Custom rivet press machine! - Wooden Boat Fastenings (EP79)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Custom rivet press machine! - Wooden Boat Fastenings (EP79)
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    EPISODE 79.
    In this episode I start thinking about the plank fastenings for Tally Ho. Using copper rivets is the strongest and most authentic choice, but they are not available to buy in the size I need. Just as I am trying to work out the smartest way to make the rivets, we receive a mysterious box in the mail, from a fan. Amazingly, someone has custom-fabricated a machine for making copper rivets out of round bar!
    We also work on making all the patterns for the hanging knees, which will be cast in Bronze at PT Foundry. Matt and David join the team, and get stuck into grinding bronze, and Rosie gets into her stride laminating the patterns. Backtrack is unamused by the baby chicks.
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    79. Custom rivet press machine! - Wooden Boat Fastenings (TALLY HO EP79)

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    1. Michael E Jean- louis

      Only in US they will use a 16 wheeler to bring a small case like this

    2. Sam Wainwright

      I love how Leo gets carpenters in, and the first thing they're doing is metalwork...

    3. Michael Gothenburg

      Hmmmm, smart guys and girls wear mask I see

    4. Paq Man

      cool viking boat. the mask are gay though.

    5. Ben Hart

      Awesome work as always, crew! You should consider cutting the rivets all at once. Then get two more dies. Press and release the two dies at the same time, with the third loaded on deck. Could cut your time per die in halfish.

    6. Andrew Mantle

      Great sound track. My favorite. Wish I had some money for you.

    7. Juncus Bufonius

      Nice to see Alex there, shame there wasn't time for some banter with him. Their riveting was painful by comparison.

    8. Wridler Crushimal

      mate you are just amazing ..i love this project...its my dream to build a wooden boat..hugs from italy.

    9. Steverino

      4,000x22=88,000 seconds. 1,466.66 minutes. 24.44 hours. Only 3 very long days of making rivets. Where's the apprentice?

    10. runningray

      In a few more episodes I expect the chickens to fully take over the shop and you guys to be living outside.

    11. Hank Senior

      U could even put your own stamp on the ram stamping your boat company name on every rivot. Ingenius design by Jeff from California. Well done sir!!!

    12. Up North Yooper

      That guy should patent that tool. Leo you are a lucky guy.

    13. coug96fan

      "See a Need, Fill a need" - Bigweld. I am so amazed at the tools that have been created or modified to make the job easier. By the time Tally Ho is in the water, Leo will have a fully functioning boat shop. Can't wait to see where that creative energy goes.

    14. Ed Konstantellis

      Leo, you are not a ship builder or sailor You are a nautical artist Bless👊

    15. Paul Orben

      Wow very a pro woodworker for 42 years i find this work fascinating....i will be following this . in fact if i was younger i would so much love to be part of this project!!

    16. C O

      Amoeba t-shirt is my kind of girl and my kind of record store.

    17. C O

      Chapeaux to the riveting machine builder!

    18. Andrew Mason

      typical bloody chickens trying to get into all the places they shouldn't! be careful chooks or you'll end up in a pie

    19. JohnnyAirstream

      Too bad someone didn't think to engrave their initials or brand into the anvil. That would have made for a nice little signature 4000 times all over Tally Ho!

    20. John Hackney

      Being a duck hunter, I couldn't help but notice the prominent decoys. Nice touch.

    21. Robert Fulton

      Looking Down on the inside of the boat looks just great. I’ve done a little carpentry when I was a younger man. Enough to know when I see good work. Can’t wait till she gets splashed.

    22. Dieter MacPherson

      Appreciate the tool box meeting at the start with the safety points

    23. Jon Watson

      Would have been nice if Jeff had made a video of making the machine.

    24. Human Interfaces

      Hello Leo,Im an Electrical Engineer from New Zealand.I contacted the foundry to get you to contact me regarding metaluralgy.I have experience offshore and with Corrosiin management.I have somě ideas that will increase your boat ověr 40 years design Life. Happy to help. The foundary have my email. JPJP. New Zealand.

    25. 29trent

      Please rein in the music. It's much too present, and it makes it hard to understand your speech. I suppose one could mute it and get by with subtitles, but your musical choices have always been one of the best things about this series of videos. Have a word with your new professional and see if you can get him to respect your excellent established style!

