Big Joinery - Building the Stern Assembly (Tally Ho EP43)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Big Joinery - Building the Stern Assembly. Support; Become a Patron;
    EPISODE 43.
    The yard is full of deep snow, but we have no time to spare! Finn and I cut out all the remaining Stern Assembly pieces from the huge Purpleheart timbers, and then use power-planes, hand-planes, chisels, and a new router sled, to shape them to match the templates as precisely as possible. Then we have to try and assemble this extremely heavy and expensive jigsaw! Once they all fit together, we use the forklift to hoist the whole Stern Assembly upright so we can check all the joinery from both sides.
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    43. Big Joinery - Building the Stern Assembly (Tally Ho EP43)

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    1. Stay Frosty

      man than timber is so sweet

      1. Stay Frosty


    2. Tom Watson

      Leo, your restoration work and carpentry skill is inspiring. And your music choices for your videos are top-notch.

    3. bomaite1

      I don't know anything about boatbuilding and live a thousand miles from any ocean, but nonetheless I am going to stick my neck out with a stupid comment here. Wouldn't that stern assembly be easier and stronger if you laminated it with smaller pieces? You could make more intricate interlocking joints that would form a much stronger whole. Are you strictly following the historic work, or is there another explanation?

    4. gary stewart

      Nice bomba song at the end, I couldnt believe it, how did puertorican traditional music end up here?

    5. Rok Špoljar

      i sometimes think what is taking you so long, especially since the buttocks seem to be going on for quite some time, then i reallise that this little part you glued and jointed on, would be a project that would take me a couple of days :D

    6. 98279Tracy

      Forty-three episodes in and I finally noticed someone using a cellphone to film a little! (Around 8:30). It's actually been awesome watching a series of videos and realizing how incredible it is to not see folks on their screens at every opportunity. Love the series, love the work, you are all such a welcome inspiration and pick-me-up during these uncertain times! Tracy over on Orcas Island, just 20 miles as the crow flies but hours and hours by ferries!

    7. Juncus Bufonius

      Nice chucks of woodworking and teamwork.

    8. Mark Jennings

      This boat is being built more like a high end piece of furniture than anything else. Wonderful to see but maybe unnecessary? Are all boats built to this kind of ‘joinery’ level?

    9. Bill Dyke

      She was never built that accurately 1st time around. And didn't use such tough timbers. Well done, fella. (My boat is steel, 40 years old. I bought it for about the price of your stem and stern timbers, and it's been my home for 10 years. Phew!)...

    10. Bill rouleau

      Love the music and of course the videos!

    11. Alexander Kielczynski

      Oh dear No!! a pencil line in a 3 foot boat!! that is what it takes to be great. well done Leo.

    12. Jason Peeters

      Great optimism and problem solving on your part! Very admirable quality!

    13. AwakeAmericanow.

      What happens to all of the off cuts?


      Could the lofting floor be expanding as the seasons change????

    15. Michael Bester

      Poly is going in for another finger!

    16. Samuel Willis

      Poncho has trained you the way my cat has trained me...

    17. Duncan Potter

      "Now, it is a law in Lloyd's that the Jane repaired all out of the old until she is entirely new is still the Jane." Joshua Slocum - "Sailing Alone Around the World"

    18. Duncan Potter

      Seems odd to be building the cabin furniture before you finish the keel and sternpost..............Oh, wait.......

    19. Vee Dragon

      Can you imagine trying to do this without a forklift or other power equipment??

    20. Vee Dragon

      What is it about Leo that inspires a desire to help? If I could, I'd be down there in a heartbeat.

    21. Finn Engen

      I would love some of that purpleheart for guitar bodies. Make a hollow body with a purpleheart/maple top. Wow.

    22. Karl Komec

      Can you imagine what it took to build boats like this in the days before such handy power tools? Wow! And not a computer in sight. The ‘ancients’ were more resourceful than I thought, and I am humbled. The most useful tool in any shop is imagination. I opened an email folder for these vids alone. Thanks Leo and gang!

    23. Real Talk with Aaron

      3 months finger still bandaged? also there is an eye in the triangle piece. neat.

    24. Charles Seymour

      Master craftsman at work here. Love the action and music as it matches. Banjo with guided routers!

