“TALLY HO’s first voyage?” - and other questions (EP64)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - “TALLY HO’s first voyage?” - and other questions (EP64)
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    EPISODE 64.
    As I’m away from the boat for a while, this is a Q&A episode!
    Will TALLY HO sail with a GPS? Where will her first (post-rebuild) voyage be? Will I be building a replica of the original tender? Could a dolphin, if properly trained, operate my forklift?!
    For answers to these THRILLING questions, and more, join me for a cup of tea and a chat in episode 64.


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    The Trumpeteers - Little Wooden Church

    64. “TALLY HO’s first voyage?” - and other questions (Tally Ho EP64)

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      Some clarifications - I DO hope to make regular videos about sailing Tally Ho. I just won't have a public live-tracking beacon on the boat. Whichever way I go, the first major voyage back to the UK will involve many stops and explorations and adventures, and could take a year or more. I hope I will be able to regularly release videos throughout. GPS etc - I haven't made any decisions yet, just pondering. But remember, 40 years ago everyone was navigating traditionally - the ocean hasn't changed that much since then, and those guys weren't landing on rocks very often, either. My point is that there's a big difference between a trained navigator with good equipment and up-to-date charts, and the old vessels of yore that would get shipwrecked so (apparently) often.

      1. Michiel Lombaers

        I've been very comfortable navigating with dead reckoning on the North Sea some 30~40 years ago. I would love to learn astro navigation in my old years.

      2. Björn Thor Gudmundsson

        18:30 I do understand you wanting to sail traditionally but I would have thought having an emergency GPS beacon of some kind would be a necessity so that if you do end up getting in a surprise storm or wreck it's easier to find tally and whoever you had onboard with you hopefully still alive and kicking

      3. Andrew Bailey

        One of the things I'd be most interested in once the boat is seaworthy is navigation. I've been sailing for quite some time now, and have learned to read charts a little bit, but the vast majority of navigation now is taught using GPS right from the start

      4. Sail La Vie - MKE

        I like the idea of maintenance, rigging and rope work, etc. excited to continue to watch this channel

      5. David Montgomery

        You will probably have to have AIS as many countries require it to monitor you as well as managed traffic areas like Singapore straits etc

    2. Dudley Davis

      I found this video to represent the best of human kind. This humble and delightful young man has helped me “ survive “ during this horrible pandemic. Leo, you are a treasure, humble to a fault but engaging beyond belief. I join the legends who follow you and wish you well. Keep the dialogue going as you follow your dream.Dudley Davis

    3. CaptainToyota

      Im SO ready for Fastnet 27 prep on tally ho. So much to do after she is launched

    4. Tim Yonker

      Watching you chase your dream is extremely inspiring. I really hope you can find a hat like Albert Strange wore when you cast off.

    5. Brendan Beely

      Traditional rigging and rope skills seems to be black magic, and I would love to learn from you. Please do continue educating us after the build is complete.

    6. Andrew Mitchell

      I'd agree that being tracked on the internet is a bad idea: there are numerous places in the world where that would create a security issue.

    7. shaenj

      I bet you choose around The Horn for sure. I feel that anywhere else would be letting T/HO down, she is too romantic for such as the ditch in S/ America.

    8. Siamect

      A bitcoin under the mast...

    9. n33077

      Just a quick question; are the Albert Strange original plans in metric? Being Washington, It appears you are using imperial standards. So I'm curious if you had to convert dimensions to imperial?

    10. Evelyn Wall

      To sail on a boat that's entirely analogue would be a dream come true

    11. The Man from Epsilon Crucis

      Go the Captain Cook Pacific route! So many beautiful islands to visit.

    12. David Messersmith

      An idea for future use to be community sensitive could be to be available to “Make a Wish”.

    13. amazonhippie

      I vote for rounding the Horn. That’ll be a true test for your workmanship.

    14. C O

      Chile has some quaint wood ship building towns. Venezuela used (?) To have wood ships built in Margarita, but with the present regime who knows....

    15. tfsupp "Technical Facilities Support"

      Sailing the pacific - Australia & NZ calling, come for a visit

    16. Belo MOLNAR

      Hallo Sir Leo.

