Cutting for Propeller / Boring for Prop-Tube ( Wooden Boat Rebuild / EP80)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Cutting for Propeller / Boring for Prop-Tube (EP80)
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    EPISODE 80.
    Cutting the Prop aperture and boring out the hole for the stern-tube are intimidating jobs - you only get one chance to get it right. But it’s easier to tackle these tasks before the planking goes on, and I’ve had the help of a shipbuilding engineer to work out the best shape and size for these alarming new holes.
    Also in this episode, I finally make the template for the final shape of the transom, and Pete fairs it into the rest of the hull very nicely - more-or-less completing the tedious but valuable fairing job. The shapes of the lower planks get lined out and marked on the frames in preparation for fastening the floors.
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    80. Cutting for Propeller / Boring for Prop-Tube (TALLY HO EP80)

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    1. calartian85

      21:37 cameras are so deceptive. That does not look straight.😳

    2. calartian85

      That’s hard work with no flutes on the boring bar. Hot stuff.

    3. Scott Pecora

      Cessna 170, an excellent choice for that purpose. No it may not the fastest, but it's very simple and reliable with a very durable understressed engine. Flying in the Pacific NW, if your using it to commute I just hope you're IFR rated.

    4. William T. Musil

      Hiya Leo

    5. crispinleslie

      I don’t know how he does it I find it nerve wracking when he cuts into that beautiful timber...

    6. Kit Laughlin

      What kind of a human being gives a thumbs down to this kind of material???

    7. Juncus Bufonius

      Nice wind break 7:22 with the Lombardy Poplars. That really does seem like a big chunk of the stern post to remove. Or have you such decisions have become common place?

    8. jamestown12345

      Have you considered adding rope cutters on the shaft forward of the prop

    9. Kevin McArthur

      What a boring channel

    10. drtb69

      Just slap an outboard on it and call it a day. Lol

    11. drtb69

      Crazy boring through that! Gut wrenching.! Soap work better than wax for the bore bar?

    12. greg work shop

      hi looking good guys

    13. Dave Rosen

      And that's why it's called the Hole Hawg.

    14. C O

      Quite impressive that you cut away that chunk of wood fir the screw (propeller) after lovingly sawing, cuting, planing etc. Finally something I can understand: airplanes!

    15. Kevin Mo

      Awesome, seeing through to the centerline of the bow is testament to your skill as a craftsman, hats off to you... that was nothing short of perfect from what I could tell!

    16. Mark Jennings

      Always looks like an Oasis music video when Noel Gallagher (Leo) puts on his shades and starts boring out for the prop

    17. Stephen Charles


    18. Eric Fermin

      resist the urge, resist the urge

    19. Jack Maples


    20. Human Interfaces

      Leo Somě ideas for Talley Ho. Super in Shaft for Anoding protection. Interested to know what Přop assembly you are using. I have design experience in hundersted 3 blade and developed my own control systém using 98:1 reduction electric gearbox from Norway to drive the VPP (Variable Pitch Propeller) Controller through NMEA on Raytheon instruments and had it controlling of exhaust Gas Sensors on the Diesel about 140 HP Perkins. Made for efficiency og Engine under load and fuel economy for passages Alsø had alternative shafts with Independant clutches alonside parell to main shaft port and Starboard driving alternatives for charging batteries and refridgerartion compressor dive compressor Watermaker.Used on Engine running stop under sail.For charging cycle. All Energy in Shaft utilised for PTO. Alsø used forward Shaft for hydraulic pumps for windlass and Capstain. Hoses in headliner.

    21. Marek Koralewski

      Szczęść Boże :) ...

    22. Bill Dyke

      If you have a car why walk? If you have a plane why drive? Some people have really got life sorted. A boring bar? Think I used to drink there...

    23. Rob T

      wouldn't it be easier to make those castings out of foam? then when you do a pour the foam just burns off.?

    24. MT Mals

      Hi Leo and crew...just dropped by after a long while away. So great to see Tally Ho..that bronze clad commitment is paying off. Bravo!!

    25. Drew Mcdonald

      What do you do with the scrap from the purple heart keel?

