10. Deck hatches & Rollerskates (& why I have this amazing workshop) - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP10

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    Support Tally Ho here - sampsonboat.co.uk/support-tally-ho/ I'm on a mission to restore a historic classic sailing yacht called Tally Ho. In this video I brace the hull of the boat in preparation for removing the deck and take off some deck hatches. I get a visit from a lovely English girl, and also get my first voluntary labour from a very tall neighbour. Oh, and I buy some funky Roller Skates!

    Find out about all my other adventures on my website;

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    10. Deck hatches & Rollerskates (& why I have this amazing workshop) - Restoring Tally Ho EP10

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    1. Michiel Lombaers

      Hmmm ... Chakchouka. Good idea for my diner today.

    2. Tyler Durden

      Has Tim been back and seen the amazing progress that has been made??

    3. Justin Strik

      Spoiler alert: She’s the one🤗

    4. Bean Noneya

      Loving this. Even your side quests.

    5. Mark Zieg

      Just coming back to check out some of the older episodes again. Cecca ever the trooper. Roller skates and windlasses. It’s just amazing how far Tally Ho has come. My hope is that for the bronze that came off, like the deck house port lights and such, they’ll be able to find their way back on to her in the finish. Tally Ho lives again!

    6. 112doc

      Enjoy the heck out of these videos. I restored two yachts over the years, but in my other life as a surgeon it’s important to keep all ten fingers and good legs. A little more attention to the safe use of power tools is indicated. I spent time on the replant service while in training, missing fingers, (and hands) happens instantly with these tools when not used correctly. Don’t use your fingers as a push stick or your thigh as a saw horse, unless you want to visit UW Harborview Trauma Center in Seattle.


      Thought Tim was going just throw that over His shoulder and and over board He's a big Dude "Friendly Giant" springs to mind..

    8. Das Sein

      Episode #10. Cute girl #3. Leo fucks.

    9. Marshall Parker

      Since you started this i think the hoisting of the hatch has been the sketchiest thing I’ve seen you do, in the sense of compromising the strength of your roof truss. I’m still amazed at the breadth of your skill set and the willingness to learn what you don’t know yet. Impressive to say the least!

    10. Vee Dragon

      That workshop is fucking AMAZING.

    11. Si74l0rd

      Leo you have to be the least Bristolian person I've ever heard! I'm originally from South London but have been living in Bristol the last 15 years or so and even my accent is more Bristolian than yours! I has to put on a bit of a burr mind, or no-one bloody understands me ;)

      1. Si74l0rd

        @Steve Ogden Either that or he's from Bath or somewhere posh in Gloucestershire! It used to amaze me no end how far out people live from London proper and still say they're from London. All the way out through Essex and Kent a lot of people describe their geographic location as London, seems to be somewhat similar with Bristol because it's a hip city these days. Green capital of Europe and all that, plus it's excellent musical scene. It has good associations, as it should! I'm glad I chose to raise a child here rather than London, especially the SW2/SW16 area where I grew up. Plus it's the one city where gentlemanly courtesy is still acceptable and moreover, appreciated. It makes me happy to be able to say "thank you my love", or to have it said to me. Nothing wrong with friendly civility between strangers, and the strangers quickly become friends. Can't really say anything bad about Brizzle! :)

      2. Steve Ogden

        I have been away from Bristol for 50 Years and I still have a strong Bristolian accent all I can say is Leo must have gone to good school differently not Monks Park

    12. billy bob jo billy head

      Please tell us about the music you're using. Fantastic, eclectic.

    13. Real Talk with Aaron

      Are the shadows and reflections of you filming yourself real?

    14. rashid sabri

      I think that was the first ever "What're yah doin?" on this channel at 11:40

    15. Tom Oakhill

      This is over 33 months late. I hope in a future video, I will see, as I watch my way through them, an explicit statement that you are aware that white paint is undoubtably LEAD (Pb) based, and its dust is a neurotoxin (poisons the nerves).

    16. tort oise

      How did I not pick up that you're from Brizzle before now?! I moved to France a year ago but have spent the last 20 years in Bristol, mostly in Ashton, BS3. I can now hear everyone from back home saying "what a crazy ideal" about your amazing boat-building project :)

    17. Ernie F

      Why demo the boat

    18. Lady Dew Build

      So I have been watching from almost E1, and I'm caught up, But got curious and started from e1 over again. Dude, I see where it was again and know where it is now and as always still very impressed.

