East Coast Oak and a Pink Fireman (EP66)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - East Coast Oak and a Pink Fireman (EP66)
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    EPISODE 66.
    Back to work on Tally Ho! After returning to the West Coast, I start by planing and bolting the beam shelf scarps joints. In the process, I buy a vintage pipe threading machine and use it to thread the bolts.
    After a 3500 mile journey across the USA, a Pink Fireman arrives with a trailer-full of White Oak for TALLY HO’s deck beams, which we unload with the help of a forklift and a stubborn parrot. It’s good to be back!
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    66. East Coast Oak and a Pink Fireman (Tally Ho EP66)

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    1. Tim Cross

      America is Marshall. But you won't HEAR about him on CNN

    2. ACU

      One (probably stupid) question: Why use bronze and not a good quality stainless steal? Because it can handle movement between the woods better?

    3. Charles Seymour

      Planking time.

    4. Charles Seymour

      I am in Covid lockdown with my wife just diagnosed with breast cancer. Going back in December 2020 to see the early episodes. Then ran into pinkman. Good man.

    5. Charles Seymour

      Is there anything more satisfying than seeing a scarf join vanishing as it is clamped to? This episode is a symphony of the mechanical and magical wooden wonder. Intro pinkman!

    6. James Adams

      That beam will be plenty dried out before you get this boat even close to the water at this rate

    7. Lorrie D Mussett

      At 19:50 ~ Yet another moment that feels me with joy. Like I said.....Hood people attract good people! God bless to all.

    8. vonclap

      sort of guy you would like to have as your mate, nice one

    9. r g

      Great video, Leo. Awesome work!!

    10. r g

      Marshall is a good man. I just went to his charity's website and voted for them to receive a grant. Good luck, Marshall !

    11. Caroline LaBass

      Marshall, you are awesome!

    12. Vee Dragon

      Hell yeh, Marshal!

    13. Ezi Bierx

      Marshall is what I believe to be a true blood American. God bless and be sure to do the right thing on Tuesday 3 Nov.

    14. Paul Standing

      Hi Leo it was nice to see Marshall again really nice man the difference in weather when he was driving up to you was unbelievable but nice to see hope he had a nice safe drive home you all take care.😀😀👍

    15. Miky Schuster

      Marshall is a pure Legent !

    16. Bill Dyke

      Every now and again you come across someone truly amazing. All the best, Marshall.

    17. The Man from Epsilon Crucis

      Marshall is the kind of man that reminds me that Angels are true, and some of them live among us.

    18. Jearden

      Late to watching this episode I must of missed it, What an amazing guy, almost made me cry ! Love seeing nice things happen, god knows I need it during all this!

    19. clockguy2

      Thanks Marshall.

    20. Billomaticus Billomaticus

      just in case no one has yet mentioned this regarding your augur bit with screw. Instead of taking off the screw Just grind down the threads and leave the resulting centered needle point that can assist starting a new hole. from barefoot to pivot toe.

    21. Tim

      People, the last video and this one; what positive examples of manhood.

    22. OriginalgEd

      As a Brit, for me Marshall represents what can be great about the American spirit. It's not who you are, it's what you do.

    23. C O

      Big shout out to Marshall and his wife!

    24. Patrik Voight

      Just love this Project! :) (Started watching 2 days ago)

    25. Samuel Willis

      I know someone made a joke about your forklift skills; wondering if a dolphin could operate it better than you; however, you have mad skills and you respect the dangers of operating that piece of equipment... keep it up!

    26. Phil Rant

      So sorry I can only Subscribe once! Keep going young man, I am with you all the way. Never carved some of the woods you use but have carved Elm into a large wooden sailing ship to support the rudder post, such fun!

    27. Jason Richardson

      Still wouldn't want my 3 foot face on my truck

    28. colin anderson

      Best episode ever! Oh how the world could do with more folk like Marshall

    29. Andre Demetrio

      It seems to me like this is a completely new boat...

    30. Dean Armour

      God bless you Marshall the pink fireman for your service, your commitment to your cause and helping Leo

    31. Belo MOLNAR

      Real Hero Mr. Marshall I ´ m deeply impressed.