    26. Static Music

      Hey Leo! Just donated from your hometown Bristol, UK. I have a question - why isn't there caulking between the planks and the transom? Pete said it was the only exposed part of the boat that didn't have it. Why not? Thanks

    27. Nyron Matton

      I feel like you been pouring bronze for like 6 months.

    28. Meadmaker 452

      When it's all said and done, you could probably auction off that lofting floor to one of your patrons. I'm sure one of them would love to have it for a bit of nostalgia. If someone had a wall big enough, it could be a piece of art.

    29. Sailing Citrine Sunset

      Nice video

    30. Niall campbell morrison

      The original cut out appears to be much shallower and extended from the top pintle to the keel with most of the cut out in the rudder(?). What was on the original drawings? (just curious). Congrats on creating the best IThomes channel!

    31. kairon156

      This is the first time in a while that I realize how huge the Tally Ho really is.

    32. William Clark

      I love that you haven't once mentioned this damn virus but have just cracked on with things. Thoroughly enjoying these videos thanks Leo & team!

    33. Andy Cabb

      Amazing craftsmanship, so much display of knowledge and skill, please use some safety glasses just to protect that keen vision.

    34. Јоhn Daniel

      Confused why they chose not to open pour the bronze with a custom cover of a heat balancing plate. Seems foolish waste of money in dual sand cast.

    35. captain auvergne

      Why are you wearing masks? Seriously, you are young, are you afraid of a virus? Against the dust I want, but against the virus, firstly it is useless, secondly it is stupid.

      1. Michael Gothenburg

        It's not rocket science, it just takes some care for others to understand. The mask is not there to protect you, it's there to protect others from you. Perhaps you would agree that Leo and the others wearing mask thereby cares about others but you don't?

    36. Cameron Campbell

      Utterly terrifying to cut that aperture. Credit to the man. Amazing journey.

    37. Rocky

      Wonderful project and amazing video's. I have a question about a peace of equipment I seen in the foundry. In this video the are shoveling sand into a green colored machine. What kind of machine is that and could you share a few pictures of it working?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        It's a sand muller. It mixes the sand & breaks up any clumps.

    38. Thomas Davison

      I would be scared to death to cut or drill into such nice wood. Measure 3 times before cutting. Can't make a mistake. It just kills me to see beautiful wood get cut out like that, but I know in the end it will be perfect, because Leo is the Master and expert shipbuilder. All that drilling and grinding sounds like going to my Dentist. LOL

    39. George idarraga

      I'm really enjoying this and can see the appeal and value of hand craftsmanship.

    40. David Arnette

      I absolutely was cringing when you took that chainsaw to that beautiful purple heart for the prop.

    41. SYAMRI i

      Good job Mr

    42. Robert Collard

      What happened to the oak planks that you already showed back in June? I know you took down the cedar after some problems but I do not understand this, are the episodes out of order?

      1. Robert Collard

        @on4xb My bad, sorry.

      2. on4xb

        I think that you gave this comment on the wrong boat channel: Acorn to Arabella removed cedar planks. Tally Ho (this channel) has until now not a single plank fastened

    43. Michael Murray

      I have heard the term "collaborative effort" thrown around throughout the years in descriptions of various projects such as music, art, community improvement. Leo, you have pretty much set the standard in collaboration with your easy demeanor, effective group assembly and utilization of everyone's best assets in the process of a community goal. I think a TED Talks sharing would be a another wonderful avenue to promote Tally Ho and the beauty of collaboration. Thank you for your inspiring efforts.

    44. Tadeu Cardoso

      Nice, top

    45. James Wright

      I definitely dig your videos. It's just good stuff to watch. God bless you and tally ho

    46. Jim Marriott

      Props to your boring video.

    47. Mr M

      Used to be a sparky on Churches and Castles so a 1M+ drill bits was an everyday occurrence. The "sway" we used to call it was how much the bit would bend whilst drilling. So at its worst you could be way off once out the other side of wall/ block. I cringed a bit when you first drilled thinking the worst but to no avail. Still looking great and thank you so much for producing these videos.

    48. Hope Rules

      😍Really Love the Editing!!!!!!!!!!

