Timber Boat Building - Installing Stern Assembly /EP44

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Installing the Stern Assembly. Support; www.sampsonboat.co.uk/support Become a Patreon; www.patreon.com/sampsonboatco
    EPISODE 44.
    With the deadline of the “Frame-raising party" looming, the race is on to try and get the Stern Assembly into the boat! With a strong team now, we are able to lift most of the pieces by hand, but have to make use of hydraulic jacks to lower the Sternpost Tenon into the Mortise.
    We also make improvements to our Treenail making process, build a new frame (16a), and I take a trip to the Port Townsend Shipwrights Coop to thread Silicon Bronze bolts with one of their machines.
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    44. Installing the Stern Assembly (Tally Ho EP44)

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    1. the chicken salad sandwich Man

      I'm going to need another few days to watch the rest of these videos at which time if the work is still proceeding I will send in my application I am already planning the trip from Buffalo in my brain

    2. David walpole

      This would make fabulous TV on the BBC. Instead of watching all the crap on bbc most of the time.

    3. Paul Sinclair

      What a great team you got yourself at this stage! And the cabinet maker was one heck of a find! Actually they all are in this team! Really enjoying the series and I only found it today and began from the beginning!

    4. Phil Stevens

      I'm amazed that bloody bird is not phased by all the noise of the fork lift, or the chain saw etc.

    5. x0965

      Leo: we’re building a little colony out here. Historians: We’ve seen this before and it didn’t end well for the locals... but somehow we’re ok with it this time.

    6. Chuckles McGee

      Why put felt between the joints?

    7. John Yap Chin Paw

      New tug boat can flying curiousity

    8. Mark Jennings

      Toms a perfect fit. A cabinet maker is what is needed to match the build tolerances so far. Note that Tom is from Brighton, the port for Brighton is Shoreham. Shoreham is where Tally Ho was built!!

    9. John Stride

      I’m still catching up on this having only recently discovered Leo and TH. Whilst it’s all been utterly fascinating....and addictive....the work on the sternpost for me has been the most stimulating!

    10. Bill Dyke

      Who are the people who downthumb? I have to be really offended by something before I hit that button. Too drunk to hit the right button? Too stupid to see sense? I found this series 3 days ago and in that time the number of subscribers has grown by 20,000. If you don't like it over a quarter of a million people don't care. Make your futile gesture if you must. 🖕

    11. Jason Peeters

      This is turning into some star trek type of thing. People from all over the place coming together too build a 'vessel/ship/boat'. Not for money or profit. But too learn and share knowledge and experiance... for free, beeing that they are volunteers. Tally enterprise in the making 🖖.

    12. Manny C Weiss

      that ginger guy is "that guy"..LOL...we've all at one point or another known "that guy"

    13. pt361749460

      Can someone point out for me what exactly he keeps on the old boat? Look like to me he is slowly replacing everything, am I correct?

    14. Samuel Willis

      It is amazing how you got your start in ship building and it is how you've introduced so many people to the trade... This is how the world should work in general... people helping people.

    15. Vee Dragon

      The neighbors aren't going to know what to think when Tally Ho finally floats away!

    16. dont Duel

      i like your videos, but its getting harder to watch them with the music getting louder and unneeded rather the machine noise then the crap you play, i know it way to lateto change the music on the already posted videos but keep in mind i m skipping the crap parts and not thumbs up any of them

    17. Eric's Channel

      This was fun.. and I'm happy that you have a french speaking guy!! Salutations à Arnaud!! Okay now vidéo no. 45!!!!

    18. lame duck

      How come they know so much when they're so young?

    19. philip Brailey

      I find myself watching all the episodes over and over. Love em.

    20. rusedorange

      Leo- can you please include the scenes where you scream in frustration and break down sobbing because a cut is wrong? Don't try to tell me it's not happened either.