    17. ShepH7 ceo

      Impressive video, I really enjoyed your thoughts and agree with comments about being at sea and the personal freedom and responsibility it requires. About what is probably at least 100 years ago as a midshipman in the U.S. Navy I took a loooong course in celestial navigation. And after years in the US Navy I can vouch for the importance of celestial navigation. I was disappointed to learn that the US Naval academy dropped the celestial navigation course (in 2006 according to the internet). I then learned the USNA had reinstated an abbreviated course in 2015. I’m not sure what is going on. My own view is that while celestial isn’t as accurate as GPS and not as reliable in stormy weather or with hard maneuvering it has its place. It can’t be tampered with and never a dead battery. Get that vessel built, I am envious of your adventures ahead… skip that high latitude stuff, too damn cold.

    18. Tom Oakhill

      At 19:12 Leo explains about the emotional delight he gets from being out on his own. I totally understand. I turned 20 in 1970. My wife and I spent the 70's hiking into the wilderness areas of the United States. Cell phones were not available then. Once we stepped-off at the trailhead, we were cut-off from civilization, and on-our-own. It was wonderful. One time we spent 14 days in the wilderness of Isle Royale, in the middle of Lake Superior. BTW most people do not realize that it is pushing the limit of what a person can carry to go 14 days without resupply. (Firs cell phones came on-line in USA in 1983.)

    19. Tom Oakhill

      At 11:28 Leo mentions a "leather strop." My father was born in 1901, and always used a straight razor. Every day as I grew up I watched him strop his razor. Before safety-razors every woodworker had a razor strop in their house, so of course they used it on the blades in their tools. I have done this the entire 50 years I have done woodworking. Other woodworker are always amazed at how sharp my blades are. Once they use a strop they never go back.

    20. Steven Larabee

      You should make a series about building a wooden boat

    21. BrianZef

      Why did noone ask what Leo done to cut his finger off!!

      1. Terry Smiley

        As a craftsman myself I understand and agree with him not going into detail. It’s an interesting subject🤔

    22. RiggenbachDE

      Thank you for the subtitles; I appreciate how sensitively you address your audience, including not-native English speakers, like I am. At minute 23:30, did you say: "It really does depend on your GOAL, so I suppose" - or, "... on your GIRL ..." ? ;-) Probably both ...

    23. bigmanbenito

      I'm just now watching this (7 months late) but if you'd like a US coin I have several that might be cool to have if you'd like.

    24. Rick Knight

      Question What are you gonna do with the boat Leo? Leo I’m actually a closet case pirate. I’m heading to Norway to pillage and plunder Revenge for Vikings giving me red hair....

    25. Matthew Weinhold

      In this episode you very nearly said 'We are all descended from explorers'. Stellar thought. Say it, own it. Sampson slogan?

    26. lame duck

      What engine will you put in Tally Ho? A second-hand one? Modern or vintge?

    27. Ram Fra

      You are a fantastic guy👍🏻

    28. David Wright

      Yes! Northwest passage!!! Great choice

    29. philip Brailey

      Sail around the horn to Perth then Sydney.

    30. philip Brailey

      Should be modern inside.

    31. Dan

      Well, I am going to be following this channel for a very long time based on what you want to do.

    32. F Terry Smith

      Obviously it's none of my business but having a partner, at least in the beginning, would be a seemly and satisfying state at the end of the build and the start of Tally Ho's new life. I for one hope you set out initially with Cecca and Poncho as your mates. Good luck and thank you for the journey you are taking us on, we really enjoy your uploads.

    33. Charles Turner

      You could use a ' George V ' coin AND a 2021 or 22 American silver Dollar together..

    34. Kento Marek

      Lets say Tally Ho sails back to the UK in 2028 or so it would be great to see her at "Boat Conventions" like the SAIL Bremerhaven. These old Ladys often wont survive without these events. No Fans means no money, no money no repairs and so on...

    35. mark hughes

      5:25 Drake took the trans-Pacific route to escape the wrath of Spanish might waiting for him in the Magellan Straits. (‘First’ circumnavigator therefore went the wrong way round’!)

    36. philip Brailey

      Come to Australia

    37. jamierodg1

      Shipworms love saltwater and freshwater kills them off. There's an exception for you.

    38. Russ Martin

      How will you support yourself when you are traveling? Are the IThomes videos bringing in enough income to live on? Does Checka come with a dowery?

    39. Nicholas Patton

      Leo's future. .... Builds a fully rigged 3 masted Lumber ship. It's a training ship that ships rare lumbers from around the world to the home of shipwrights in NA and EU.

