Lofting the Lines; Part 2 - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP25

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Lofting the Lines; Part 2. Support; Become a Patron;
    This episode, I continue lofting the lines of the 1910 Gaff Cutter, Tally Ho - enlarging them to life-size on the new 50’ lofting floor in the workshop. I get some help from a young Australian Shipwright, and have another very special surprise visitor!

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    25. Lofting the Lines; Part 2

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    1. Eric Barone


    2. Eric Barone

      Ive been watching your videos from the beginning. I love them so much! You inspired me to love woodworking/metalworking. You doing this means so much to me. Keep up the good work!

    3. Robert Miller

      I was just curious could you have taken the small blueprint to a printing company could they have printed a full-scale blueprint for you

    4. Fiercefighter

      I really wish I could find that song Dave Lilburn - Number 5, it doesnt seem to exist anywhere!

    5. Search4TruthReality

      Leo, as a "gear-head", I appreciate seeing the technical aspects and your execution of lofting; so, once again, thank you for sharing!

    6. Mark Jennings

      Why not project the plans onto the lofting floor and draw along them?

    7. Mark Jennings

      Another cutie turns up!! love it!

    8. Up North Yooper

      Another pretty girl again your talents must go beyond boat building. These girls want to come from around the world just to work on your boat. You need to tell us about that sometime. You know it seems all these videos on youtube about sailboat always have pretty girls in them. I going to have to get me a sailboat.

    9. Alan Downey

      Thanks to these videos I finally understand how lofting works! Fascinating. I'm becoming a huge fan of your project and this series.

    10. Nik Chaphalkar

      Lol "don't want to recast the lead keel"

    11. coug96fan

      It all comes down to what you are going for. Tally Ho is in fine hands and will be a better boat when you are done. I am fascinated by your process and I know you will have a fine boat when you are done. Lessons learned: You can have the best tools, advise, help, but nothing seems to compare to having a great work space! And someone to enjoy a meal with ;)

    12. Juncus Bufonius

      I'm not sure that people do take the time to do a 'proper job' but hope that it is more often than I think that it is.

    13. phooesnax

      I am so blown

    14. nlzaaf

      As my (Dutch) mom would say “met passen en meten wordt de meeste tijd versleten”, or with fitting and measuring passes the most time. Love the videos!

    15. Thomas Davison

      Boat building is an Art! "Leo"nardo Da Vinci has it down pretty good I'd say.

    16. Sean Workman

      It is surprising to me that there is no advertising. Quarter of a million views and not one ad, what gives.?

    17. Vee Dragon

      This made my brain hurt.

    18. David Macdonald

      My brain hurts...

    19. Tom Oakhill

      Man I learned something special from these videos: beautiful women find wooden-boat builders so hot, they will cross an ocean and a continent to spend time with one.

    20. Real Talk with Aaron

      your friend from australia canada looks like the same guy used in 2 different videos

    21. Real Talk with Aaron

      lead and copper... do boats use sea water and the metals to activate some electric system?

    22. M. Reichert

      I recently discovered this series and it is by far the best YT series I have ever seen. I hope we will wittness you sailing this boat back to england one day (since I started watching from the first video I am still catching up, so no idea how far you actually are in the process while I am writing this comment :D ) I am a carpenter and grew up in the middle of germany, as far from the sea as one can do, but I have always been fascinated by sailing and wooden boats. This series makes me wish, I would have the balls to just stop doing what I am doing here, move to the coast and learn the trade. Complicated roof structures, especially in old buildings, can be challenging and of their own beauty, but the curved, elegant lines of wooden boats are still something different, both from a purely aesthetical point of view and from a woodworkers point of view. Btw, my heart always skips a beat when you are leaving an open bottle standing around on your beautiful, white lofting floor... :D

    23. Josh Layfield

      Glad to she she’s got a pair of lofting socks

    24. jdhalvo

      It isn't that the women he seems to bring in are so attractive, it is the fact that they are so attractive and hard working. Did you see Andrea, the "neighbourhood farmer" digging the hole in that awful rocky soil to fit the bandsaw wheel with a jackhammer? (Damn she had some guns on her...) Or the last few working on the lofting floor and the lofting? Damn... this guy attracts quality people.

    25. Denis James

      i lofted the plans for a cedar strip kayak, was a tedius job, i can only imagine lofting a boat of this size, amazing job!

    26. Keith Fletcher

      I'm bingeing from episode 1 (sat in hospital having said goodbye to the old prostate ...). You are who I wanted to be at 16. Used to knock around in the now long gone wooden boat builders yards in Exmouth as a kid. Used to design and create lines plans & offsets for a winter hobby - because spring summer and Autumn were for sailing ;-) been holding back on commenting but I cracked .... Poncho is the boss ...

    27. Dennis Salguero

      Amigo Sampson una ayuda necesito del plano de perfil donde van las líneas de astillas es dónde saca el escantillon para las cuadernas?