      Good evening Sir, I would like to participate as a volunteer for your project. Would you mind if I can join you despite of me being financially stable. I am just really amazed on your works, that's why I admire to be one of your employee there. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work Sir👍😊☺️

    22. Rudolf Benner

      Dowel Jig, awesome.

    23. John von Horn

      Sampson Boat Company - The place where the dudes abide. At the end of a hard day's work, "Careful man! There's a pint there"

    24. Ken Wolf

      Great job on the videos I have really enjoyed them. Amazing work!

    25. Celtic704

      I know this video is really old but I hope this guy has insurance in case some one gets hurt

    26. Pavel Komarov

      Why is the stern post hanging off on one side of the keel and not reaching the edge of the other side of the keel?

      1. Pavel Komarov

        ...and he answers it

    27. Dan Cook

      Looking like an excellent team working together there. Really beautiful work being done. Nice one!

    28. Neongelb94

      Is finn sponsered by dickies?

    29. Peter Silva

      All the equipment is American... what is the thread standard on the bolts? If you're taking it to the UK you may have trouble getting ASME threads... I guess If you have to replace anything, you will just replace rods and bolts together.

    30. Oscar Barrera

      It's just like lego!

    31. Sebastian Malton

      Why does it look like the stern assembly is about 1" to port than it should be?

      1. Sebastian Malton

        @Bassmint yeah... I noticed

      2. Bassmint

        He explains why at the end

    32. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    33. Bob Frazier

      What a nice fit the crew and the keel made - great episode!

    34. mono man

      so you lost the finger end on the bandsaw !!! ; - (

    35. Tomeado

      just now finding and catching up on this series, so fascinating, but i had a question about purpose of the felting? Does it add any structural or functional purpose or is it just for preventing breakout when drilling?

    36. Deftones Dsm

      Just casually rewatching entire series again. Started watching when he built the shed no subs. Leo is amazing guy living the life a lot of us wish we had.

    37. J Greenseed

      Well, know what happened to his finger now.

    38. Tony Sanger

      What not building it in a cellar like Gibbs from NCIS.

    39. Zihnigür Dereli


    40. Neil Roggio

      Great to see all the stern pieces assembled in the boat! I love the teamwork on this project.

    41. Andrew Bailey

      16:42 is by far the most satisfying part of the video for me

    42. Jack Randle

      Cheers Tally Ho, shout out from SF bay from an old Boilermaker Iron Ship builder Portland shipyards Swan Island, Or. As a fabricator, from lofting prints, we snap chalk lines on the floor and fabricated pieces must fit within the chalk line. I understand the multi dimensional skill sets needed, but the labor of love mindset for the task at hand building a masterpiece creation of maritime history marine vessel

    43. Just a guy with a chevy

      I would put a 5.9 Cummins in it, because it is a easy motor to work on. Overbuilt and reliable.

    44. anthony white

      Excellent Work. Another great video! Thanx

    45. bfarm44

      I’m sure this has been answered and I’m equally sure I missed it but what type of wood is that purple timber?

    46. Jeffery Croom

      Awesome, Tally Ho is coming together nicely. Looks like you all have a good Crew to get it done correctly 👍

    47. Jufry Manto


    48. TBPollock

      Since I can hardly wait for each episode to drop, I don't know how the hell I missed this one, but I did. But I happened upon it and so watched it. It was like putting on an old pair of pants and discovering money in the pocket.

    49. Ujang Endul

      Manuk kenari

    50. Tyler Camilleri

      16:64 boat janga

    51. JohnnyAirstream

      Phenomenal. I found it especially enjoyable to watch the student quickly become the teacher! What an evolution! You’re really onto something here mate!

    52. Setiono Sapto

      Selamat anda telah menemukan komentar Dalam Bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar 😊

    53. Cliff Stevenson

      Deep into the binge - five to ten episodes a day, strictly chronological. The story thus far: Leo, introverted autodidact loner polymath, learning the human heart is more obdurate and requires more finesse to manage than purple-wood. I will sleep tonight dreaming of frames. I miss Francesca's shy smile.