    25. Rick Knight

      Brilliant video

    26. Peter 4523

      The Macaw did bite his finger. 12.50 into the video the bird touched Leo's hand with his beak. He moved it very quickly and looked at the bird, with a look that said" What do you think your doing ".

    27. Dan Capps

      12:54, watch out he's going to get another finger!

    28. Scot Fenn

      My 30ton west coast troller was decked with roughly 3" x 1.5/8" edge grain fir. When I removed the deck, replacing it with aluminium I found the wood to be in new condition. It was a shame to have replaced it but I had to make my fish hold larger by raising the deck.

    29. Charles Seymour

      Another fascinating episode on the rebirth of "Tally Ho" wooden pilot's boat. Thanks for the great script and sound track. Lovely edit work.

    30. David Camaforte

      I respect these guys hustle, and effort, and especially there skills, but at this point I can’t call this a refit or a renovation. This is a brand new boat in its entirety. The moment you replace the keel it’s a new boat.

    31. Mario Denig


    32. Danilo Orbolato

      I know nothing about boats, but I am following this build closely! Keep up the good work.

    33. adam anthoni ford

      Pancho is *VIBING*

    34. John Fahey

      Pancho is restless today

    35. joseph overmyer

      Our nickname for Leo is "The Pro from Dover"

    36. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    37. Florida Shawn

      58 dislikes? Obviously all his neighbors.

    38. Page five S

      Dude. Pay!! Attention!! To!!! The !!! Bird!!! Seriously had me laughing. Poor ignored bird!

    39. Political Ideals

      This boat (imho) is absolutely the "Tally Ho." I am a recent devotee to Leo's restoration efforts and until a few weeks ago i had simply started with the most recent video but then decided to start at the beginning. What a storied life the Tally Ho has lived. If she were able to tell her story..., and isn't that an important point to make. This is the "Tally Ho" story, true to all intents and purposes, this is her story not the Edmund F or any other. It was a few weeks ago i decided to view the videos from the beginning. Thanks by the way, an amazing effort all around I recently reviewed Ep40 and as the video began with a view of Tally Ho in the background when i noticed to my great satisfaction that the Tally Ho was taking on the lines of a much more capable boat than i had previously imagined. The necessary curves of the Amid-ships blending elegantly and purposefully, transition forward to the stem are apparent. Whereas, previously the boat appeared gaunt and more wedge shaped. Aren't we looking at the Tally Ho as intended? When viewing in the lofting area it is apparent there are no engineering reasons that would prevent the original builders from achieving/duplicating the original drawings. I feel safe assuming the boat Leo found was an altered version of what the Tally Ho once was As for antiquities - i've been involved with several Historical Society preservation efforts restoring old homes. In this case we would stamp each replaced frame member using a heated iron with the name of the builder/architect and date installed. Next the information is recorded in a log book. How often do you suppose these books have been looked at aside from new prospective buyers and even then i think not often. Imho - my sense is Leo has done just a little better than stamping and logging. We..., the world has a record of what was done and why. The obvious care, forethought and diligent efforts in restoring the Tally Ho to original spec as intended is an incredible addition to the Tally Ho story. Man, what a story. if others feel there is any real value in the original timbers, or they have value in other ways, well i am sure a reasonable price might be arranged. Hmm..., well i was thinking, maybe i could use a pair of her frames or a knee or two to mount surround speakers to, or i could... Thanks again. I am totally enjoying this, the story of Tally Ho and her people. Wish i could help but .


      This video was uploaded on February 23. strange, February 23 is a day of mourning for two fraternal peoples, Chechens and Ingush. they were deported to the far north in February 23, 1944. On ordinary freight cars, without food and from the frost, 70% died. and the Russians, the USSR, committed this crime. This was the only case in the history of mankind when a whole nation was deported without leaving a single person. Those who could not be transported due to the poor roads in mountain Chechnya were driven into stables and farms, locked up and burned alive. Bullets saved because there was a war with Hitler. This is what happened to the elderly, children and women, the time when their youth was at war and fought for the USSR against Hitler. I say this so that the world knows about it. And I know that your video has nothing to do with this. And I'm your subscriber))

    41. Jaap Versteegh

      I always thought polyurethane attracts water. Is it common to use polyurethane glue. I know it glues very well, but I have some on my plywood boat and don't like it. Thoughts?

