Building a New, Traditional Boat in Cornwall - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP 15

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    Building a New, Traditional Boat in Cornwall (working away) - cutting floor timbers from English Oak. Support; Become a Patron;
    In this episode, I travel to the UK to visit my family and do some work for a friend in his Boatyard, to save some funds to go towards Tally Ho. In Cornwall, I cut Floor Timbers out of English Oak, to put into a new-build foot-passenger Ferry. The really interesting thing about this Ferry is that it is a real working boat - it is designed to load passengers by driving right up onto the beach (where there is a waiting tractor with some kind of gangplank). The ferry company tried using Steel and Fibreglass boats, but neither material lasted nearly as well as their older wooden boats - the steel boats would lose their paint and rust, and the Fibreglass boats just fell apart. So, when they needed replacements, they decided to go back to traditional wooden boats. Apparently the last boat that Butler & Co built for them is the fastest and most fuel-efficient boat in their fleet.

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    15. Oak Timbers for a Traditional New-Build (Working Away) - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP 15

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    1. David Vivian

      Leo, you don't need to worry about whether this video is interesting as far as I'm concerned. Not only am I in awe of your skills, but also your gritty determination. In fact, inadequate is how I feel!

    2. David Wright

      on the pilot cutters shown in your series of videos, the bowsprit is mounted on the port side of the center line. why aren't they centered?

    3. Clyde Willis

      I haven't read thru' every comment on every episode, but even so, I've yet to see any mention of Leo's inspirational, most excellent and enviable, apparently casual, everywhere hair! Dare we suggest any stylist other than the stiff breeze? We of less impressive presentation may please be forgiven for some wee bit of admiration and wonder at the arguably perfect (and maintenance-free?) sailor's head.

    4. Search4TruthReality

      Nice! I LOVE this series!

    5. The Man from Epsilon Crucis

      Did you meet up with Cecca while you were back in merry old England?

    6. Moiseis AMR

      Tenho um bote feito assim,.aproveitando a curbatura sa madeira

    7. Reynaldo Pernalette

      Hey man, do your friend have a website where we can see the boats he builds? thank you

    8. Thomas Davison

      Love your videos Leo, even when you are working on other boats. It shows the novice what it takes to build your dream boat. How much time and expense it takes. Along the way we get to see how boats are built and the life of a shipwright. Just wonderful! Cheers

    9. Real Talk with Aaron

      weird seeing you speak to someone and not look at them, also, was that a CGI camera? i really do love seeing a learning about boat building

    10. RiggenbachDE

      One question, referring to minute 4:00 of the video: The cutting at the bottom of the floor timbers is rather generous, so the floor timbers are sitting loose on the keel. Is it not worth the effort to join them tightly ?

      1. RiggenbachDE

        @Sampson Boat Co Aaaah now I see it (minute 19:20). Sorry for asking a stupid question, and thank you very much for answering.

      2. Sampson Boat Co

        Those are limber holes to allow flow of water! I actually explain that in this video

    11. Tvideo

      Old Maine boatbuilder I knew always called the shutter plank the "shudder" plank because it was such a pain in the ass to fit. :)


      I love every video you put out Leo! And really enjoy that you show the work you do elsewhere when not able to work on Tally Ho! You are a great teacher!

    13. Patrik Gustafsson

      I never thought I could learn so much about the qualities of wood. Hat of to you sir.

    14. Lazy Reaper

      Omg you built bonaventure!! She's my dream girl, I fell in love at first sight and if I won the lottery I would buy her in a heartbeat.

    15. James Fenton

      Stunning work, no wonder they want you to help. Craftsmen are rare, craftsmen that require no supervision are impossible to get. I do vehicles, not vessels, and I have to work alone, I tried to get help, but, it wasn't to be.

