Bedding Wooden Boat Frames / Packing Up Shop! - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP31

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Bedding the Frames / Packing up Shop. Support; Become a Patron;
    EPISODE 31.
    This episode we make a few more frames, and I talk about the jigs and products that I use to bed the frame-heels into the keel pockets. I get some help from fellow youtuber Wood by Wright, and Kurt works on servicing the blade guides and making some other modifications on the huge ship-saw. Finally, we have to pack up shop and leave the country!
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    31. Bedding the Frames / Packing up Shop - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP31

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      Thanks for all the feedback. Make sure you check out the channels I mentioned, and please tell me YOUR favourite boatbuilding and sailing channels! - Which ones did I miss?!

      1. Edward Schmitt

        Vet Tails Sailing Chuffed

      2. Craig Parker

        A non building but sailing one I enjoy watching is Adventures of an old seadog -

      3. andrew howard

        A file gauge keeps the angle bevel and depth the same on each tooth. If 3 teeth are taller than the others there are the only ones that cut. The bevel determines how sharp it is. With the thickness of timbers your cutting you wold be better off with a skip tooth chain. Could rip cross fell and clear brush with it then. My goal is not to insult. I like your videos and was trying to hellp. To late for that chain but try it on your next what ever chain you prefer the angle might change but bevel and depth is should be always the same

      4. Jim Garrett

        Sampson Boat Co Hey Leo, this is Jim. I was not the one who criticized the way you sharpen your chainsaw. If your Stilh cuts through the live oak as you show, you definitely know how to keep an edge on your chain. I have no critique of you work - I flat out enjoy your channel.

      5. Six Points Wood Works

        Sampson Boat Co sorry Leo, I’m behind on my videos watching. Thanks for the mention, enjoy your trip home.

    2. Adam Turnbull

      If that were me the fit would be too snug and I'd need to take another mm off AFTER the pine tar was all over it!!! Grr

    3. Adam Turnbull

      I hope your channel stimulates more interest in the shipwright trade. It's not often put forth in such an interesting way. Well done.

    4. Michael Ratliff

      I love these volunteers!

    5. Brenda Jones


    6. Dave Swanson

      what wood were the old frames made of?

    7. Tyler D

      do you have to let the orange paint dry first ?

    8. Jacob Rudy

      How do you watch these episodes in order?

    9. C O

      Glad to see people from the UK that actually don't say "brilliant" all the time, lol.

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Haha brilliant

    10. Marius Kruger

      Haha is that right 2:23

    11. Duncan Potter

      Is this a chainsaw safety tutorial? Asking for a friend.

    12. Ruth Moreton

      Is Dolphinite a mineral that comes from Dolphins?

    13. jdhalvo

      There are few tools more useful and satisfying that an extremely sharp block plane. I may need to get out my water stones tomorrow! Thank you for the inspiration...

    14. Steve McMullen

      Your opening statement has changed, It used to be a 110 year old boat now its 108 years old?

      1. on4xb

        TH was launched in 1910: trhis episode is from 2018 so TH was 108 years old. Now (2020) TH is 110 years old

    15. Wolfgang Beutin

      that stuff looks like Marmite

    16. Dave Smith

      Why not use glue, instead of the primer..

    17. Kurt Cushwa

      Have you considered selling some of your templates? I would buy an autographed template, especially a floor template, to hang on the wall of my shop.

    18. xpez

      if you put the episode number first in the title, that would be MUCH BETTER!! also seeing close up of bare skin with a chain saw running hunched over on a wobbly wood is super sketch!! LOL In each video I am always impressed how the translation of the minute details/angles are consistently carved into the construction. Mind blowing attention to detail!

    19. James Fenton

      Pine tar and bees wax makes a great skin moisturizer and cleaner for hands. My doc tells me it's an old world skin treatment and has anti-bacterial property's. After years of heavy line work on vehicles, I gave up using fast orange and other harsh cleaners, they create issues with the skin you won't see for 20 years or more. Goop and Fast Orange will ruin skin, get Hubards shoe grease and use it instead. It cleans leather and cleans skin just as well. it also works very well with wood.

    20. Vernon W Reid

      I am awe-inspired with the skill, dedication and quality of volunteer help who have traveled from around the globe to offer a hand with this incredible wooden sailing boat restoration. Their gift of machinery, carpentry jig skills, trucker volunteer delivery and 'such' is a blessing to to see as I sit and view each episode. Very well done!

    21. charles snezd

      Another good guy, Life on the hulls, a guy in Australia building a fiberglass and foam catamaran.

    22. KAVIN

      The birds gotta make sure that everyone's bein safe on her land

    23. John Fahey

      I got a chuckle when I saw the extreme disrepair of your latex glove! Anyone who works with their hand knows about the fragility of those %@#!*&#ing gloves.

