Building Boat Frames using Traditional Tree-Nails - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP28

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Assembling Frames with Treenails. Support; Become a Patron;
    This episode, I work with some volunteers to cut out more futtocks, and assemble the first pair of Frames using Southern Live Oak - to replace the old English Oak frames that Tally Ho was built with. To fasten the futtocks we use Black Locust Treenails (Trunnels/Trennels), which are traditional wedged pegs, used for centuries in ship-building and timber-framing.
    We also get some more of the copper fastenings removed, build some adjustable trestles, and establish the centerline of the boat. Finally, Cecca and I take an overdue little holiday to the furthest reaches of the Olympic Peninsula.

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    Wayne Jones - Tango de la Noche
    Quincas Moreira - Amor Chiquito
    Audionautix - Boxcar Rag
    Topher Mohr and Alex Elena - The Creek
    Audionautix -Tennessee Hayride
    Dan Lebowitz - Blue Creek Trail

    28. Assembling Frames with Treenails

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    1. Vornamed Nachnamed

      If you'd push Ruben from the boat, you could see a real flying dutchmen ;)

    2. thecapturban

      English birth, American Purple Heart, Southern Live Oak, west coast nails, and worker bees from around the world... Thats a hell of bloodline Tally Ho is amassing! She truly will be a boat of the world when this all done!

    3. RBLawren63

      Did the original ship builders have band saws,and planers when the ship was originally built?

    4. Premier4378 NZ

      Aha I was wondering about you and Cecca and now the one and only bed has given the game away. We'll done Leo she's a keeper.

    5. RJ

      i feel for you hauling those massive boards, i recently made a 84x30x2.5 inch bench top out of soft? maple (2.13m x4.5m x 63mm)

    6. Peter Parsons

      She’s mimicking you speaking. It’s heartwarming, she’s attached to you. Your in a relationship now IAN. That birds a beauty!

    7. mcashnv

      a little surprised you didn't scarf those frames instead of butt-joint

    8. salvador sierra

      The bird is really competing for atención smart bird 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    9. Charles Seymour

      Love the boat love the girl love the bird love the passion for quality

    10. Paul Drowns

      Robinia pseudoacacia. Excellent choice! I happen to be a big fan of the species. It is a most amazing wood, and if one stumbles across the the species in shrub form, the blossoms make an exquisite beignet! I live in Maine, and the Maine Botanical Gardens chose to use unfinished planks for elevated walkways over sensitive wet areas. The species rot resistance is off the scale. The blossoms are delicious...

    11. Neil Simmonds

      Commenting here as I want to continue watching, but I’m confused, are you restoring or just completely rebuilding the boat? You seem to be making all new everything!?

    12. toadamine

      "Freshwater"? To me theres seawater/saltwater, and freshwater... freshwater meaning rivers and lakes that aren't salty...

    13. Slashley gibbins

      The clamp shop was feeling chipper that day.

    14. Mark Jennings

      Welding in a wood shop always makes me terrified of a fire, Some little spit travels a long way and hits a pile of dust and smolders away ....until you go to bed.....

    15. bob question

      21:32 looking inside the remains of a trunk of a huge petrified tree...

    16. Bill Dyke

      Treenail, trenail, trennel, trunnel... Some words just can't make up their mind. Surprised that steel fastenings were used. No secret that iron and oak don't play nicely.

    17. Jim Fisher

      Finally! A belt sander being used on a boat.

    18. Bill Wheaton

      I picked up some good woodworking tips with the way you were inserting these treenails and wedges. That is going to be handy to know. Thanks!

    19. RichardofOz

      Watching you feed the timber through the saws in speed up video makes me very uncomfortable!

    20. mustafa soykut

      işi bilen mühedismi bu kişi fakat çok konuşuyor

    21. arty Berkhoff

      Seems to me cutting a rib instead of bending really weakens the boat.

    22. Heid Bumbee

      No No No No No No a million times no! No alcohol consumption near sharp jaggy power tools that will change your life in a blink! ( see 13:27 )

    23. David Arnette

      Never trust any woman standing behind you that close to edge!

    24. NZ Pokemon cards

      Those are some real man hands lol

    25. Vee Dragon

      Poncho is such a character! Those tree nails are neat!

    26. Vee Dragon

      Amazing pencil sharpener for sure!

    27. i8dapuszy

      Good idea hanging you bobs from your collar ties like that

    28. thetubersworld tube

      that bird... LOL.

    29. Nigel Marston

      As a fellow Brit, I'm proud of your stiff upper lip as you carried on instructing us about treenails when the scene-stealing Pancho was dancing. I know of no other channel that has such an amazing compliment to the excellent content as her.

