9. A Stiff Breeze to Bermuda - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP9

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    Support Tally Ho here - sampsonboat.co.uk/support-tally-ho/ I'm on a crazy mission to restore a historic classic sailing yacht called Tally Ho. To help fund the project, in this video I go to work delivering a Three-masted Gaff Schooner from Rhode Island down to Bermuda. We leave Newport into the tail of a storm and have a fast and exciting sail South.

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    A Stiff Breeze to Bermuda (Restoring Tally Ho Ep9)

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      For more footage of me talking about sailing Adix, and some great shots of the boat racing, check out this video of us at Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta ithomes.info/net/ttNqxMyTr2uhrpw/video

      1. Giorgio H.

        How do I get a job like that? (Seriously...)

      2. slamhead

        What a beauty. Wild seeing such a large sailboat get up and move that fast.

      3. Sean C

        i really wish i could sneak onto one of these ships and sail with them for however long it takes them to get sick of me

      4. Carl Petersen

        Loved it!

    2. Mike McCartney

      Loved this episode, gives us perspective why you are undertaking this rebuild.

    3. Peter Francon

      The deck looks very slippery at 09:11. Are the deck planks Teak? I believe Teak has offers more grip, oddly. But what a beautiful yacht, charging through rough seas!

    4. phooesnax

      How long us Tally Ho?

    5. G. Capra

      I lived for a while in the Appalachian mountains of northern North Carolina I used Black Locast for my home decking and after 15 years it showed no signs of wear. I does like to move a lot and every screw that I used to put the deck down had to be drilled. 8 ft x 80 ft of decking. Lots of drilling. I found old Black Locast fenceposts around the property and when I removed them I could still see the axes marks that put a point on the post. the post was almost 100 years old. we could tell by the type of barbed wire used. good luck with your work. My wife and I did 5 Years on a 38ft plastic fantastic in the Caribbean.

    6. astronaut dolphin detective

      its crazy to think my dad sailed all over the world using a sextant with no modern navigation, its too bad i missed out on that

    7. Primitive Organism

      I knew you looked familiar!! Newport!!! Been here 20yrs!!

    8. Shnick

      What’s the cost of bringing a boat like the Adix that far?

      1. Deftones Dsm

        10s of thousands

    9. Splinter5570

      13 to 15 knots! I'm working as an engineer on a merchant ship, and we don't do any better than that on the engine. usually 13.

    10. Gordon Garvey

      Does anyone know what constellation is at 4:40?

      1. Juhani Kyyrö


    11. Mark Perry

      Lucky you young one to have the options to crew on such a fine yacht. Do all you can while you are free and not tied down or burden with health issues or age haunts. I just found your site so now I’ll be watching too. Take care

    12. xpez

      what kind of salary does a 1st officer on a yacht make on average. Seems like interesting career!

    13. Andy Bush

      Yes well hats off to you guys sailing that monster. Me I'll stick to rum and a comfy chair on the back off a power cruiser, safely moored in a marina.

    14. anthony wright

      Thank You for my first virtual reality sailing adventure,I am hooked,I learned to sail when I was 12,we were on a 12 foot sun fish and my friend asked if I wanted to learn how to sail?and I said sure,he said it's all yours and dove off and swam to shore and there I was sailing,I am telling my friends to subscribe,can't wait to see her complete,Cheers

    15. Nate H

      Well this is one way to get 77 more likes.

    16. Ed Vaughan

      Did i see a picasso on the wall??......

      1. Deftones Dsm

        Yes yes you did. Leo even comments on that in a video later on

    17. Eôg05

      I remember Adix being in Falmouth for a while in early 2000s (2002?) I was on a square rigger there. Fond memories

    18. Peter Brickwood

      Great filming and editing work.

    19. Robert Long

      I'm hoping you still check this. What kind of income can one earn crewing on such boats?

    20. Dries van Oosten

      Spectacular footage!

    21. Reuben

      I sure miss being underway. Great video and explanations!

    22. Koneko Ray

      I would give just about everything up to and including my very life just to scrub the deck of that ship for a living. In my mind, I always saw sailing as a privilege reserved for the wealthy who could afford to own a boat themselves, but this video made me realize vessels like these need a crew, and that crew can do that for a living. It never occurred to me that you could sail not just for pleasure, but for money, too. I know I would never be able to do it, unskilled and with zero experience, but gods do I wish I could...