    24. Kerstin

      Isn't there supposed to be links to other channels in the description?

    25. Oneofdazzz

      noticed you are beveling the pieces 1 level at a time, and while I know this video is near a year old, would it not be far simpler to join both levels together then cut the final bevel on the single frame?

    26. rebecca hutsell

      Crazzzzzy Hair! Lol!

    27. rebecca hutsell

      Crazzzzzzy hair!lol!

    28. Dries van Oosten

      Came here from Acorn to Arabella. Binge watching my way through your channel.

    29. John Loizos

      12:30 - Just realised that I'm watching paint dry (and loving it!).

    30. justcheckinm8

      First video of you wearing chaps when using the chainsaw...please keep that habit up. Drop starting and using just the toe of the bar are risky, so at least protect yourself from the dreaded kickback. Ever seen the result of kickback? I have. Kicked into the calf of the operators front leg during an upcut of a low branch...not the easiest to stitch up. But thoroughly enjoying the binge watch of the entire series to date. No better way to spend a COVID19 lockdown day. Cheers.

    31. Pfalzgraf

      fricking cool precision on that port frame plumbline there! Wow!

    32. anthony white

      Offer them up...sounding like a true trades man now! Super video. Thanx!

    33. E McEwen

      I just have to say, You are awesome to watch - You are a fine craftsman and your perfectionism and accuracy astounds me. Keep up the EXCELLENT work.

    34. John Hill

      volkswagen bus= ENVY , great job so far on the boat!

    35. Khaled Alhada

      I like you you are creative. And really you do good job.

    36. Catherine Hackett

      So many clever folks!

    37. Gene Goodman

      Yeah you've had some really great help. Anytime you are building more than 2-3 of the same thing, a fixture or table to work on has got to be a time saver. Looking back at all the help you've had, just think of how much work they have done and the time they have saved you. This is a big THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR TIME AND LABOR YOU HAVE GIVEN TO LEO.

    38. taxirock90

      Thanks for the list of sail boat sites. Another one I can suggest is "Odd life crafting" which is the renovation of a steel hull boat.

    39. Jeff Collins

      "Her shape has sagged and changed over time, and we are trying to pull her back to her original design." - my wife's plastic surgeon.

      1. Ibh111142

        Was he as successful as Leo?

    40. Stuart McMichael

      Great job team, the work on the saw will be a great help.

    41. Bruce Fulper

      I use a leaf blower on my hair too. I've found girls love the look

    42. Focused on the Road

      Hey Viewers! I know the adds can be obnoxious.... but if you watch them, Leo gets PAID... so take a break and watch the ads. It helps out his channel.

    43. jesper dahl

      This is interesting, you call it "Stockholm tar" and a little later you reference Denmark, as a Dane I know it as "Finnish wood tar" then of cause later you will use "Danish oil" which is a Chinese invention, on the furnishings inside, right ?

    44. Ernest Kavoian

      Leo! you are a genius with your boat. Great Music Too.

    45. macelius

      I hope I get to help on this project before it's done, wish I'd found it earlier!

    46. Richard Bohling Sr

      "Tally Ho" gets stronger every week. Your getting more work done on her all the time and the people helping are sure contributing to moving the project along at a quicker pace.

    47. Sean O’Donnell

      Watching this for the fourth time while I wait for the next installment of the Tally-Ho project. This time I was so impressed with the sensational job that Kirt is doing with constructing, jigs, frame table and rebuilding the ship saw. Wow! what a guy!

      1. Alec MacLean

        I only recently discovered this channel, hence the late comment vs publish date - but also wanted to mention Kurt (Kirt - spelling?) and his terrific input with the jigs, assembly tables and ship saw maintenance. What a fabulous contribution to the project (and Leo's) safety, productivity and final quality results. Top man.

    48. Lee Humes

      It was coming apart. Now it's going together. Cool. BTW, I'd like hearing about the reasons you chose a gaff rig over a Bermuda or 2 master. I know pretty much zero, zot, nada about sailing, so I'm dumb as your stern post....

    49. philip brown

      your channel is the best yet, respect for the restoration.

    50. mick coomer

      Stockholm tar. Good on horses hooves.

    51. shady shane

      11:20 ship shape and bristol fashion,

    52. Braden Williams

      Great video!

    53. Reginald Graves

      I need some way to contribute without involving Paypal, are cheques drawn on a British bank in Pounds sterling sent by snail mail any good, what about direct transfer to your bank account in UK. Pancho is going to be miffed when she discovers that that bloody great tree is not being built for her benefit!

    54. Paul McGee

      Do you know what material the wearing/disposable pads of your bandsaw blade guides are made of? I have a 1940s bandsaw with a similar setup. So far we've used/tried mild steel, vanadium steel, and jarrah. :)

    55. rogermat

      Hi! Love your project- impressive work! Just got a bit curious about one thing. Is there a special reason why you use the sawfile in a 90 degree angle to the sword?

