Rebuilding Tally Ho! Back to work!

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Back to Tally Ho! Back to work! Support; Become a Patron;
    EPISODE 35.
    This episode I return to Washington State USA, and get back to work on Tally Ho! First I give a brief tour of the project, and a little overview of the work done up until now. I get the ship-saw set up again, and then get on with cutting a few more futtocks and assembling another couple of frames. I also talk about my plans and ideas for the future of the project, and how I’m going to try and speed things up!
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    35. Back to Tally Ho! Back to work! - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP35

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    1. bdle est

      Is your lovely beautiful bird drink water.

    2. coug96fan

      Something poetic using a wood mallet to pound in wood "Nails". So many skills, so many unique tools, I glad to hear you are looking to pass those on in mini apprentices.

    3. Bill Dyke

      I can't wait for the sound track CD. Which is already a huge box set, and growing all the time. There was a time when I considered myself a peerless carpenter and aficionado of obscure country/blues music. Doh!

    4. John Stride

      Are the treenails bedded in with something?

    5. Donny Rankin

      You mentioned the bird was the star of the show. Wrong!!! The star of the show is Cecca!!!

    6. Peter Brickwood

      Couldn't find Episode 34 so I watched Wright make your malets.

    7. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    8. Zureal

      At 9:36 , why is he putting that seccond peice of wood on top of where he is drilling? does it help with splitting or something?

    9. Jack Walker

      Leo, I had an idea that might be a way to raise some money. The leftover rosewood could be crafted into souvenir paperweights with your signature and a Tallyho branding iron. These could be sold to subscribers that want a piece on the Tallyho rebuild. Sold for a donation of their choice. Just my thought to raise funds for the build. I bid $100.00 for the first one. And I hope that I may be outbid. You will need to number the blocks to attract collectors.

    10. d64d64

      Very useful, lining up the pieces with the help of the pegs. Old technique of the Lego builders.

    11. Andthen 01

      I’m watching from beginning, so this comment probably won’t be seen. I’m interested in how the bevels of each half of the sawn frames would need to be cut opposite to each other since the template represents the centreline of the ‘sandwich’. Would mean each half are quite a bit different in shape.

    12. Eric Turner

      Whatever happened with the building inspector and whiny neighbors?

    13. Cabby Tennis

      Love the approach to team and to the wood and boat itself. I feel more patient just watching this and taking in the sense of calm and forthrightness the project seems to exude.

    14. anthony white

      You have a chance to start your own boat building company. Everything you need is in your hands.

    15. jonathan greedy

      God bless

    16. rtmordecai1

      Are Macaws usually so quiet?

    17. Richard Bohling Sr

      I bet your happy to be back on site to work on the boat. Now to get at it and make some progress.

    18. geoff burrill

      Great skill, like the way you do a great deal of your work outside.

    19. Charles Reliable

      You put a lot of Work into Your videos, for Us to view. It shows!

    20. Brian Fairey

      who picks the music? great stuff.

    21. stickytourbus

      My name is Leo! From one to another, we sure are an odd lot! 👍👍

    22. Dave Weber

      This is a totally wild and "unlearned" brainwave, but, you could use a electronic, voice-controlled system for that rolling bevel adjustment on that beautiful beast of a ship saw. :-) Set up a variable speed stepper motor, get some whiz-kid to design a voice-actuated system that would accept your voice commands as you are sawing, complete with even speeding up and slowing down the travel as it changes angles. From what I can see, you need both your hands, and certainly both your feet, in play to control the heavy wood slabs you are pushing through the blade. Using your voice to control that other axis would free up another volunteer, or let you work more efficiently, when you're alone... Picture yourself, donning a Bluetooth headset, firing up that ship saw, and calling out the commands much as you do now, but instead of another pair of hands operating the rolling angle gear, you'd have yanked that ole beast into the new millennium and be speaking to the saw itself! Hey, it could happen... :-)

    23. Ricardo Malta

      The work you do is magnificent. I look forward to see this beauty back on the water!

    24. Clone36

      That ship saw scares me.

    25. JusBidniss

      Oh, and an old woodworker's trick for keeping two pieces from sliding around on the wood glue until you can get the clamps on, is to sprinkle a bit of table salt on the glue just before sandwiching the boards together. The grit lasts long enough to do final alignment and tighten the clamps. If you decide against your trennel solution, give salt a try on your paint. It shouldn't affect the joint at all.

