Removing HUGE Keel Timber from 20ton historic yacht, ALONE! TALLY HO EP20

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    This episode, I drive the 3000 miles back to Tally Ho from South Georgia, where Steve Cross has been milling Live Oak for me. I bed and bolt the 6’ Scarph in the new keel timber, and the Live Oak flitches arrive by flatbed. Then we create a framework inside to boat to spread the load of the props while I remove the Keel Timber from underneath it, all the while hoping that nothing breaks and that the boat doesn’t deform at all in shape or crush me underneath it!
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    20. Dropping the Keel Timber / Bolting the Scarph - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP20

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    1. calartian85

      1:28 God, I love the mountain west.

    2. awfurby

      Incredible work. Just incredible.

    3. Clyde Willis

      Leo, how long did it take you to become accustomed to driving on the right? My own first week's experience driving on the left in Jamaica did significant cosmetic injury to my rental car. When in London, I refused to drive at all!

    4. Jeff Becker

      Did you ever show getting all the concrete out of the bilge? I thought you were going to break it up and push it out through the garboard planks.

    5. LaLaLand

      The most awsome forklift yet to be seen in this, good job!

    6. Dave Foltz

      After seeing what you have been able to do with that Makita cordless I think Ill go get me one! They should sponsor you for advertisements! Amazing work sir!

    7. Diego Leite Mendes

      You are crazy man! Very beautiful work.

    8. Bill Dyke

      All I've got to do is... I've been absorbing this series one episode after another having happened upon it by chance earlier today. That's tomorrow spoken for, and the day after that. It's tiring work just watching...

    9. Jim Fisher

      We're both a lot alike Leo. We could both build 98% of a house just by ourselves. I'll try anything alone just to see if I could do it, then I'll call for help

    10. Roger Stimson

      But what is the parrot actually thinking?

    11. Let's see how it goes

      at 0:50 hes passing through my town, just can't tell exactly where, other than "the highway".

    12. astronaut dolphin detective

      some dummy hit my dads boat (schooner voyager) in st. augustine and left a massive gaping hole. my dad was able to patch the hole with roofing tar and plywood and sailed it back to amelia island to get it out of the water and fixed. to be honest i wasnt expecting you to use tar on those joints but looking back it makes perfect sense

    13. Brian Bose

      Anyone want to bet that the neighbor who insisted upon inspector approval of the boat shed will be bragging that Tally Ho was restored next door?

    14. Rv4 Guy

      To lift up a vessel that size with good structural integrity takes a helluva lot of confidence and know how. But this thing is rotten through and through and there he is under it. Gives me the heebeegeebees!

    15. Real Talk with Aaron

      wasnt he on the show before, but blonde?

    16. Real Talk with Aaron

      i can see the photographer in your sunglasses bro

    17. Cast Away


    18. Scott Downey

      About roofing tar on a roof it does get brittle and crack, it does dry out. Whatever makes it soft and sticky dries out, and I imagine some of the oils evaporate and wash out of it. Ever see a tarred road dry out and crack? Same thing. Why not use 3M 5200 polyurethane? Another alternative Loctite Black PL roof and flashing polyurethane, Both are waterproof, will expand and contract as the wood moves permanently without getting stiff hard and cracking..

    19. Lady Dew Build

      This Bob fellow, My uncle, Who is he again? :D

    20. tenaxxband

      in port Towshend, with Pete. thats hilarious!

    21. Armand79th

      Exactly as expected from DeWalt/Ryobi junk. Never good enough to handle real work.

    22. Jeremy Nehring

      the keel is not usable anymore, so why didnt you just cut it into 20 parts using the chainsaw and just carried them away?

    23. Andy Bush

      So two years later would you have still gone about the work as a bit by bit restoration, or just scrapped the hull and started over? I looks in the later videos like you are replacing everything. The vids are totally absorbing, and I am exhausted just watching you working.

    24. Allen Russell

      A monumental and important project. Your zeal is contageous. Wish I were young enough to volunteer to assist you. Thanks

    25. xpez

      watching these remind me of some unseen great PBS series - THIS OLD BOAT...well beyond "A you tuber video series"

    26. Atticus Sampson

      I'm still not sure if I'm more flabbergasted at his skills or the down votes. A lot of miserable people in this world or jealous (or both).

    27. Louis Hackett

      This is absolutely incredible to watch.

    28. Dc Rogers

      Did he ever say what kind of wood the old keel was made of?

    29. J Pretorius

      For anyone watching in 2018, its now 2020 and his still not done, you can skip forward to 2022.