    30. Rob Smith

      Can I ignore the attention seeking bird? Errrrr.... No

    31. tort oise

      You definitely look all the better for that bit of r&r. It's hard to stop when you're on a roll but I'd say it looks like it'll pay off in the end to take a few breaks.

    32. Chewning Witmer

      You can use Woodglut and plans. The best plans and very detailed instructions. You can learn a lot from them and do it yourself.

    33. Peter 4523

      I could never ignore the Attention Seeking Bird. I don't know if the story about the Macaw is true or not, but if it is. You are one lucky bastard to have such a beautiful bird hanging around.

    34. Bob Eden

      All the trunnels or tree nails, used in the building of the Bark Endeavour Replica were made by one pensioner, there were many thousands of them, but one was very special, for it went into space aboard the shuttle "Endeavour".

    35. Gene Sloan

      Beautiful scenery

    36. CMAenergy

      I wonder about all this help you had been getting. I have assumed they help because they want to learn a bit, but are not getting paid, while it looks like you will get paid for rebuilding those boats, Hm, wonder how much you will be making off each person free help? But obviously the videos are very informing in lots of ways for those who want to learn, But I do occasionally see you do things the hard and wrong way, etc. where you could have learned an easier and safer way.

    37. Porter Mitchell

      mechanical engineering coming in clutch

    38. El 5 IS On Tour

      Awesome scenery on your days off work and I,am not talking about the the beauty in the bikini....Hope that makeshift bed was structurally sound ....

    39. Mario Denig

      anoiing musik ...bäää

    40. Brandt Tingen

      Would Linseed Oil work instead of the primer?

    41. mark hughes

      I hope you will call the tender ‘Poncho’ when you come to build it! Complete star!

    42. Tony De Leo

      You are incredibly fortunate to have a woman in your life that no only allows you to follow your dream but also to go exploring with your, camping, roughing it. I hope that you tell her and show her each and every day how much you appreciate her!!!!

    43. William Hunter

      Leo -- When are you going to put the question to Cecca? Take some advice from an old man. Stop wasting time. Life's too short. Grow a set and take the plunge. If you are waiting for the right time, the right time is now.

    44. xpez

      the curves that are articulated into the wood in various methods reminds me of furniture frame construction.

    45. andrew taylor

      I am watching these backwards ... its interesting to see how you did things BEFORE you had a forklift, and a cool table for assembling frames, etc !

    46. Johan Larsson

      I'm curious about the orange primer in-between the frame parts (futtocks?) - why not glue them? Is there an advantage with separate parts and the primer, or is it too much work glueing the frames? (I have little hope of actually getting an answer here, but you never know...) Inspiring work anyway, wonderful to see. edit: The answer came in a later video! :) Because the wood is green, it will move to much later on, for any glue to work.

    47. 𝓼𝔀𝓪𝓰 Games

      Good to see felow dutchmen working on this project

    48. Rev. David Willerup

      Poncho needs a proper bird bath.

    49. Byron Allen

      The bird and the girl are keepers

    50. Galerak

      "Can you ignore the attention-seeking bird?!" - I tried... and failed :^))

    51. darryl mcleman

      The colorfull bird is the star of this one!!! CHEERS from Canada

    52. Pablo Moctezuma

      Que hermoso lugar y mas hermosa la mujer que te acompaña

    53. 73Stargazer

      I'm glad you are building this in WA. The Olympic peninsula is stunning. ❤

    54. Peter Brickwood

      Your parrot Poncho seems to be getting a bit potty. What kind of fumes is he (she) inhaling?

    55. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    56. Doug Dorn

      I can not believe how much work this is....crazy!

    57. David Russell

      Now I understand why your craft skills are as exquisite as your musical taste

    58. mearrin

      Love the subtle fire extinguisher/med kit shot. “Don’t question me.” :)

    59. constantinos schinas

      i was expecting the saw to have a counterweight, so as to remain in neutral balance, maybe you can add one.

    60. Gabe Macan

      Man, what's up with all these hot guys working on this boat? I'm considering starting a restoration myself...

    61. 1MinuteFlipDoc

      21:47 she's a fit and fine looking lady!! :)

    62. Divided We Fall

      That ship saw is an amazing piece of equipment.

    63. Paul Bucco

      i feel like you guys kicked butt this episode

    64. Richard Hibbs

      Glad I found this project. Great lockdown evening watching!! And cecca better still be in this when I get closers to present day. It’s very clear you’re very fond of her.