    19. Colin Campbell

      This is going to be interesting to every piece of wood looks rotten.

    20. David Marshall

      I bet a thousands bucks he bangs all the girls

    21. FreakyFreak

      Cheers for Tim with the grinder

    22. winston cat

      This is just absurd. On pretty much any "rebuild" boat vlog, there'd be comments from salty dog a/b/c, scratching their chins, saying "ooh, I'd have done it this way...". But here. Total silence, as literally everyone's jaw hits the floor. How is it possible someone like you even exists, Leo? How?!

    23. John von Horn

      Imagine the ghost of Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith arriving in the dead of night, looking up at Tally Ho and, with a whimsical smile, saying, "I love it when a plan comes together"

    24. Gunninator

      This video makes me miss my days racing Shipmans. Thanks for the great video.

    25. jamierodg1

      Did the appearance of a beautiful woman just thicken the plot a bit?

    26. Mr. Turtle

      Anybody elses heart jump when the camera fell over? 7:32 It looked like the whole boat flipped on its side

    27. Shinomasa M

      I just subscribe this channel within 5seconds....

    28. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    29. Peter Brickwood

      Glad you got some company. I had to look up "Sampson Post".

    30. ibrahim Aldwaik

      I'm still at the first episodes of this amazing restoration! man !! all I want is to be a sailor on this boat !! YOU'RE AMAZING!. I'll finish all the 73 episodes left and wait for the next one's . then we'll have some talked Mr.sampson good luck man!

    31. Agustin Talavera

      we all need a Tim in our lives

    32. David Huston

      He kinda reminds me of that actor , I can't think of His name , He was in the movie Quigly down Under .

      1. Clyde Willis

        Alan Rickman? But he was so evil in Quigley! And rather unsavory in Harry Potter. And evil in Die Hard too. Contrariwise, Leo is charming and has good hands - can't imagine an evil bone in his body!

    33. Jeff Becker

      @10:08 - That's a Super Mario size wrench!!

    34. OccasionalGamer

      Leo sure has some attractive female helpers and friends! No wonder, because he has such skills as a carpenter, sailor and film maker.

    35. BluetoothSensei


    36. Robert Mecalis

      Cecca is so cute.

    37. Ronaldo

      Subscribed, i love what ur doing i cant wait to see what happens next.

    38. Jay

      7:42 - Using RV camper jacks for demolition - priceless! 👍

    39. TheJustonemore

      Thank Raul ? And Darlene your rock stars.

    40. James Carey

      Half the work of restoring a wooden boat is having access to decent tools , work shop and space. That is one amazing workshop. Would love to see a full tour of the tools and space.

    41. anthony white

      You have great friends.

    42. freshlysquosen

      Cecca was the first to volunteer. Ah memories. :)

    43. Samuel Taylor

      Don’t you know when you’re in a race you aren’t supposed to see boats ahead of you!

    44. ישראל ישראל

      יפה לך עושה שקשוקה.🌷🇮🇱

    45. where there's a will

      watched a few recent ones, now i'm 10 vids from start and going for the marathon. :)

      1. Clyde Willis

        Ah yes, me too. After watching from the Georgia live oak sawmill forward to #86, have gone back to start at the beginning... too bad Cecca just went back to UK. I was getting a crush...

    46. TvB187 Gamer

      Jesus give this guy a some string and a piece of bamboo and he'll make you a dvd player haha. Beast mode mate, much respect!

    47. Mark Mansell

      Can anyone tell us what has happened to Louis Saudezze please?

      1. Gottenhimfella

        He went to Chile and now he's back making videos from footage he got of the fantastic fishing boat builders down there.

    48. Virgil Grillone

      Thank goodness for Raul and Darlene. Amazing, generous people. May God bless them, and you with this fabulous restoration.

    49. Mike Whiting

      Stupid question here, but would it be easier just to build new? My guess is yes, but it wouldn’t show off the restoration skills...

    50. Ignacio Segarra

      oh, you kids, get to work!