    26. dabrownone

      The shape on those knees is crazy. Cool

    27. bearshark p

      6:30 a white bucket or something appears in the background off your right shoulder what is that

    28. Bill Dyke

      4,000 rivets without that tool? Yowch.

    29. in motion

      Y you use rivets buddy bolt that bitch .

    30. Ben Hamilton

      The amount of FPH is astonishing

    31. clockguy2

      I'm really impressed with that head forming machine. True time saver!

    32. Static Music

      Rosie is doing a great job on the hanging knees! Excellent asset for the team

    33. Rocky Bass

      Please lose the Covid1984 face diapers, there were actually tons of studies done on properly fitted N95 (which no one does) and they all found masks equally useless against viral pathogens (influenza in the studies). Clothe diapers were found to increase infection rates. Hearing idiots say "but they catch droplets and the viruses are trapped in droplets" well when you keep breathing those droplets evaporate almost immediately freeing any contained particles to fly right through your idiotic chain-link fence face diaper. Those pie hole thongs are forced political speech at this non-pandemic point. Love lockdowns and quarantine rail-cars to quarantine camps? KEEP COMPLYING! Funny thing this extinction level scamdemic, you would have to go back 12 years in the us to find a less deadly year! This is Event 201 and operation LockStep being realized real world, freedom's last song is being sung :(

    34. Digisky

      Radio 6 in the background

    35. David Merullo

      Belt sander, would be faster and more efficient than a grinder just sayinz

    36. James D Ambrosio

      “Tell me how much you love bondo”

    37. Manny C Weiss

      re the hanging knees, would've been cool if they made a mold with jb stick to get a perfect snug, then just added "legs" for the long parts. what do I know..LOL

    38. Normal Universe

      Awesome video. Just wondering, doesn’t copper corrode when exposed to oxygen or water? Does that cause an issue for the rivets?

    39. Dan Dahlen

      Covid Plandemic is 100% BS. Get rid of the masks.

    40. David Tebera

      little late now but I would of routed a corner bead with an inside radius so you didn't have to use so much bondo in the inside corners. Starting to look like a vessel again.

    41. Thomas Shanafelter

      you should have a s b w on the die for top of rivits

    42. hestetube

      Every time I see a new video of you, a few new species of animals roam around with you, so that I slowly get the impression that you are actually building a new Noah's Ark.

    43. Bob Hudson

      Copper rivets 5" long? surely frame and plank thickness is longer than this?

    44. InvalidFlo

      Don't get the boat finished let's just talk shit and show everyone how you teach randoms how to use a grinder slowly losing audience.............

    45. Casey Dixon

      What happened to ceca? Is rosie Leo's new girlfriend🤔?

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Cecca is stuck in the UK due to the travel ban! Hopefully she will be coming back here as soon as possible.

    46. Felix Helix

      You need to saw the copper to the right size, it would save so much time! You can cut multiple rods at a time on the bandsaw: stack all 100 rods together in a bundle, cut in in half, package all of that into a bundle of 200 rods and cut 5" slices off it. 2800 blanks in just 15 cuts.

    47. יהושוע Joshua מתיו Matthew

      For the love of god take off that stupid useless mask. You are giving yourself TB

    48. John Payne

      Perhaps the rivet press could be loaned to Acorn to Arabella for a while. They were flogging theirs by hand.


      all the junctions that have been analyzed of Noah's ark were connected by rivets . it appears it was hot riveted , which form one of the strongest connections possible . they held together tongue and groove type joints . it was not coming apart . and of course it endured the worse storm in history

    50. Marc René Yvon

      Brilliant rivet machine ! Nice engineering.

    51. Tom Oakhill

      In the comments are a host of ways to improve the rivet machine. This is the essence of the patent clause in the United States Constitution, which says, "To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries." Note the phrase "to promote the Progress of ... useful Arts...". The word "patent" is from classical Latin , open, lying open, unobstructed, readily accessible, clear, obvious. To secure your exclusive right to your invention you must disclose it to the Patent Office in such a way that "a person skilled in the art" can reproduce a working example of your invention. Of course, as demonstrated by the comments here, the person skilled in the art can also make improvements to it, which promotes progess.