    23. Robert Mecalis

      Sailed in through the town Cut and then to St. George’s Bay after customs tied the boat up at the dinghy yacht club and had a great time for 2 1/2 weeks.

    24. Robert Mecalis

      What kind of knot is that around the capstan. 😂

    25. Jerenemy

      Whats average salary for a deckhand on a boat like this for a year?

    26. Space Cowboy

      What does a transport like adix to bermuda pay,anyone know?

    27. Space Cowboy

      Beautiful boat

    28. Andthen 01

      15 knots in that baby is no mean feat

    29. Paul Haynes

      VERY strange moment watching this - I had Radio 4 on at the same time in the background, but not really listening to it. Then, just as the voyage was ending, I became aware of the Shipping Forecast music playing! I'd forgotten I had the radio on, so for a few confused seconds thought it was on the video soundtrack - just long enough to wonder why Leo had included music only British Radio 4 listeners would understand!

    30. Bob Bailey

      Love Bermuda I visited for 6 months complements of the USN fun getting around on the mopeds

    31. anthony white

      Super video!

    32. Azem Gurra

      First time watching u , and u have a ship , how fuckin cool is that

    33. Gene Goodman

      Now that was nice. Good to see another schooner or whatever. Thanks Leo stay safe

    34. Martial.Lore

      Another "stonking" video!

    35. edward leroy

      It is strange to realize that any eye that is not properly tied or sewn in could cost the boat and lives. That is duty of hauling precious cargo. That is why the bigger the boat the harder the captain.

    36. M M

      i believe we are witness to a practical example of the phrase "do something you love and youll never work a day in your life" Bravo Leo, admire you for the life you lead and the work you do.

    37. mick0maticNL

      So you only had to deliver the boat in bermuda? What a job! Wish i had a job like that

    38. eijithesecond

      West Cork wooden boat festival??

    39. 327/365hp

      Hey Leo, I've seen Adix at the Newport Shipyard. She is such a beautiful boat! Thanks for taking me for a sail! Did you see the Picasso?

    40. Glenda B.

      Even though this video might be many months ago, it's one of my favorites. The power of the sea, Adix sliding through it gracefully and a wonderful crew and First Officer make it a treasure to watch. Thanks for sharing this.

    41. Rosser Pace

      How did you learn to sail?

    42. matrixi4i

      Great stuff

    43. Roger Rearden

      Looking back again at this video remembering you are first and foremost a sailor. Your wood working skills are awesome as your sailing.

    44. Mark Muller

      British owned and registered, berthed in Newport RI and it seems mostly Aussie crew...... so it goes in the Super yacht world.

    45. Chris G

    46. Ahmet Tangur

      I thing, sailing is a lifestyle.

    47. Justin Summers

      Wow. Just read up about adix; might be the best yacht I've ever seen. 12kt avg. is amazing. Love your channel

    48. Nate Forrester

      Would rather have Scott then someone who is facing an FBI investigation for perhaps being a crook.

    49. Oh Yeah

      Happy to watch your adventures while I stay home. Interestingly I got the shipbuilders bug a couple decades ago by watching the film Message in a Bottle and designed and built a model ship about 4 feet long to get it out of my system.

    50. Erga Omnes

      very very good !

    51. Gene Takach

      Started binge-watching and really like this sailing break. Hoping Tally Ho will look as good as this one! Love the music choices on all of your videos!

    52. Braden Williams

      Great video!

    53. Tutamunga

      This must be such a wonderful job if you are a keen sailor - sailing someone else’s £30 million boat around the most beautiful places in the world! As for your project ... truly an inspiration - all the best from Devon UK

    54. Guy Croft

      you are so impressive....

    55. Ross Shelton

      So cool what you do!

    56. Sampopankki

      45 knots? Holy fucking shit...

    57. Rod Walpole

      Leo could you please send start to finish ,Tally- Ho vids as i have only got bits and pieces of your work , guess utube ,But love your stuff ,if you read this, from Australia Cheers ,Rod ex shipy

    58. RocketSailing

      Im pretty sure I saw this at the port of Visby, Gotland/Sweden a few years ago. Stunning boat. Stared at her several times. Very, very nice!