    30. C P

      Amazing work ethic

    31. Don Turco

      Looks Like about a 100K worth of 120 year old Oak Veneer. Ebay is your Pal..

    32. Mario Cavallero

      I tried this at home and died, because there was no disclaimer not to try this at home :(

    33. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    34. Peter Brickwood

      Glad you get help as time goes on.

    35. The Talent

      15:03 I legit jumped and nearly had a heart attack!

    36. Bill Brand

      Jeez, WTF, you did that by yourself! I suspect you might have been able to complete the task of cleaning the Augean stables even quicker than the big guy did way back when - Herculean achievement dude!

    37. Jesse R

      15:03 I thought that keel was going down, either on your chest or on its way to knock some of those legs out o.0

    38. avryptickle

      Glad you got to do a few road trips and see the us. I’m jealous. I gotta go to work at the shop tomorrow instead of having adventures. ☹️

    39. Mark Gilder

      During lockdown I’ve been watching 1 a day. What a great historical video of craftsmanship that one day maybe lost.

    40. twcaldwell1951

      makita tools rule

    41. MeatHook

      OSHA would be shitting themselves if they saw you pull that keel out that way.

    42. Seanoldio Sweatio

      Leo: Hello, this is (new person), and they are helping out. Also Leo: (The rest of the video is just him moving a bunch of heavy stuff by himself)

    43. Seanoldio Sweatio

      Good, sleep in the truck, you need to save money as you just spent 28k on timber haha

    44. Christian Geiselmann

      Excellent selection of music, by the way.

    45. Chipchase

      You make this work look so easy, but you’re using shipwright skills that go back hundreds of years. You only look about as old as my jacket, but you have the expertise, patience, and dogged determination of a 70 year old craftsman. Oh, not to mention the strength of captain America, watching you move that ancient keel out from under there. Looking forward to seeing that fine old vessel sea worthy again.

    46. CrazyHorse151

      Can somebody please tell me that the stuff at 15:00 is safe?

    47. Tim Harris

      That was the jazzy episode with jazzy music. Leo must be a music expert in addition to everything else. Is the live oak that super oak that won early American wars? I think it was so strong they could build the war ships lighter and would be faster. So valuable that enemy ships would sneak on shore and steal trees to bring back to the European shipyards.

    48. TissuePaper

      Well now I know why it's called a scarf joint.

    49. Brian Lindsey

      One word of advice. Im 49 now and worked just like you my whole life. I commercial fished, worked on and captained trawlers and now build furniture. The point is get yourself some help. What your doing catches up with your body but not your mind. When it catches up to you it happens all at once. Good luck and really like what your doing.

    50. Eric Turner

      There's a great little book called "Moving Heavy Things" by Jan Adkins that describes a lot of the techniques you use with rollers, wedges, levers, etc. I love seeing those techniques used in real life.

    51. Mary Christiansen

      I am watching in can I person do that? 😯

    52. OccasionalGamer

      Your host family are absolute saints!

    53. OccasionalGamer

      Now you know the spirit behind what many people think should have been our national anthem: America the Beautiful: Oh, beautiful for spacious skies and amber waves of grain. From purple mountain majesties above the fruited plains ....

    54. Jeff Lirette

      All of that lumber must have cost a fortune!

    55. kevin faulkner

      Is the old keel scrap or can it be used to make other things?

    56. Frank Cassianna

      OOOHHH, Pancho, my Honey........ kisses.. Absolutely beautiful Lumber Mate..... She'll be a cathedral of classic wooden sailing beauty. Like "Pellew"... historical classic Master Shipwright Caliber.

    57. Arnold Glatzel

      Dude did you make a good deal paying 8000 bugs to drive this timber to oregon? Shipping a container from China to Europe costs about 2000 Dollars.....

    58. anthony white

      Really enjoyed this video. I worked as a metal fabricator for many years. I had to move /lift and replace lots of very heavy steel structures by myself on lots of occasions. Excellent work!

    59. Steve Syncox

      Great stuff

    60. Jack pine Savage

      This U.S. Coast Guard veteran just discovered this channel. Awesome work, lad.

    61. Gyppor

      I can't believe the scope of the work needed to complete your project. Just the detail in cutting the keel to fit in there is incredible. You sir are a champ!

    62. Timothy Taylor

      Incredibly fantastic!


      Hey budd, so I was wondering, there’s a moment at 15:00 where the keel seems to make a move towards all the props. Can you remember your feelings at that moment, before and after? Peace and love! I can’t wait to see you all in Britain at some point!

    64. zack tastic

      thanks bruh for being so f-ing cool.

    65. Jeff Collins

      Man, I recognize about half your road trip.

