BoatBuilding - Bending Beams / Pipe-threader Repair (EP68)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Bending Beams / Pipe-threader Repair (EP68)
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    EPISODE 68.
    In this episode, I finish twisting the beam shelves into place, bending them into their final positions forward and aft. I receive the repaired part of the pipe threading machine in the mail back from Keith Rucker, who brazed together the broken pieces and replaced the bushings. After reassembling the threading machine, it works wonderfully.
    Finally, I need to work out an efficient way to fabricate bolts to fasten the beam shelves to the frames, and so I make a few haphazard jibs to help. Pancho takes a bath, and I find another Shipwright to work on the project with me!
    Keith Rucker’s videos on repairing the Threading Machine part.
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    68. Bending Beams / Pipe-threader Repair (Tally Ho EP68)

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      *Q&A ANSWERS BELOW!* Remember to leave your question in the first 2 hours of each new video, and I'll answer as many as I can *Are you going to attempt to make your own sails too?* No, I am talking to a couple of sailmakers about that currently - but I might be able to help out with parts of the process! *Why not wet / steam the beam before you twist?* The timber is so green that I was able to get away without steaming it. Steaming timber can be stressful and it’s good to have a lot of people to handle it. Having said that, it might have been quicker if I had just steamed it . *Unrelated to this video, but how are you planning to fair the lead keel?* Lead can be easily and safely trimmed with a power-plane (although it can be controversial on IThomes!) *Couldn't you have made the beam with the turns and twists built into it like you did the frames, rather than forcing it.* I could have, but to get a finished piece of the same dimensions I would have had to start with a much bigger piece. Also, it would be more work to make it like that! *Can beam shelves be installed as separate pieces, or does it have to be one solid piece of lumber? Is there a point where the length of the boat allows for a split beam shelf?* It generally has to be one solid piece, although scarfs or other joints are acceptable. Some boats however do not have beam shelves, in this case they would need individual brackets on each frame and thicker planks at the top of the hull. *It appears that the beam shelves, once bolted together, are not on centerline to the bow blocks. Is the current position within tolerance? If so, what is that tolerance? If not, I suppose the beam shelves and ribs must be adjusted for final fitment and fastening. What is the path forward?* You are right, they are nearly 1/4” off the centreline right now. But I will pull them onto the centreline before the next step. Shouldn’t be too hard. In the worst case, this would have to be taken into account when fairing the frames. *What tools will you take onboard Tally Ho? Will there be a dedicated workshop / locker on Tally Ho? We know you love your wood working, and as you said, “a boat is never really finished.” * Mostly hand tools, and a few battery tools. Chisels, Mallets, Planes, Caulking Irons, saws, measuring and marking tools, rigging tools, leather-working tools, sail-repair tools, bolt cutters, a cordless drill with a few batteries, and plenty of fastenings and scrap timber! It will definitely be hard to decide what to take, considering the limited space. *What did you end up doing with the ship's original numbers and you plan on incorporating them somehow into the finished project.* They are on a deck beam, which is unfortunately very rotten. They will be copied onto one of the new deck beams. *Leo? Did You grease that big chuck bearing? It looked dry to me.* It has oil fittings on top of the castings - I will keep it well lubricated with those! *Have you considered a hot riveter? My dad had one with a 5/8 die. A pneumatic riveter might be the thing you need.* Yes, I am working on faster and more efficient ways to make rivet-heads! I like to start with the most low-tech method, so that I properly understand the process and can go back to it if neccessary. But I have far too many rivets to make them all by hand. *Are you going to fit her with her original rig or the Fastnet race rig?* At the moment the plan is to replicate the Fastnet race rig with the enlarged sail plan.

      1. Vincent Golden

        Does the copper bronze rod work harden so the bolt heads are durable? I guess a better question is how durable are those bolts compared to other alternatives materials?

      2. American Jeeper

        Leo, since the centenary of Tally Ho's Fastnet race is in 7 years, do you plan on entering her?

      3. Joe Dillier

        Glad to hear you're going with the bigger sail plan!

      4. zeemanjr

        You should get your self a air hammer with a cup attachment on it and heat the end of the bronze rod and then use the air hammer to put a half sphere on the end of it.