    51. JusBidniss

      I'm thoroughly entertained by all aspects of the restoration, including the jargon. 'King planks', 'cockpit combing', 'Samson post'. Either you're walking around with this dictionary of arcane terms in your head, complete with names for every nail and board, or you're a master of improvisational narration! :)

    52. Jason Riffle

      This music on this episode was amazing.

    53. Dave Cidnothanks

      Cecca is one beautiful woman.

    54. Paul McGee

      This is a modern lesson from the UK to America - in being understated, capable, and worth getting to know - absent of bravado & foghorn self-proclamation. Still waters run deep. ;)

    55. Andy C

      Top helpful totty No. 4.. I can see where this series is going :D :D

    56. HeadFiUnderground

      Man, you are realy hero!

    57. Bruce Evans

      The jazz organ - Jimmy Smith?

    58. Oscar

      Tim seems like a really cool guy!

    59. Steve 1961P.

      It may be way too late by now, but did you know you can use your electric hammer drill/chisel with a drift inserted to drive out all these bolts and rivets?

    60. Erga Omnes

      I have a name for you : GEPPETH ! the woodmaker who built ......? remember ?

    61. aj 410

      Cecca is adorable. It must be nice to have someone else to talk to while working besides the bird haha. I reall enjoy watching your adventure and cant wait to see it all the way to the end and i have also told a handfull of people about the channel and all have seemed to enjoy it also. My mom lives in port angeles and i would love to come and see the old girl if i make it up to that neck of the woods from northern ca before its back out on the water. Im also a new subscriber almost instantly after watching the firs video

    62. Braden Williams

      Great video!

    63. WelLRoundeDSquarE

      Nice use of camper jacks.

    64. Aerodoc78

      Big pimpin

    65. william miller

      the beams you installed to hold the sides of tally ho together in building construction talk the are called coller ties

    66. Turbo Last Name

      If you have a very old boat and replace a piece of wood on it and then another and another and another until every piece of wood is replaced. Is it still the same old boat or a new boat?

    67. steve holton

      ALL-A-TAUT-O, mate. sdh in CT

    68. Jeffrey Bull

      Leo, you are really helping this old guy enjoy life. Thanks.

    69. Shoestring Tom

      Well done Raul and Darlene.

    70. Braden Williams

      These videos are great, thanks!

    71. Nigel Walton

      New Sub here from New Zealand. Thanks for sharing this incredible journey!

    72. AlGrsaN

      the girl she side shkshoki its arabic food and i live it ,how she know it ?

    73. Austin DeBrito

      Wow! Lots of progress in this video! Nice work, Tim!

    74. Don't Cry

      Someone have a cart or hand truck they can loan him?

    75. Don't Cry

      I looked up "One Man Army" in the dictionary and Leo's picture was there.

    76. jeremie manninen

      why did you need to take pictures?

    77. Pete Lorenzo

      aw hell no, what are you doing with that saw?! 2:09 someone take that thing away from him before he hurts himself. don't take shortcuts that put your body in danger.

    78. Hillbilly Hellion

      Who does you hair?

    79. Benjamin Uranga

      So impressed with the scope of your knowledge and motivation to take on such an epic project. I just found your channel. I plan on watching through the rest tonight. Nice work keep it up.

    80. Shane Irwin

      What I wanna know is where do you get all the money?????????

    81. averagenative

      I've documented some builds and stuff I've done. It's so much extra work getting the cameras going and then editing. I'm super impressed with how high quality your video work is.. never mind how awesome the building is!

    82. Fred Østli

      Love this project, and the music is getting better 😉

    83. Richard Mason

      Rael and Darlene -- what legends -- You are so fortunate --I had similar luck when I was building my cruising cat , . 2000sq/ft factory & fully equiped workshop at my disposal. Add to your equation good neighbour Megan and now Cecca (hope they get on) and you are laughing . Good luck with the project and thanks for the great videos.

    84. C James

      Amazing. The San Juans are amazing- all of those islands up there are.

    85. Lucky Goose

      She's so supper cute. Adorable woman. You are lucky.

    86. Ian B

      Before long you'll be left with a single piece of teak the size of a matchbox - around which will emerge the restored boat!