    66. timdog in yo face

      two thumbs up pal n cheers to you. wish I was there to help from all the way up north from the great lakes on the north channel Canada.

    67. HighVoltageCarnage

      Hmm are you still putting int the stopwater in the scarph?

    68. Scott Smith

      Really surprised you left the roofing felt between the layers of asphalt glue. Can you explain why you did this? I have learned a lot watching your videos. Thanks for sharing this experience with the world. It's truly inspiring.

    69. Gene Miller

      Actually Bobs my step dad but yeah.

    70. John Freeborn

      This part reminds me of the movie "Noa" starring that Oz actor, though I've never seen it.

    71. Peach Tree

      In the old days in the UK Rail track repair : one man was digging, the other ten stood watching Present day Tally Ho rebuild : Leo, the chosen One, has been doing all the jobs, the internet world is watching True grit + strong determination + craftmanship + ambition = very inspiring Tally Ho project Leo, my utmost respect !!!

    72. kingduckford

      Why tar instead of pitch?

    73. Ken Gordhamer

      I saw you drove by Rabbit Ears in Clayton, NM! One of my favorite landmarks from when I was a kid. Great video!

    74. Richard Bohling Sr

      It's really interesting to watch you attack each problem and arrive at a solution to the problem that works for your capabilities.Keep working safe and Tally Ho will be better for your effort.

    75. Ben Parry

      I think I got a hernia just watching you wrestle that keel timber out! What an awesome project...I can't stop watching!

    76. ntesla66

      @1:37 , you're just west of the Capulin volcano (cinder cone) , which can be seen over your shoulder. I've been binge watching your vids after having watched the ones on lofting. I was trying to get my mind around the concept of lofting and your explanations were the best I've seen. Keep up the good work... I may have to come volunteer for you sometime... if you don't work yourself to death.

    77. Virgil Grillone

      Bobs you’re Uncle!

    78. toddler1009

      @15:03 time for a change of underwear phew

    79. Paul Bennick

      Glad to see you found time to drive through the mountain West. It's worth seeing before it's spoiled for good.

    80. wan-der-lust

      You never stop to amaze me.

    81. WurstExpress #616

      just amazing

    82. wontee2

      Really interesting. Excellent filming, well worth watching. Irrelevant, intrusive, awful foreground music.

    83. Ken

      i started with episode 1, and cant stop watching, you have a lot of talent and skill for your craft my friend, i hope you get everything you need to complete the project. keep up the good work :-) be well!

    84. Mikepeter Gumball

      Im from NZ did mr cook do a good job ?

    85. Cornelius Suttree

      Amazing work.. Did you add a locking feature to your bronze tie rods.. to keep the nuts tight..?

    86. Peter Schmitz The Polymath

      After three hours of obsessively reading every single comment, and writing out my reasons for liking this channel it is time to watch the other videos. LOL!! See above for diatribe reply to one victim!!

    87. Tarman The Champion

      Real life Noah!

    88. Robert Baker

      Its like the Egyptians building a pyramid. One guy can move a mountain. Great show. Thanks...

    89. Sam Ward

      I live close to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I only say that, since you were in Georgia with that funny Yankee accent, lmao. Remember to say things are "mommicked" when things go wrong or a mistake is made and you'll be fine in these ports. When you're sailing back to England, stop by Beaufort or Okracoke. Love your work, Cap'n.

    90. duck my sick

      Your a weapon Leo ..

    91. Jamie Dominy

      if you have never heard of Denso tape I think you should get hold of some and have a play. Have heard good things about it for use in marine applications!

    92. jazzcat123

      You're going to hurt yourself! My back hurts just watching you manhandle that old keel. Mechanical aid. You need more of it.

    93. Andy C

      Bolt maker looked like he was having a bad day :-D

    94. Daniel Wylie-Eggert

      you're mad for removing the old keel by yourself! I saw it rolling and taking out a few of the beams supporting the underside of the boat. Glad it didn't. Amazing work as always.

    95. jthepickle7



      It's illegal to cut any part of a living live oak. He broke the law.

    97. Mier Beuker

      At the start of your video I was like, oh great, a big old wooden boat is gonna get its keel replaced. Big whoopiedoo. Then at the end I realized, you are doing the cutting, moving everything on your fking own!! Are you kidding me!?!?! Are you even human? Where are you from man? Anyway, massive respect

    98. James Blond

      ALONE! .......... aaa im with Pete hier

    99. ThisGuyCJ

      After the 1st minute, I want to go on a road trip now... x)

    100. Holden fan

      I've got a forklift you can use it's in Australia tho