Replacing the bow on a vintage wooden boat / Rebuilding Tally Ho EP52

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Installing the Bow Assembly / EP52.
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    EPISODE 52.
    A worrying thunder-shake in the new stem means I have to make and install a large graving piece. After making some wedges and cutting notches in the scarph joints, we assemble the Stem, Knee, Forefoot and Mast Step in the bow of Tally Ho… lifting the gigantic stem overhead with the forklift is quite an amazing sight! After a tiny bit of trimming we drill and counterbore the holes for the bolts, and then cover everything (including ourselves, of course) with a thick layer of tar before putting it together for the final time and bolting it up - the centreline is complete!
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    Wayward Jane - Make Me Down A Pallet On Your Floor
    52. Installing the Bow Assembly (Tally Ho EP52)

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    1. Chris Debono

      Did Leo work on the pyramids in a past life? The precision of those joints are first class

    2. Justin P

      Step 1 of boat building on a budget - Get as many festool tools as possible ;p

    3. R Rdm

      @Sampson Boat Co ...and at 3:56 you seem to be using a polyurethane glue; why not use Resorcinol? As much as i like the patch; you should really focus on dovetailing it in. Not being critical, because your skills to precision are spot-on, just trying to be helpful. I guess my overall point is that any good/skilled carpenter can make the "face" appear *tight* (trust me, i build staircases), yet for a large glued/laminated seam for structural integrity, one should dovetail in any splice required

    4. R Rdm

      @Sampson Boat Co I noticed the angle of staircase at 2:20 which seems 45 degrees or thereabouts; Stairs should be approx 35 degrees in slope. I understand completely about space constraints, but i don't see them there. Also, a great walking staircase requires *evenly* spaced treads, above all else. Naturally all the nosing set to follow the line of incline precisely too! I get it. It was a quick way to access the private Loft area :D

    5. Das Sein

      Some nice spongebob vibes with the music this episode.

    6. Gonery

      The boog.

    7. Connie Chung

      why polyurethane glue and not epoxy?

    8. Marjorie Major


    9. Tim

      Shame about the shakes but nice work on the graving piece. Good fit. And 1/8” on the o/a length is fantastic.


      Don't want to come across negative but is their any part of Tally Ho apart from the lead keel that isn't New?? Loving the Work all the same..

    11. Clint Vance

      Man, the level of detail and craftsmanship here is blowing my damn mind! I just found this channel 3 days ago and I’m already on episode 52! I legit can NOT stop watching this. Amazing. Just amazing. Tally Ho, mate!!!

    12. Rv4 Guy

      When machining metal we clear the drill bit of chips every 2 diameters of depth. If not you have a high risk of breakage and the drill won’t track straight. On cnc machines it is a pre programmed function calked peck drilling

    13. Eric's Channel

      It's so addictive... I gotta work a few hours and be back to binge at least to 65th!!

    14. Jeff Johnson

      Gotta admit, I got slightly misty when the stem went in....fantastic job.

    15. Jeremy Foland

      I can't believe all that stuff fits together. Amazing. I'm gonna be dissappointed when I catch up to realtime and I can't binge watch these videos!

    16. Giddy Up

      He Leo, Do you go around & re-torque all the fasteners after they bed in & settle?

    17. Harold Conover

      Hi guy's..and gal's..I don't always hit the like button,, But I Do Like ALL Of THE Video's..

    18. Nathan Moss

      Ive been watching your whole playlist. It makes me happy and sad. Happy to see a youtube channel used for what its meant to be, and sad that more arent like this.

    19. Henry Robinson

      Thank you for doing all this!

    20. MrPossumeyes

      Leo! Stop messing about! Propose to that young woman!

    21. Peter Brickwood

      1/8th inch tolerance on those huge timbers. Stunning.

    22. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content


      pas mal de francais vienne aidée a ce que je vois

    24. SEND FOR A CAR

      Has anyone ever told you, you look like a young Neil Finn?

    25. chloe kaftan

      I never imagined that boat building and dentistry had so much in common, ive studied dentistry for 3 years and have worked with my mom (dental implantologist) for 11 years, but now im having a strange fascination for boat building lol

    26. philip Brailey

      There’s a song called Tally Ho by the Detroit Wheels from the 60’s I think.