    49. Bryon Ensminger

      You better watch that Milwaukee hole hog if that then binds up on you just going to break your wrist let go quick

    50. Barrie Hopson

      I also break into a sweat before you make a cut

    51. Barrie Hopson

      I just love what you're doing. From an old bloke to a young bloke.

    52. Wilson Whippy

      Hi how are you. I'm from Fiji.

    53. Rosa String Works

      I build and restore instruments. Its a fine line on rebuild verses restoration. I know you have discussed this already. But to me you are building a copy/replica. Awesome job. I use Padauk on the backs and sides of my guitars. best sounding wood ever in my opinion.

    54. Dennis R Cole

      If you use two or more bits , you can graduate the amount each cuts by increasing their length , this should make cutting easier and clean the chips out if the bore because the chips are smaller , thus reducing the friction on the boring bar . (I think) Nice job , is the powerplant going to be a surprise ?

    55. Tom Oakhill

      There you are. I have watched 82 of these videos. The sight 22:17 through the prop-tube hole of the two beam shelves meeting at the bow of the boat, is absolute proof that Leo Sampson is a Master Shipwright. His skill is amazing, and awe inspiring. Not how the beam shelves meeting line bisects the prop-tube hole.

    56. J Hemphill

      Hooray, it took a month, starting from the beginning, but I've finally caught up. I'm kicking myself for not tuning in years ago. At the time I figured "Sampson Boat Co." would be a commercial shipyard with cheesy production values and lots of adverts and product placements, so I watched A2A instead.

    57. Matt Vliet

      So much has happened in virtually no time. I am amazed on the progress every video! Leo, you sir, have got the sauce. I hope to travel to visit the ole girl one day.

    58. Jean Decrusis

      The way I see it, the original boat is gone. This is a brand new boat they're building.

      1. Jean Decrusis

        @on4xb Technically, replacing EVERYTHING constitute a brand new boat. The only "original" thing it has is its name. I don't care if the complete wooden boat world, agrees - it's a brand new boat whose design, pattern and dimensions were copied from the original. I think, the best way to describe it is... a clone.

      2. on4xb

        @Jean Decrusis Replacement of parts of a wooden boat (not exclusively) happen all the time during the life of it when it is done as it should be done. Over time this will result in getting (nearly) all components replaced but It is till the same boat. Nobody questions that. Tally Ho had bad or no maintenance at all during it's later life (let's say from the sixties onwards) and that is why she was in such bad shape. Therefore Leo had to replace everything in one go and that comes down to the same result as the example above. It is the same boat, Lloyds register, Josuah Slocombe and the complete wooden boat world agrees on that.

      3. Jean Decrusis

        @Geoffo O Have you seen episode 1? It shows floors crumbling and rot on the inside. With brand new hull frame, who in their right mind will use discarded old timber to cover it? They're building a sea-worthy boat, not a museum piece.

      4. Geoffo O

        Don't agree but we can agree to differ , I think as the build goes on more and more original fittings and timber will be used so maybe in the end it will be 60% new wood and 40% old and built to original lines. One thing we know is it is gong to be nice

    59. Bernard Donnelly

      Totally distraught. Like many who are following this project I came late, in my case just 2 weeks ago, and since then have been binge watching the entire project to date. I now have to go two weeks between fixes :(. Leo, I am totally in awe of you capacity and skills as well as your film-making capability, I have frequently become misty eyed while watching episodes. It is particularly heartwarming to see you sharing your skills, especially taking on a full-time apprentice wo the project. Looking forward to the next drop.

    60. miokti

      When I have a problem, I look for tools to deal with it. When Leo has a problem, he makes the tool to deal with it.

    61. Eric Anderson

      Very cool. I bet it’s very satisfying to see your progress. Especially when it’s sailing!

    62. rami malek hackerman

      mans building noahs ark hol up

    63. Ford Fan

      That all looks nerve wracking to me.

    64. Jasurbek Telovberdiev

      My name is Gasurbek, I'm from Tajikistan I liked your work class 2000000000000

    65. Mark Allison

      Someone once defined genius as "an infinite capacity for taking pains". Leo is by that definition an undisputed genius.

    66. DCheetham

      Incredible work! You got this, keep it up!