    52. Tom Oakhill

      The gift of this rivet making machine brought tears to my eyes. It demonstrates human generosity. It shows how beauty calls to beauty: by that I mean Leo has gotten so much support because there is no practical reason to refurbish Tally Ho except "because it is there," i.e. because of the beauty of the idea of it. Thus Jeff was attracted to the Tally Ho project precisely because he is a Grand Master Toolmaker. In manufacturing factories in the United States "toolmaker" is a skilled trade craft, and they hand fabricate items such as this rivet maker. Jeff has produced a thing of beauty, where form meets function in a marvelous way. I love the following channels because they all have in common uncommon-skill at their crafts, and an absolute will to use that skill to produce the finest "machines" humanity is capable of making. Nik & Rich are at Bad Obsession Motorsport, Adam machines metal at Abom79, Keith Rucker -, Dave at EngelsCoachShop, and Eric O at South Main Auto.

    53. Marc René Yvon

      For God's sake guys, put the GARD back on the grinder !! 😱 These grinding wheels DO EXPLODE in sharp "flesh eating" shards !😝 Been there, done that !

    54. multi misa

      The dude that made rivet press is beyond awesome!!!

    55. Jacob Gardiner-Smith

      What a brilliant machine! You should double up some steps so that your pressing the heads and cutting the next bit of rod at the same time... if possible.

    56. Bulldozer

      I see your participating in the Democrats Scamdemic

    57. Hossein Hayati

      Well done! I belive you can cut the next rod when you done pressing the nail head and the arm moving upward.

    58. Sam Francisco

      Skills like these will be lost if the school systems don't get back to this and away from STEM. Congrats to Jeff for building the rivet machine.. Another skill that's being lost. MADE IN AMERICA.

    59. Universal Scale Models

      Superb !

    60. Nikodem Czechowski

      What will you be doing with the old knees? Wrough iron is a great material for knifemakes and historical reenactors... It would be lovely to see them reused as an e.g. set of cutlery for the crew, or something else.

    61. Steve Rayment


    62. G H

      More rivet making!

    63. Eric Pagnelli

      NO....NO....Alix is not’s his twin brother : Xila....🤣🤣🤣



    65. Martin Kenny

      Where is this all happening

    66. Michael Lachowski

      Leo, the bronze hangers between ribs and the deck planks! when you first talked about them few episodes ago, I recognized the obvious stress point where the bronze takes the sharp internal corner - that's a potential cracking point! If you had round the internal inner edge of the stringer directly below deck (shelf?) to plain 1/2" or r3/4" radius, instead the lorry trunk plank thing. Then you had to fill the bronze hanger with corresponding 1/2" or 3/4" fillet and voila! No stress point there! Ask some structural about the strength difference between the two options. At this stage you still can cheaply change it.

      1. Michael Lachowski

        then you revert to the error on 26'30".... I am reinstating my remark! Do the hanger like in 20'19" and carve out the stupid wood instead the bronze!!

      2. Michael Lachowski

        withdrawing my remark - you just did it right in 20' 19"

    67. randalljames

      and in one fair swoop, Jeff restores my faith in humanity... well done sir, well done.. now about no makers mark in the top of rivet? SBC? :)

    68. Thomas Davison

      I am just curious why not use Brass for the rivets instead of Copper?

      1. on4xb

        It is to hard

    69. russell maycumber

      @26:24 nice!

    70. russell maycumber

      So satisfying! @12:38

    71. Raperdude

      Great video , but your not rebuilding this yacht ,your just building a new boat., and using the original name. I'm changing everything isn't even close to restoration . hms Victory would be a type 22 destroyer if you were restoring it. . $$

      1. on4xb

        "She will have her original lead ballast keel, some planking, other re-used original timber, and various bits of hardware, as well as the continuity of looking like the same boat in any one given day. According to Lloyds, the Greeks (see ship of Theseus), the wooden-boat community, and myself, it will be the same boat! But, people are free to disagree and call it what they want." Leo Goolden

    72. Shawn Bottom

      Really cool episode from the introduction of the rivet machine to all the detail going into the knee patterns.

    73. Mark K

      Please always use a push stick (minute 16:16) with the jointer. Even with a relatively wide plank, a slip with the hand pushing the end through is possible. Putting the heel of your hand through the jointer will end very badly and is an unnecessary risk.

    74. K Hannan

      Wow, great job Jeff

    75. Shawn Brown

      Monster creds to these folks! Monster task, but so well done! Really, everyone!

    76. Rv4 Guy

      This would have been great for pressing the heads on those bronze bolts instead of having to bash them with a hammer.

    77. Jon Ritz

      respiratory pathogens are nearly impossible to transmit outdoors.