    27. stevensrspcplusmc

      Leo has some serious chisel and plane skills 👍😊

    28. Mike Ziolkowski

      I too have been totally amazed at all the quality and craftsmanship throughout this rebuild of "Tally Ho" by you and your team of volunteers. I have been binge-watching all the videos from the start to catch up while being in lockdown. A few videos each day otherwise I wouldn't get my current projects completed. You all have been an inspiration. I wish I could come out to help in some way. I would love the chance to be an old man (65) that could be involved and learn new experiences. Your videos have given me the inspiration to check out the volunteer program close to me in St. Michael's, MD at the Chesapeake Maritime Museum either sometime this summer/fall or next spring 2021 to help work on their boats. Would it be possible to build a small piece of the "Tally Ho" in the traditional manner of when it was actually built? Without power tools or at least only tools that would have been available 108 years ago. I know that this would have drastically lengthened the time of your rebuild. probably double it, but it would be a great video in my opinion to produce one smaller part this way. Excellent job on the videos and music as well. All the best!

    29. Political Ideals

      Thunder shakes, if anybody is wondering - Tree Felling is Not a dainty process and as the tree falls small or large, trees gain speed fast. There are only very few options for planning ahead in attempts to minimize the sudden whiplash shock and stress fractures to various parts of the full length of the tree as it crashes into uneven ground or etc etc Thereby the name thunder-shake - just sayin' Beautiful work, nicely done.

    30. Zihnigür Dereli


    31. Anton Spilhaus

      You Sir, are a joiner extraordinaire...

    32. John Opalko

      Absolutely nothing fazes that bird, does it?

    33. Matt Moody

      Impressive work on the graving piece!

    34. Orxenhorf

      1:27 - Oh looky, the blade guard is back where it belongs.

    35. bg147

      I was wondering why the final stem piece was situated below the much larger piece. It would seem the only thing holding it up are the bolts versus mounting it on top using the larger section below it for support. Just curious, I am sure there is a reason.

    36. Gregory Hart

      @"9.30" - "It's less than an eight of an inch out" - HOLY COW! Now that's impressive!

    37. Mazidulla Molla

      Sir bot working vacancy in your company my name

    38. anthony white

      Nice job on the graving piece. Nice video too. Thanx!

    39. Joe Nowicki

      I truly enjoy and admire your precision and attention to detail. Watching the build to this point, I doesn't surprise me at all that you're within 1/8". I doubt the original boat was built that well. Fantastic work and congrats on the milestone! One thing that keeps running through my mind is boat building before all the power tools and mechanical equipment. Even with these at your disposal, it's still very physically demanding and time consuming. I can't imagine how much more work went into it hundreds of years ago.

    40. bfarm44

      Honestly this is just ridiculously amazing to watch you and your crew work your magic. I’m up at the wee hours just to catch up

    41. SirCrypt666

      It seems to be rebuilt somewhat better than the original

    42. Bradford Lunt

      Outstanding job!

    43. Tom Simbron

      Damn, I was totally thinking in the beginning of the video what kind of glue do does he use on such a large repair section. I was so surprised when he just correctly answered in the middle of the video. Perfect!

    44. mike underbrink

      Lock it down Leo, lock it down...

    45. S. O'Connor

      Something amazing about watching how interactions between you all and the fun you have along your journey which makes this whole series heartfelt! I wish you could include more of the fun you have as well as the amazing hard work you all put in, i would watch these episodes all day if you had the ability to make them longer, thankyou so much for the effort, camerawork and ofcourse to our mascot! Go team Tally Ho

    46. nagib ali

      what is the kind of this wood..please

    47. John

      I`m just amazed at this mans wood working skills, the nearest thing to perfection as far as I can see.

    48. Chris Graham

      im impressed with how much faith you have in those pony clamps!

    49. Mark Osborn

      Those English are so disciplined, wonderful. I am sure you have to keep on top of those greenhorns else they ruin everything.

    50. leotard

      I love the soprano sax. Such a lovely timbre.

    51. William Alan Photo

      I'm curious why you put tar paper between pieces of the scarf joint.