      5. Mad Man Marine

        Sampson Boat Co nice job on the threading insert!! Necessity is the mother of invention. Best part is the way those hex dies are set up you can now use almost any brand hex threading die.

    2. Doug Koyama

      I don't think I've seen anyone as capable as you Leo. Thanks for sharing it. I also think there is great benefit in this being a channel about adventure beyond launch day, to whatever degree you can manage.

    3. OldMech

      I did not believe that there is that much really great timber in the world left. Those beams are beautiful. Nice lumber. Oh, I hope my wife finds out that I am talking pretty about someone else’s wood

    4. Dan

      Pancho scribing a line at 13:52 ... Gold.

    5. Brian Blair

      Leo, I am late to the scene here, but have been binging your videos from the start over the past week. After watching this one I am sincerely impressed with your grasp of using hand tools/simple machines combined with common sense and safe practices. Being a craftsman and having a dedication to precision is only earned through commitment and skill developed through experience, but there are many that do not grasp simple machines and the application of forces as you do. You have truly created a community based with Tally Ho. Keep up the great work!

    6. Scott Pecora

      The chipmonk music was unique!

    7. Bryant Lehman

      Gotta ask Leo, where did you get that South Bend Fire t-shirt? I live next door to South Bend in Mishawaka and I am a full time firefighter paramedic.

      1. Bryant Lehman

        Very neat! Enjoying your videos. Very relaxing and I’m learning so much.

      2. Sampson Boat Co

        I had a visit from one of their crew! (as a fan)

    8. x0965

      So, with hiring skilled labor has your estimated time of completion been advanced to within a rolling 1 year timeframe?

    9. Mark Jennings

      Threading bolts is white mans magic!!

    10. EL Triki

      السلام عليكم لدي قارب يحتاج الي صيانة وهدا القارب قديم وهو لجدي وتم صناعتة من خشب الزيتون

    11. Dario Martin Lobos

      thanks very usefull. I am trying to learn something about boat construction. Does the wood needs something special to make easyer the bend? Like steam chamber, put them in water for a few days or something like that? Does the wood is blended drying with some time or is new? Maybe one day I will try to make an SMALL FAST catamaran...

    12. Brian Franey Sr.

      Shoulda bough the right rod. Chip ejection using a hand tap on a machine is a huge problem.

    13. Tim

      Apart from some of your more random prop moving moments, putting those beam shelves in is probably the most dangerous thing I’ve seen so far. Lots of contained force....

    14. whotknots

      Leo if you accept that every part of a machine should be maintained in as nearly new condition as possible, may I suggest you get those large white metal bearings behind the chuck looked at sometime? They looked to be very badly worn and if anything fails due to lack of maintenance it will do so in accordance with Murphy's Law. I have no doubt that Keith Rucker could re-pour and scrape them so they are like new for you.

    15. Manny C Weiss

      30ft in the air on flymsy scaffolding using a carnival hammer with no parachute..what a guy!!

    16. JTninja Man

      My friends and family think I’m weird but this series is so cool. And for those who get it, I think he should hire Franky

    17. Dave Stambaugh

      That is a really great version of Arkansas traveler. Real interesting fiddle playing is it Kenny Baker?

    18. Belo MOLNAR

      I lost all my words. Lord.

    19. mattvish

      taper a cone into the end of the bolt (does not have to be the full diameter), makes spreading out a nice round rivet head much easier

    20. Ander

      Great stuff!

    21. NoSaltiesAnd RoosHere

      👍 Sehr gut, danke!

    22. W. J. Spies

      I love the music you choose. Appalachian, Irish, Scottish (I guess) fiddling drones, borrowed from the bagpipes long ago. It's truly relaxing and in a way meditative and hypnotic. Good stuff!

    23. Boomer Ray Stufflebeam

      Anneal the silicone bronze by heating and rapidly cooling in water. Be much easier to dome over your heads like that. Use a rivet setter. Also never ever ever leave a chuck key in the chuck, that's a killer.

    24. Marcus Mason

      Grammarley adverts are doing my head in.......