    28. Giddy Up

      I'm not sure what your doing , but i like it, also you have a lot of female 'friends'

    29. nagib ali

      I love this channel so much

    30. Dave Mendelsohn

      I've seen lofting but never had it explained as clearly as you have explained it.... It makes sense now... Thank you so much...

    31. David Marshall

      where does the bird come from ?

    32. Paul Baker

      Jolly good show.. ole man!

    33. benjamint444

      from this video i learned two things (1) how cad worked before computers (2) why people used to avoid curved lines as much as possible before computers

    34. Dc Rogers

      Leo needs to install a revolving door for all his lady friends, that sly dog.

    35. David Collins

      This is my new favorite show whilst home on work injury. Thank you. Very inspiring

    36. Russ Martin

      Did you ever do this before?

    37. Arthur Vieira

      Wouldn't the fairing iterative process be easier on the computer. Once faired you could transfer to the floor to build.

    38. HansI Gurtner

      Such a big rowboat will surely cost a little over $ 1,000.

    39. Ted Heavy

      There is no way the people that originally built this boat did what he is doing. This is building a boat from the original drawings to fit the known ballast.

    40. Joel Miller

      I’m rewatching these earlier videos to remind myself of how far you have come on this rebuild .... I am more appreciative of the difficult decisions you had to make ... and for those that have helped you continue work on this project

    41. tuxedocrazy

      Quite technical, but at least you're drinking some good local beer (Deschutes)!

    42. Denny Fuller

      Leo is a total savage! The amount of work he goes though is inspiring to say the least

    43. Joe White

      why aren't you using CAD----so easy

    44. Clarke McGee


    45. Alan Wynne

      Could this not be done using CAD and printed in sections with a plotter and put together like a puzzle?

    46. Teej 1000

      I’m coming up for 40. Seeing this, I’m starting to revaluate my life

    47. Bradley Peterson

      Francesca has the fairest lines of all

    48. Bradley Peterson

      Francesca has the fairest lines of all

    49. Bobby Nowell

      I know the marking staff as a story stick.

    50. Bobby Nowell

      The knowledge to do the lofting is an amazing skill set.

    51. Android480

      Thats absolutely brilliant. Make a projection of each dimension of the boat and lay them on top of each other. since there is no timber that curves in more than one dimension, the entire frame can be built by following one of the 3 projections, and if done carefully, they all fit together perfectly. People are genius, whoever first invented the lofting system would have been hired by Apple instantly.

    52. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    53. Nero Gundersen

      I can hardly remember this part (canon-jolly boat in Norway). It was the most boring, albeit easiest part of the process.

    54. The Talent

      Gotta say, Mark’s outfit is NOT typical Australian clobber. High cut-off overalls and socks with sandals is unacceptable for an ambassador of my homeland.

    55. Doug Dorn

      Insane work....incredible patience!

    56. Thomas Barker

      Just saying, but I've never seen Australian Mark and Cecca in the same room. Just gonna leave that there...

    57. whotknots

      Hi Leo, why is the bowsprit offset to starboard rather than passing over the stem post?

    58. Daniel Stellmon

      Augmented reality headset would be super helpful. Rather than doing it on the floor you could just look at the boat and raw timbers.

    59. Idiot Incogneto

      My Grandfather was a Naval Engineer, starting out as an apprentice on the Olympic. He was involved imn many things over the years, from hydro electics in the 20s, to floating concrete harbours in the 40s.

    60. Stan W

      She had to come back to make sure all these other woman aren't make any sort of permanent claim on you...

    61. The DarthChief

      Wait, is it called Aft because it's After? Mind blown.

    62. Timo Vogel

      I just stumbled upon this series and I'm wondering if CAD would have made this process of lofting a lot quicker and you just have to print out the templates?

    63. DownunderGraham

      What blows me away is that you Brits (and Yanks) are doing all this in feet, inches and fractions of inches! Give me metric any day. Feet and inches make my head ache. LOL

    64. 1MinuteFlipDoc

      couldn't some of this been done more easily..with catia (3d modeling software)?

    65. 1MinuteFlipDoc

      4:36 OOf! she is sexy AF!!

    66. James Shelton

      At first I was confused, but when I saw it all on the floor and heard you describe the circular process of it, I suddenly understood. Thank you so much for teaching me something so new and interesting!

    67. Archie Hinde

      Would love to know the name of the song starting at 4:11 ? Cant find it anywhere.

      1. Lorrie D Mussett

        All the music is listed in the description.

    68. kevcaster

      Love the music that you choose, a great bonus

    69. kevcaster

      I am in awe of this, the skill, understanding, technical knowledge and application is just wonderful. Add the determination and commitment and you have Leo.

    70. Andthen 01

      I think I would enjoy doing the lofting process. An art and a science rolled into one 👍 *edit auto correct typo

    71. Paul Gardner

      My knees ache just watching this video.

