The Rebuild Begins - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP6

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    Sampson Boat Co; Restoring Tally Ho ep6. The Rebuild Begins
    In this video I finally start actual work on the 1910 Albert Strange Gaff Cutter Tally Ho. Once I have cleared a bunch of timber out of the boat, I can begin removing the Garboards ( the lowest planks, next to the keel ). But they are stubborn, and don't want to leave the hull of the sailing yacht that they have been fastened to for 107 years.
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    1. Charles Seymour

      Funny the first part off is the port garboard. Now in December the planks are rising from this board.

    2. Charles Seymour

      This is a restored boat not a new build. The lead keel has been saved as well as the cabin.

    3. Charles Seymour

      Leo, you are a national treasure. Back to see the first episodes. 14 December 2020

    4. Andrew Mantle

      Thank you

    5. kg4dxs

      Wow, what a project...good going mate!

    6. Try Thinking

      Rewatching this in 11/2020

    7. James Murphy

      Watched till you put on those stupid masks, I guess in flaky liberal ca wash, and oregon you fall for that liberal b.s. too bad next they will have you hopping on one foot .Its just to get power over you madks do nothing to stop it , they tarted the virus just to get control.

    8. Dmm Dmm543

      That synth music couldn't be any more irritating. Like a mosquito in my ear.

    9. Fat Bastard Pipes

      So if you replace all the wood in this boat, is it still the same boat? 😉

    10. Matthew Knobel

      Its 2020 and I have found your videos. The question I have is at what point can you call a boat a rebuild vs a new boat based on an other ship? In later episodes I see most of the structure has been replaced.

    11. ༒Gorm Auslander༒

      If you're replacing every piece, and you also have the blueprints, what's the difference between "restoring" and starting over from scratch, as far as labor is concerned? That's not even mentioning the Ship of Theseus paradox!

    12. MrPossumeyes

      You're lucky you have a parrot! Not many boat builders have one!

    13. cageordie

      It's funny watching this while having just seen you rebuild the transom. Did you know where this would take you? It's amazing how fragile these timbers look compared to what you have now. She's going to be marvelous when she's done.

    14. Joe O

      Just started watching... seems there are a lot of holes in your boat. No expert but that seems suboptimal

    15. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    16. Sean Griffin

      A one inch core bit would have worked nicely, you are worker that is undeniable, may you fare well on this journey.

    17. kingraw2000

      Great project..can I ask where you found the construction drawings?

    18. Oneofdazzz

      just found your channel you earned a sub on this video, but damn there is so much rotten wood....wonder if any of the old wood will still be on the boat when you are all done.

    19. Peter Brickwood

      It is calming and reassuring to go back in time and watch your progress.

    20. Jonsey

      What do you intend to do with myrtle wood?

    21. Ralph H

      yikes thats a lot of work

    22. Tom Pi

      I could not find the episode N° 5. Where is it?

    23. cameron simison

      I love that the bird makes frequent appearences

    24. J Greenseed

      99.9% of the people on this planet would have junked this boat. Kudos

    25. Neil Wolfaardt

      2:35 Why is there a bunny on that pole?

    26. BetheChange Me

      Would you not have been better just building the boat from scratch?

    27. Sciolist

      I subscribed to this channel when I was only 3 episodes old and to be frank didn't care much about it. It was just casual watching as to how boat is built, today I kind of miss these old less polished videos. I mean what's happening in the background at 5:02 anyway getting bored, lockdown has been extended so going through these again.

    28. Trevor Humphreys

      Excellent video and well done. I just found you channel and can't wait to see more... thanks

    29. Y Sanchez

      I'm watching , your videos again , never go to complete all of them...wish to know if you made something knew...

    30. Jerry Chesterfield

      What is up with the parrot? Is it his? That thing's awesome :D

      1. matt lander

        Owned by the owners of the property

    31. Protobot

      You need to get a burke bar for the demo work.

    32. john smith

      they used lime back in the day never use cement in a boat it will rot all timber lime can breath cement can not

    33. Remi Stardust

      4:24 Are those the schematics for the Tally Ho? If so, where did he get them? Considering the condition of the boat, it would be surprising for those plans are still around.

