BoatBuilding - Installing Beamshelves / BIG plans! (EP67)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Installing Beamshelves / BIG plans! (EP67)
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    EPISODE 67.
    In this episode, I finish planing the beamshelves, move them into the boat, and start the process of bending them around the inside of the frames - creating some big loads and some scary creaking noises…
    Meanwhile, Marshall helps by cleaning up the vintage threading machine, and we send a broken part to Keith Rucker for repairs. In other news, the StarBoat finally finds a great new home, and I have some really exciting news about the future of the project!
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    67. Installing Beamshelves / BIG plans! (Tally Ho EP67)

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    1. harryfatcat

      As someone who moves large heavy objects in cramped awkward locations for a living, I'm very impressed with the beam shelf move! Especially doing it by yourself!

    2. Old Iron Shops

      i know keith rucker very well and watch his videos did he make a video of the repair ?

    3. Sadie Jungers

      Oh man I was so anxious that first beam shelf was going to break when you were shaping it onto the frames!

    4. Paul Baker

      All I can say is Wow!! If it wasn't on video it would be hard to believe one man could do that. Way to go !

    5. Chas Wolf

      When Leo pulled out that massive sledge to inch the beam shelf forward just a bit - I laughed, thinking it looked like a cartoon or some sort of caricature. But with the first swing - and the huge 'smack' reverberating from all over, I realized this is a real tool, doing a real job!! Wow!

    6. martin gauthier

      To pull the beam shelves together in the bow I was thinking “Spanish windlass”.

    7. Dennis Bachman

      I am 80 years old and really enjoy your presentations. I once had a dream of sailing around the world, though all my experience was in motor powered boats. I love to build and repair things. So this fills most all of my desires. Thanks.

    8. Brian Berger

      Huge rudder on that Star boat!

    9. Ben Hart

      Two facts: 1.) This is the most episode of any channel I've ever watched, by far. 2.) As an avid woodworker, I'm learning so much. Thanks, Leo.

    10. Hank Senior

      Do u have some type of an engineering degree or what is your background sir?

      1. 98279Tracy

        I think MIT should at least give an honorary PhD in MechE, no?! Amazing Leo.

    11. Roy Garino

      i salute all the people who help u leo,,,specially to the guy deliver ur timber and ,,become part of ur mission too salute to all of u

    12. Mark Jennings

      Maybe train up Francesca to do the editing

    13. Dirk Sundbaum

      Very cool way to load them.

    14. The Man from Epsilon Crucis

      Removing Bronze Bushings & Brazing a Broken Casting for Leo at Sampson Boat Co.

    15. C O

      Sooo cool Keith Rooker is doing this for you. Another extremely competent machinist is Keith Fenner out of Dennis in Cape Cod, who actually repairs marine equipment.

    16. Hans Klint

      I`m so impressed of all the work you are doing alone and by yourself. Even gives the parrot its time. I`m used to work by myself, but not in such a big scale so I know what you are up against. Please be careful when you are working on the scaffolding. -- By the way-- Your wife is very good looking.

    17. Chris K

      Here's the link to the video on the threading machine repair by Keith Rucker.

    18. John Taylor

      Hydraulic porta powers are very helpful moving and forcing things in place. They are small and portable. Love your choice of music to .

    19. Tom Oakhill

      OMG Cecca can change clothes (12:00) faster than anyone I have ever seen.

    20. Timothy Reese

      those two moments where you positioned yourself as the ammo for an enormous crossbow made me incredibly nervous

    21. Tom Oakhill

      The Port Huron to Mackinac Island sailboat race (6:50) is through Lake Huron and is 235 miles long. Lake Huron IS a Great Lake.

    22. BrianZef

      Marshall is an absolute legend.

    23. J Hemphill

      12:02 How many times a day does Cecca change her outfit? So posh!

    24. KBragan

      I have been thoroughly enjoying the channel and rebuild of Talley Ho, I didn't think it could have gotten any better and then you get Keith Rucker to help out. Too awesome. Keep up the good work Leo!

    25. Darksunrise

      The entire time you were putting those beams in place I was thinking about just how HORRIBLY this project could end if the wrong clamp slipped, or the rope somehow came undone. The amount of tension in that thing looks LETHAL. Glad there's currently another 10-odd videos for me to catch up on, meaning things probably went smoothly XD

    26. Lancia 037 Project

      There are some amazing, kind and generous people in this world.

