13. Stringers & Breast Hooks / Replace the Keel Timber ?! - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP13

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Removing stringers, breast hooks, etc, & a very difficult decision with the keel timber. Support; www.sampsonboat.co.uk/support-tally-ho Become a Patron; www.patreon.com/sampsonboatco
    THIS episode, a load of friends help me remove the stringers, breast hooks, and other parts of the hull. We have a white Christmas in Sequim, and I have to make a very difficult decision regarding Tally Ho’s Keel Timber.
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    Giorgio di Campo - Money Monster Ragtime
    Topher Mohr and Alex Elena - Uptown
    Silent Partner - Country Blues
    Doctor Turtle - Robot Crambo
    13. Stringers & Breast Hooks / Replace the Keel timber ?! - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP13

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    1. HoboWild

      ithomes.info/net/vLqx1adplWp6h4Y/video Guys from US , who can point me the clip with quite old melody called Appalachian ? Probably mid 1950s or so, was written by one or two composers. Sounds like running herd of horses or indian troops...

    2. Paul Hawkins

      I have a question how much of the original boat is there going to be leftover

    3. Clyde Willis

      Come back Cecca - we need your smile!!

    4. The Man from Epsilon Crucis

      A song from Leo to Cecca - ithomes.info/net/xrOLusOSe6F8q44/video

    5. Si74l0rd

      You should sell Cecca's "craft" items lol.


      Leo, Give all your lady friends a call and wish them a "Cheers".

    7. sirspikey

      nooo Cecca

    8. Rv4 Guy

      It’s cold wet and miserable. Why don’t these brits feel totally at home?

    9. Real Talk with Aaron

      Are there superstitious time to work on certain parts of a boat? say a stem, do you have to remove the lock on a specific day and time? to replace a keel do you need special ceremonies?

    10. Tom Oakhill

      You are so lucky the dreaded Building Inspector did not see that bunk room. ALL bedrooms MUST have a window of sufficient size for the occupants to exit through in case of fire. Did you install a window because you found out about this requirement?

    11. CMAenergy

      I cannot see why anyone would rebuild a boat in such poor condition, As it would cost almost the same to build a new one

    12. Donny Rankin

      I just discovered your project and I'm playing catch-up from episode 1. Great job at living my dream. PS: I'll never forgive you for sending Cecca home. Bloody bad show (lol).

    13. Robert Lassiter

      Cecca is adorable!

    14. David Collins

      Awesome series. What happened to those hippy twins that came from England to help you

    15. The Otaku boy

      9:10 my first thougth was "Is this a baby?" 5s later "Shit man thats a long cry." 3s later "OH nvm its just a saw..."

    16. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    17. Peter Brickwood

      The You Tube page only shows up to Episode 12 so I had to monkey about a bit to get into this Episode. Glad I did because there is so much to learn from watching all the decisions.

    18. Oneofdazzz

      god the amount of rivets or pins on the ribs of that boat is crazy, some of those shots make it seems like there is more crap going through the ribs then actual whole wood.

    19. Engin Atik

      I was searching for this episode: Different keel, different boat. It had to be done.

    20. O. H. W.

      I love the series. I love the constant, random shots of the chickens too. It just adds some nice barnyard boat repair fun to the videos. Keep it up!

    21. ben vickery

      Love that fart @9:10

    22. Ryan

      If only it could be put back together as fast as it came apart.

    23. mort glickman

      so sad...

    24. Fabowski Kaboski

      Maybe it's time for those bars to come back!

    25. Blaž Bohinc

      1:44 hiding his dirty habit like a boss. Still - yuck

    26. OccasionalGamer

      I'd love a video that explains some of your background. Where and how did you get your interest in boat building? When did you begin sailing? Things like that would help us understand how you developed your expertise.

      1. WunHeart

        Here is a link to an old article about Leo: tinyurl.com/yydzgsr9

    27. Paul Tribbett

      is that how the english say to a pretty girl

    28. Barrie Charmsway

      Aren't you glad you made that decision now. Looking back is always 6/6 vision

    29. shaddec55

      Kind of funny to hear you in one of these early videos discussing the keel, and maybe saving parts of it, and how sad that would be to not do so (I've only previously watched your later videos-- which included replacing the entire keel!). My point is, in a much later video you wax philosophical with your "Ship of Theseus" dissertation-- which was brilliant, BTW-- in which you defend literally replacing every scrap of timber in the boat.I totally got it, and agreed with your philosophy and reasoning. I wish I'd watched these previous videos sooner than now (only been following Tally Ho! for about a month or so). What piques me here is the obvious need for (and difficult decision to) go ahead and replace the entire keel and stem and stern posts. Aside from monetary considerations, I'm sure those were tough decisions. Nothing truly worth doing is ever easy-- especially the tough decisions. Anyway, I just had to comment on this as it struck a chord or two (or six or nineteen...). Rock on, Leo! Your youth belies your experience, your abilities and your wisdom-- and I find that fascinating. I think you're the perfect match to put Tally Ho! back in her environment: on the seas.