    40. justin point

      I wonder if he will refund any extra cash from his supporters? I was doing some simple calculations and he was in the "black" by tens of thousands of dollars. Be honest aND RETURN THE MONEY YOU DID NOT USE!!!!

      1. Aaron Noyb

        Why so bitter?? No one is forced to give him a dollar, it is 100% voluntarily donated. Many prefer content, with a viewer donation structure. Otherwise you get utube muppets, prostituting themselves, for some widget, they don't actually use or believe in. Either way, why shouldn't people be rewarded for good content??

    41. Lee Thomas

      Why not place US and UK coins with the mast, that seems very fitting.

    42. Wayne G

      Salt has around the world, been known to be a preservative. Sailors, Cooks, Mountian men, Hunters, ranchers, doctors, dentist, all know about its amazing ability to preserve and heal. It has been used, and still is, in some places as money. Sailors use to go to sea with barrels full of salted meats such as pork. It is also one of the most important dietary minerals. You can't live without it.

    43. Peter Brickwood

      I'm rooting for the North West Passage.

    44. Peter Brickwood

      My father, the merchant seaman, would have said you can only call it a boat if it can be swung on davits aboard a larger vessel. I suppose by that logic Tally Ho is a boat because it could be swung aboard a container ship.

    45. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    46. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    47. Isaac Singer

      You mentioned an FAQ about getting started in sailing - I am unable to locate it on the website. Could you provide the link? Thank you for the amazing content!

    48. Jacquobite

      Please come to Cape Town and show off the boat! You could make an event and charge tickets to view it at V&A Waterfront, and you could charge even more for rides.

    49. Lou Warners

      Will the "Tally Ho" have a final video where you sum up the entire epic of rebuilding it?????

    50. killertoast

      Would definitively also watch videos of you sailing and sharing skills.

    51. cantamarfly

      Hola Leo. I am watching all your videos and they are great. Congratulations to you and the crew. That is the essence of life, make your dreams come true! Thank you very much for that. If you decide to return to the UK, via Cape Horn. I offer you a place to rest, in my house in Uruguay, in Cabo Santa María, or in La Paloma, Rocha. If you are interested. Salute you and successes

    52. Daniel 972

      Hello there Leo, just stumbaled on your channel, great to know actually still some guys out there whom are not afraid of realy hard work.you're doing a great job. once you're back in UK get in touch if you need a job also bring Finn with you and also the boy who made the overhead planing jigs. thanks again /cheers from moi seul.

    53. Bob Bailey

      Great video thanks for sharing

    54. Li Buddha

      “Who knows what might happen and what might change”. Who would have guessed COVID was just around the corner and would change our lives forever. Oh man, we were all so much not expecting this pandemic to have such an effect on us. 😢

    55. ThatGuy2005137

      Hey Leo! I live in the Cape of Good Hope (Otherwise known as Capetown for us here in South Africa ). I cannot wait for the day that I can head out to the point and see Tally Ho sailing by! It will be amazing! I have been watching all the videos from start to finish and really have loved each one. Thank you for all the hours of entertainment. Cheers! -James

    56. Iron Man

      Hi, just a quick note to say you have inspired me through my own journey of building my boat. Although she is not all wood I have gone to lengths to complete her inside with English oak, mahogany and eki. Many thanks for you inspiration and videos. Keep up the fabulous work and maybe some day we see each other on the waves or marina.

    57. John Kailua

      TALLY HO was nearly destroyed running on a reef in Rarotonga. Untold numbers of sailors have died from not knowing they were standing into danger. I understand and fully support your desire to rely primarily on traditional celestial and coastal navigation, but especially in northern Europe, the North Atlantic and the subarctic you can go days without seeing the Sun, Moon or enough stars to get a fix, while currents and tides are making hash of your dead reckoning. I would strongly recommend having GPS capability in reserve, hoping you never need to use it. I would think of it as a backup safety system that reduces the chances that you will ever need your EPIRB.

    58. Tiger Traveler

      its not 110 year old boat . . .now you build a new boat

    59. Ken Teh

      I do solo bike tours. Nothing approaching sailing solo across the Atlantic. But your statements on facing your vulnerabilities and your mortality resonated with me. It is exactly why i ride solo. It recharges my soul and my dream is to do it full time.

    60. BrokeBike Mtb

      As I appreciate your enthusiasm........I really wish you the safest journey and therefore hope you will select the Panama canal

    61. JK and sons fun builds

      I just recently discovered this incredible channel and instantly became hooked. Love it !