    27. Hapi Toopi

      Wood you able to take poncho with you once the vessel is complete

      1. on4xb

        No, Pancho belongs to his hosts

    28. Michael Jin

      You fooled me pretty good, I always thought you were somewhere in England, then Michigan popped up, hahahaha

      1. on4xb

        Leo and TH are in Sequim, Washington

    29. benjamint444

      Leo has a really big hammer

    30. benjamint444

      So if he puts in that extra piece his beamshelves will have a beamshelves

    31. TrisT

      18:54 my imagination is just floating towards what would happen if the ropes broke

    32. TrisT

      19:24 that has to be some of the sketchiest but also most comical shit I've ever seen

    33. TrisT

      Keiths video on fixing the pipe threader:

    34. KRCthats ME

      Incase you were looking for Keith's part repair video Leo mentioned. IThomes 👍

    35. Fam Rodenburg

      100 procent respect

    36. Matt M

      impressive footage, how one person with a desire to get the job done can find a way to make it happen. Great job.

    37. costafortia

      So Tally Ho will be significantly heavier, but how much heavier? What is her final weight? How does that affect her handling characteristics?

    38. Charles Seymour

      What great music and editing. You are a master videographer. You know this when 20 minutes seems like five! Keep um coming Leo.

    39. Charles Seymour

      This has become my favored channel. I am rebuilding a 100 year old teak floating market boat in Suphonburi Thailand. Leo is my inspiration to rebuild instead of putty and paste.

    40. Brian Kay

      G’day Leo, boy, I am so impressed on how you got those two “deck beams” onto “Tally Ho” by yourself. This Would make a great inspirational video to show the youth of today in Australia how to achieve a result. 🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘🦘

    41. Rev. David Willerup

      When bringing the beam shelves to meet at the stern, why not fashion a knee?

    42. redhughdl

      last time i saw packaging like that was on unibomber !!!! :)

    43. SpycoLordOfFire Took some digging, but here is the video

    44. adam anthoni ford

      The amount of potential energy stored on the top of this boat makes my asshole pucker

    45. jamierodg1

      Super easy to donate to 'for 3 sisters" took about a minute! Join in! (So was the hearing protection because you didn't want to hear that beam cracking as you bent it into place?)

    46. philip Brailey

      Marshall is a great guy.

    47. Don Koltz

      Marshall's a fuckin' champ!

    48. Richard Whiteman

      Lurve the bluegrass!

    49. Usuario de Google

      HI, whats the name of the boat in the minute 6:42? O What kind it is. Thank you

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        It's a Star-class.

    50. Jack Owen

      i wish you could have used more parts from the original

    51. Mitch Walker

      I have never really had an interest in wooden boats I always admired them but never really thought much about them. but I stumbled onto your video by accident a while back and I have not been able to stop watching! your attention to detail, your craftsmanship is amazing. keep up the good work!

    52. Mark Kalin

      Marshall is my hero.

    53. Rotax 636nut

      What a great episode..

    54. Cameron Kollath

      Flexing those beam shelves is givin' me sweaty palms.

    55. Peter Brickwood

      And there is your ingenuity. I have run out of superlatives. This video showed me what Thor's mallet is for.

    56. allancar

      What a great guy Marshal is! Wonderful charity too.

    57. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    58. Morten Becker

      Keith Rucker just got another sup. :-) Leo keep up the excellent work. By the way... You are now more or less the reason that my son now is thinking of taking his apprenticeship as a boatbuilder. He had his eye set on carpentry, but your channel made him thinking otherwise. My sons choice made his granddad very happy, since he is also a boatbuilder by trade.

    59. andrew davies

      Hi amazing project to watch take shape, I would suggest making sure you have edge protection on the scaffold towers,and ladders the correct height to work off , be a shame for someone to injury themselves , keep up the good work !

    60. Jacquobite

      At 19:03 you are cheating death Leo. We almost saw a flying Englishman.

    61. John Ryan

      Good man Marshall !

    62. killertoast

      This is the episode from Keith Rucker’s IThomes channel - “Vintage Machinery":

    63. Pikeman71

      Look up "Good People" in the dictionary and you'll find a picture of Marshal!! The world would be a better place with more "Pink Fireman" in it!!