    56. aljotock

      Leo I cannot express adequately how much I admire your drive and determination. What a crafts man! Why are you cutting the frames to fit rather than steaming and bending them like Acorn to Arabella?

    57. razvan isa

      Bravo 😍😍❤❤❤

    58. Jon Remmers

      18:35 THAT is the sound a Vanagon makes when it has been sitting for some time. Oil drains from the hydraulic lifters. The noise is from the resulting valve lash. Mine does the same, funny to hear the sound in a completely part of IThomes than the Vanagon channels. Thank you for the superb content!

    59. David Mitchell

      Great to see the progress on Tally Ho. Top job Leo and crew.

    60. duck my sick

      Leo you are a credit to young people ... awesome work mate.

    61. John Tripp

      I have friends in Sequim I need to visit. At least that's my excuse.

    62. John Tripp

      I like the way those frames fit.

    63. MegaBait

      I think bringing back a 100 yr. old sailing vessel back from the dumpster is a great thing to do. Question: have you or noticed a difference in culture between our two countries ? Having been to the UK several times for work and living their for months at a time i have noticed a difference between the two countries. Thanks and good luck :)

    64. Steve Hall

      Do you have to return to the UK in order to renew your visa?

    65. VietLang

      The colaboration is amazing. Well done.

    66. Theophilus Jedediah

      As my history prof used to say, “Good, Better, BBest, Never let it rest, Til the Good is Better and the Better, BEST!”-

    67. Theophilus Jedediah

      I hate to see those trenails going in without being heated, dried then dipped in pine tar before being driven in..wedges also. This is a well known ancient treatment that makes a permanent connection especially for connections below waterline. But i love your videos and the parrots input is invaluable!

    68. hookerjl1

      Hi, Leo! I realy like your mission! Overall i like her name Tally sounds like being part of a fairy tale of sailors of former times. I am also interested in woodworking and like the individual ways using normal tools. Cheers, Achim.

    69. Theophilus Jedediah

      I had two total knee replacements and for 18 months had the privilege of going to physical therapy with a lady that used a saw and ignored safety chaps and safe practice and in the split second it took the saw to cut through muscle, bone and most of the opposite flesh she all but lost her leg.. they make those chaps for a reason! (If you need to borrow a pair....)

    70. peter kaks

      awesome job on the cuts of the supports and the fitting in the pockets . Nice... Ques ; what is the song title playing from say 11.50 - 15.00 . Thanks

    71. Earl Wright

      so how much did this boat cost to buy just to replace nearly every piece of original piece of of wood? just curious! or maybe another British eccentric?

      1. Tony Grimes

        @Earl Wright - I think in one of the first few episodes he said $1.

      2. Earl Wright

        however I do watch your videos and I'm a carpenter and an electrician.

    72. Nic Thomas

      i have a lot of catching up to do

    73. john dunlavey

      This is woodworking/ boat building porn at its highest level. When I saw this guys early video take him to pick out the live oak in Carolinas I began to realize this madman was going to be lumber mill, shipwright, and eventually captain of this beauty. I have been hooked on this channel. A true inspiration to craftsmanship dedication and perseverance. Tal ly Ho!

    74. Jason Roets

      what happens to all the small offcuts from making the frames?

    75. James Newsome

      What is the name/brand of the rot inhibitor primer you are using (the orange stuff)?

    76. jthepickle7

      Getting a little too anal. "A boat will take all the time you're willing to throw at it. "

    77. William Berger

      James Wright!!! I've been following him for some time. Nice to see you two could help one another, well mostly Leo.

    78. Edward Leffler

      SOS I had a fire and I’m anchored off shore

    79. Edward Leffler

      SOS I had a fire and I’m anchored off shore

    80. David Robine

      I discovered your channel through James' Wood By Wright channel and went back and watched every video from the beginning! It's been fascinating!

    81. D.R. M.

    82. Matthew Haynes

      I love what you are doing and are watching you gently restore her. But it does make me think about “triggers broom”. I will post a link.

    83. Matthew Haynes

    84. First Buck

      I don't believe that this boat was built this well originally. Just the tools available today, that weren't then, will have a huge impact.

    85. Arthur Jacobs

      Just started watching all your videos and just a small piece of advice. The next time you need to drive anything such as keel bolts. Take a medium sized or larger hammer drill. Sacrifice a used bit and half inch drive socket that will fit over your intended bolt. Cut the bit off to about 4 inches, drive it into the drive end of the socket. True it up and weld inside and out. Put this in your drill, put it on just hammer, and it will do the work for you.

    86. Thomas Morley

      You cant get dolfinite in the UK

    87. Todd Hille

      Congratulations Leo. You’ve found your calling. I like the music as well.