    67. DeepHorizon

      Leo, I just finished binging all 80 episodes of your channel after finding it. I'm absolutely amazed at your dedication and I wish I could financially support you, but I am not in a position currently to do that. I look forward to seeing Tally Ho being launched one day.

    68. Jeremy Foland

      Oh no! I've been binge watching this for a couple of weeks and now I'm caught up. :-( I'm actually going to have to wait for content now. Leo, this is an incredible channel and I'm so glad my friend sent me here to see "A boat guy make a cool scarf joint"

    69. AwakeAmericanow.

      I am not a poetic sort of person, but looking at how those timbers align and relate to each other the words 'a thing of beauty is a joy forever' seemed very apt.

    70. korllark1

      imagine doing all this without power tools.

    71. Seth Grueneberg

      petes a legend.

    72. Mark Leman

      A big job you have a big heart.

    73. Mrbpstuff

      Found the channel last week, and binge watched. As a video editor...great work. We are fortunate that both are in your skill set. The precision and ingenuity of your project is amazing. When you get to interior finish work, could you use a 5 or 6 foot, 2" o.d. thick-wall brass pipe? Very solid, for a handrail, a support, or mount it in the saloon and Checka can pole dance for you. I live fairly close. It would be great for us, if you continue making these videos. Are you getting any of this smoke?

    74. ninjamonkey2251

      How much of this boat can you make with just a hammer and chisel? (and the wood, of course)

    75. Daniel Leighton

      Loved watching you make the hole bigger with the boring bar, but reading the other comments, I'm starting to worry that I'm the only one who sees the endless sexual innuendoes in your videos. xx

    76. Dean Ford

      Congrats on the 250K subscribers!

    77. Matthew Long

      Leo, I hope you are in a safe region away from the fires.

    78. Slambo2k

      Leo I would like to make a suggestion to you about something I noticed. 4 or 5 weeks ago you had finished notching the beams for the opening your were building. Someone walked across the deck stringers and I noticed a good amount of movement in the notched beam going downward. It seems to me it would would much stronger for the deck those two notched beams to be replaced with a solid beam then the notched beam added to the inside of the new beam some glue and bolts placed through them and the deck stringers then shortened and put back in place and bolted again as you did before. It would be good for any openings on the deck to be done this way. Noticed when you where drilling the holes for the bolts into the notched timber there was a good amount of movement. Watch the video this week (last week)when you were working on this area and you'll see what I mean. Leo I've thoroughly enjoyed watching your progress. Take care Neal

      1. Slambo2k

        The companion way was what I was speaking of. Now I see you had to replace the deck timbers, wrong wood. I know that stung a bit. Would still double the beams to the starboard and port sides. Used to work on framing crews building houses. A for instance would be a span say in the basement or in any room that required a clear span opening support timber. We cut a plate of 1'4 inch thick steel the same length of the timbers then drill holes set 2 inches in from each side on 16 inch centers moving from one side to the other in a zig zag fashion for the length of the beam. A sandwich if you will, 2 x12 piece of wood on each side of the steel. It would support several thousands of pounds of weight. Could be done with 3/8 inch or other thickness pending need. Would not give any at all, very rigid. Absolutely excellent work you have done in the last few weeks. That rivet machine is awesome. Before you end your project it would be nice if you did a video on all the tools used in the building of Talley Ho. A type of run down on what it takes to do a job like this. The copper rivets could be threaded instead of bending them over this way you could determine the exact amount of pressure to be applied to the exterior planks, turn them into a bolt. Use a torque wrench and set all the pressures the same. That would be trick. You might want to recess the nut into the frame members. Sorry to ramble on I've been binge watching Tally Ho videos all weekend long. Take Care Leo, Neal

      2. Slambo2k

        @on4xb I'll get the episode hunted up. I think it is the hatch openings that I just refered to them as openings as I didn't know what they were purposed for. Well you would know more about the glue than I would. Again great work.Take care.