    87. Jackson Obel

      how did you learn to do all this and how did you get here

    88. Lydia Johnson

      OMG! Poncho may be mad at you over Cecca. Either that, or she may not feel well. Have you had a vet look at her? Nothing can happen to Poncho, the world's most loyal First Mate.

    89. fyrebyrd301

      @8:35 You wondered if it's nesting or something, I think the bird is jealous of your pretty friend. Parrots and cockatoos tend to be emotional creatures, and form bonds with others, and don't like to share. Could be wrong tho.

      1. Clyde Willis

        @fyrebyrd301 Ah so. Must be. Now I must wonder further on her age - she could be 6 or 60 - and whether she speaks. She's a fine creature nevertheless and has certainly taken well to Leo and all these strangers on her yard. At this writing, I've seen all 86 episodes now, having gone back and watched from the beginning, and I keep wanting her to burst forth with something salty like, "Aye, matey, 'n yer mama too" or some such as would seem apropos as Tally Ho comes along, but perhaps that's asking too much? Like wanting Cecca to come back and stay happily ever after. How 'bout it, Leo?

      2. fyrebyrd301

        @Clyde WillisIf I'm not mistaken, Pancho belongs to the people who own the property, the one dog is theirs, and the pitbull looking one belongs to Leo's assistant.

      3. Clyde Willis

        Not clear on whence came Pancho, Is she Leo's? Or Raul's? And the dogs? Any come from the UK with Leo? Or what? Birds like Pancho not only form bonds and need lots of attention, they live as long as humans! It's a marriage of sorts. But whose marriage?

    90. commie wacker

      Absolutely my fav channel ever.

    91. SuburbanHobbyist

      Wait, wait, wait....okay, yes, thank you for telling the story of Raul and Darlene, but you didn't really tell us anything! I believe you said they are "family friends", but what does that mean? It is extremely generous so they must be very close friends and they seem to be rather wealthy? And, the bigger question I have is what did they originally use that workshop for? I mean, it is really set up for woodworking. Some of those tools run in the multiple thousands of $$. Were they furniture builders? Was it used for a business or just a personal hobby shop? That shop is AWESOME! I know, I am nosy!! Sorry, it's just you have such a strange story I can't help but be curious. I stumble across your videos and I see some young British guy who seems to have an amazing amount of knowledge and talent for his age, buys this 100 year old boat and seems to have enough funds to only work occasionally, is living in this awesome, perfectly outfitted workshop....hell, the structure you built to house the boat was impressive! My jaw dropped when you lifted a 20 ton boat using a couple of bottle jacks BY YOURSELF! Anyway, maybe you could give us a little more history and background on who you are, where you gained this knowledge, how you are able to afford all this? Thanks for sharing your journey. It really is mesmerizing and incredible. You should consider writing a book about this experience.

      1. glyn hodges

        I am always curious too. If you simply google leo goolden you can find a Bristol post article with a potted biography. It seems the boy Goolden has always been a worker (though I suspect a bit of money in the background just from his name and accent). But, that being said, the path is open to anyone determined and personable. I have a friend who, in his thirties and with no previous experience of the sea decided that he fancied becoming a ships captain. Two or three years later and he was there Captain Pike and now he is sailing around the world and getting paid for it.

    92. Stickolas Cage

      So will every piece of wood be replaced ?? I don’t get it why wouldn’t you just build it new from scratch if everything has to be taken apart ??

    93. Rob Relf

      Please don't hide from the camera, Cecca. I love your face!

      1. Clyde Willis

        Aye, a charming lass...

    94. EmElTea

      I saw those freezers in previous vids. They looked to be -80°C laboratory freezers. Seemed a bit out of place...

    95. EmElTea

      Completely agree about letting others use my tools, free reign no less! Nice to see them get used too... very generous.

    96. Jay Lew

      Ponchos not prego, she's jealous there's another chick moving in on her koolaid

    97. Ashton Gardner


    98. Amon Deuchar

      Ive watched all your videos to date and loving it. You almost need to get yourself some I-beam and box section and make yoursef a rolling gantry that straddles the lot. Be alot safer and easier when doing all that lifting by yourself. Awesome project. Huge challenge. Will be donating.

    99. WinkyWinky FartBlaster

      great video and storys all round i like it keep it up

    100. InfiniteDice

      After she shows up he does have an almost magical shine in his eyes doesn't he? :)