    34. Sascha Euler

      great is sunday at work have 11 hrs more to go... plenty time for more episodes ;) ... you are doing a great job M8 i worked on a shooner miself and that is a hell of a job. But your determination is Epic .Well done

    35. Teddy Stephens

      my grand father was born in 1910 god bless you for saving the tallyho we need more old things saved

    36. Braden Williams

      Great video!

    37. Zac vaper

      "21½" This is some sort of 100 year old riddle. What could it possibly mean? Are there other hidden signs to look for? Is it a piece of a puzzle that will lead to buried treasure? Could it be part of a clue to the identity of Jack The Ripper? Where do you think this mystery will lead to? or do you already know?!?!? [insert spooky music]

    38. WelLRoundeDSquarE

      Good on ya m8. Your tenacity is infectious. I love your ability to overcome each adversity that comes your way with the simplest yet most effective way with what you have available. Sadly, there are fewer and fewer craftsmen like yourself left in this world. It's very refreshing when I stumble across Men like yourself. Keep up the fine work, and thanks so much for sharing your dream, and craftsmanship with us. I'm sure others would agree, We are all honored to be witness to this immense undertaking. I for one am hooked, line and sinker.

    39. Turbo Last Name

      If you have a very old boat and replace a piece of wood on it and then another and another and another until every piece of wood is replaced. Is it still the same old boat or a new boat?

    40. pat2000m68

      You need any help, I'm in the tacoma area and going to give life to a 42 foot hillyard cutter. Won't cost you anything. Nice job at any rate.

    41. Mike A Drover

      Outstanding Work and Filming look forward to much more. I can wait till she sails again!! I do butcher the proper English languish> what I'm from " Gerzzey" Tally Ho ~M~ NJ 07922

    42. Braden Williams

      These videos are great, thanks!

    43. Rob

      So this is the stage when you say " I must have lost my marbles" just got to stay strong its only a boat after all Noah managed it and he probably didn't have a cordless drill or a chain saw or a.....

    44. Rob

      That parrot is dam good with a camera!

    45. Don't Cry

      Is there anything that is not rotted or badly corroded? If so it would be nice to see it. I have no business giving you advice but wondered if you considered automotive type extractors for the blind fasteners?

    46. Adrian Valbuena

      XD Sell (Sail) it back to the UK!!!

    47. Deborah Petith

      Ron and I love watching you do this rebuild, it's wonderfull. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing with us.

    48. 18ftLyman

      The Mariner was a 50 ft staysail schooner I did some work on for Al Perrin. We removed the concrete ballast in the bilges to get at the plates from the inside. The concrete was full of boiler punchings rather than stone, which we separated out. The problem of re-using the steel punchings was solved by my Dad who suggested using sections of inner-tubes as bags. These were closed with copper wire and could be shaped and pushed back into the bilge spaces. This was all in 1961. Maybe inner tubes can't be had now, but something like that might work. Air can ventilate between the bags, and they stay in place but can be easily removed for maintenance. I haven't seen the whole series, but when you get to that spot in your progress, try that method. Best of luck to you.

    49. shartne

      Your doing a super job so far and it looks like tough going too.

    50. Fisher Isle

      I watched many sailboat restoration projects on youtube and like your video work best - the level of detail, explanations and pace is excellent - and, always, the fact you entered into this project alone is truly remarkable

    51. Jonathan DeWitt

      Where did you find the drawings?

    52. C James

      Jealous of that workshop area. Your organizational skills and cleanliness will pay dividends down the road.

    53. spymaine89

      alright , this is start, still , remove wood why? what type of tree? replace with what type?

    54. Bud Man

      If you need extra hands please let me know. We could meet for coffee next time you're in Boston.

    55. Lydia Johnson

      Am I correct in that this bird found you? I hope you plan to take him/her with you as a fixture of the boat for the following reasons: 1) Every good captain needs a trusty bird. 2) Amazingly, this bird has decided to be your first and most loyal crew member. It would seem this entire project was sanctioned, with bird included, by some force bigger than you. This gives new definition to the idea that if you build it, they will come. Love your videos. Want to see more of bird. Has it said any words yet? What is its name, and when does it get its own channel? LOL

      1. MrPossumeyes

        @Illusive[Brick] High Brick. Pancho is owned by the property owners who work during the day. When they got him they named him Pancho - then he laid an egg. Which is a pretty cool thing for a male bird to do! He's really sociable and loves company so he spends the day with the Tally Ho crew. And he's such a show-off, just coz he can lay eggs!