    78. Jason Richardson

      22:00. When repin your state looks like bart Simpson with a neck tumor.

    79. El 5 IS On Tour

      I can’t see a restoration...I see a copy off a boat that once was sorry ...A romantic story... Never the less the skill shown on this site are Amazing...The boat design and builders should rename the new boat ...I suggest......FREE SAILING.....

      1. on4xb

        "She will have her original lead ballast keel, some planking, other re-used original timber, and various bits of hardware, as well as the continuity of looking like the same boat in any one given day. According to Lloyds, the Greeks (see ship of Theseus), the wooden-boat community, and myself, it will be the same boat! But, people are free to disagree and call it what they want." Leo Goolden

    80. Greg H

      wow looks so nice i would want to just use the wood patterns.

    81. Carl James

      You can never have too many clamps.

    82. Scott H

      You should all have the rivets made in 18 and a half hours 5, 000 that's with no brakes

    83. Eagle1de

      you didn't tell how you resolved the 3% shrinkage issue...

    84. Иоан Кронштадский

      28:58 And rivet press machine goes tooooooooooooooooooooo- Rhode Island!!!!

    85. Иоан Кронштадский

      22:49 Wow! Alix Kreder in a cap with the Acorn II Arabella team logo! Stephen Denette must be the next one to coming-out!

    86. Mark Biddle

      I have watched this entire series thrice, with interest and verve. I also have a few comments for the community to mull and comment on. First comment. The name of the macaw, Poncho, is a Spanish nickname, like Bubba. Since it is Spanish and ends with the letter O, it is describing a male. Since this bird is a female, the much more correct spelling and pronunciation of HER nickname, as witnessed by in the entire Spanish speaking world would be Poncha, not Poncho. Can I get an amen? I mean come on, it's one letter off but very aggrivating. At least to me. Second comment. Leo Whatshisname exhibits some of the finer qualities of the British people that I have witnessed over a lengthy time of observance. The Brits, like all nationalities have their foibles. But to me, at least as a derivative of watching the videos, displays the very best of the them. Namely: PERSISTENCE. PATIENCE. PERSEVERANCE. Bravo Leo. Third comment. I have a lengthy list of questions regarding some of the future decisions of this project and was wondering if there wasn't a simple way of producing a channel or group to discuss and pontificate over them? Fourth comment. One 20 minute video every two weeks is maddening. Out of 7 billion people on this planet and 320 million in this country, there isn't 1 person capable, qualified, willing and available to step these numbers up?

    87. nekkid fiddler

      Rivet machine rocks

    88. philip Brailey

      Just patiently waiting by my mobile for episode 80 🤠 🇦🇺 Sydney

    89. Jonathan Fingold

      what is the minimum number of chickens required to construct a ship of this kind?

    90. Eric's Channel

      Oh no I've finished already binge watching the 79 vidéos in 3 days!!! Oh Wait I'll gon on FB to see what happened since this one!! LOL Yay!!

    91. NJAAHK BackYard BodyWorks

      I can see why Alex was jealous as I watched him and Steve make those rivets with a home made press and die. keep up the great work

    92. Gordon Schauer

      When will you attach the ballast keel?

    93. Freddie Smith

      Started watching episode 24, peaked my interest, started back in April 2020, today August 4th I have watched 79 episode.

    94. get some


    95. Cali Artist

      I’ve been watching your videos - I rewatched your original video - if I was that boat I’d be ready to get out and stretch my wings - she’s ready to rock

    96. Ruta Bega

      I was just rocking out to "Superdad" on band camp after hearing it here. I kept expecting Leo to cut in and ask me what I'm doing.

    97. Ryan Meaders

      Sad days, just binged watched the whole playlist and now i have to wait till he uploads 😢😢

    98. rock roller

      awesome job guys

    99. Jera Spencer

      I'm sure whoever is making the majority will figure out workflow.... But I reckon you could shave 5 seconds off the time if you make the length cut and collet release actions one manoeuvre not two... Not sure on the load bearing but that gear reduction seems effortlessly powerful. Also you could probably just halve the time per rivet by manufacturing another collet and die set, and manipulating the activation lever to a foot pedal :)

      1. Jera Spencer

        Infact these improvements are only POSSIBLE because it's already an amazing tool

      2. Jera Spencer

        BIG props to it's design tho!! Amazing 👌

    100. Chance Goodman

      JEFF is the man