    26. JusBidniss

      You mentioned earlier that the motor that rotates the ship saw did so too fast, and the crank you added gives you more control over the speed of rotation. What about putting a rheostat switch on it, like the dimmer on the kitchen light switch? Is that possible, given its electrical quirks (3-phase, etc.). I'm no electrical engineer, but it does seem a shame to abandon such a useful motor just because it rotates the saw at one speed. Should be some way to slow that speed to a useful rate, plus allow for one operator of the saw to both push the timber and manage those rolling bevels, perhaps with a foot pedal.

    27. stcecilla

      What about the shower 🤔😂😂

    28. ugg ahh

      Form up patriots, the time is now

    29. Waljah Ras

      Just watched for the first time. Really enjoyed watching the build of a sawn frame. I follow another channel that is building with steamed frames. They explained the difference, but I'm more a visual learner. Liked and subscribed. If you are interested in seeing the other channel I'll post upon request. Don't want to be disrespectful. Look forward to binge watching your previous vids. Nice work. Keep it up

    30. Mike Bockey

      it’s my perspective that after the discovery of the improper earlier repairs that resulted in the nonconformity of the hull’s geometry, the boat should have been scrapped for excessive costs to rebuild. with the keel having to be replaced and so much of the beam structure it would have been better and more economical to rebuild the boat from the new keel up. and you would have a better vessel in the end too. it’s not too late. tear off what little planking’s left and rebuild all the beam frames. every other one. pshaw. do it right. timber has a strength life. one hundred years? i’ll not be sailing anywhere besides the pond on a hundred year old craft. don’t really wanna rain on your parade, but be realistic and rational sir. i know you’re going to do whatever you want but there’s still time for reconsideration. have a great day.

      1. Slashley gibbins

        But he’s pretty much renewing the whole thing. It will be like a new boat.

    31. Reel-Lentless

      I am really enjoying this form many aspects. Especially how much work and moving/working large items by yourself. Thanks

    32. Rob B

      Yard Boss Leo. What Lead Primer paint are you using? Between framing. The spec's.

      1. Sampson Boat Co


    33. rob dog

      Christ what a grafter ..... having worked on boats all my life I think that this is a remarkable achievement...I would call you a master shipwright rather than a boat builder ...... is that real red lead ?

    34. Bob Frazier

      I'm curious if a 4" foam roller might apply the paint a little faster, and possibly more evenly.

    35. Caroline Paquier

      Hey Leo! Where are you? I got up Saturday morning eager to watch a new video of the Tally Ho project only to find it wasn't here. Jet lag? Need a vacation to recover from your vacation, lol? Dude....I need my Tally Ho fix! Get crackin :)))))

    36. Basil

      This is a joy to watch. I love anything like this, anything to do with engineering, boat building, I guess you could say I am a make it, build it, repair it freak. So this type of video floats my boat.

    37. Michael Tillman

      Liking the shorter video.

    38. Mark Heilmann

      I'm by no means a boat builder but am fascinated by these videos. I've been following "Acorn to Arabella" as well and noticed that they steam-bent their frames. Is there an advantage one method over another? Just curious.

    39. tony ayers

      would love some pieces of live oak to make a mallet, how about marketing some offcut pieces as a way of supporting this great project??

    40. Brian Hinton

      Shear perfection all the best with it Mate !!!

    41. Mark Jones

      Dat fog tho 🥰😍

    42. John Ferguson

      Every time I tune in there is less and less of Tally Ho remaining. I thought that this would be the way that the project would go. You are building a new boat that has a few elements recovered from a historical boat.

    43. A 6 Metre Called Vega

      Not many 6 Metre Class 1930 100% wood boats around, ithomes.infovideos

    44. uggebugge1

      Good to have you back in the feed again! Always fun to see in action!

    45. arnhemseptember2009

      Enjoy your craftsmanship very much here in Holland!

    46. William Hoskins

      I'm surprised that found red lead in The U.S. . Anything REALLY effective has been banned. Good on you mate.

    47. brad b

      Calmly awaiting the next upload is proving to be a challenge … I just can't get enough . = )

    48. Tate Edwards

      Can you help me find someone interested in this Amel Maramu project?

    49. Dick Horner

      I'd love to hear the machinery, the bird, the bull shit, but the DAMNED MUZAK makes that too difficult!

    50. CaptainFancyPants

      what are you planning on doing with the old hardware? can you restore it and re-use it?

    51. CK H

      Always great content. What camera do you mainly use?