    59. forty two

      A little info on Adix. One of the 10 largest sailing yachts in the world,steel hull and teak superstructure it was owned by an Australian brewery owner(hence the name?) Sold to a Spanish banker in 1990.( Banking must be a money making business) It's for sale, or was, for $31.5 million. Leo was the 1st officer. No mean feat for someone who's 28 years old. Yes? So, if anyone expresses doubt as to his bona fide and determination to rebuild Tally Ho, think again. Safe as houses.

      1. Geoff Messer

        The Adix was here in Brisbane (Australia) for around four months from September last year (2019) for a refit at The Yard. Didn’t get an opportunity to see her sadly.

      2. Karsten Olejnik


    60. Austin DeBrito

      I looked it up, and the Adix was recently for sale for $31.5M! Geez.

    61. Josef

      Hard to imagine you can make any money after paying to cross the country twice. Does the owner pay your transport costs?

    62. Kenneth Wong

      amazing video

    63. Thomas Frater

      Am I the only one who thinks that he is actually loosing money when he goes to work. Sailing the Adix can't be covering the cost of flying across the continental US every weekend.

      1. J G

        He is the first officer and m Navigator of a 31.5 million dollar vessel. Im pretty damn sure the owner pays for his flight.

    64. The Casual Citizen

      You seem young to be as experienced as I perceive you to be. An accomplished builder of wooden boats, and an accomplished sea going sailor, First Officer, navigator. Very impressive.

    65. spg77777

      I had no idea that kind of life/occupation existed.

      1. MegaBait

        Yeah it does but there's no money in it. Gotta be in good shape and young. Great to see the world through.

    66. Ron Williams

      A glimpse of Orion's belt at 4:41? Beautiful camera work. Found your channel a week ago and now devouring it. Thank you Leo!

    67. new ac invention

      Its in your blood!!!!!!!!!. I was self employed had a 23ft. seacraft that I tuna fished with the thing I remember the most about a sail boat was I was fishing a place called the north west corner of stelwagon bank and a sail boat about 25ft. anchored up about 100 ft. besided me. after a short time I looked at the boat beside me and the bow was thrashing vilantly aide to side and I saw a tail tangled in his anchor line. I imediatly told my crew to clear the deck. (pull in the lines) so I could rescue that poor sailer from the drink. After about ten minutes of watching the whale thrachsing his tail it finnaly broke loose. The poor sailer sitting alone on the deck yelled over to me and said did you see that and I replided thats the bigest fish i ever saw anyone catch. Then I told hih I ckeared my deck and my engine was running so I could retrive him.. There was a poor guy all by him self hand lining for blue fin that had a fin back whale catch him first. Every day was different on the water but this was the only encounter I ever had w/ a poor sailor that was visibly shaken. Out there it Gods country. If your not a beliver you will fear for you life.

    68. Patrick Cronin

      Nice video

    69. Paul Hitchman

      Apparently the ADIX is for sale for 31.5 million dollars

    70. Cranki

      Nice look into a world I knew nothing about.

    71. thameswater

      That was a great film , thank you.

    72. nuno santiago

      Lucky b.....

    73. JAMES Rivis

      Cool , as usual. You must make a dvd of all these episodes and sell it to people like me (75) who love living vicariously now.

    74. terrulian

      I am astounded by the entire project, from your skills of draftsmanship, seamanship, shipwrightship if that's a word, and the audacity of taking on this massive venture. Together with your excellent skills as narrator and videographer, it is almost incomprehensible that these talents would be located in one brain. I about had to change my underwear when, without assistance, you were raising the boat off its keel. I don't say these things idly. I've done a circumnavigation, built a small boat, and confess to being an avid consumer of boatbuilding and woodworking videos. Your story is truly remarkable. Best of luck with this project.

    75. Lydia Johnson

      Leo, the more I watch your channel, the more I enjoy it. I subscribe to a couple other channels where people are building boats. I love thiem because their dreams are big, and they've done something to follow through with those dreams. In your case, you are a seasoned sailor who can handle square rigged schooners. That means I am really pulling for you because you answered the call of the before you ever took to building a boat. You must be at sea even if you also make money at it. I briefly lived aboard a three masted schooner in the South Pacific, so I get it. I'm still asking for more video of your feathery green First Mate. Cheers! Be safe, and thanks for including us in your journey.

