist, seems I have a lot more about boatbuilding to learn, in the last episode I thought that buttock was said instead of futtock . . . haha

    8. Ben Hart

      Love what you're doing, Leo. And damn sorry about your finger! While I certainly appreciate where you're coming from, and agree on some points, I differ on one. As someone who's spent 15 years at sea on everything from sailing yachts to deepwater drillships (including a few months building wooden boats with McGlave, Philbrick, and Giblin), built my own home, lived in an offgrid home, built a campervan from scratch, and who is a certified welder and machinist, I've spent a huge amount of time behind deadly tools. During this time I've sailed in every ocean and visited every continent but antarctica. I've broken my arm, hand, every finger, two toes, been under the knife 4 times, and spent two months bed ridden in the hospital with with a cracked skull. From that, I've learned that you can fill your life with experiences while learning a ton... AND avoid cutting off a finger. Hand placement and PPE go a long, long way. Dust masks, gloves, helmet, cut proof pants, ear muffs are easy to don and doff, and will save those useful things in your life like fingers, legs, hands, ears, head, and lungs. It's a miniscule price to pay, with no loss in productivity and a massive return on investment. In fact, one could say that it increases your productivity since you're not taking time out to heal.

    9. Caroline LaBass

      Your determination is remarkable, Leo!

    10. Steverino

      You're in America so I assume you shot it off. Shotgun maybe? It's been long enough, you can tell us now!

    11. Jan Dehn

      I chopped off the tip of my finger with a wood chisel. Was cutting a groove before sawing, standing the piece on thin edge. When i applied pressure on the chisel the wood piece flipped 90 degrees onto the broad side and the chisel came down on my finger with the full weight of my upper body behind it. Chop! I learned a lesson. No regrets.

    12. trevor

      Sorry about your finger bro.

    13. Mattias Crowe

      Oooh I've seen worse but that made me feel very uncomfortable!! My grandad was the lead engineer at a big factory and spent most of his life with heavy tools, he had a couple of fingers shorter than the others, but as someone who works with sculpting and touch, better you than me! Still, that's why you have ten of them, and better a half inch than an inch or two!! (I sliced a big chunk of my thumb clean away from the thumb carving a pumpkin but thankfully flesh wants to knit back together if you give it a chance!!)

    14. Slashley gibbins

      I’m quite surprised that given your need for perfection you didn’t chop off the others to make them more even and aesthetically pleasing.

      1. Seth

        Fairing the curve

    15. kerry scott scott

      well done on tally ho

    16. BigJulie

      What is the orange coating please?

    17. John

      What an absolute legend. Dismembers himself (a little) and turns it into a calm, thoughtful teaching moment on risk-reward judgement and the value of experience. Leo's too good for this landlubber's world.

    18. Terry Smiley

      I really appreciate the way you leave it to us to decide how you may have cut your finger. I’ve had similar injuries and they still give me pause! I also am very much in agreement with your attitude regarding the value of the chances you take! Cheers mate 🍺

    19. Robert Farrow

      The smart man learns form his mistakes, the wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

    20. cold ice

      İ am so sory your finger

    21. Shaun Olinger

      I'm truly sorry to see the injury you did yourself, and as this is a year later as I'm commenting I hope it has healed well. That said, I was expecting to see some sort of saw related injury. I mean you no disrespect, but your hand safety that I have seen has been cringeworthy several times. I teach my own version of the "rule of thumb"... place your hand flat on your work, with the tip of your thumb at the cut line. Fold your thumb into your hand. That space between your hand and the cut line is a "no go zone". NEVER. EVER. Put your hands inside that space. Use a push-stick. My guess is you hit that finger with a circular saw. A table saw would have gotten more than one usually, although that is where I have seen your worst safety issues. Circular saw is my first guess, table saw second.

    22. Frankie Rapp

      The "hole" finger or the one next to it ?

    23. Marko

      Perhaps you could replace the roof tie down strings with short bungee cords. It works very well on my tarps. The bungee cords have a bit of stretch when the wind loads get high and keep the tarp from tearing out. The bungees also hook up faster than tying knots.

