Installing New Oak Frames into a 1910 Wooden Boat - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP29

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Installing Frames / Calculating Bevels. Support; Become a Patron;
    EPISODE 29.
    This episode I install the first pair of Frames into Tally Ho, notching the Live Oak very slightly into the Purpleheart Keel timber. I also explain how I calculate and transfer bevels from the lofting floor to the templates and frames. I have some volunteer help, and we cut pieces for the next set of new frames, and I also receive delivery of the last of the Live Oak from the sawmill in Georgia.

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    29. Installing Frames / Calculating Bevels - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP29

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    1. Newtown development

      LOving this project. I used to mill wood here at home and we had a joinery shop. Im an architect now. Would love to work for a couple of weeks on a wooden project this scale. Love the ribs

    2. Tomasz Sz

      This boat has many fathers :)

    3. Chris Debono

      Leo has so much patience and dilligence, I would have cut a hundred corners by now😖 imagine doing this without power tools 😑

    4. chas sisom

      I'm just looking back to your older videos. You've really come a long way.

    5. Jeremiah Warren

      Love the bird and the dogs

    6. MrFarva85

      Thanks for wearing the chainsaw chaps. Safety has been hit or miss so far! I started from episode 1 and have said a couple of times 'Leo is going go injure himself...'. Glad to see the extra precautions in this ep!

    7. Luuk de Boer

      Ooh my! This guy is working VERY PRECISE!!! Thumbs up!

    8. megamediker

      I am absolutely stunned, by what I see, I have fiewed many episodes already. This one tops them all. Grants to a master boat builder and thank you. Hardly ever have I learned so much from youtube videos. Can't wait to see her aflote. Will you dare not deleate any of the episodes from youtube forever. Generations of poeple will be able to learn from it!! What school could practically teach the way you do? None! This is a stunning project and there will be no episode that I will miss. Roland from good old Germany.

    9. Harper Cox

      Are internal dowels joining the ends of the futtocks not strictly necessary? I can see how the perpendicular treenails would keep the futtock ends together indirectly, but I’m curious about the need for direct end-to-end fastening.

    10. Ben Spanhaak

      My girlfriend and I have just bought a 70 foot wooden schooner that needs refurbishing and watching these videos is keeping me so motivated during the works! I am also learning a lot and am gaining a lot of courage to do lots of the wood work myself without any previous experience. Today the boat got lifted out on to the dry for the first time in 13 years.

    11. John B

      Carbide tipp ripping chain then get dimond file for it

    12. Bill Dyke

      I spent a lifetime woodworking and customers often found it hilarious that I would use Imperial & metric measurements in the same sentence. The trick was move to metric for the sums. Saved a lot of brain ache. Glad to see that a young one is carrying on the tradition. You have me outstripped, though. 10 quarter for 2 & a half inches? I like. (My boat is about a chain)...

    13. The Stig's Dad

      Found your channel this past Sunday and have been binging since. A favorite author of mine, Ernest K. Gann, in his 1968 book “Song of the Sirens” about his boats, wrote “There are shipwrights and there are carpenters in the differences between the two may be measured in light years.” You, sir, are a shipwright.

    14. ExactlyExotic

      not to self keep pencils in pocket

    15. m sampson

      Hi Leo you say you came from Bristol what was the Christian name of probably your great grandfather as was wondering if he was my gramps brother? keep at it going to be great if you get her done stay safe

    16. Phil Rant

      I appreciate you are busy but will it be necessary to replace all the frames?

    17. Ron Hoy

      It's a real shame that beautiful piece of Purple heart and it's lovely color is hidden. in the bilge and under the lead keel. Such a pretty timber.

    18. Vee Dragon

      Im so relieved he got the rest of the wood!

    19. Andrew Last

      I started at the beginning and am binge watching this whole series. What amazing volunteers you have. And the parrot and dog are amazing. Cecca is an absolute delight.

    20. Tom Oakhill

      I am beginning to think that building a wooden ship is a lot of work. I may be wrong only time will tell. LOL. It is totally unexpected, to me, that posting videos to IThomes creates a community across the world. Stockholm! Brisbane! Really wonderful to see. People offering to haul planks, to loan a fork-lift (which earned them a wonderful engine repair), to donate a pick-up truck, welding equipment, a ship's saw, and their expert knowledge. Leo found a wonderful place to work, as it is near a community of wooden shipwrights. Leo, Eric O. (South Main Auto), Adam Booth (abom79), and Dave Engles (EngelsCoachShop) all are creating video libraries, that amount to a complete course in their respective trades.

    21. dee harris

      Just started watching this series n loving the build, still got a ways 2 go,

    22. Jim Fisher

      I've been watching the Arabella project from the beginning. Now I'm including the Tally Ho!! Leo, are you working off of original plans for the boat? or calculations for a similar size boat from the dimensions of the Tally Ho? If there is so much reshaping of the hull why are you trying to keep things in sync with the old?

    23. tort oise

      We love Jim!

    24. Fred Jack

      Leo! Were all 4 brothers Masters builders or just the one?