    76. EyeOnTheTV

      Sequim to Seattle via Tacoma. LOL. The ferries can be expensive!!

    77. commie wacker

      I hardly ever comment on any you tube video's, But this guy is a true Englishman who's skills and knowledge are great to watch let alone have..

    78. Garret Olds

      what a magnificent vessel Adix is - very enjoyable to see. Thanks.

    79. en4ce

      your devotion in term of quality is not only visible in your boat building or sailing, it shines in these videos as well! man, this is great and not la vagabond (no offence to them)

      1. Th Lm

        same I watched all their videos until the outremer. I'm still subbed but I'm not watching anymore

      2. Bababoom Baboom

        They're super nice people, and I only wish them well, but I entirely lost interest after the Outremer. It stopped being an adventure.

      3. Tim H.

        They, SLV, used to have a really good channel until they got the Outremer. Then everything went to commercial hell, they changed, and it'll never be what it was. Shame.

    80. King Bubbles

      What is the function of a boat like Adix? Being manned constantly must mean it makes money to pay the crew?

      1. RedCitadel

        King Bubbles he mentioned something about deliveries, I'm not sure though.

    81. paul stratton

      holy smokes what beauty

    82. Doug Fairweather

      Beautiful video... What a lovely yacht!

    83. Frank D

      Another good video

    84. Duncan Mac

      The Adix certainly is a beauty! Thanks for sharing the voyage.

    85. Glyn Tutt

      One day I'm going to come across to the US and fly out and see you. Fanstastic video, well done for saving Tally Ho!

    86. Mike Malone

      What do you do when you work on a sailing job, you always seem to be on top of the mast, are you the Lookout? lol. Enjoy your videos.

    87. Jake Yaboi

      How would one get into this? I sail often but wouldn't call myself experienced. Definitely not a novice though.

    88. Carlos Ruis

      The wonderfull work!!!

    89. Scott Luty

      Can’t wait until your next video

    90. jjaus

      Everything about sailing seems to be a massive faff. Either cold and wet or hot and sweating, but still a faff.

    91. David Carr

      Leo we need another video mate.

    92. TheLombardProject

      Ok Leo you have created a monster ... wink ... I am totally addicted to your vids of the Tally Ho restoration. I burned through the first nine and then I spent fifteen minutes trying to find # 10 only to be left in quiet anticipation of the next set of vids. Your vids are also very well made. I am sure that they take a bit of time putting together. Time well spent because they become a great sales vehicle to get people on board with your project. Cheers Mate and I look forward to your next vid. Howard

    93. squid2IC

      Leo, just watched all your vids... WOW! thats a lot of work for a one man shop. Also, how did you enjoy Bermuda, my home? Keep warm while working. Cheers!

    94. Sean

      Ohhhhh, this vid just popped up in my feed, I'm in St. Georges and have been admiring this boat when I come home. She's bloody gorgeous!

    95. Cody Baker

      Just found you and am now caught up to current. You are completely out of your mind and I love it! Beautiful boat and inspiring work. Please keep the work and videos coming, just amazing!

    96. isellcatlitter

      sailing against the wind is like a gas operated refrigerator... you have to heat it up to get it cold???wtf???

      1. CorwynGC

        As opposed to what? A refrigerator which runs on electricity made by burning coal? (or fusing hydrogen atoms at 1M°) It's all about an energy differential used to do work.

    97. RyanKC

      She's an incredible ship.

    98. CorwynGC

      Nice video. But how insane is our culture that you fly from Seattle (and back) to sail a boat from Newport to Bermuda?

    99. Alec Z

      Hi Leo. Great videos so far! I look forward to watching the progress. Doug over at SV Seeker suggested your link. If you haven’t seen some of his videos I highly recommend. He has a great system of volunteers and funds generation. I was wondering how much of the original wood and metal components will you retain in your restoration of the Tally Ho. BTW you should sign off your videos with a strong “Tally HO!!!” Cheers.

    100. Tobin Frost

      I love this project now more than ever. It's going to be spectacular.