    24. Up North Yooper

      At 3:19 the peg was cut off without pounding the wedge the rest of the way down like before?

    25. Dominic Tarr

      if you wanna figure out the finger mystery, gotta read between the edits

    26. Bill Dyke

      With a right handed woodworker it's the left hand that usually sustains the damage. The right hand holds the sharp tool while the left guides it or holds the workpiece. Definitely Pancho...

    27. Simon Hawker


    28. Dr.KingSchultz

      Why not just build a new boat and use the same name? You changes every single peace

    29. Heid Bumbee

      The big scary bandsaw is too obvious. Anyone going near that will be paying full attention. I reckon it happened while making treenails & wedges. Concentration can drift when you are working in production mode and repeating simple cuts. You are right to say that you can never remove all risks but the risks that you can remove, you should.

    30. The Dog Father

      It had to be the pussy finger!

    31. Ryan Metcalfe

      That finger looks like he ran it over the jointer...

      1. Connor Leferink

        My thoughts as well. First two things I jumped two was the jointer or that chainsaw rig.

    32. Andy Aim

      A tip of a finger is a small ticket price for living the road less traveled 👍

    33. Austin

      Those volunteers look like veteran employees.


      Am not pointing the Finger, but shop safety is must people an He's a Professional

    35. Chris K

      In this earlier video at 2:14 you can see him using a jointer without its guard installed. I don't recall seeing this jointer used without it in later videos. It may not be how he lost the tip of a finger but if it was, he got very lucky. Jointers and routers typically do a lot more damage than the tip of a finger.

    36. Ralph Bourke

      So didn't I working in a cabinet shop years ago. When working with sharp machinery and tolls it's not a question of ' if " but more to the point ' when ". Look at it on the bright side one less digit to worry about.

    37. roadiejames

      Okay so how did he do it? I searched online and its over a year later and i cant find anything. Halpppppp

    38. Rajeesh Rajeesh ct

      I love you...

    39. Rajeesh Rajeesh ct

      Oh.... My... God.. Unfortunate...

    40. redneckhippiefreak

      Well if I was a betting man Id put a Dollar on the Band saw due to the angle and cut pattern, but as a way to hedge my bets Id toss a doughnut on the Table saw as runner up. Yall were building frames at the time plus that was clean and fast cut. Glad to know You came out ok in the end. And for the Viewers, remember, : Without Risk there is no Reward, ..Well, not One worth being Proud of any way. XD

    41. Thomas Davison

      I think every craftsman has an injury or two in their career. I too know that feeling too Leo. I squished the tip of my Left Index finger like a grape. Lost the nail temporarily and the feeling for awhile. Your injury was quite a bit more. Projects like Tally Ho will require lots of Blood, Sweat and Tears. You are bonded to her now, but she will repay you 10 times over in the future. I was worried you chopped off more of your finger. Must press on though. Cheers

    42. jdhalvo

      I'm guessing it was the router. I'm a bit of a woodworker and I have several routers... they ALL scare the hell out of me. Cut your finger off with a bandsaw? Maybe the hand surgeon can sew it back on... Hit your finger with a router? Pink mist...

      1. jdhalvo

        Just noticed they changed the way they cut the frame ends in later videos... not using the router for that job anymore, possibly a clue?

    43. Tom Oakhill

      Leo, You Rock Man. I have built furniture as a dedicated amateur for 50 years. Early on I chopped off the end of the same finger. These power woodworking tools are dangerous by nature. Look at the hardness of those live-oak slabs. You speak of how quickly the dull the STEEL cutting edges of those tools. But those tools DO cut that wood. Therefore, since your flesh is much weaker than the wood, those tools WILL cut your finger off. The obvious solution is to go back to the couch and turn the telly back on, and never ever leave it. Or to do as I did, and build 45 more years of furniture, achieving the satisfaction that only craftspeople get from looking at the finished project. My wife and I bought 1000 sq ft of rough cut lumber and milled it into the floor in our house. Every time I have looked at it for the last 32 years I get a rush of joy, "look at what we did together...".