    54. Steve Dittman

      I hope to God you people are using Live Oak for your stern and bow assemblies. While there's nothing wrong with cedar I just don't trust it for the bottom framing of a ship

    55. Chris Pellegrino

      Holy crap. Freeze frame at 19:25 and look at that fit. This isn’t a little balsa wood model...

    56. Mike Cameron

      do you not feel by cutting all the steel supports out of tallyho it is compromising the hull and will make it extremely less strong?Please explain how it could NOT make it so.Or are you going to go back and reinstall them?

    57. Rafael Villegas

      Thanks ...im learn...good teacher!

    58. Peter THRUPP

      Love seeing the improvements to processes.

    59. yaa63


    60. Tarman The Champion

      🤔 I subscribed to this channel a long time ago yet utube didn't add this channel to my subscriptions!!? But hey at least I have a ton of great footage to binge watch now! Thanks Leo! Tally Ho is coming along perfectly!

    61. Tom Burgess

      Loving your work. What make is that hoodie jacket you are wearing, the beige / tan one? Thanks if you get the time to answer such a trivial question. All the best, Tom.

    62. Kenneth Ellison

      I'm sure this has been asked and addressed, but what kind of wood is that?

    63. encila marko

      *tinyurl.com/woodenboott?-518-Ƀøαŧ-Ᵽłαns-Sŧɇᵽ-ƀч-sŧɇᵽ-ǥᵾıđɇs* කාර්යයේ ගුණාත්මකභාවය හාස්‍යජනකය! මම හිතනවා මුල් බෝට්ටුව මේ ළිඳ හදලා නැහැ කියලා! : ඩී

    64. scal92253

      11:29 ah-HA the cat is out of the bag :)

    65. Arthur Kortekaas

      It took me a while to realize those rods weren't going to be the driveshaft lol.

    66. Richard Bohling Sr

      Really precise fit up for the stern assembly. She should hold line very well for you. Tally Ho will certainly be a strong boat. It's great to see you taking the time necessary to get the fit up right.

    67. Brian Gerring

      Hi Leo, can’t wait for the next video, iv watched every clip from day one , absolutely awesome . Your skill and perfection is inspiring, a great example to the young guys who come to help.

    68. Juan Antonio Cabañas Guerrero


    69. Louis Le Grange

      See you upgraded from a TS55 to a TS75.

    70. Lee Humes

      What is the felt purpose?

    71. GLSALW

      Woodmasters !!

    72. Charlie Andrews

      Pancho is doing a great job as a termite inspector

    73. Welder Sandblaster

      Ah ha. You bought a new larger Festool to replace the one given to you, but you didn't mention it on video because you didn't want to hurt the feelings of the person that gave you the one, one size too small. Nice manners.

    74. Sean Collins

      Very nice to see the back bone come together, when are the bow stem pieces going to be done ? after reframing of the stern ?

    75. SV Tartaruga

      What is the purpose of the felt on the stern assembly? Is it to fill any potential voids once swelled in water?

    76. Dana Nelson

      You've got a good crew. Like Tom's jigs, he's got a nack for it. Thanks the information on the keel. Enjoyed the video, thanks.

    77. Clint Grantham

      Amazing! Such precision with giant timbers and man power.

    78. Curtis Jones

      As crude(ish) a thing they are, an Alaskan chainsaw mill is a remarkably effective bit of gear. Me and a mate of mine use a Granberg to infrequently mill West Australian hardwoods in the Great Western Woodlands and have had some good success with it and a Stihl MS661.

    79. SY Sublime

      Leo i am looking at building a small Italian wood sail boat. will Finger joints be better than blocks for joints.