    25. Michael Colgan

      Leo, do you have a part number off the dies ? There is a possibility I might have a few. diameter of bolt and the number of threads per inch helps

    26. rusedorange

      My goodness! Can you fit a few more ads in?

    27. Stop The Insanity

      A reader’s suggestion a few shows back to have a carving of a parrot on the bow has been partially realized @ 11:34!

    28. Mr Me

      You are doing such a beautiful thing!! The weld you did would have been stronger by brazing. Brazing is for joining dissimilar metals. It’s an old process that works well. It’s what Keith did!!!! Oh, the bushings holding the chuck arbor in your mostly repaired bolt cutter need to be replaced. When you are making the caps, the bolt heads, on the bolts work (hammer) the metal while it is glowing red or almost red. Cold working will work, but the heads will crack more easily shear off more easily. ;) Do you seek volunteers? What is your position on helpers? What is your support for volunteers?

    29. redhughdl

      i assume he would have removed the old broken bushings first then replaced thus joining the the two broken bits together then braised / welded (the material looked like it was cast / pig iron) which doesnt weld very well

    30. MrPossumeyes

      Pancho is the coolest! He dances! He shows off! He can even lay an egg! Oh... wait on....

    31. Nestor Knoxs

      ♥️This old Tony can make news dies for the pipe threader

    32. jamierodg1

      Very nice First Light Boatworks (Formerly Pease Brothers) in Chatham, MA sticker. My last boat was a Pease Monomoy 24, and a beautiful wooden boat she was! And if you sharpen tools, get a Tormek. They are great and you can pass them to your grandkids some day.

    33. Russ Martin

      Brilliant fix on the bolt thread cutting machine.

    34. Celtic704

      If it looks stupid but it works then it's not stupid.

    35. Ryan Turriff

      Hello Leo, a carbon steel filler metal will do the job. the only reason you would need to use a special wire (silicon bronze would be my recommendation) is because it wont release the toxic fumes from the socket. but if you are outside or extremely well ventilated, you don't need to use it. I will say that i am a little surprised that you havent used copper alloys before in your boat building. if you have a need in the future or would like to try it, you can send me a private message. I would be more than happy to discuss some material and uses that may be relevant to what you are doing. keep up the hard work! Ryan

    36. David Grove

      A proper hydraulic jack is a must for fitting a boat!

    37. Paul Bucco

      1:36 Leo uses the BFH

    38. michael roberson

      ugly or not, it's not a bad Idea if it works. As for the channel ending, rebuild another boat, rebuild someone else's boat...

    39. todd Sween

      You underestimate your metalworking ability Leo. You know what’s needed and you get it done, no plasma cutters and no bullshit! The more I watch your progress the more I realize I missed my Calling. Keeup the enthusiasm and don’t leave the chuck key in the chuck when not using it 😂.

    40. David Crawford

      Hi Leo - I've followed you and the Tally Ho from the beginning, and must say that I've been completely amazed by your knowledge, fortitude, endurance, and what we old-timers used to call Egyptian engineering! I'm long time retired, and miss being more involved in creative craftsman undertakings, but this ol' body insists I listen to it and not to wishful thinking. Keep up the excellent work - I wish I were there to lend a hand, though I'd guess that a hand would be about all that I could lend.

    41. chris macleod

      Leo you are a very clever man love watching your videos

    42. Benters

      Thanks again for introducing me to Keith Rucker's site. I have learned an awful lot about metalwork there, and have to say that machining and welding is equally as fascinating as working with wood - only different! If I had my time again and had the chance to become an expert in one or the other, like you and Keith, I could not say which one I would choose.

    43. Peter Brickwood

      Sometimes it is good when there is no commentary. It is like watching a mystery to see what will come out at the end.

    44. Charles Treadaway

      You need to go check out Alec Steele ‘s Channel. A fellow Brit.

    45. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    46. bill ibbotson

      Good working on my

    47. Ouroboros Armory

      What are the bolts for in the middle of the beam shelves?

    48. Paul Moore HDS

      Man that is awesome how you were able to make that IRWIN 3/8 die work on the threader. I have never been able to do anything with one of those dies except chase threads. You have the patience of a monk.