    16. Rafael Jillet

      Leo this is fascinating ! I'm totally into your technical explanations about wood and how you work it with boat use in mind. I know I'm 2 years late but DANG would I have come and give you a hand ! I'm gonna reach those n°80 at the end of the week let's see then where you're at currently !

    17. Dc Rogers

      It makes me so happy to see young boat builders.

    18. Harvey Webb

      Sure do beginning to. Thanx so much for the inspirational views ya keep on giving. You iz a soldier. and an impressive one 2

    19. Peter Brickwood

      I think the boat yard should pay you for filming. They are getting great publicity.

    20. i couldn't think of an account name

      If anyone is interested look up britian by boat and see this yacht get sailed round the south coast of england

    21. ชัยยศ คงสุวรรณ์

      follow you like it very much

    22. Stan W

      Wow Boat woman are rather lovely..hmmm

    23. Robski

      LOVE THE VISUALS...HATE THE AUDIO...Just started watching the 'story' of Tally Ho. Amazing project and amazing skills :-)

    24. blacknight94 oggly boogly

      Why do non of your vids have ads

    25. J Greenseed

      So much that's said but unsaid in these videos.

    26. Brian Lindsey

      Im very impressed with your knowledge and attitude. If you don't mind me asking how old are you, ballpark figure is fine. Really nice finish work also. I'll watch it to the end.

    27. Bob Bailey

      Excellent history

    28. Graham Reeve

      I'm restoring a 100 year old steel Dutch barge in St Ives Cambridgeshire. Every now and then it feels overwhelming. Since finding you on IThomes it's made a massive difference. It really is inspiring to watch you work. Thanks mate.

    29. Frank Russell Design

      You are involved in very physical and potentially dangerous work. I am surprised you haven't suffered more injuries. Very impressive work. It is great that this kind of boat building is still viable.

    30. Gregory Hart

      To be honest I am surprised the boats sell for so little, I do carpentry yet know nothing about boat building really, I expected such fine craftsmanship to fetch more. It's a bit depressing (well not for potential owners!) - craftsmanship is not valued enough these days it seems. Hopefully your and other's efforts will change public perception over time!

    31. ian endersby

      Glad I came across this little Video. Ashley came and worked at Morvoren Seacraft many years ago when I was “JTs” welder. I believe he had sailed down to Falmouth in an East Coast boat called Ziska. Good to see you’re following your dream mate, oddly enough I recently relocated to the East Coast, Colchester and am discovering the Maritime History there. Beaches ain’t a patch on Cornwalls though! Stay groovy guys and all the best.

    32. anthony white

      Limber holes? got it.

    33. loose threads Hermosa

      Leo thanks for mentioning the cost of the two pieces of purple heart (just over $6K). They are indeed two magnificent pieces of wood. I would have had to walk around them touching them, rubbing and smelling them for at least a week before I could have cut into them and you really did a fine job scarfing then together. Congratulations

    34. Killz3r

      Those two boats are beauties, it would be a dream and a privilege to own one.

    35. Tom McCarten

      Simply the most wonderful education I've ever watched.

    36. Andrew Mullen

      really enjoying your uploads, love what you are doing. Quick question, probably stupid, but here goes, when you were making the floor timbers for the boat in cornwall, many of the pieces of wood looked big enogh to get 2 out of, but you seem to always go for the middle of the plank(length ways), is it a similar reason as with avoiding the sapwood at the edges? Cheers from N E Scotland

    37. Clayton Skarke

      Man how much does boat building pay?? You earned enough to cover plane tickets and had left over to go towards tally ho?

    38. Bob Black

      Very informative!!!! It seems like there is a lot of wasted wood from what is cut for frames?

    39. Gene Goodman

      Like I said at the first video I watched, I'm not a sailor nor a boat builder. I love to watch a person work that knows what he's doing. You take the time to explain why and what your doing. I'm 78 and have wore out a couple of chainsaws cutting firewood. The thing we have in common is, we both enjoy working with our hands and making something that works and looks good. When you were showing the interior of the boat you finished, I could tell you were proud of the finished product. You have a right to be proud. Stay safe

    40. kairon156

      I like how this shop has a weekend "do your own project" thing. Also that dark red sail looks fantastic, is there a reason for it's colour?