    62. Giff Kucsma

      As I’ve watched your videos, Leo, I’ve consistently wondered how on earth the original shipwrights did many of the things you’ve accomplished with a considerable array of modern power tools and equipment. I admire your adherence to principles of honoring history and tradition, but eschewing any form of electronic navigational and weather equipment seems inconsistent with your willingness to use modern construction aids.

    63. Stephen Thomason

      You do know that you have the makings of someone who will be sought after for life's wisdom? And, I do love your Capt. Cook method of navigation... (What satellite's?) ... Also, thanks for giving us seniors some hope for the future... We are proud of ya! (Hope that didn't sound too condescending?)

    64. Andrew Bailey

      I don't know about dolphins, but Pancho has definitely been perching there so she can learn to drive the forklift while you're gone

    65. Andrew Bailey

      If you do decide on the Suez canal, please don't get kidnapped by Somali pirates. That would not be a good end to this project

    66. Tom Cumming

      I think a better answer to the person who asked, "how do you get started" would be to watch the video where you talk about how you got started (don't remember the #).

    67. Rod Croskery

      The Northwest Passage explorers died horrible deaths.

    68. Mark Lenz

      Haha love the Dolphin question....

    69. Robert Mecalis

      The oceans are becoming very crowded with all kinds of vessels, a radar GPS navigation, and auto pilot are very prudent on modern day sailing vessels even if the vessels are vintage. And this is especially true if you’re single handed on a vessel the size of tally ho. Be safe.

    70. David Broadfoot

      Hopefully you will make Bristol your home port! I love your dedication, work and pure craftwork. Keep it up Leo.

    71. Richard Bradley


    72. Cadwaladr

      The comments about saltwater vs freshwater make me wonder about some historic ships that are kept in dry dock as museum ships, such as HMS Victory. I know a lot of Victory has been replaced over the years, but when I visited I was interested to learn that the deck planking on the lowest deck is original, over 250 years old.

    73. Thomas Russell

      Yes, please. I like the "fire-side" chats, occasionally. My question for the next time would be... Will you get your own parrot for the boat, and what purpose did they serve, historically?

    74. Mark Fonstad

      I'm just kind of wondering -- how will you get the boat off the property when you've finished? We've seen that tiny little gap between the house and the fence that the drive goes through. I guess the boat managed to make it in somehow, so maybe there is a straightforward way through.

    75. Daniel keirstead sr

      I hope you get a GPS as a back up.

    76. Luigi Gallerani

      Boat logs or information could be probably recovered by insurance companies records. Could we worth to have a look!

    77. Stanley Banks

      Tracking device on tally ho... lol go fuck your hat Charlie... "Can I implant an RFID chip in your forehead?"

    78. Gastón Paris

      I'm really a fan of your channel. I love to watch as the Tally Ho is restored to the original and to learn more about wooden boats. If you take the Cape Horn route I would give you some accommodation in Buenos Aires, where I live, and provide connections with other sailors from here.

    79. Augie

      One of the ways in which I learned to sail was to show up for afternoon races with a sixpack.

    80. Giacomo Murari Bra'

      Leo ... I think that Tally Ho, with his history and his structure, all that solid wood is calling Cape Horn ! :)

    81. zzlee14

      Some wood Boats ithomes.info/net/rdSzsqmme5iFrn4/video

    82. Bert Canepa

      Immensely impressed with your craft skills. And, yes. To build a wooden boat or restore with the detail you have done is to give the crafter huge self-confidence. As one who has done a bit of sailing in small sailboats single-handed and/or with small crew it is a "sport" that builds great confidence and leadership qualities. I enjoyed following you and wish you all the best of luck young man.

    83. Jeremiah

      Do you think you will write a book about your rebuilding Tally Ho?


      Leo , You are really doing an awesome job on The Yacht Tally Ho Project . It is hard to say which portion of all this is the "MOST" Important , but Your ability to document and share this process with the public is great . Steve Cross akaSuperAX

    85. carl kenyon

      well, two weeks is just too long without a sampson video!

    86. Julio Torres

      Will you be sailing with your parrot?

    87. Theophilus Jedediah

      It seems a shame to come all this way in keeping original design then alter the inner design. ..but then I’m a bit of a romantic as far as the styles and lifestyle of the turn of the century. I currently build and restore period and antique furniture and cabinetry. I have been a fan of your videos from the beginning. Thanks for your video sharing.