    52. Penbeuz

      piston la biaude du Gad'z

    53. Menewa

      Also, the background music goes well with my cabernet sauvignon and cigar...

    54. Menewa

      What an amazing bird!

    55. Menewa

      Thank you for numbering your videos.

    56. Steve Hall

      What under-30 Englishman knows Make Me a Pallet on the Floor--AND can wield a chisel like Michelangelo? I'm continually amazed and impressed.

    57. H.Kemal ALTIN


    58. leespiderpod

      Looks like maranti?

    59. Les Mansom


    60. Theophilus Jedediah

      Every part of my perfectionist soul was screaming for you to make a Holme piece!!! Usually as the tree is felled on uneven and the stresses pull cross-grain. That repair will always be weaker than a slid piece.

    61. Trevieze

      Those damn rabbits! They're everywhere!

    62. BigDawgTheGreat

      I think to myself that the purple wood you use is some of the most beautiful and consistent I've ever seen.

    63. Frank Brown

      How much of the original structure could you save? 20%? 30%? More? Less?

    64. Bob Miller

      I watch allot allot allot allot of you tube. And every week I can wait for the next episode. AND trust me I watch allot of IThomes. Hands down best out their

      1. MarineMan

        Tanner, is it safe to say you watch a lot of IThomes? Not clear on that...

    65. Paul Rosebrock

      A person might not think so but marking with a knife is so much more accurate that a pencil. And you do this on ships timbers, not some hyper fussy dovetailed joint. Just extraordinary work, you should share your background on who taught you that level for boatbuilding....yikes man!!

    66. Stan Herman

      Surely your gong to carve a bust of Francesca for the bowsprit!

      1. ladydi4runner

        Stan Herman I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. Francesca for Figurehead!!!👍😁

    67. martin T landers

      Congratulations Leo and crew ,, that’s brilliant,, well done 👍

    68. Trevor Fisher

      Brilliant video....... its clear how much sweat and toil goes into what you do. How much time do you spend sharpening tools?


      Another awesome video from one of the ongoing project boats that I enjoy watching for all the step by step processes involved with this restoration and the interesting people lending their time and individual talents in helping to generate new methods to simplify and speed up the production of this boat building project. Applause for Leo and his many volunteer helpers!

    70. Dana Coyle

      Once again you show your skill of a Master Shipbuilder what a brilliant job of the shaping the stem of the tally ho looks absolutely fantastic keep up the great work you've been at it for two years in two years more to go I'll be there to watch every episode best IThomes channel out there cheers

    71. John Hackney

      Fixing the Thunder Shake...…. Tell me you weren't showing off. Beautiful.

    72. Leo Bard

      Take a look at the fun that Dorado and Stormy had recently. ://

    73. Leo Bard

      Leo Since you're busy considering milestones, how about competing in the 2022 Fastnet race! I reckon you could win, considering Tally Ho's handicap. I would crew for you, if it were possible. Seems like a better dream than the 'G&T in hand with the girl in the bikini' that you mentioned in one of the single digit episodes? Take a look at the fun that Dorado and Stormy had recently.

      1. Leo Bard

        @Frederick Stibbert Since Leo's organisational skills are growing by the day, I'm backing him to launch before Tally Ho's 123rd birthday. He seems to have a plan and a few skills to pull it off. Go on, Leo!

      2. Frederick Stibbert

        2022 seems a bit optomistic ! Thanks for the link you posted.

    74. ray phillips

      take a shower you bum : )~

    75. Jeffery Croom

      Keep it up, stay methodical, and good luck!

    76. zenLife

      what a labour of love :D

    77. John Hackney

      Nobody doing wooden boat work on IThomes is more qualified or harder working. Rock on.

    78. Sam's luvin

      Why do you leave felt in between the wood?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        The felt adds thickness to the joint, so all the tar won't be squeezed out when the bolts are tightened. Sealant joints need thickness to maintain the seal. If the joint is 3mm, it can adapt to a much greater range of 'differential movement' between the timbers as they swell & contract. If the joint is only 1mm, it's much more likely that the sealant will pull apart, leaving a gap that lets water in.