    32. Tom Oakhill

      Marshall, you rock man. Your dedicating your *entire* life to the service of your fellow human beings. I *know* what you mean about the trip. I did my 32 road trip, Detroit to Portland Oregon, two years ago. Did my first one 49 years ago. Our country is immense and driving is the only way to experience that. Leo drove from Boston to the Gulf Coast, and then out to Sequim, so he to has had that experience.

    33. Tom Oakhill

      I have watched the complete Project Binky videos. It is SO strange to see a grinder cutting without sparks (6:35). That is the nature of iron (12:33) versus bronze (17:58). That is just weird.

    34. billy bob jo billy head

      Skills, do you produce your own BG musik as well?

    35. RB

      @Marshall Moneymaker - Well done sir! 👍👍🖖😎⛵⛵⛵⛵

    36. Schnapps ist gesund!

      12:30 pain is temporary, glory is forever! Edit: for anyone wondering, that is an refference to Wintergatan

    37. Robert Wiley

      If you want to support his work regarding Breast Cancer expose Bill Gates and the eugenics monsters responsible for these deaths. My sister died in 2018 of Breast Cancer.

    38. MUSA MOSHY

      Pink Fireman 😇🙏🙏🙏💐

    39. eXactModellbau

      I wish I had done this trip! What a nice guy! Thank You!

    40. Harold Conover

      How cool was that of Marshall? Very Cool !

    41. Michael Colgan

      Im 64 and have never seen that machine lol . I was a underground tank guy for 10 years .

    42. kymcha

      I think one of the things that has come out of this project is the revelation of volunteers who have turned up from all corners and are individually pretty special people ... in particular the Pink Fireman.

    43. Edwin Cave

      Why don’t you just grind the thread into a point instead of grinding the end flat? It should be easier to start the drill off.

    44. MrPossumeyes

      Yo Marshall! Big ups!! My sister lives. You keep on helping other women, please. Awesome

    45. jamierodg1

      Is all that planing just for aesthetics?

    46. Pavel Komarov

      Marshall's map artwork is so cool.

    47. Patrick Nee

      on the subject of cancer look up rick simpson run from the cure ithomes.info/net/tttxmpuobp9niqA/video

    48. Dan Cook

      Marshall, you beautiful, wonderful human being. Cheers for being a legend. .as time passes, your kind seemingly dissapears but this is a reminder that the world isn't the terrible place it can seem or be portrayed as being. Nice one fella

    49. Patrick Boyes

      23:05 the parrot is on for the ride!🤣

    50. Deane Hill

      Such a remarkable man, wish there were more of him around. Best wishes to him and his wife for their generosity.

    51. Ken Marapese

      Wow, inspiring episode. I would wear that pink along side Marshall.

    52. Jimbo Mac

      Anybody else want to see @handtoolrescue come in and make that threader all pretty and functional?

    53. Brunel Motos

      Dude I’ll say it again, you’ve restored the faith in people I lost years ago.

    54. MrPossumeyes

      Honour, Marshall. Big ups to you!

    55. MrPossumeyes

      Machine refurbish? Talk to Kieth Rucker! He's The Man!

    56. carl simpson

      Just watching this episode i have the bits you made have a good few never heard them called barefoot we no them as bullnose bits keep up the good work from a fellow Shipwright.

    57. atticus pelissier

      i like how you say "washing up liquid" instead of soap

    58. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    59. James Goetz

      I teared up at the end of the episode... Marshall seems like such an amazing person. The world needs more people like Marshall.

    60. IansGoalieDad

      This has probably been covered before but what in the world are the chickens for? I assume you guys eat the eggs but do you slaughter the chickens too?

    61. Josh Boucher

      What an amazing individual Marshall is. A fitting match for such a dreamy boat.

    62. Zig Zag 77777

      Wow - what an episode. Really touched me. Thank you

    63. Vinicius Fonseca

      That's what she said! 🤣 ithomes.info/net/xqit2dGBjGSpe4Y/video

    64. cameron simison

      nice, a marylander

    65. joseph overmyer


    66. Graham Bird

      Thank you >>> Pink Fireman !!!