    44. Rv4 Guy

      There are some risks you don’t have to take yourself to understand the danger. You can take others word for it. Like running a jointer without a guard. Go watch perkins builder brothers here on yt. The guy has 4 stubs where his fingers were. He lost focus and leaned on it. What was left of his hand stalled the motor. I guess getting people to agree in what is an acceptable level of risk is next to impossible.

    45. Rv4 Guy

      Is that orange stuff really a lead primer? I would have thought osha would have banned that.

    46. kevin welsh

      Did you chop your finger to get IThomes clicks? Very smart....

    47. Zachary Rivera

      I guess you can say, you put a little more than blood sweat and tears into building your boat. Safety First Always.

    48. Ruth Moreton

      I was taught to never take risks. It truly has hampered me my entire life because it was so firmly drummed into me. 50 years old and only just learning to stretch my wings.

    49. Nick Drozd

      Perhaps the accident happened with some mechanism in the forklift? He seems to reach in there here and there while it's in operation. And since its not owned by him and is landed to him by someone, maybe that's the reason why he never told what happened.

    50. Real Talk with Aaron

      #6 at night? a superstition? #6 finger?

    51. Sam Evans

      You just look more like Lee Van Cleef now

    52. Jeff Fongemie

      Can anyone remind me what the preservative orange paint/goop is? I forget which video explained that.

    53. Shnick

      Portable planer is my guess...

    54. Twotone

      Personally I think it is much more sensible to learn from the experiences of others, you get to see the outcome without the pain. There is no point in re-inventing the wheel. But then I worked for the same company for 40 years, was in the right job and enjoyed pretty much all of it.

    55. Radial Orbits

      GO WATCH EP44, 11:22 specifically...

      1. treborstreet

        Yeah crazy, just looked and wow yeah, for such a bright lad thats a real stupid technique. Good spot!!, I went back ten seconds a few times cringing

    56. Jorge Pablo

      Arrrr matey, now you need a bronze hook for your middle finger..

    57. Condition 0

      So it wasn't the table or ship saw, but the next clip is him on the fork lift. I say that is the culprit. I have a 50hp tractor and it's easy to get complacent when things are spinning and moving sometimes. I hope you didn't suffer too much Leo, all the best

    58. Android480

      People always say they cut off the end of their finger, and its like a 2mm slice or something. You really did cut off your finger! I squirmed looking at that.

    59. Schnapps ist gesund!

      He gave Pancho the finger. Pancho didn't like that and bit it off

    60. ClayZ

      Congratulations Leo, you’re a machinist.

    61. Jerry Lifsey

      The best lesson learned is from making a mistake but unfortunately you have to make the mistake first. I learned the lesson of not whittling with a utility knife by pulling the blade towards you.

    62. claytonsmoking

      So did you get it smushed in between the wood slabs

      1. claytonsmoking

        Or when using the Georgia boat saw thing

    63. Geoffrey Ophedrus


    64. Create Love Happy


    65. Fred Metcalf

      Enjoy your videos......very good camera work and editing......excellent music and not overpowering or distracting.....sequences are logical, well-presented and easy to follow.....discourses are well-presented and explained.....your videos are exceptional in every respect....greetings from central Texas, fm

    66. Fred Metcalf

      Has your Mom mentioned anything about a haircut, lately?

    67. Keith Fletcher

      I remember seeing a band saw with a red line engraved in it about 3" before the teeth line .... it was called the blood line ... enter at your peril, or use a prod for the last 3 inches ...

    68. CMAenergy

      Using any type of saw, Cutting through wood, Always back cut from the bottom first, Then you won't damage the rest of the wood by splitting when you get to the bottom of the cut, Use a chain saw properly,

    69. Michael Colgan

      Then the building inspection guy being sent by your neighbor is about to get your attention soon .

    70. Michael Colgan

      Your toes are next lol sorry i've been watching !

    71. Chris Brown

      Just started watching your videos. I've had several injuries to my hands and I think that is just what happens when you work like you do. Each scar tells a story and is a life lesson reminder. I've had everything from K-bars to cars leave scars (and nearly take a few fingers). I'm trying to catch up to your latest videos. Keep it up, the transom looks awesome.