    30. freshlysquosen

      You gotta ask yourself, "What would Thad do?" :)

    31. Kaffeebohnson

      17:23 Hottest shot ever

    32. kairon156

      It's cool that you filmed everyone evenly both inside and outside of the boat as they were helping with the work.

    33. Mel King

      I am impressed beyond words.

    34. Greg Sargent

      Great job,, hello from Hamilton Ontario Canada. Going to look fantastic when it's finished.

    35. Jeff Collins

      Merry Christmas from the future.

    36. Chris Snelling

      Rabbits or rebates ?

      1. Gottenhimfella

        Same diff (but it's spelled rabbet)

    37. j4d3 goat

      I'm soooo envious of the beautiful young women you're attracting!

    38. Bruce Beardsley

      Just curious what type of log for a mast( size at the base and top plus overall length.

    39. dkennell998

      Can someone explain what the rabbit is? He said rabbit at 16:00, right?

      1. Gottenhimfella

        Rebate in the keel timber for the garboard (bottom plank)

    40. Virgil Grillone

      Replace the Keel, but repurpose or reuse the original Keel wood inside the boat.

    41. Virgil Grillone

      The sound of multiple hammers hammering away is the song of a shipyard!

    42. Vastly Conservative

      i know a better way to get the bolts out using a palm nailer it will vibrate the bolt out with ease

    43. Steven larabee

      And know ceca is your girlfriend so she always staying with you leo

    44. Patrick

      I find it really empowering how you deal with women on the project. Some women, who have not understood themselves as powerful, need a bit of exposure to themselves as _actually_ being powerful to understand their worth. I think you provide that.

      1. Patrick

        lol @Ted Tedster you actually made me laugh out loud, thanks:)

    45. Jack Brown

      Please make your video longer, you have so much to share, I will have to come up sometime and lead a hand....

    46. Curtis Depatie

      Ok, I'm going to skip ahead to the videos when Cecca comes back. It feels like a soap opera just put a main character in a coma. And what happened to the parrot!? Too many plots going off on tangents and this is still better than anything on television. Keep up the great work dude. I can empathize with your weather issues from up here in northern Ontario. Buy yourself a good toque, great work gloves, and warm boots; the rest will take care of itself. Great work as always.

    47. FlatFifties

      I wonder why you do not use an air chisel to drive out fasteners quicker?

    48. duck my sick

      stop choking the hammer Cecca LOL

    49. nottiification

      Dang! Look at all those lovely ladies! I need to get me a rotten old wooden boat! I had no idea!

      1. josh h

        Are you a decent lookin bloke at least, that’s really all ya need

      2. Slashley gibbins

        It’s the English accent.

      3. Bill Dyke

        Get a puppy. Real babe magnets and way cheaper. Believe me, I live in a rotten old boat... (I'm also 66 and ugly. Not a winning combination)...

      4. Si74l0rd

        @Vee Dragon Yeah, if I was a lady I could definitely do worse than Leo lol.

      5. Vee Dragon

        He seems emotionally healthy and has an interesting hobby! Thus, he's attractive.

    50. jayne1xx1

      good for bonfire night

    51. Diabolical Artificer

      I take my hat off to you, outstanding! I had 1927 31ft long, 15ft beam, clinker built ex lifeboat when I was younger so know how much work these old wooden boats need. Unfortunately it got burnt in the end, I couldn't afford to keep it in trim. Too many of these old boat's go the same way, passed on from owner to owner, rotting over the years till they die.

    52. SilverSurfer

      Where will be the bedroom and what about the toilet.

    53. HozelRocket

      "Don't know what we'll eat?" *eyes chickens in the yard* !!

    54. Jeff Altimier

      Great video series Leo. Very impressed with all the work you are doing by yourself, especially watching you move the keel timber. You are a talented craftsman and I look forward to watching the latest episodes.

    55. ttaibe

      Cecca is awesome! Nice, supportive and willing to go out of her comfortzone. Very impressive.

    56. Ford Fan

      You do know how to throw a party

    57. Braden Williams

      Great video!

    58. thomas

      Did you by any chance find any old coins that wiggle down between frames etc.

    59. Turbo Last Name

      They need to sing sea shanties while they work.

      1. Turbo Last Name

        What would you do with a drunken sailor what would you do with a drunken sailor Row row row your boat and so on

    60. SY Sublime

      I suggest all of your chain plates and knees be made out of 316 stainless steel.

    61. Griffin H.


    62. Braden Williams

      These videos are great, thanks!

    63. Jimson brown

      How much of the original hull do you think you will be able to save? Are you basically using the original hull for a pattern? Look forward to future videos.

    64. heartland96a

      What percentage of the vessel will be original when the rebuild is completed ?

    65. Rocky Atlantis

      If you are removing almost every part of the old boat isn't it easier to build a new boat using the new keel ??

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        I could have done, yes. But I wanted to rebuild this one.