    25. John Camp

      How in the world did ships get built long ago??? Can you imagine the work it took??

    26. The Thrifty Woodworker

      I went back and watched from the beginning. I used to be a 7th game Math teacher. I have been waiting for this explanation of the rolling bevel cut and more importantly who you got the angles. This is great stuff.

    27. Brian Kay

      Those ear muffs on the band saw bench seem to be always in the way of the timber for some reason!🤣😂🇦🇺🦘🐨🦘🐨🦘

    28. xpez

      @ 27:43 I follow for a sec then completely lose what he is saying..LOL

    29. David Collins

      I vote for Cessca! What a keeper!

    30. Jerry Nissen

      This is one of the most amazing projects I have ever seen! Totally impressed as well as intrigued by the phenomenal attention to detail. I salute you Leo. Keep up the fabulous job. Your craftsmanship is wonderful. I stay excited as I watch this project progress. Cheers!

    31. Bill Spear

      hi, my name is Bill, I am a plasma physicist, who deals with mater on a hole different level, yet likes boats, I approve! Cary on.

    32. bigmanbenito

      Love the Leinenkugel beer making an appearance. at 4:41

    33. Ken Wolf

      Love Poncho

    34. Tyler Gaming

      Is he building it for himself?

    35. STEVEN R

      Back in the early 80's, I had the privilege to help a fellow mariner work on his Angelman Ketch, in Hawai'i. And, I had often wondered how such a wooden boat was built. Thanks to you, I now know.

    36. causeitis

      Cool microphone at 23:30

    37. Lindsay White

      Leo, you are recording a wonderful adventure Only discovered your videos a few weeks ago and now can't stop watching them, up to episode 29 and will be up to date in a month or so All good" you tube" videos have the same clarity of description and narrative, excellent recording and some very very good editing__it is what sets your and others apart As a life long sailer I can appreciate the beauty of Tally Ho and her history as well as your desired to bring her back to life and then take her to sea again I suspect without the internet this would have been an almost impossible job, but now you can get support worldwide, absolutely fantastic! Keep going, you are doing great and the whole world is on your side! Downunder Lindsay

    38. Simon Gilbert

      as a revenue stream this should be made into a documentary. Someone like Discovery or History of NG Channel etc would snap this up!!!

    39. Peter Brickwood

      Incredible detail, amazingly fine tolerances, words fail me. Do parrots usually eat wood? Taking them to sea on wooden ships might be aproblem.

    40. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    41. Doug Dorn

      Why not make the frames from one thick piece rather than laminating two?

    42. avryptickle

      That compass plane is a new one for me. Very fucking cool.

    43. B B

      Your hair is crazzy looking!

    44. Herebeorg

      I'm two years behind on these videos, but am catching up slowly. Thanks for the lofting and rolling bevel masterclass. Puts my efforts on a stitch and glue canoe in their place!!

    45. philip Brailey

      What one young guy can do, simply amazing.

    46. avrumi solaimani

      first comments ever that i can’t find someone who managed to find fault with the video how anyone could dislike it...,.

    47. Gabriel Malta

      Plumbob is such a funny word. Idk, my mind is just chilling with these videos.

    48. J.D. Bondy

      Hey, that’s a compass plane! Those are hard to come by.

    49. Paul Bucco

      VW fans unite! Way to chip in and help Leo

    50. Anton Spilhaus

      I hope you guys had a big party when that first frame was in!

    51. Coffresi USVI

      Breath of fresh air, LEO has introduced a new level of ship building, when cross referring with the old salts, implementing the old with the new and teaching our new boat building generation, not saying Leo is that old by ole means. He is ensuring this art will live on....

    52. Robert Salanon

      Quel savoir faire !! ç·est passionnant de suivre cette restauration ...A+

    53. R David Adams

      I enjoy the series, been a while since I started, but getting caught up. Enjoy the tech info about boat building, as well as all the people who come to help. I love seeing this ole boat come back to life, great work and well explained as well!

    54. Frank Russell Design

      My brain hurts.

    55. Adam Adamski

      Damm good job!!

    56. anthony white

      Great video. Great choice of music too. Thanx!

    57. Restoration by Adem AKSOY

      This is the first time I'm interested in the shipbuilding project. I've been watching it with great passion for the last week. You have a great presentation and talent. Thanks to you, I have a new passion. We owe a special thanks to those who participated and helped in this project, which is almost worldwide. Congratulations. Always keep your path and luck open. Love and greetings from Istanbul.

    58. WhatAboutTheBee

      A question Leo. Is that primer red lead primer or a substitute, on the treenailed futtuck faces that touch. 17:15 is the timer mark. Thank you in advance for your time :)

    59. Nik Colyer Machine Works

      Love your build. I'm a metal guy at heart but your wood boat really has my attention. Can I ask you to put the episode # 1st so I can clearly see what episode I am getting. Right now it is at the tail and always gets deleted by youtube. Thanks.

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Thanks! I don't want to rename them but check out this playlist to see them in the correct order.