    80. Robert Fay

      I hope you will enjoy having this for your files: "Canada Vignettes: Bluenose 1921-1946" (1hr14min) ithomes.info/net/q6-Kta5rfn2Brmk/video

    81. Pete Sahli

      Salt and tar......hope they enjoy there floating dock because thats all it should be used for !!!! IF YOU WANT TO BUILD A SAILBOAT THAN RESEARCH EVERYTHING!!!! What a contrast in applying technical knowledge, just saying, fantastic job sir !!!

    82. Gary Senecal

      Just an amazing educational series on building this boat. Thank you

    83. Gary Senecal

      Just Curious did you use BSP thread ? After all she is a Royal cutter.

    84. Thumper

      For the love of God , comb your hair man.

    85. David Cooper

      Ok Leo, Having entered this saga at Episode 43, then started back at the beginning, and binge-watched all the way through, it has become clear to me that new episodes are very much needed. Please crank out another 20 or so, forthwith, so I don't experience withdrawal symptoms... Cheers! DC

      1. Steve Nell


    86. Jan Heese

      This series is so amazing and I'm glad I get to see it. Traditional TV just can't compete with this kind of thing.

    87. Toby W

      Watch out for cheap squares, I went through about half the ones on the shelf at Home Depot and could not find one that was square.

    88. Ride-It-Out Tim and Toni

      You are a true craftsman Leo.

    89. Robert W.

      Why was everything felted and not glued? I understand you putting the brass fasteners through everything, but .....?

    90. JC S

      Leo, just a thought, can you make shopping area on Amazon where we can purchase some of the small tools you use and get the commision from them? I like the respirator/hearing rig you were wearing in this and also the veritis jig. Also the squares and straight edges. Thanks!

    91. mars_hikes

      One thing I like about IThomes (besides many things I don't like) is the power you can get out of ideas (sometimes dangerous, unfortunately). Have a look at "Frégate L'Hermione" - slightly bigger, I suspect them to have a slightly bigger budget at times as well. Probably two digit figure in millions, per year. They have however less than 10k in subs - besides a lot of show, including actors who run around on their boat in fancy wigs, their videos are plain boring, there is nothing like soul in them. The contrast to this extremely humbling and modest approach here couldn't be bigger. Leo is clearly the John Zahorian of boat building, the only complain I have is that there are not more videos. Some people have just a natural eye for crafting videos, even if he would restore classic can openers, people would watch it.

    92. Duncan Armstrong

      Absolutely love your project. Your videos (shots, production, hosting & music.) are excellent. I also enjoy your explanations of nautical design, disassembly and refurbishment techniques, profile and recognition of volunteers and donors. Your reverence for wooden boats and traditional boat building is obvious. I wish you every success. Thank you and well done.

    93. Michael Poulin

      Is this pay back for the all the yanks being over, paid, over sexed and over there? well now we have a more accurate assumption to the cause of the finder injury. Don’t sharpen like a pencil. Just kidding, still love what your doing and that your sharing it with us. Ok one more thing and the risk of getting blocked from the channel, if you’re going to raise a part with a bottle jack, we really need to crib a little more. It’s my opinion that you really needed a little more then what you had, when you were planning between the keel parts, you really don’t need to imagine the possibilities.

    94. Michael Panella

      Did they do this much planing back in the day to all these pieces? How much thought was put into perfect fitment like this? I can't imagine the man hours spent just on re-planing going on here after watching all these episodes!

    95. Jim Pasco

      You are one hell of a wooden boat builder Leo with your attention to flatness and fit up accuracy. I really look forward to the videos as they come out . However, with all that fine planing and chisel work I never see you sharpening them. Do you use jigs and auto sharpening equipment or do you do it by hand and eye?

    96. Royden58

      What’s the purpose of the felt being added?

    97. Brad Robert

      You guys are hard core. Love what your doing!

    98. Lady Dew Build

      Amazing to watch massive chunks of wood becoming a boat. Love every episode

    99. Paul Steindorf

      Hey Leo, Do an episode on tool maintenance, how you keep things sharp, etc.

    100. Paul Cook

      How do you keep your tools sharp?