      2. Illusive[Brick]

        nah, he was his before-hand, he had some stands set around his house and outside for him, and had already named it.

      3. MrPossumeyes

        Lydia, I think this parrot needs to be in the crew! Polly works for me but I'm a guy. But every ship needs a parrot! Pirate or not!

    56. Jouko V

      Your idea and philosophy of resuscitation on an old boat / ship is admirable and enviable, becouse you seems to be delighted of what you are doing, and that is very nice. Hope all the best for your restoration projekt and hopefully you can spare a lot of an old boat for the second life.

    57. Brent Mack

      Dude you are nuts! I was looking at an old sailboat once so I went to my granddad he is an old salt from way back about the adventure. He asked me why did they build boats from wood my answer because wood floats? Correct answer was because they didn't have fiberglass trees! He was a smart old man I now have a 32 foot aluminum hulled Marinette. I painted the bottom once OMG you are my hero good work champ can't wait to see her when she's finished

    58. short step


    59. Tim Hartsock

      Hi, I just wanted to say I love boats. I am a land locked Sailor. I was in the US Navy for part of a ten year of both contract and active duty which I spent in the Mojave Desert in Southern California. I want to say thanks for saving such a ship. I am wanting to build one but have a very long way to go before I am ready. Keep up the great work and who knows, I have friends in Washington and if I ever get there I will try to drop by. I would love to learn what people know especially about ships or boats. Thanks for showing and explaining everything. That Keel looks like one big job. I have been watching some others who are building a boat or boats. I have even considered going to a boat school. Thanks again for sharing. Keep up the great work and don't let your hopes fail. I have found that things often work out well.

    60. Oleg Kazakov

      Remowe paint cup brush Megaloder. Ebay 35 $.

    61. Danny Kwok

      watch your videos, feeling soo inspired and love what you're doing! best of luck and good fortune from Hong Kong...Danny

    62. Earl Wright

      how much did she cost you and estimate of cost when restored?

    63. Delos Turner

      Love the boat. Lots work it is going to be fun to watch your progress. Love the bird

    64. Duncan Mac

      What's not to like, there's always one, or in this case at this time 9, that just don't like anything especially themselves. Thanks for the video.

    65. Jack

      Always amazed at how skilled you are at so many things.

    66. Paul Ohlstein

      It's too late now, but you could have cut the garboard around the fasteners with a hole saw and then split off the plug and pry out bronze fasteners.

    67. Wetwheels

      Do you know where she was built and by who?

    68. zatranslate

      can i ask you what do you do fir living?

    69. Benters

      I'm going to be very interested in your decision making on what timber to keep, and what is beyond saving.

    70. Cory Pride

      You really do meet the most amazing people on IThomes!

    71. Rhys Hughes

      When looking at projects of this magnitude, one can't help thinking the only name you can put on the bow of the boat is "Property of Theseus. But it is well worth it. Will be following this with great interest. A great opportunity to understand the minds of ship builders past.

    72. MrPotatochips4

      Yeah, wedges!! Don't know how people get through life without them. Yanking on the garboard reminded me of the time I was levering on a groundsill with all my might and it broke loose whereupon I did a full backwards somersault with an iron bar in my hands.

    73. MT Mals

      Holly smoke've got Ed Sauzedde in your corner..not a bad friend for a job like that! Perhaps some folks will join me and send out a five spot for some nails or can of Hormel chili to keep you going. Steady as you go. I'm on board. Mike

    74. Candis Brendel

      Sampsom Boat Co Doug from SV Seeker said to check out your page, we subbed we love your boat. 8 year job unless you don't work and build the boat 8 hours a day? about right or will you get help like doug did? love to see more SOON Old One Legged Joseph T. Navy retired mm second class

    75. VIDEOMED

      Very interesting ! The Tally Ho ! We had a pub down the street named The Tally Ho !...They made the best Chicken Barb's ! So good ! I'd buy 2 or 3 at a time ! Mmmmmm ! ..and a beer or 8 ! They were open for 85 years..then closed. Bummer ! Now a crappy CVS sits there..ANYWAY !! Thanks for making me remember a great time in my life...Now I can watch you restore "The Tally Ho " !! lol. Matt.