    42. Zihnigür Dereli


    43. Anton Spilhaus

      Jazuz, and there I thought the framework was the hardest thing. Those stern sections were just remarkable!! Fantastic job, you and Finn! This just gets better and better....

    44. Andrew Bailey

      I like the colour the ground went with all that purpleheart sawdust surrounded by snow!

    45. Old Scout

      43 episodes later you have learned English. When you started l could only understand about every 4-5 word you said. I can understand everything. Did you take lessons? Even your taste in music has gotten better ! I noticed you had real dog. Lots of kidding aside, l understand your basic need to work. Can you imagine how much work this would be when the boat was built, then go back another 50 years, it's all by hand. No band saw ( l have an old Delta 20" from early 1940's). What kind of wood is this wood, did you say Purple Heart ?

    46. Bob Smitherman

      I lost my best friend and younger brother on 3/16/2020. He and I sailed a lot in our younger years. I helped build 3 wooden yachts, one being "Dust Em" for Dinnis Coners. I admire your skills and dedication to your project. These videos help me a lot to get through having to be "Locked up" in my house due to the Coronavirus. Thank you Leo, and to all the Volunteers, including the bird.

    47. John Woodward

      What do your neighbors think of all the commotion and noise?

    48. Paul Buckberry

      I love to see you working those precision joints on big chunks of timber Leo!

    49. Mr Brightside

      12:00 demanding attention. I love that bird.

    50. nandordena F.M.

      "The top doing anythng and it's only a filler pice" - Leo 2019 13:19

    51. TheWoodguru63

      My favourite video yet in this series. What a great adventure.

    52. bevanson

      Why can I not stop watching this? Where has my life gone? How can some of Leo’s boundless energy rub off and allow me to get on with the things I need to do? Utterly absorbing stuff!

    53. JohnnyAirstream

      Unbelievable effort you are putting in Leo. Good on ya! To see such giant pieces of lumber coming together with that level of precision is really incredible to watch.

    54. Elina

      12:52 THAT'S how he lost the end of his finger :D

    55. Toby Que

      Pancho is such a funny bird. Does she even fly around you?

    56. Christian Libertarian

      These massive pieces of purple heart are absolutely gorgeous. But I wonder, if one were to re-design Tally Ho using 21st Century wood limitations, would you create such monolithic pieces? They surely must have massive forces on them, but one has to believe that the forces could be broken down into smaller tensions and compressions. Still a beautiful piece of work as is.

    57. Tio Patinhas

      Bravo‼ ️ ... This piece is a true geometric sculpture ... Congratulations.

    58. hopethisworks1212

      I'm probably repeating the obvious or already stated, but the 'Ship of Theseus' comes to mind.

    59. Grant Pluntze

      why have such tall wall on the router sled? Seems like it just makes it more awkward to use.

    60. Mr Me


    61. scal92253

      12:49 be careful Leo, you don't need to lose more fingers :)

    62. Richard Bohling Sr

      The stern assembly looks awesome and huge. Well done.

    63. immaculatelation

      I am immensely enjoying watching your work. And I have to say, that purple heart wood is an incredibly beautiful choice.

    64. tachikoma10101011

      Love your pick of music, should have a soundtrack list or something we could have.

    65. Jennylee Nichols

      Sooo great, thank you for the videos.

    66. John Stanton

      The Good O’L Ghosts of Shoreham would be well pleased with this work

    67. Technik Meister

      What is that beautiful pink timber you are using for the stern post?

    68. Grobbelski

      Have you considered selling off any old pieces of the boat? Have to imagine a lot of the pieces would be good for furniture or art pieces and are authentically vintage and distressed! Stuff like that can go for a pretty penny.

    69. DIYDAD

      luv the purple hart also nice build btw.....

    70. Denis Silva

      Um bom trabalho parabens eu gostaria que fosse traduzido em portugues...

    71. Steve Hall

      I don't read all the comments so don't know if this has been mentioned. That's a new bar on the chainsaw! I hope a viewer bought it for you. I'm now going to look at the Amazon wish list and do my best to help!