    65. Blaž Bohinc

      16:46 I remember almost having my arm ripped out at the wrist because the machine jolted so hard in my hands. Now I always grip it like my life depends on it even if it's just a small screw hahah

    66. Arron Davison

      Absolutely loving your work Leo wish I could come and help from UK would love to learn your knowledge!

    67. OccasionalGamer

      Albert Strange would be so proud of your work!

    68. Rob Myers Photography

      Could you build a small boat with the wastage. Tiny Ho.

    69. Panhead49EL

      15:30 Axl Rose in 3..2...1...

    70. Bob Bailey

      Excellent job it will go faster as you get the feel for the wood and the saw

    71. David Punton

      I'd love to know what Mr Strange have had to say if he could see what you are putting into this incredible project, it's mind blowing the detail you go into. I'm now re watching from the beginning.

    72. steady bloke

      how many heads will it have?

    73. steady bloke

      be much quicker to use bronze

    74. steady bloke

      put them thar trunnels in diagonal loike

    75. steady bloke

      any fire safety precautions in place? how about a facemask or two?

    76. steady bloke

      wots a futtock?

    77. Kerry Greenlees

      hello Ruben, Mr, February.

    78. Keith Staton

      So much grand progress since this video was made. It's worth watching all over again.

    79. B Souza

      Surprised you didn’t epoxy the pieces together? Then seal the wood with epoxy for waterproofing.

    80. John E.

      I'm slowly catching up to current videos, having started at the first one. And I continue to be impressed in so many ways, not the least of which is your choice in music and the manner in which you are able to synchronize to the activity underway...Kudos!

    81. Caoimhin Tew

      One of my first major wood projects was a pigeonhole desk. It was 100% #2 pine, and didn't have a single screw in it. It was all tree-nails. I believe I can build a boat the same way.

    82. Brian Horn

      Any danger of lead poisoning from the lead material you're using? Any danger for the bird if it's exposed to it?

    83. Catherine Hackett

      I learn so much with every episode! It is so wonderful to see Leo's skill and craftsmanship. I also love his music choices.

    84. hawazz1

      Great show! Keep it on! Could you please share the link for the dowel maker?

    85. Scrap and Machines.

      Dont come knocking if the van is rocking.

    86. s2s_Parrot Fan

      Never have enough clamps :-)

    87. Jeff Collins

      Should have plenty firewood when this is done.

    88. Kim Donne

      It is a pleasure to watch a tradesman at work good luck I wish you happy sailing.

    89. Bruce Fulper

      I hear you using SAE and not metric measurements. As a yank I like that. But as a Brit why don't you use SAE?

    90. Focused on the Road

      One EASY things you can do to help out Leo’s channel and help him out..simply watch all the adds all the way through. It may be a small but I’ve been told IThomes gives him more $$ by watching all the way to the end of the adds..... Also check out his patronage page and donate a little for each video. Subscribing and smashing the like button on each video works to help others find this channel. Keep up the great work Leo!

    91. Joshua Smith

      Damn I love that bird :D

    92. puncher davis

      So I am late to the party here catching up on the videos. But from what I can see you viewers fall into 4 dynamics. (1) Fellow ship builders that file their teeth with iron and snort wood chips and are in love. (2) Men that like to see the ladies. (3) Ladies that we know are quite but love seeing those strong bodies in short shorts. (4) Bird and dog lovers that love the animals. I can't stop watching the bird preen about because its so human in its need for attention. Much like people on youtube (grin)>

    93. twcstransam

      Your trunnel production process is cool.

    94. fenixfp40

      In his mind, that bird thinks he's Stevie Wonder

    95. Cas Giepmans

      I hope your truck has good suspension in the back

    96. JMR

      You are blessed! Keep up the great work and anytime you are back in Colorado let me know!

    97. Frank Brown

      La barca antica, il fascino del restauro, l'abilità e la simpatia di Leo... metteteci quello che volete ma la Frenci non la batte nessuno! Eh, le ragazze italiane hanno colpito ancora... ;-)

    98. j4d3 goat

      The bird is a real attention-seeker! Hilarious!

    99. Kent and Constance Foley

      Found you several days back and cannot quit watching your video series. So interesting and enjoy the education you provide as you go along. I even checked out more information on lofting! Your workmanship is quite impressive. So great to see how individuals are showing up to help you. So keep the videos coming, Love watching Tally Ho being morphed into to what I know will be beautiful boat (ship?). Keep the videos coming Leo!

    100. Virgil Grillone

      Your lady is fine, and she digs you. I could tell from the very first video when you picked her up at the airport!