    88. André Bériault

      God! When I watched your first clips, I though more or less that you were really crazy to undertake such a fool's project....LOL Little did I know that soon enough I would be looking at a wizard at work! Wow....if I was your age I would follow the same trail! Plus your videos are fun to look at....just love the parrot! Cant wait to see the next episodes...sorry cant help much, retired with very very low budget! I once owned a Canadian built fiberglass & teak Tanzer 23 that I rebuilt like new....and it was three lovely years and found memories! I see now how you must feel! Take care and God bless

    89. Thomas Joseph

      Wow Your project has to surely be a "Labor of Love". I am a Woodworker by trade and I have helped a friend rebuild a few smaller Vintage Wooden Speedboats. There were a couple of Chris-Crafts, a Riva, and another one I can't quite remember, it started with an "L" I think. The first boat we felt and probably looked a lot like Gilligan trying to repair the SS Minnow lol. But I do love the opportunity to work with Mahogany, especially when I am not paying for it lol. I know those smaller boats were taxing my patience some, I can't even imagine trying to do a large sailboat. With that being said, I would jump at the chance to rebuild a classic like a Galleon or an old Viking Ship. It would be awesome to combine woodworking with history.

    90. Ron E Rawhoof

      As a child I used to watch boat owners repairing/rebuilding their boats while dry docked near Barnegate Bay N.J. It fascinated me to no end. I wanted to be a boat builder since 3rd grade. But alas, we ended up in Illinois, away from the inspirational and eventually my desire crept back to a warm place in my heart. As an aging adult I picked up other creative means of expression through ornamental iron and woodwork. I plan to build a cedar strip canoe to satisfy my desire that build a floating vessel. It’s certainly not even close to your level of craft but it’ll have to do. Thank you for your inspiration and great offering of knowledge.

    91. C Smith

      Great video of a guy ordering a wooden fishing boat in the 50s, and it being built.

    92. Uitgeverij Betelgeuze

      Have a good trip to England. We love, admire and enjoy your efforts at Tally Ho. Caryy on .. .. ..

    93. austin fuller

      My god Leo fantastic work I bet you’re a bloody good teacher as well. Can’t wait for the next video, thank you. Torpoint

    94. faircompetition1

      Fantastic work - video idea for you . Do one frame as you are with power tools and one with hand tools in the style she was built just for a comparison . They were men in those days ....hmm that could be the title .

    95. Little Bear canoe company

      Thanks again , very informative!

    96. TurboVisBits

      The most impressive part is your constant focus and speed doing this yourself. Good job man!

    97. gess ges

      I don’t under stand a couple of things , I respect you are a traditionalist, and good at it , the boat is of old , and building it back to its original is nice , why not belt sand the frames , rout the inner corners , sand up , and clue the frames with expoxie glue then varnish them up , Back in the day these were built rough , some times bark was still on the frames , grown nees etc , if one was going to the expense why not glue everything so cutting down in the maintainance in latter years , just a thought

    98. John Franks

      Awesome job Leo rebuilding Tally Ho, appreciate all the hard work on the video's, they are a fantastic resource.

    99. MikeAG333

      Great stuff Leo! I've just finished catching up on all 31 episodes. Love it..... But I have a question, and a suggestion. Firstly, a suggestion. Your planer jig, with the 4 level adjusting screws, could be improved hugely by welding a small bike sprocket to each screw adjuster, and linking them all with a bike chain. Add a simple crank handle to one of them, and you would then only need to turn one handle (rather than 4 knobs) to raise or lower the plane. Obviously, this is the same way as planer thicknesser beds are controlled. Now, the question. Is this really a restoration? You are replacing all of the boat's ribs, keel, deck support timbers, decking, and hull planking, plus all of its ironwork. From what I understand, the only things you are retaining are the hatch covers, and maybe stem and stern posts. Is this right? (Forgive me if I get the terms wrong. I'm an architect and restorer of ancient timber frame buildings, and nautical terminology isn't my strong point). If that is the case, firstly it seems rather brutal, and secondly, isn't it just a new boat with a couple of bits scavenged from an old one? Why didn't you just scavenge those pieces at the original boat yard and then build a new one, without having the old one in the way? Restoring old timber frame buildings involves judging what is sound, and scarfing new pieces in to the old in place of rotten stuff, or "sistering" new to old, to give the old a bit of support but retain the presence of the original. At least you end up with a building which still retains as much of the original as possible. Your boat, whilst beautiful, will be 95% new (or more), won't it? I think there were 3 or 4 "original" Chitty Bang Bangs, the Brooklands racer, kicking around at one time, one of which only had a couple of bolts from the original car. Is this not a danger with the Tally Ho?

    100. Josef

      What were we thinking naming pine tar "pine tar" instead of the far more intuitive "Stockholm tar?"