    76. Dj H

      So I stumbled across this video. I give you props for doing this all by yourself... you have dogs and parrots and a giant ass Boat and doing the work by yourself. I’m fixing a 18 foot flats Boat to get it on the water and it’s a lot of work....then you add on all the time setting up cameras and editing. Damn bro you are busy man. Subscribed!

    77. ClayZ

      West Seattle here. It seems to me that nearly every meaningful timber and board will be replaced. Replace frames then the hull exterior? I have no idea what I'm saying. You got me goin' though.

    78. rcpmac

      Wonderful capture at

    79. jamesinkeys

      SUBED till the end ....Overwhelming project, in my mind for a single worker... Bill Gates lives in Wash. State,, hint , hint... Dreaming of sailing in beautiful tropical breezes...Check out Riley and Elaynas channel "Saiing la Vagabonde" ..... Beautiful couple living the dream...

    80. Darryl Teichroeb

      SVSeeker dude. Did you get a spike? Anyways, watched one video and nice job on the video. More of them and longer eh? IThomes-ees demand it.

    81. Claus Madsen

      Loving these. Very well produced. Yet, I find it hard to believe this can ever become a seaworthy boat again

    82. Thomas Mcluckie

      this is gonna be interesting this is, you got a sub and thumbs up

    83. Michael Fortuin

      Looks like a great project. Heard of your channel from SV Seeker. Thought I would take a look. I would love to come work on that, if you end up taking on volunteers. Im a carpenter from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I would have probably gone to work on Seeker at some point, but metal doesnt interest me all that much.

    84. Vw Rosstorations

      Subbed. Good work fella 🇬🇧

    85. Cptn Uwe's Pirate Tales

      great this will be a wonderful project to follow along with

    86. David Carr

      Tight work mate. A few questions if you please. Do you have a ruff timeframe for completion, 2 years or so? The concrete in the bilge was that added after she was built or is that something that's was done back in the day? Can you say what you paid for her.? I'm very much looking forward to your build. I would give my right you know what for that shop. Check out my Chanel if you like. Cheerio...

    87. Phantomthecat

      A question if I may ask - how much of the timber is salvageable on Tally Ho and how much will need replacing? I'm not a woodworker, so no idea what is still usable or if it all has to be replaced? Thanks.

    88. Don Alexander

      I'll check back in about 5 years to see how your coming on the ship. ( See Susanna restoration )

    89. Don Alexander

      Sorry your opening ba ckground music is so bad, please cut it out.

    90. John Fenman

      I am confused about the entire project. Does every board and timber get replaced with new wood, or are there keepers like the ribs and the inside bow to stern boards? Is this whole pile of wood just a template, or what percent of the old timber remains useable? When it is all done will there be a copper or a fiberglass skin over it to make it last longer? Does fiberglass over wood work as a strategy or does that have its own issues besides any purity issues like some hating vinyl siding on an old colonial house. I may have missed the overall assessment of the state of the boat and what has to be done.

    91. cartmanrlsusall

      I hope you fiberglass and epoxy her so she lasts another 100 years

    92. windage

      inspiring, makes me excited to get back to my Alden Schooner, 'Saltwind' rebuild...thanks!

    93. John Ferguson

      It used to be a boat but now it's a stack of rotten wood that is shaped like a boat. A shame to see a fine craft left to rot and go to waste. I'd love to know how you are going to pay for all this.

    94. davetileguy

      1. How are you paying for this. 2. How much of the wood is recoverable?

    95. Fumingzeus

      That’s a mammoth task you’re undertaking....wishing you all the best 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇬🇧

    96. Mr Me

      My God you could have picked something hard and impossible.

    97. Rodney Wroten

      good luck to you Sir. that is awesome

    98. WindRose

      Where did you get the hull drawings, from the originals? Hope you did not have to draw them up yourself, if you did you are a highly skilled genius!

    99. Roger Simpson

      Great, all the very best with the project ... looking forward to the fit-out.

    100. jgsmith16

      Love your dog!