    41. * sicksteaneyen *

      The hair? No brushing necessary.

    42. barraabus

      Beautiful stuff, congrats to you ,,,

    43. Jeff Collins

      Great video

    44. travis dunn

      18:17 Is that a wooden sword with a busted off pommel?

    45. Bob Bates

      Step one get some chain saw chaps. Here is a link . There are many different one but here is one example

    46. Aleksandr Goldyrev

      Holly please use the headphones with beltsander :-)

    47. shane rampersad

      he[[o mr leo how are u I must say you are far the best and clean boat builder I have seen I want to build a fishing boat I must have frezzers and stuff say in the 40 feet range it is for the Caribbean waters like a mini trawaler but I need to get a few drawings can u help I will be using teak thanks

    48. Mar Kee Ta Farmer

      I remember reading about Peter the Great's Ship Builder who was English. He had left the boat yard for some time and upon arriving back discovered they had used green wood on one of the boats. He made them disassemble the boat and start over again. Being skilled labor they where spared punishment due to $ loss, but where told If ever again their lives would be short lived

    49. Sa Hoang

      All fake .

    50. Richard Bohling Sr

      You have a patience for detail and "Tally Ho" will be the better for it.

    51. Delicate Channel

      Asal jangan membuat perahu pinisi di luar Tanah Beru Bontobahari

    52. John Becay

      how do the English have any oak left?

    53. Chirana Gheorghita Eugeniu Theodor

      For your own safety you should always wear chainsaw protective gear when using chainsaw. It only has to happen once, there is no second time.

    54. razvan isa

      Bravo Respekt 🤗🤝❤😍

    55. Brian Irving

      Leo I love your vids, couple years now, I sailed around the world age 16 on P+O liner Orsova as bellboy, waiting on the first class restauraunt,an amazing experience experience, twice, ?!!given lotsa crap and fined all the time, my first fantastic journey around the planet, no regrets and much learning, I shouted down the gay 1st class restaurant manager and refused to do the five jobs I had been doing last 3 months, I was only just 16, now 66 and loving life, and digging your project,

    56. Chuck U. Farley

      Could you give me an idea of what one of those slabs would cost the boat builder? Just curious.

    57. Hilda Crain

      *I enjoy spending time on their website. Aside from the wide range of boats to choose from [ Check Details Here=>**** ] there is so much back up information on the actual construction as well as the ancillaries required to complete that how to make a boat entirely. Great site.*

      1. Riccardo Casarotti


      2. Nadia Carvalho

        really great

      3. Nagib Azar


    58. Le'Jackal Creations

      I came to watch a craftsman do an amazing job, but I gotta be honest, while i enjoy the boat building and find it interesting, but in all honesty i really watch for poncho

    59. james mooney

      I have an idea. You should have a "Donor Placard" for the ship, which list your donors when finished.

    60. Richard Jones

      Leo, you're an inspiration to all of us who love the smell of wood as we work it. I have an International 505 I've owned for fifty two years, all wood construction and can't part with it even though I have just bought a C&C 39 at a late age of 75. I'm moving from Alberta to Nova Scotia, the birthplace of the Bluenose. I am so impressed with your skills and knowledge young man. I wish you all the success you deserve Leo. Please keep on thrilling us with your wonderful videos. :D

    61. William Overton

      This is really great...very appreciative, thank you.

    62. Willie No Legs

      Bet your bossman loves to see you. Not very many skilled lads that can be turned loose on a wooden boat.

    63. george villela

      eu achei que ele estra material ,vi que dava para fazer duas peças .

    64. William B

      Stay your course Mr Sampson Boat company, the spirit and endeavour by persons such as yourself being considered exemplary while progressing your specialist skills into the wide open futures.