    79. Rodger Snyder

      Major milestone! s/v ...Waves

    80. Ted Hoppe

      Enjoying this series. Would love to hear Leo tell us the difference between his restoration and a new build.

      1. on4xb

        @Ted Hoppe Well to conclude this discussion: we can agree to disagree on this subject. I can't wait until saturday when the next video will come on line. Happy viewing

      2. Ted Hoppe

        @on4xb The ability to build a number of vessels has no bearing on a Lloyds registry for originality of a single vessel. The fact is there are several Tally Ho iterations based on the Albert Strange design - this one loving being redone with less than 10 percent of the original timbers and holding most of the lead in keel used. Since the designer and first builder died nearly 100 years ago and the remain shipwrights no longer alive - claims of originality of a cherished 100 year old vessel are themselves mote. My suggestion to make several out of one is plausable but not likely given the market and effort. There was a similar problem with a rare Ferrari last years ago where the owner of the wrecked piece rebuilt with the original transmission themselves to match the one that had been claimed original. It begs the question what is original and what is not - why in cars and not in boats.

      3. on4xb

        @Ted Hoppe No there will be only one that has the right to carry it's original boat yard serial number. That's where Lloyds Register comes into play (and why Leo mentioned it in his statement)

      4. Ted Hoppe

        ​@on4xb Technically by extension then taking parts from the originally fromTalley Ho - you could build 3 or more Talley Ho from one - each rebuilt being original then? You have the skill, space, patterns, jig and the labor although waters down the spirit of this worthy project.

      5. on4xb

        "She will have her original lead ballast keel, some planking, other re-used original timber, and various bits of hardware, as well as the continuity of looking like the same boat in any one given day. According to Lloyds, the Greeks (see ship of Theseus), the wooden-boat community, and myself, it will be the same boat! But, people are free to disagree and call it what they want." Leo Goolden

    81. rob bryant

      Always waiting Keen as mustard to see the next episode

    82. panther105

      If you weren't video recording every bloody cut and planing step you would have been in the water by now..!!

    83. Brian Strow

      I can't wait to see this old girl on the water.

    84. Tim Welsh

      Tis a beautiful thing...….

    85. Andrey Chetvertakov

      These HUGE purpleheart chunks give me love.

    86. WeBeGood

      Seems to me that your doing a much harder thing than just laying a new keel and building an all new boat. Are you going to use any of the Original wood?

    87. Dave P

      Still one of my favourite channels on IThomes - really amazing and varied work in each episode. You should all be so proud.

    88. Neutral Observer

      15:30 -15:50 : This man creates joints that would prevent penetration by HP helium gas and he's worried about WATER????

    89. John Hackney

      When you finish, in two years, you will have a 'complete' set of templates to build a sister ship to Tally Ho in the future. Valuable pattern ply there.

    90. Gottenhimfella

      Love the 2-man chainsaw hack!

    91. kentblairl

      Great work! Love the big hammer :)

    92. John Sholl

      Thank you tremendously Leo. I am a craftsman by trade. I work on incredibly small items. Just pebbles of a sort and non ferrous metals. You have put together a phenomenal set of videos that have have been an inspiration.

    93. The Fixer Of Broken Stuff

      You and your boys really need to jamb the handle of the whole hog drill against something that wont move. If that bit binds, someone is going to get thrown off a ladder or break an arm. Trust me, it can happen.

    94. John Tenhundfeld

      Absolutely gorgeous!! Great skill in fitting all the parts together. Beautiful piece of work on "fixing" the thunder shake. The boat is becoming a great piece of furniture or a work of art.

    95. RodneyLee

      Every shop needs a smiling white Labrador laying around.

    96. Jake

      Love the use of an authentic 19th century laser level. (:

    97. Chris Wills

      Another satisfying and interesting vid Leo. You've been lucky with your periodic assistants - lots of dry humour and smiles.

    98. Alan Luesby

      Absolutely brilliant progress.

    99. Mahn_Handled

      great job God speed.

    100. Jamie Parfitt

      Leo your skills are unbelievable that scarf you did incredible precision beautiful to watch then it reveals itself on a curve as well. A pleasure to see your hands crafting a work of art 🖼. You deserve the success of your channel more subscribers please. From Devon England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