    72. Warren Musselman

      Leo must have been standing on top of the ship saw for that closing speech. 1nd time binging from the beginning and never noticed that before.

    73. Blaž Bohinc

      4:28 amazing shot. Just.. perfection

    74. Uther

      Simply awe inspiring.

    75. Josh Drexler

      You can't play naval architect without learning CAD. Why go to all the trouble "perfecting" the curved lines of the vessel on a white painted floor when Autocad or even Adobe gives a more perfect curve in one-hundredth the time? This insistence on middling "perfection" is a reflexive attachment to old fashionedness for its own sake, while simultaneously adopting social media, forklift trucks, power planers and other modern accoutrements seemingly at random. I sense a fear of adopting CAD more than any well-grounded theory for rejecting it. But if your dream, besides lolling about on deck in a tropical paradise, which will bore you before the anchor has even settled, is to one day establish your own boatyard-in the 21st century-you will need to learn and to rely upon CAD. An antique ship saw and Makita planers won't cut it when your work space and tools are no longer being donated for free. There is no "fair curve" in actual business.

    76. OccasionalGamer

      Where would Leo be without all these pretty, young, talented females in all these videos?

    77. Michael McClafferty

      What an amazing young man you are! You are so skilled and focused.

    78. Kim Doss

      Keep @ it Bro, I am learning and enjoying your teaching. Regards Kad

    79. kiorde

      Loved lofting videos. Very educational!

    80. Frank Russell Design

      Sheesh drawing a set of lines by hand full size. It is bad enough doing it on a drawing board to scale, although i do miss it. Cad design somehow isn't as much fun. Yes you should not have drawn all the sections in at the start, but as you say you are learning.

    81. Cucullain

      He’s catnip to these gorgeous bright women isn’t he ?

    82. Jim C

      The 4 years of architectural drafting and model building I took in high school 20 years ago came in handy these two episodes lol.

    83. Leonardo Willi

      Since Leo is on hiatus and I needed my "Tally Ho" fix I went to catch up on a few videos I had previously skipped while catching up over the last months. These 2 lofting videos were what I expected - It was a flashback to Algebra class that went like this - I stare at the teacher at the blackboard listening intently as I see her mouth moving but the sound fades away as I sit slack jawed in a trance......moments later I'm waken with Leo playing with Poncho and I snap back to reality. It's at this point I realize there won't be a test, I didn't have to remember it and all I need to do is stare intently while nodding and soon enough it's over! Since I know Leo understands what he's talking about and will be drawing all the lines all is well in the world again.... And might I say, I'm impressed with your concentration Leo as you have some beautiful distractions that might derail a project like this if say it were to be myself taking on this challenge.... You Da' Man!

      1. Colin Stevens

        With you on that!!

    84. TheJustonemore

      She can limbo.

    85. Try Thinking

      Spotted Mark at Sailcargo.

    86. anthony white

      Great work, great video! Thanx!

    87. Ted Pembroke

      Did I miss the Parrot explanation or wasn't there one? Great storytelling with this series!

    88. Eckhard Koehler


    89. Gruntslayer 35

      could you do this with software you think?

    90. Paul Drake

      It's a wee bit more than plan and elevation.

    91. Kaffeebohnson

      Going through these Videos in order. I have never seen anyone take on a task as laborious as building a ship by himself! Incredible. I wonder - couldn't you just scan in the original plans, vectorize them, scale them up and print them out in 1:1 scale? I know, modern lazy folk here, but apart from accounting for the ballast, drawing it all by hand seems like a whole lot of backbreaking work that's very prone to errors? Curious to learn!

    92. Loren Smith

      Designer, craftsman, and artist, all in one! Awesome build!

    93. Clayton Skarke

      Only thing I could have helped you with in this video is the pasta.

    94. Gene Goodman

      Your 1000% right, if you rush this it will cause you to make a mistake later.

    95. kairon156

      The bit near the end sorta answered a question I've been wondering. "How often do people do Lofting on this scale and is it a newer process."

    96. Mathieu DAVID

      very nice to see the drawing on her curves. far from the carpenter drawing i know in every day draws but pretty similar to some exceptionnal art pieces as "guitardes" in french i have a huge pleasure to observe and learn of all of your process! thanks for sharing!

    97. Tiago Alves

      who ever thought that boatbuilding equals to chick magnet?

    98. David Akridge

      I was thinking the whole video, "What He Said!". Great job Leo. I feel like i know every square inch of that shop and boat yard. I think i could show up and go right to work.

    99. Roger Bayzand

      My father was a Naval Architect and partner at Laurent Giles, having watched him at his draughting table for many years it's delightful to see someone loft a set of lines and explain the process. You are working without the drawings of construction details and written specifications that he would have provide, hat's off to you for taking it on, he would have really appreciated your attention to detail and craftsmanship as I do.

    100. Stuart McMichael

      Great explanation of your body plan. Glad to see the smiling happy face of your girl back.😃🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⛵️