    60. saitotiktmdog

      where did he get the Tusker Shirt? Bada ya kazi means after work.

    61. Steve Syncox

      Thanks Jim

    62. Gilbert Franklin

      All my life I thought dogs were the best pet. Having seen Pancho eat the pencil and take a ride on the back of the forklift, plus do his little dance and show affection for Leo, I have just about changed my mind... 😏

    63. владимир степанов

      Всего наилучшего. Тетанический труд удачи, здаровья. Молодец.

    64. Vladimir Molitvenik

      Keep up the technical explanations, 👍

    65. James Andfu

      Poncho is the only reason I watch.... Ok maybe not I enjoy Tally Ho rebuild too

    66. kairon156

      I hope that teddy bear was meant to be destroyed, or at least used as a dog toy.

    67. Thomas -W

      20:42 That just blew my mind. Amazing how much can the shape change

    68. David Akridge

      That is a monster circular saw. How in the world would you ever had completed this project without that ship saw?

    69. hydorah

      The rolling bevel explanation was excellent. I was happy that I knew what a rolling bevel is, but your explanation also helped me make sense of your lofting process. Your work is amazing! As are you helpers, donors and patrons. What a great endeavour!

    70. Ronnie Stanley

      Damn! This video explains the reason for going through so many pencils.

    71. Try Thinking

      Finally get how to get the angles. Took about 20 times to understand

      1. Try Thinking

        Yes, I rewatch a lot of these.

    72. john drew

      that keel is nice colour

    73. Andy Timmons

      I get the rolling bevel on a single piece of oak, but when you layer two pieces together, doesn't the S shape mean the bevels are out depending on whether you are on a concave or convex part of the S?

    74. Daniel Güntner

      Marry her

    75. The Restoration Shop

      Keep using those chain saw chaps. They'll stop that chain much faster than your thigh will and if you destroy them, you can always buy more... they're cheaper than a leg. ;) Absolutely love the videos and the attention to detail. It is wonderful to watch an artist work at such a large scale. Glad to see the younger generation taking such an interest.

    76. William Murray

      what a beautiful lab ..... what's the name ?

    77. scal92253

      What is the parrot's name?

    78. Mel Shea

      Always great to see the bird, you know who we mean!

    79. Richard Bohling Sr

      One down...…… How many to go? Looks shipshape though. Nice work.

    80. geni bedi

      how we can indicate the weight of timber keel >>

    81. Steven Triplow

      To understand this stuff is impressive but to then be able to explain it so well... You should have your own tv show.

    82. Nelson Acosta

      friend I love that machine, that is a band saw, but it is angulable or what is the name of itself?

    83. Charles Reliable

      Rolling Bevel talk at 4:54

    84. Luis Pontes

      Never get boring the way you explain things, even the technical stuff, I get bored very easy probably because I am not very good at it ,But the way you do it in your "documentary " makes enjoyable and easy to grasp some of the most technical things. Cheers mate , hope to see you sailing across the Atlantic very soon.

    85. Lee Humes

      Joinery with the precision of a custom cabinet, but with humongous parts and mind boggling angles. You are demonstrating the meaning of "craftsmanship," Brother Leo. It is very good to watch.

    86. Don Graham

      I was absolutely convinced that he understood the frame lofting technique perfectly ! As for me HUU??

    87. Charles Reliable

      Superior documentation. Well Done.

    88. Bob Eden

      That bird is a star, hey?

    89. Barry Maynard

      What's the orange paint ? Sealer?

    90. mick coomer

      Works in metric and imperial. He’s ambidextrous. Is there no end to his talents.

    91. David Cooper

      Also, excellent explanation of a rolling bevel. Thanks!

    92. David Cooper

      Such an advantage having that incredible ship saw. Very glad that you built guards for it, as that was one thing I found troubling: a blade breaking could have resulted in some serious injuries without the guard.

    93. Chirana Gheorghita Eugeniu Theodor

      I've been following from the beggining. You realize that you are rebuilding the boat from scratch? Why are you still holding to the old structure and not completly dissasembe everything and continue with the build as a new boat would be built?


      Can you talk about modern electronics, watermaker, GPS etc your going to put on the finished boat?

    95. Hyprmtr

      Where did you get that nice long blue straight edge @1:30? That's nice. I would like one.

    96. brian johnson

      Hey Leo you have just destroyed the nascar tune of her hul ! She will tack to port and starboard with the same amount of rudder . love your passion / attention to detail / precision .

    97. Dave Weber

      That ship's saw is an absolute godsend... Very glad for you, that someone offered it to you - and even helped you set it up! You have been making great friends, all around the globe, with this channel! Well done. You deserve each leg-up you get!!

    98. Tral Fazz

      Rebuilding is replacing everything so there's nothing left of the original?

    99. Paul Noble

      love it at 24:30 "and mark it with a pencil" not the one tucked behind his ear, nope another pencil :)

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        haha never noticed that :)

    100. Mike Mayfield

      You may tell me it’s none of my business, but I am curious where all of your volunteers eat and sleep.