    65. Roland D. St. Arneault

      I like your videos and enjoy watching you work. Great stuff going on in your shop ! Gotta say you've got some crazy hair going on lad ;)

    66. Scot Fretwell

      So how much replacement did this project require?

    67. Salmon Hunter

      He sound like a really good boss

    68. Cawfee Dawg

      I just can not believe that those beautiful wooden sailing yachts Ash built are going for under 400K a plastic version with much crappier build standards would be twice that amount atleast.

    69. Mario Cabrera

      Hey you're a lion working! All the best my friend!

    70. Hunter2323

      well said, well done..

    71. Gareth Atkinson

      You probably know where/what everything is in that yard/shed. But why do boat builders places always look like they're full of crap.

    72. Jason Broadhurst

      Boat builder dude is english Mr McMurry from Letterkenny

    73. Петр Гарин

      Молодец ! Трудяга !

    74. Hamid souri

      Which country are you from

    75. Edilberto Lopez

      a working hairdo

    76. Orlei Nicolini


    77. Boy buyo

      Tough dude💪

    78. David Cross

      Thank you for being willing to take a personal hit on your finances to educate others.

    79. Jacques Jacobsz

      You will singlehandedly double the productivity rate of England while there.

    80. Braden Williams

      Great video!

    81. charlesxix

      I often don't like a video because "It's not my thing" but wouldn't give it a thumbs down, this one got s thumbs up, it might even get a subscribe.

    82. Ventu Catamaranoso

      Elegance and quality. Thanks for the videos. We wait for your sailingboats coming to Spain.

    83. Michael Page

      I watched one of the episodes that popped up in a watch list thinking it was the only one...boy was I wrong...I clicked on subscribe and there are all the episodes. That's going to fill in a "few" hours of enjoyable watching. I did comment on the first one I watched basically extolling your virtues as an incredible bloke...ditto to all of these. I'm an older fart who only wishes he could have done what you are doing. 👍🏻😁🇦🇺

    84. Rob B

      Waterjet Cutting for these wood shapes. Why don't you use these? This would allow you to more time with the great manual skills you have doing other things having more time.

    85. Eric Primrose

      Awesome job

    86. Benny Hill

      wow you have to use such a huge piece of wood to get such a small timber? cant you get at least 2 timber out of one piece?

    87. Miles Rains

      Beautiful boats! If only I were an obnoxiously wealthy person. Alas...

    88. Jeffrey Bull

      You're amazing, brother.

    89. Sean C

      i dunno what it is about a sharp chisel shaving off a paper thin section of wood that just makes my brain tingly in my head, i dont even do anything with wood, i have no woodworking skills at all, but i love watching people do it though

    90. Sean C

      man, that just goes to show you, dont wait!, dont wait all your life to follow your dreams, how sad that is for someone to spend all their life working and when they finally get finished they build a boat to sail and relax, and then die before they can really do it , i'ma cry :(

    91. Braden Williams

      These videos are great, thanks!

    92. w450f Tired of Pavement Racing

      Please msg info about the two boats for sale @ 15:41

    93. Koziolrh

      you should be paid extra not less when you're filming. this is an excellent promotional material for what looks like a good company. awesome videos!

    94. Voytek Kubacki

      So much waste of wood

      1. Vozmuzhalnoy Vozmozhno

        I'm sure they find good use of them, that wood isn't cheap

    95. hpodell

      Bit of a busman's holiday isn't it?

    96. Pushyhog

      That guys richer$$$ than 6 feet up a bulls ass. He needs a helper.

    97. Jeffrey Rafuse

      This is really great, thank you for sharing your boat building with us. It's a really fantastic art form and design process, and I truly enjoy seeing first hand how your doing in our day and age. Best of luck on the Tally Ho project, and thanks again.

    98. Максим черныш

      Руки золотые