        Dang--That "IS" a dilemma ! In the Collector Car Scene there are at least two ways of doing things --EXACT Nuts and Bolts Restoration or "RestoMod" which is a combination of Restoration and Modernizing to actually be usable . One can not really put a stock 32 Ford or even a stock 55 Chevy in present day traffic , so to be practical the good parts such as styling are kept , but engines ,chassis and brakes are upgraded . It is not my decision , but ,I think One needs a toilet and to be able to stand fully inside. Steve Cross akaSuperAx

    88. Geo GPS

      Hi Leo and thanks for all your nice effort of sharing this remakable "voyage" of rebuilding the Tally Ho. I recently came across this chanel a few weeks back, so i havent watched that many episodes. But, i went back to your first episode, and was very suprized by the intro music you used for the video! And because i recognized it, i could only wonder if you have any relation with the country of origin? Wfg Georgos

    89. Louis Webster

      Love your style. Keep up the great work.

    90. Michael Kraft

      I hope you play lots of music while sailing Tally Ho. Record and make some amazing videos of you playing. The day isn't long off. So stoked for you man, you have such an inspiring story. My wife and I have a Ranger 33 plastic classic in Morro Bay, CA that we enjoy working on and sailing. I wonder if I'll afford myself the time to get into wooden boat building. It seems like the ultimate endeavor of craftmanship. Keep up the great work. And thank you much for these great videos we can all learn from and be inspired by.

    91. Saoirse N Mikey

      I just came for Pancho. Never disappoints 😉👍

    92. Tim Vukman

      Thankyou. That was a wonderful video, in part just to listen to you speak and to get to know more about you as a person.

    93. Gary Prost

      As far as technology dependence goes. you're absolutely right about not wanting to depend on GPS. I've never sailed offshore, but I flew offshore a lot on maritme patrol aircraft, and back in the 80's, another crew in my squadron came back from a ten-hour patrol 600 miles south of where they thought they were because an accelerometer in their inertial nav system stuck. On a patrol through a typhoon on my first tactical flight after completing Flight Engineer school, we were struck by lightning, which severely degraded our receivers. Our inertial got us back to the Philippines, but I'm not sure a GPS would have survived. Our navigators carried a periscope sextant, and after the inertial failure I mentioned, started using it more often. GPS is great to have and use, but weird things can happen when you're nowhere near land, so maintaining basic skills that allow you to be self-reliant is critical to survival.

    94. Gary Prost

      Maybe the dolphin was Larry Csonka. (you may need to Google that) :)

    95. Will James

      Hi, I have been following your build adventures with Tally Ho with great interest. As a boy from about 10 years old, I had the occasional chance to go to work with my Grandad, in those days, late 1950s, things like that were allowed. He was a shipwright in HM Dockyard, Portsmouth and for most of his career after apprenticeship he worked on the restoration of HMS Victory. He was a great teacher & I was beginning to think about becoming a shipwright too. Unfortunately, my Grandad became ill and died before I was old enough to become an apprentice. Watching you at work has brought back many memories of being around wooden ships with my Grandad and helping him, probably hindering more than helping, but he never complained. If I was not a half world away and not allowed to fly, I would certainly try to visit & volunteer. Keep up the great work (and videos )

    96. Thos Oz

      Jack Sparrow: Wherever we want to go, we go. That's what a ship is, you know. It's not just a keel and hull and a deck and sails. That's what a ship needs. But what a ship is... what the Black Pearl really is....is freedom As for me When I stand on deck as she rides the swell, I feel more solidly planted in this world than when on land. I am the master of my destiny and in the hands of the Gods. My vote is for Cape Horn. The fjords of Tierra del Fuego are beautiful beyond description.

    97. anthony white

      It's true, working with your hands is the most enjoyable thing a person can do. Excellent work. Looking forward to your next videos! Thanx

    98. Random Bike Guy

      I have an old British coin from I think 1934 that I’m happy to send for the step coin

    99. Its Skum Life

      hey bilge rat viewer here. im down to crew for any of the options . please let me know if you want help.

    100. Bradley Asztalos

      I have a 38' classic racing yacht in the San Francisco bay area that due to a new business and new child as well as a pending move overseas for a few years I am looking to find a new "owner" (caretaker, steward are more appropriate terms for an old wooden boat). It is a stunning classic. Write back here if you are interested in finding out more. Price will be nominal for the right person.