    52. oldschoolman 144

      I use to drive by the Tally Ho all the time before it was moved to Washington state, that quite a job you have there, keep up the great work.

    53. Aaron Wolfenbarger

      Your like a real life hobbit! Thats cool biblo boat builder!


      Leo,--Good to see Your progress---One Question/Observation--What about the "Color Reversal" on The Southern Live Oak , where the wood nearest the Bark becomes Darker than the Inner Section--- This goes against "The Books" where Heart Wood is identified as "Darker"-- Your Live Oak Mallet demonstrates this Dramatically. Steve Cross akaSuperAX

    55. Tim Cavazos

      I guess I should have watched first before I asked.

    56. Tim Cavazos

      Have you got your mallets yet? I watched them get made, pretty sweet dude.

    57. Tim Cavazos

      Glad your back Leo I'm a big fan.

    58. alphasxsignal

      Facebook is not secure anymore and not safe.

    59. alphasxsignal

      Use GOOP clear seal on your shower pan corners.

    60. Luigi Gallerani

      You are amazing and the video quality is great, you really make enthusiast sailors like me even more fascinated by your ART of wooden boat building. I m from Genoa Italy, but even if a glorious port, very few workshop are capable of building ships like you do. Never stop working, I hope I can meet you one day.

    61. Graham Parr

      Are you working to any sort of schedule, or is it too early to say?

    62. Anthony Murray

      loving your work mate. Dinghy racing sailor now studying physics in sheffield. would love to come and study your progress. Also a crafter myself

    63. Bob Stienke

      Rock on brother! Making progress!

    64. Mark Wallace

      Amazing skills and really enjoy the videos. Be extra careful when working on your own though

    65. Thor Pedersen

      Hi Leo, fantastic effort taking on so big a project I take my hat off to you and thank you dearly for the advice on wooden boat building. I am struggling a bit with watching you use cement blocks under your frames when cutting with the chain saw, any chance that you can get some plastic milk crates to use instead? I have been using them religiously for year, they are very strong and you can screw them together to get added height. Again thank you for everything that you do and share. cheers Thor

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        thats a good idea! ....I haven't hit a concrete block yet, though

    66. Mr Me

      Man your crazy!! I love ya! Tackling that project takes some moxie. Go man go.

    67. Astrodiver 1

      Great in a nutshell presentation of your channel.

    68. Gene Miller

      Maybe it’s my lack of knowledge but it looks like you are basically replacing everything. I don’t get the need for the boat. Just build from scratch.

      1. Slashley gibbins

        Yup, but then it would be a different boat (even tho it is a different boat), then be like any other boat build.

    69. Cam

      Wow, you have impressed the crap out of me! And that’s saying a lot as an artist trapped in a tradesman’s (HVAC/Carpentry) body raised by a father carpenter and a clean freak mother (Mennonite) I have a certain appreciation for quality workmanship.

    70. Kevin Baboolal

      i wish i had the finances to come work with leo

    71. Bradley

      Leo: "I haven't gotten much done because I've only been back a few days." Me: "Leo has literally done more in the past few days than I've accomplished in the last year."

    72. Allstar

      All genuine boatbuilders have a certain look: slightly dazed expression, wild hair(because of all the dust and who gives a fk attitude),generally frazzled demeanour, clothing destroyed with glue/muck/dust..Leo has the look down pat 😋 That parrot is a superstar!!!

    73. Prepper Life

      You are very talented, and as a craftsmen myself I will tip my hat to you sir. Great work.

    74. Celso Cavallari

      I like the star on the back

    75. Nate8thcvi

      One of the best things about your videos is the music. All fantastic choices.

    76. DA Poppa

      Very nice! Far too many of these crafts are cast aside and lost forever. Well done!!!

    77. Des O'Brien

      A new generation of craftsmen, so enjoying to watch, a real tradie uses gaffa tape or masking tape as a band aid, nothing works as well :-)

    78. Ash Powell

      Good luck getting the team together, I'm sure people will come out of the woodwork everywhere. (Pun intended) I'd love to come and help but it's a long and expensive journey from Australia.. Haha.

    79. maurice powers

      Such an inspiration...Leo ... Your great.

    80. Philip Gee

      Hi Leo, Glad that you are back on the build I can't wait to see it sailing!

    81. ColinWatters

      Some people sprinkle salt or sand onto the glue before clamping up to stop it sliding about.

