Organising the workshop - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP4

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    Before getting started with the Tally Ho restoration, I need to clear out the workshop and create a space for me to live in.
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    1. Adam Turnbull

      Had you no patrons , would you have still replaced everything on Tally Ho? Would anyone have simply fiberglassed the hull as is ?

    2. David Wright

      Leo, I think you've been astronomically lucky having the family friend to loan you this incredible space for your Tally Ho project. Goes along with your Temperament, disposition, skill, adaptability, willingness to work HARD, ease with which you make friends, put them at ease.

    3. Andrew Mantle

      I am anxiously awaiting the transformation from firewood to yacht.

    4. Christopher Dawson

      Wow! I am just so impressed! You make me feel far inferior than you or are you just far superior than the ordinary man . . . maybe the ordinary man has changed somewhat from what he used to be. . . the way you construct things as if the design is simple and easy to think of. It's an honour to know of you and watch you on youtube as you educate and inspire seemingly without even knowing. Cheers!

    5. Mike Munoz

      Why do I want to take a week off of work to come help.... This is bad ass

    6. Brenda Jones


    7. Jeff Sherman

      She's cute!


      i started watching this a few days ago. i came in somewhere while you were underway so today i decided to watch from the beginning. man, you have a shitload of work to do. i'm a "retired" carpenter and a full-time musician.

    9. David Aitchison

      I like what I have seen so far. It is amazing the amount of work you have put in on the project so far, and from what I have seen, single-handed at that. Good job!

    10. Juncus Bufonius

      Having been watching Arabella for a few years I've been neglecting your channel as I had so much content to watch elsewhere. So I have started from the beginning. At this point I say "you think that you've not got far?". I'm guessing you revised that not to much later as you are still going 3 years later. As an ex design and production engineer I'd say off to a bloody good start.

    11. TotalVikingPower

      What a transformation

    12. Real Talk with Aaron

      Northerly bow?

    13. DeepHorizon

      0:35 I've taken that boat before! Is that the one to Port Townsend? I went camping there once, beautiful town.

    14. David Marshall

      does anybody know whats his educational background is? did he learn building boats in a company or something?

    15. Tufan Kilinc

      I've been following your progress for a couple of years now and I thought I would revisit the onset of Tally Ho's project. You've come a very long way on your journey. All the best from Texas!

    16. xpez

      you are a hard worker. Inspired!

    17. Harold Conover

      I think that you'er doing a damn Good job,,so far..You have your work cut out for you ..LOL I would like to work on a old wood boat some day.I'm retired. i did Most anything , and every thing ,building homes..

    18. Turbo Last Name

      Two tables saws and a microphone. Where’s it at.

    19. Geoffrey Wallace

      Great project. I look forward to seeing it complete.

    20. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    21. John Choat

      MY GOD!!! The last time I looked there were ONLY 24 hours in each day; what you have accomplished to date, as a 'ONE MAN TEAM', is incredible! I have just 'happened' upon your rebuild of Tally Ho, she is a gorgeous example of 'old time' ship building and your Re-construction will do her proud. My Dad sailed on a similar vessel, the CGS (Canadian Government Ship) ARCTIC, from Quebec City to the Arctic Circle in 1924; he was 20 years old and the Captain was Joseph E.Bernier. The ARCTIC, originally named Gauss, was German built of solid oak (her bows were 4 feet thick) in the late 1800's. All the very best in your gargantuan endeavour; let the chips fall where they may!

    22. Peter Brickwood

      Great Job, bit lat for suggestions though.

    23. Jonsey

      The video tour of the "facility" set me on tilt considering that almost none of the bedraggled tooling match... it frankly betrays my feng and has completely stifled my shui. These critical elements, I am SURE, you will have thoroughly sorted before any attempts at proper shipwrighting ensue. The more pressing problem My Dear, hardly needs addressing since I have no doubt that the uniform providers simply haven't routed that forsaken riprap as yet. Do try to buck up Lad, things must SURELY improve and we shall have a jolly har at these, your hours of need. I would give one of my nuts to be involved in this EPIC journey. What a fabulous shop, location, parrot and some true friends, Thank you for letting me rewatch for like the third time, THANK YOU!

    24. Robert McAusland


    25. philip Brailey

      This young guy is super human.

    26. Eric Fermin

      over 70 episodes? What a relief during quarantine, something to watch.

    27. James B

      Leo: I picked your build up at about No. 50, and now retracing the videos from the start. I gotta hand it to you. Big Dreams + talent + perseverance = an adventure of a lifetime and a workproduct to admire. Good Show!

    28. Ron Myers

      Just found your channel, 29/05/2020 came in at Ep 72 and was immediately hooked, absolutely gob smacked with your work level and ethic, top marks for everything you have done, brilliant viewing.

    29. Nazerth

      Literally my dream shop

    30. J Greenseed

      Wtf does this guy get the money to do this

    31. Kurt Rohlfing

      Watching from 2020. Mid April. I hate to sound like a guy,... but does your 'friend' come back.