    67. Andrew Robinson

      How great is Marshall! Even documenting the journey. Fantastic 👍

    68. Peter Krawczyk

      Get 6ah battery or higher for that heavy duty makita drill. Ive got one and i can say high amp battery makes a world of ifference. Higher the amp = higher discharge rate= more power and this drill makes good use of it

    69. constantinos schinas

      15:30 african woods usually have a high content of sand, that is what makes blades dull, not so much the hardness. that is why protection is needed, because bleedy noses after a couple of hours (glass) are not a rare phenomenon. to keep the blades sharper, it is important to run them at balanced feed rates. too low, blades will skip, too high blades will rub on sand particles and get dull easily.

    70. Ruellibilly

      You and your project really have the gift to attract the most wonderful people that bring out the best of humanity!

    71. BigMike SantaCruz

      The kindness of the Pink Fireman brings me to tears.

    72. Lego Man 12345 12345

      "Not only the history you are saving, but also the history you are making"

    73. DownunderGraham

      You’re going to have all this great equipment that runs on 110V. You’ll have to set up a boat building workshop in the US or have a big step down transformer for a workshop in the UK. 😀

    74. webmozaic

      Marshall, you're a very special guy and it was a pleasure to meet you in this video. What a treat to be able to travel across the USA and see things you may never have done otherwise. The best to you and your great work.

    75. jthepickle7

      Pink Fireman is a Big Dog. (that's a good thing)

    76. Hing Yee

      Thanks and respect !

    77. Wat Sdiri

      Thumb up for Marshall the good man

    78. Uther

      What a genuinely charitable man Marshall is.

    79. nick viner

      As a one time shipwright, I have to say that the quality of your work is OUTSTANDING.

    80. Buttersdynamite1

      2:10 JUst got for myself same Makita planer :) Love quality and how you organize work. Greatings from Lithuania!

    81. Anton Spilhaus

      Watching you scarf a joint is just SO satisfying... Never ceases to amaze me how it almost just disappeared on both of them! Marshall, you are legend. Thank you so much!

    82. Nutt Farm Garage

      I’m so impressed by the work you are doing! At times it seems like there are so many unpleasant things happening in this world, but it seems that you have inspired so many people to lend a hand to reach your goal. There truly are many kind and generous people in this world, it warms my heart to see! Cheers!

    83. markwb0

      What an amazing firefighter. Bless him.

    84. georgianbents

      That's not so much "slop" in the die holder as it is "play" to allow the die heads to self-align and run as parallel as possible with the shaft/pipe that's being threaded. I think the two primary things you need to worry about are that the chuck holds the work firmly, and the die heads are as sharp/unworn as possible.

    85. Richard chavez

      When is the next video coming out??

    86. Kim Doss

      Leo U get sow much help from almost strangers. The way the world should B. Regards Kad

    87. Kim Doss

      If U file the Auger Worm Tip on 2 sides of the worm with a file this will slow the pull strength of the auger bit but still maintains some help with the pull of the bit. regards Kad

    88. Coffresi USVI

      Way to go Marshall....Semper-FI

    89. George Fox

      The music on this channel is banging

    90. John Linnus

      I have now seen the rest of the video. Humanities Best.🙂. “3-Sisters”😌

    91. John Linnus

      I too, own a parrot. BTW. Just an incredible undertaking. ....And, How many men did it take to build the original? ---ex-Millwright, impressed with the craftsmanship 👌 Tally Ho Indeed

    92. Grant Bratrud

      You go, Pink Fireman! Hella transcon load, white oak flitches... dude!

    93. Graham Parr

      Looks like a fantastic trip.

    94. Bill Keaggy

      You are TRULEY AMAZING LEO!!!

    95. Sprezzatura

      Marshall you have found enlightenment through the tragedy you have endured. You're an example for us all. Leo, always great videos and great music. How about some Khruangbin as background music?

    96. Mick S

      Mine has been but a short journey compared to yours, but after a week of marathon viewing I have sadly finally caught up and will now have to wait two weeks for each new Episode just like the rest of your viewers. Cheers Leo. You are an inspiration and a breath of fresh air in today's society.

    97. Quemuel alves nassor

      Doesn't the loud sound of tools hurt the Pancho?

    98. Iceink FXC


    99. William J McCartan

      Cheers, and I completely understand what he was saying about taking the last few pieces off the trailer, carry on gentlemen. Thank you Marshall, and your Mrs, well done.