    72. Grober Jager

      Lost a half-inch of my left index finger due to an engine hoist falling while working on an engine oil pan. I was very lucky not to have lost or damaged my left hand, all that was lost was that tip.

    73. Alex Bird

      My guess would be the jigsaw. Classic finger removal device.

    74. Kip Bergeaux

      What is the name of the tool used to produce the trunnels?

      1. Kip Bergeaux

        My mistake, "treenails"?

    75. Brian Kay

      I sold woodworking machinery for about four years in Australia, nearly every time that you shook hands with the joinery manager you felt that strange feeling that something just didn’t quite feel right. The most dangerous machine seemed to be the planer or jointer, run a piece of timber across the blade and.😳😡🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘🦘

    76. Neil Tonks

      I have no idea how you trimmed your finger. But I have pretty much done the same with a surface planer. Mine has, mostly, grown back. But still feels weird and cutting my nail is still uncomfortable, after about 4 years.

    77. Mr Me

      Don’t worry about the finger too much you have lots of them!

    78. xpez

      will the Tally How ship be haunted by a finger?

    79. xpez

      did your finger get reattached?

    80. Elliot Ramen

      alright guys I've done something pretty stupid I've cut off the end of one of my fingers

    81. Andy Bush

      Not for nothing do they say that achievements require 'blood, sweat and tears'.

    82. Mark Peverley

      You poor little thing. It comes with the territory, buck up and get back to work. The ship needs you.

    83. Russ Martin

      If you take too many risks and are not safety conscious, you will run out of fingers, hands, legs and a life before you have had many experiences, except for being in doctor's offices and hospitals. The saying goes, "do not take unnecessary risks".and "don't leave port when bad weather is coming". I was seriously injured three times. I was stupid and I didn't gain anything. When they used to build tall buildings in New York City, they lost one man per floor. Today, they don't lose any.

    84. SM800

      A ship's wheel would be a cool addition to your ship's saw for for changing the angle

      1. Slashley gibbins

        True dat.

    85. Peace Keeper

      Ouch, by telling the story, it sounds a bit like you want to blame your parents ? Anyhow, routers are very dangerous and don‘t leave pieces that you could sew on again .... but take care ! that it will not happen again - sure you have now 9 spares left, but you are young and I am sure the TH is not your last boat ⛵️ BTW: a great video and documentary- like Morgan car is doing it on demand 😁

    86. Gaming with wolfgirlflash

      Cheers I think the forklift might have clipped his finger new tool on site moving parts geers and chains levers not familiar thats my guess it could have been anything Cheers from Jacksonville Florida

    87. Milton Miller

      At the end Tally Ho will have enough of your blood to qualify as "next of kin"

    88. Shaun Marsh

      The music he chose could be a clue Level Plane by Riot?

    89. Shaun Marsh

      If you want to know what tool he was using just keep an eye on the tools used in the next few vids the red one will be the one

    90. Shaun Marsh

      Leo Mate In my experience I have found that If it hasn't killed you, after a couple of days it becomes a funny story so long as you have learnt that lesson

    91. Flint Davis

      Get a bronze hook for that missing finger. You already have the bird for your shoulder. Rrrr!

    92. Flint Davis

      Man I’m so sorry about you finger, I accidentally cut off my thumb tip but I was able to have it stitched back on. Haste makes waste. Please be careful. I’m enjoying your work. Thank you!

    93. Piazzawoodworks

      What’s the red stuff they are painting on the timber ?

    94. Dj dj

      Have you also gotten dentures since starting this project?

    95. Warner Yuill-Thornton


    96. Barrie Charmsway

      I actually don't like pasta and that's when the meat cleaver came down!

    97. Isak Viklund

      My guess is either one of his many saws or one of his planers amputated his fingertip

    98. Seamus

      It's like my cat that has three legs, one eye and no tail. His name is Lucky.

    99. Joe White

      belt sander

    100. Paul Whitney

      The way Leo speaks thars more to him than what one sees. I like him he's got cornish or welsh blood in him god bless him.