    32. USMC forever

      Very impressive. Well done

    33. Bob Bailey

      That’s a great space to complete your project your very lucky to have it.

    34. Keith Staton

      Watching the whole series again in 2020 and so glad Leo made it back to his project before the travel ban landed. I am slso proud to own a small cutoff of oak from a recent shipment of planking and to be a paying supporter as well. Be safe y'all and don't forget to send things to Leo.

    35. Alan Hutchison

      Just proves, no matter how big your workshop is! It's never big enough to stop the clutter!!! :-D

    36. Kim Doss

      U got the patients of JOB with a great amount of skill included. Kad

    37. BluetoothSensei


    38. R David Adams

      Just started watching your series, I love it and will have to binge watch a few at at time to catch up! What is the story on the parrot? Love him to!

    39. Gene Goodman

      I found a video where you were just finished the ribs or whatever so I went back to the start and I'm going to catch up asap. How old are you? How crazy do you have to be to do something like this by yourself? I have no idea why I'm watching this except I'm impressed with you and your attitude. Go get'em young man we are watching you. Stay safe

    40. Randy Turner

      You must have some cash to to take on such a project!!!!

    41. Ron heather

      what is the sq foot or that shop

    42. jeffery wise

      I've just visited some of the first postings you put up. I've watched since you laid the Keel and bought the live oak. Good on you lad for taking on a monumental task. She will be worth it all in the end. The question is how much of you will be left. Well an experience to tell the grandchildren when your out in a sail with them....

    43. Chris Snelling

      Great work !!!

    44. leotard

      Nice RAGBRAI shirt

    45. Monti Mitchell

      i'm really looking forward to this series


      Great job!

    47. yaa63


    48. Y Sanchez

      love to work with this type of mentality ,and organization with our having the loud mouth ruckus controlling the emotional environment with aalot negative energy...!! love your work ..

    49. Ravyn Blackthorne

      Bit of a suggestion for the loft area. If you're not planning on building any sort of stop, wall or otherwise, a 1/4" runner of quarter round faced outwards will stop dropped items from rolling off the edge.

    50. Stephan Reisig

      I LOVE the Steve Wonder act of Pancho the parrot. her moving go back and forth on her stand !!

    51. j4d3 goat

      Fantastic job getting the workshop beautifully tidy **and** getting the boatshed built! I did woodwork at school when I was about 15 and I can manage to put together a simple box - that's about my limit, so I'm blown away by your skills! Only thing I'd change about the videos would be to make them longer. Five or six minutes fly past and I'm just getting into the video!

    52. Matt Belding

      Great workshop. I have never seen a private shop with that many tools and square feet. Good luck on the build.

    53. David Cooper

      AMAZING STORY!!! Like many others commenting below, I stumbled onto your channel late; just today in fact (3-17-19) with Episode 43. Went back to the beginning, and am now hooked. I'm curious: what kind of training prepared you for this monumental undertaking? Having worked in wood as a hobby my whole life, I am totally in awe of wooden boat building, and the folks who practice it. Did you do this type of work for a living before starting on Tally Ho? And how are you financing this undoubtedly expensive endeavor?

    54. Cyrus Ebinger

      I just started watching these and im diggin it! I bust out laughing when i saw cosi on there too. Im working on taking on an old wooden friendship sloop and this is some inspiration i need so thanks!

    55. Elvis Lives

      You"r pretty bonkers, hope i learn some on this gurney.

    56. hinbyrd2

      Fantastic Job in such a short time. I just guessing here but would you be available to do the same to my shop? Seriously, fantastic job on the shop.

    57. jdxtube68


    58. ladydi4runner

      Wow. Awesome undertaking Dude. Major Props since not only are you a ball of energy but have beenBlessed by the Good Lord with the God given talents AND the tools to accomplish the task at hand. Am on vid#3 and subscribed to catch up on your monumental undertaking. Good on ya. 👍👏🏻😀

    59. Jim & Shirley

      I suggest a good warm sleeping blanket for the coming winter season!

    60. William Overton


    61. 1Alone

      awesome taste in music Leo! sub'd!

    62. The Lears Farmish

      Looking forward to the rebuild. Started getting interested in these boat build and rebuild videos for only a short time so following along to gain as much understanding as i can. If i can sort out a way of building a boat i need all the tricks i can pick up.

    63. Norma Bishop

      Admire your fearless tenacity! I've been director of two maritime museums, presently live in Port Townsend, and am writing a book about a classic yacht. I'd very much like to visit the shop and Tally Ho. Please tell me how I can contact you.

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Hi there, thanks! You can find my email on my website


      I like your ragbri shirt I noticed the Iowa the then bike good job from iowa

    65. Matthew Gerhardt

      That's my kind of helper.

    66. Ryan Simon

      I decided to create a subreddit for this project since there is not one already. The link to it is @t. Obviously there isn't really anything there but if I could find a couple people to consistently post on it then I could maybe make them moderators in the future. I'm hoping the sub could one day be a place where people can openly talk and discuss anything related to this project!