    82. jeremie manninen

      what the hell I never got a notification about this. I don't understand why IThomes isn't notifying me with some channels. Living in that work shop has to be better than living under the stairs of a friends house or in an old rotted boat that you've got to restore lol

    83. Shane K

      Are you selling this boat when it's finished?

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        nope, I'm going sailing!

    84. John Bowen

      your a top tradesman, BUT, you should of just built a new boat

      1. Sampson Boat Co


    85. Jason Koslow

      Where are the dogs? I thought they are the stars of the show.

    86. bucketofguts

      The gull thought you were kidding about 6 weeks around 7:13 . Welcome back to the USA,. You have been missed........................

    87. hestetube

      Your music compilation is amazing.

    88. Marvelous Wonderful

      Anybody see this Ship Saw in San Diego for sale? 30 tons! Man, if I won the lottery...

      1. Tom Hutchins

        If you look close it is sitting on a concrete or cast iron base underground level . Its not painted green. You would probably just buy the machine and pour your own base. unless its cast iron and that would explain the 30 tons. They state they have built many tall ships with it there probably getting old! In one of the pictures it shows a couple of guys in at least there 70's

      2. Marvelous Wonderful

        Okay, that's what I thought, but I've never seen one so I just went with the craigslist ad. Beautiful work, btw.

      3. Sampson Boat Co

        wow, I wonder why they are selling?! I know its big but 30 tons seems unlikely..

    89. Theophilus Jedediah

      My wife and i are restoring a terribly dilapidated 1904 farm with a 2300 sq’ farm house, 60,000 sq’ (total) two story dairy barn with a cupola the size of a freight train car, an above ground 30,000 sq’ silage pit and six animal feen stations and covers and machinery garages. Our machine shop blew 200’ to the West into the crop fields and collapsed the actual dairy milking stations which were 130’ long each by 30’ wide next to each other and those were spread crazily across the western fields during one particular Winter storm that blew a steady 100-135 miles per hour (160-200 kph) and removed most of the farm house roof. We bought it at a great price but are already into the home about $120,000 in repairs and upgrades and have yet to start on the barn and buildings. It’s a 10 year project. Ive been so inspired by you that I’m getting ready to start a channel dedicated to showing the rest of my journey to finishing my project with almost entirely turn of the century technology and tools just as the original craftsmen did....except on the solar system.... thanks, your channel is one i just cant miss!

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        That's awesome, good job!

    90. Theophilus Jedediah

      Do you use some of the black locust wood to bow tie those serious checks in the ends of some of your large pieces?

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        I haven't yet

    91. Ian B

      Will the change in timber (and presumably density) in the keel and frames cause a rethink of the internal ballast?

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        possibly, won't really know until she goes in the water though

    92. Tim Sharp

      I love seeing the opening shot by Beken of Cowes roads - a lovely reminder of home. An amazing project really looking forward to seeing Tally Ho back where she belongs.

    93. Mmmyess

      It's kind of funny how one might have loyalty to a screw. I discovered Power Pro self-drilling torx head screws (resting on the ship saw table at 6:00) about a year ago and have been completely sold on them ever since. They're pricey and (around here) available only at Lowe's, but they are the most evolved screws in the history of screws. The Home Depot equivalent are not equivalent...they're worse. Cheers!

    94. Джо Блэк

      Вы один из лучших мастеров которых я видел. Удачи вам и терпения .

    95. Burton's Attic

      I think that's the largest most function band saw I have ever seen. I grew up in a town that has a Tally Ho! 50's Drive In that's been there since the end of WWII. Best cheeseburgers ever. First place I go when I'm in town, thanks for reminding me! Great work your doing, love the live in work shop!

    96. SAILS149

      leo I was watching a video of how hard it was to remove tree nails during a rebuild at Buxton boatworks in maine. if anybody questions your decision send them to look at this link is to part about tree nails.cheers warren

    97. Gondras123

      Dang, I'm in the market for a new sailboat... too bad it's on the wrong side of the US.... :-(

    98. MrTim3990

      In effort to prevent wood from sliding during glue up, I have seen a wood work sprinkle salt on the surface. This was an old timer w/ many years of experience and he said the salt does not effect the the glue strength. Furthermore, salt prevents wood rot. I really enjoy your videos and have learned a lot.

    99. Curtis Mcquiston

      I would love to come help but I know nothing about boat building but I have a good strong back and I'm not a teenager I'm 43. Last Wednesday I been watching your Adventure since the beginning would love to get in your brain and keep the bird company