    64. Vaughan Holtom

      What a great episode. Restored my faith in humanity. Genuine people doing genuine good. Wow!

    65. O. H. W.

      Oh he came to big that Fantastic boat!!! Well done! That’s a nice one! 👏

    66. Tipi Andy

      Love it... can’t wait to see it finished... Namaste.

    67. Andrew Robinson

      19:06 Places I wouldn't want to be sat!

    68. Doug Wray

      I've loved your music choices all the way through. WELL DONE.

    69. Gabriel Malta

      I have no words for what I've seen in this episode

    70. mike M

      Not sure what I want more the novelty huge saw or mallet....

    71. Ken Teh

      This is how I got hooked onto your channel. When I saw you wrestle the keel timber by yourself. And now, coaxing the beam shelves into position, again, all by yourself. The segment with the starboard beam shelf was suspenseful. Everytime the camera shook as you inched the shelf into position, I thought, the whole boat and shed would come crashing down. Well done, Leo.

    72. bfarm44

      Sometimes I can’t believe what I’m watching one person do with the size timbers your working with. Absolutely mind blowing

    73. T J

      Leave it to a shipwright to make such a crafted box

    74. Smail Mehmel

      Good job

    75. Fabiano Pfaffenseller

      23:00 smoke weed everyday

    76. Kris Gustafson

      Donkey Kong sledge hammer!

    77. Zihnigür Dereli


    78. Abdelgader Hilal

      لديه مشكلت حقوق في دوله قطر ولم اتحصل عليها الي الان

      1. Abdelgader Hilal

        من سنت ٢٠١٢ الي الان

    79. Grobbelski

      Cheers to Marshall! What a guy. Is there a website or company name for the Michigan outfit that will be restoring the star boat?

    80. Gilvan Xavier


    81. Zach Casias

      Sweating bullets when he started bending in the beamshelf

    82. ferb

      CEO of clamps

    83. Dane Cook

      Y'all gotta admit... that is one comically sized mallet.

    84. Roy G. Dodd

      WOW!!!! Marshall, what a GREAT guy!!

    85. TJ

      If this video doesn't restore at least some of your faith in humanity, then nothing will. Thanks Leo and PINKY.

    86. Mike Kent

      Thanks to Keith Rucker, I found your channel. Just finishing watching all the episodes over the last several weeks.

    87. Random Dude

      Maybe it would've been easier to install the beamshelves by laminating it together in place with several layers of wood?

    88. Robert Mecalis

      The father of invention figuring out how to do stuff by yourself.

    89. Bob Bailey

      Fine job indeed keep up the great work

    90. MercDave

      I did not know that your channel existed until I saw Keith's video.

    91. Graham Reeve

      When you pulled that in did you know how much you looked like a crossbow bolt.

    92. W. J. Spies

      I've been watching on another channel two guys from Massachusetts building a ketch rigged boat of what looks like rather smaller proportion. Then I stubbled onto your IThomes channel I was amazed at what you're doing on the west coast w/ your boat, almost alone. Your channel is quite something. I'm an aviation guy & for some odd reason old time wooden shipbuilding captures my interest. Thank you for this channel. Oh yes, the bird you have is awesome, a parrot or macaw I think. It is simply great to watch it walk around on the structural supports & such. Very entertaining, it could be its own show almost. Great work, good luck w/ the build!

    93. Kim Doss

      Builder, who has also worked on fishing boats, I would like 2 work with U but I live in NewZealand. I will keep learning from U.Regards Kad, PS .until we meet.

    94. Andrew Hodel

      You should label the wood types in editing so we can know that.

    95. Robert Salanon

      Savoir faire ,énorme travail,précision,conception ,application,tout y est ,c·est simplement superbe de voir ça !! A+

    96. Jack Walker

      Jig making is almost a lost art. I love your attention to detail and wish you success with continuing to rebuild the old girl.

    97. al math

      Well done Marshall 👏👏👏💪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    98. Matt Moody

      Speak softly and carry a BIG mallet!

    99. Stewart Smith

      your perseverance or carryon is amazing, I would have long ago bailed this project. But, you as an englishman, ate this elephant one bite at a time, tallyho.

    100. Chmied

      19:10 Had visions of Leo being shot out of there like an arrow.