      2. Rocky Atlantis

        My point is, If you are looking for the adventure of building a boat. you could build a new one. Buying a boat may not seem so much adventurous!

      3. Sampson Boat Co

        It's easier to buy a new boat. Or stay home. Not the point :)

    66. Dakota Landers

      The guy in the red sweater at 1:48 was hiding a joint LMAO

    67. 83 GT/Brian

      A bit late to do you any good, but consider getting a large air hammer (something along the lines of a rivet breaker) if you do this again. It would make the endless task of driving old fasteners out go far more quickly.

    68. cutlash09

      you need a scuttle

    69. Curtis Martin

      Great and inspirational

    70. Chris Lowe

      Hmm. Learnt a lot about dismantling old boats from this channel. Still interesting though!

    71. hestetube

      What will remain if you removed all the timber? Why do you not build a complete new boat according to the original plan?

    72. Adrian Lehmann

      At 11:14. I love a dry sense of humour. Note the correct spelling.

    73. Richard Brooks

      I don't know much about boatbuilding, but are you saving anything?

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Some planks, hah! and ballast keel, and a few other bits.

    74. all iknow

      I would love to help you with safety gear for your crew. Gloves safety glasses ear protection. Can you send me you shipping address . Love what you are doing. And know its an enormous task. I will check the links and see if its there.

    75. Willy Mans

      ik zou jou ook niet in mijn bedrijf willen hebben, kletsen en niets doen

    76. davdal33

      I have been binging on your videos for the last day and you keep having to say that people might not treat this as a restoration if there is so much new material installed. As far as I can see if you can salvage material realistically and install new stuff to match original drawings it's a restoration to me. Like you said no point in going through all this process to produce a beautiful piece only to come back after a short while to restore it again with new parts

    77. Earl Scaanlon

      I seen the fire extinguisher in tha middle of tha boat on tha wall. Good to be safe around all of that wood. :)

    78. Mike Moore

      I am in amazement in how much quality and materials went into that boat on the early 1900’s. Simply amazing............

    79. Chuck's Stuff

      WHAT WILL BE SALVAGEABLE AND DO YOU REBUILD FROM FRAME TO OUTWARDS?? Really cool to see the processes and saving an iconic boat

    80. Jack Patteeuw

      Re-watching this episode ... Those ladies will not be happy to know that there is a tool call a pneumatic hammer that would have knocked those bolt/rivets out in a few seconds each !

    81. istanjim

      Need to use a little larger hammer, say about three lbs.

    82. Erich Bachinger

      So....you are the lucky one......

    83. willam wallace

      Just looking at the heavy hardware on the boat it appears to me the you could have these forged by a blacksmith if the material you need is made in flat bar. Better yet you can buy a wood burning forge from Whitlox Homestead.com starting "Mini forge" at $220.00...See on UT search; WHITLOX FORGE.

    84. Richard Mason

      Replace it. Then rest easy in the knowledge.

    85. Ruben Navegante

      Very good work

    86. Prisoner Six

      There must be a synthetic resin you can pump into the checks to make the wood work as one piece again

    87. Carol Green

      Have just caught up with your amazing project. Incredible lot of work for a worthwhile restoration. Looking forward to the next instalments.

    88. Dana Coyle

      The U.S. Portsmouth navy ship yard in kittery Maine has live oak timbers that were to be used on the USS Constitution. The size of the timbers range from15"x25"x45' planking to ships timbers 30"x30"x75' these timbers were sunk in fresh water ponds on the navy yard until 2001 they now for sale you contact the controller of the yard to view and buy them

    89. Keith Alan

      I just had a thought regarding all the wrought or cast iron that youd like redone in bronze. It may be less expensive to have all the steel/iron powdercoated instead of getting them all in bronze. Just a thought you may or may not have considered.

    90. Lars Groening

      Hey Leo, if your Keel is hooked, you could also put a tapered and shaped laminated Keel underneath. Would be much cheaper than a hole new keel out of full material

    91. Corrie Van Velzen

      And then set sail and off you go !!! ithomes.info/net/mbih25eEiaKqlo4/video

    92. GreenLightFilming

      I don't know the first thing about ships or shipbuilding but this series got me hooked. Totally fascinating!

    93. Majoofi

      How do you organize and keep track of all the pieces you take off?

    94. Mario Sola

      this is the greatest channel I've found in over 10 years of youtube surfing. KEEP IT UP!!!!!

    95. panther105

      Hammers and flying punches????...... Safety glasses, people!!!

    96. ronald king

      Rip it out and replace with new ,donot sink the ship for a aperth of tar

    97. dig larry

      Proper technique holding the hammer?

    98. Andrew Carmichael

      Ambitious! Love it! My mind was wondering about doing that, as I watched this.

    99. Jeff Shadwick

      So how can you stay in the U.S. to do this project if your from the U.K.?? 3 month visitors visa?? Curios to know because someone working here and getting funding from who ever should be here legally. Not doing dodgy business in the U.S. of A. rebuilding a boat on the lamb..... just saying my piece of mind/2nd amendment