    72. Matt Belding

      Do you find the cost of lumber, tools, and hardware are better in the U.S?

    73. David Cooper

      Where do I find your Amazon Wish List?

    74. James Johnston

      That purple heart wood is gorgeous and watching you work it is wonderful. Such craftsmanship.

    75. khongbiet sao

      dude just scam shjt never go be done your and keep ask for your dona…….He not Builder he do it for anttention and for dona...your time and your MuLa………..lolz

    76. The Art of Boat Building

      With the stern upright it is a pretty great sculpture. Shame that beautiful joinery won’t be seen in the restored yacht.

    77. pangrac1

      Out of curiosity: Exposure to the dust, generated by cutting and sanding purpleheart, can cause irritation and nausea, possibly due to the presence of dalbergione (neoflavonoid) compounds in the wood. This also makes purpleheart wood unsuitable to most people for use in jewelry. Purpleheart is also a fairly expensive wood, which is why it is usually used in smaller-scale projects. Which is Tally ho not 😁

    78. Paul Standing

      Hi I spent 15 years in ship and boat building I is nice to see skills still being used when are you going to start with the next chapter in tally ho life hope it soon keep going. Ps I’m in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧.

      1. Paul Standing

        Hi I have watched the next video and was brilliant keep up the good work and videos looking forward to seeing tally ho complete and you sailing her back to the uk 😀👍

      2. Sampson Boat Co

        Welcome! It's progressing as we speak, the next video will be out in an hour or two. They are usually released every second Saturday :)

    79. Sascha Supertramp

      wow, what a project. A lot of work...

    80. Vail Clewley

      dont forget the stop waters !

    81. Johnathan Wright

      Let the midnight special shine an ever loving light on me!

    82. johnod1955

      I see you made WoodenBoat, good for you. Thanks for all the videos.

    83. Rottingboards

      Leo has the wood-smith skills of 80 year old master cabinet maker...but he looks like a very young man. :-)

    84. creativehandsnc

      Beautiful Work!

    85. Aiden Windham

      I want to come out and help just so I can make some side tables out of that Purple Heart scrap 😂😂

    86. Tom Hutchins

      As I remember you mentioned that was teak? If so cut it in the longest length you can for possible salvage. IT IS EXPENSIVE. I used small pieces of teak and mahogany to make butcher block counter tops for the boats kitchen. It cleans up surprisingly well.

    87. Mike Whitman

      I picked up a copy of WoodenBoat this evening mostly because of the article mentioned on the cover "Replacing a Timber Keel". Imagine my surprise when it was an article about TallyHo! Very interesting to see the difference between a written article and a IThomes video. Same information different medium. Great read, congrats!

    88. T J

      Master Craftsman at work. Deserves a Knighthood.

    89. JB Burton

      British built boats best in the world we can build em and sink em fantastic job Leo

    90. s h

      holy fuck this is a cool channel. awesome job dude

    91. Lennard Szyperski

      Is there a reason you sometimes use a respirator while making your cuts on the timber, and sometimes you don't?

    92. Raymond Best

      Beautiful job

    93. Paul Steindorf

      Such precision! Continued thanks for the videos.

    94. Frost DX

      those are some fucking expensive tools. like why did you need a festool tracksaw for rough work? I cannot follow this anymore, it's too annoying.

      1. Bobby

        a generous viewer bought it for him, why wouldn't he use it?

    95. bg147

      That wood is awesome. Great work. I always recommend gluing both surfaces fully even if there is just a slight film on one surface.

    96. Bruce Beglin

      Great Wooden Boat Magazine article !!

    97. mark our time short


    98. Elli P

      This is the kind of job where you discover whether those costly saws, routers and planers are tools or toys. Working such big slabs of purpleheart is quite a test; the routers in particular are probably getting as much of a workout in a day on Tally Ho as they'd get in six months of 'normal' joinery. At least the, er, bracing weather will be keeping the motors cool... ;-)

    99. Space Cowboy

      Great now my husband wants to build and sail a boat to hawai'i. I am NOT a survivalist!. If I dont have my moisturizer and exfoliate daily I might as well be a piece of sand paper! Oh the 😟

    100. john bridger

      hi leo great video's just a bit concerned how close your leg is to the chainsaw blade