    67. Mike Boyd


    68. Tom Bristowe

      I'm amazed at what you're prepared to take on; possibly a bit worried about the health and safety aspects though.( I can't believe I' m saying that! Maybe it's because I'm in my sixties), but if you are working on your own a fall from the top step of a tall step ladder or whatever can slow the job down. I know, I've been there! All the very best with the project.

    69. Dave Cidnothanks

      Already with the hot women... not expected.

    70. Iowa_Native

      Nice Bike Iowa tshirt #bikeiowa

    71. Rae Anker

      Great video just a idea, have Cosi on your videos more, much much more , seriously this challenge to bring Tally Ho back is a amazing opportunity to show traditional boat building and the characters that it attracts,thank you.

    72. Cary Kennedy

      What is the roofing material for your boat shelter?

    73. Rodney

      Fascinating stuff indeed. I know nothing about boats but love what you are doing and thoroughly enjoy your videos and project.

    74. Jeff Davies

      Nice workshop...Beautiful boat...i am addicted to the videos now...

    75. Erga Omnes

      U R OWESOME ! & PONCHO 2 !

    76. Bill Anderson

      In real-world time it's now September 2018. I have already watched all the videos but thought I would re-watch them all over again. I really enjoyed them the first time and I suspect I already know that I will enjoy them, even more, the second time. I am not normally a re-watcher, but Simon and his videos are so compelling. And the videos are such a pleasant diversion from watching CNN all day :(

    77. Jay Martin

      Watched a few newer ones in a row n figured lets watch em all.. n here we are 4 in a row!

    78. Braden Williams

      Great video!

    79. Turbo Last Name

      If you have a very old boat and replace a piece of wood on it and then another and another and another until every piece of wood is replaced. Is it still the same old boat or a new boat?

      1. Jerry Parks

        I think if you stay true to the original design, you've restored a classic!

    80. Rick te Kronnie

      At a glance, I thought 1:23 where trailer hitches lol

    81. Shoestring Tom

      Wow, what a superb workshop. Very generous supporters.

    82. Gary Winters

      Bad ass schooner chick is a hot ass chick!

    83. Mike A Drover

      Your workshop looks like I have seen it before some-ware on US TV it similar let me know! Past posting don't know if you'll see this. Day off EP 5 next ~M~ NJ 07922

    84. Dances with Stone

      You ask what I think. . . Well, I think it's all awesome and inspiring! The BOAT, the project, the shop, the views, your abilities and attitude, your musical tastes and video production capability. . . Blown away Leo just friggin awesome!

    85. Jacob Herron

      U have ocd like me everything got to b perfectly I would love to help u build anything good luck on everything u do may the grain b with u

    86. The voice Of Reason

      I think you are doing a fantastic job. My question is, where did you learn your skills?

    87. Jan Wilson

      Your choice of music is fascinating!

    88. waihi gorge

      Really enjoying these... And respect to you from a retired Oyster yacht builder.

    89. Jeffrey Rafuse

      Wow, what a great shop! You really organized it perfectly, and the loft idea was totally fantastic. Thank you for sharing this and your progress as it happens. It's been very inspiring to me, as I would love have a place to create my sculptures much in the same way your rebuilding Tally Ho. Thank you for sharing and inspiring, its a wonderful project, and your doing very well at it.

    90. Rob

      Leo you're absolutely awesome! I'm a British carpenter/builder and I work alone pretty much most of the time so I know what goes into everything that you are doing, a nice hot bath at the end of the day will sort you out... I kind of watched your video's in reverse order which was interesting, just a question or two if you have time...I was wondering how did you learn about Tally ho in the first instance? Second how did you manage to find an amazing site and very generous hosts? Great video's very well produced and very interesting, my farther was a boat builder and marine engineer so I probably have the same DNA lol The very best of luck to you and Godspeed my friend.

    91. Josef

      Did the owner of that shop die???

    92. lexas

      Wow, well done! Amazing workshop for an amazing project. Just discovered your channel and watching everything.

    93. Genus

      Is that a RAGBRAI shirt you're wearing?

    94. John Tenhundfeld

      I'm new to your project, dream so I may be talking about something you've already answered but I juts noticed your RAGBRAI T-shirt. Just a shirt or did you ride in the event at some time? I am definitely enjoying your videos and of course your skill in tackling such a large project. Good luck and keep at it.

    95. 83 GT/Brian

      You should have kept the popcorn machine!

    96. Bryon Ensminger

      The last boat project I watched didn't heat their boat shead I'd definitely put in some heat

    97. Nacho Gonzalez

      you are really a hero, we will be following you from spain murcia , hope sea you one day

    98. Paul Wegner

      that is soo amazing i fall in love with you workshop!!

    99. jamie clarkin

      your a machine

    100. Malcolm Harvey

      Hi Leo I have only just gone back ti the start to see how it all began. (having now watched up to the keel replacement ) Very impressive and you have not yet touched the boat. The offer of this site and workshop must have made the whole project feasable. All the very best for the future I have enjoyed it all so far and look forward to each episode.