      3. on4xb

        Which episode and time pse ? The deck structure is not finished, at that moment in time the hanging and lodging knees were not installed (and i think they still arent). The function of the knees is precise to strengthen the deck beams around the hatches (deck openings) and the chainplates. Also the bronzen floors were not installed. They add a lot of strenght to the whole structure. Another point: glueing or even expoying structural parts is a no go : Glue and epoxy can't handle the flexing of the and will fail over time with a classic build ship.

    79. Forward, Hoopdriver!

      How did they do this back in the day with out bolts? Or did they have bolts too?

    80. Michael Kerr

      This boat is going to look amazing when completed!

    81. Robert Mecalis

      Pete is a great craftsman.

    82. Thorsten_R20plus


    83. bouytt guyt

      an ancient museum-piece airplane back and forth to the ancient museum-piece boat project. Obviously. WTH else was I expecting. LOL

    84. Cynthia Verjovsky Marcotte

      Some people commenting on old planes, re Charlie's airplane. You may be interested in this video on a recreation of a *really* old airplane, the Bleriot (video by my late father-in-law):

    85. Brian Shriver

      Checking in and realizing another week before a new episode airs. Come on Leo .... you're the only good news coming out of the northwest lately. You need to finish up and sail off safely with your parrot before the fires burn right over the Olympic range! Or barring that fasten those floors in. Dark humor for dark times? Always a good time to stay calm and carry on. Bless your British soul.

      1. bouytt guyt

        Lady deserves attention. Im sure many will adore her and admire your hard work to rescue her.

    86. RyoMai

      Man I feel guilty for earning a decent salary for just sitting in front of a computer in the office replying to stupid mails. I hope these guys earn at least twice as much, they are the people who REALLY work in our society. I feel like I'm not contributing anything #corporatelife

    87. Viliami Latu

      Hi LEO, Is this how far Tally Ho Go? I am the same as Ian can't wait to see Tally Ho finished.

    88. scottjacko87

      Leo, this project is coming along fantastically well. I'm really enjoying the time and effort that goes into editing. Well done to you and your crew!

    89. Ilegal Alien

      Where is Leo’s girl friend? Did she move back home? Why?

      1. Ilegal Alien

        on4xb 👍

      2. on4xb

        Visa expired (90 days) and now she's stuck in the UK (travel ban)

    90. Kevin McK

      This story is riveting; I'm hooked! I can't wait for the next episode!

    91. Dan O'Neill

      Fellow brit talking: ah-ha, you said "toob" (rather than tube), you've become fully yankified! Fellow brit thinking: lucky git lives in amazing bit of america, wish I was there and wish I was doing pretty much exactly what you're doing, sob...

    92. Andrew Last

      I just finished up binge watching all 82 episodes. I’m hooked. Unfortunately, now I have to wait for new episodes like everyone else.

    93. Darren Withers

      I am Truly inspired by the nature of this project. The way this project involves multiple disciplines and community resources for its resurrection is a stroke of genius. I too am jealous as I have never had anything close to this level of scope or vision for a project. Don't even get me started on how much patience this team has to make sure the quality and accuracy of the build is carried out at every step of the construction.

    94. longlat39

      In your earlier videos you always had a great eclectic choice of music. Lately it's just canned Muzac. What happened?

    95. Melvin Denny

      She's got beautiful lines. Ballsy move.well narrated. Peace.

    96. ceerw buty

      an ancient museum-piece airplane back and forth to the ancient museum-piece boat project. Obviously. WTH else was I expecting. LOL

    97. Fescue G

      That was the scariest episode of the whole project to watch ! Marking out the apperature and then pressing that button to drill - Pure skill & experience there and the result - Perfection You guys are really something!

    98. Robot Munkee

      Just watched all of your videos in order, can't wait for the next one. Started building model planes again. Thanks!

    99. John Purdom

      Oh my god, I've watched all 80 videos now, in the last three weeks... now I'm going to have to restrain my Leo and Poncho addiction to every cuppla weeks- or maybe I'll start all over again. Have loved the journey so far, wish I had more money to support you- best wishes from almost virus free Western Australia

      1. ceerw buty

        Well there we go. I got to the latest video having started at episode 1 about a week ago. It's been and absolute joy watching the work being done.

    100. BRIAN Willerton

      I can imagine Pete as an Old Salt, still sailing and telling wild tales from days of yore...