    49. killertoast

      Obviously you know what you're doing, but I cant help worry when I see these high tension situations

    50. Zureal

      Dued, thats some awesome rigging bro! smart as all fudge. Way to go with the enginuity

    51. Solo Entries

      I so love your can do attitude. After all, most modern day techniques stem from Victorian principles.

    52. Gustavo Broglio

      About the thread improvised cutting tool, Alec Steele always say: - It's not stupid if it works. Creativity is the key

    53. cantamarfly

      Take a look Leo. Maybe you can have some ideas?

    54. rotex

      Impressed with your ingenuity on making your 3/8 threading die set up. Well done.

    55. cameron simison

      your welding is pretty. though I dont know how to weld so I cant really judge

    56. Sirkristofer

      This guy sounds like Jenson Button

    57. Arturzzaman Rustam

      Is it experience or he is smart?

    58. Vincent Golden

      As always great video and a bit of building in there along with some variety stuff awesomeness!! I have watched these video's since you backed her in to it's current home Talley Ho is an incredible journey i am so looking forward to seeing the finish work thats my most favorite part. you are a very talented young man. Takecare and keep safe Leo.

    59. rowland shepard has dies...

    60. D.G. Rohrig

      Congratulations on your metal MacGyverism!

    61. Ümit Yıldırım


    62. Jonathan Dexheimer

      Leo, your welding looked cleaner than my actual welding test that I passed in Indiana 2015. You constantly inspire me with your skills.

    63. Reid Nichol

      Amazing craftwmanship. Two suggestions; Swap ends on the shaft in the threading machine so the bushing ride on the unworn surface. All you need to do is drill and tap the second end. You made good use of the hammer drill/jackhammer for a couple of needs, but why did you not use it to pound out all the keel bolts, knee bolts and other bolts? Saves splitting hammer shafts and is easier on you thumbs.

    64. Foredeck Doctor

      Hi Leo, if you are serious about mounting the old capstan back on the foredeck, Kieth might be the right guy to overhaul it.

    65. Zihnigür Dereli


    66. Brian Hanson

      Pretty sure I’ll be dead before you sail her but its real pleasure watching you and your help work. Thanks.

    67. Brian Hanson

      Why no steam

    68. Brian Hanson

      Need a bigger hammer. ;o)

    69. Олег Блинов

      Ты титан. Успехов тебе

    70. George Owen

      Hex dies are not for cutting threads they are for chasing them. You need round dies for cutting threads.

    71. George

      In your spare time perhaps you could expand on how to measure and bevel the frames; I just don't get it! Thanks

    72. olrik parlez

      Just stumbling by. Not a clue really of what's going on but it IS fascinating to watch. Think I'll set a spell.

    73. Robert Mecalis

      That is nicely done.

    74. Bart Verstraten

      You could try and team up with Alec Steele for some metal work

    75. Michael McClafferty

      Well done Leo. You are a very skilled and resourceful man.

    76. Doug Oaster

      What is the intro song?

    77. TJ

      Leo, you're just incredible, man. Thank you for doing what you do.

    78. Paul Standing

      Hi Leo I watched Keith repair the threading machine he did a really nice job on it.Glad you received it back and made it work well.Yes probably at some point replace the guide Rods take care 😀😀😀

    79. rick nelson

      Although I appreciate the time and effort that went into adapting the 3/8 die to use in the threader tool, it would have only taken 2 minutes to do it by hand with similar results. I do realize that now you have a setup to do more and that is always good.

    80. Tim Gay

      Now that's a mallet!. Need is always the mother of invention, your die threader looks ok and works so that's a bonus.

    81. Rafael Cappai


    82. Duane King

      Will you put Steelers fore and aft when you plank to follow the magic line?

    83. Vriew Fon

      Have you though of reversing the Pipe Threading m/c rail so that the worn ends are held the m/c's body? Mike Holley

    84. Rick Fletcher

      Just blown away by the craftsmanship of everything you do, whether woodworking, metal work, fitting the beam shelves, everything!! Have been binging on the videos and can’t wait to see the future work

    85. blair rowton

      Leo, since Pete is heading your way and the Port Townsand ship yard is shut down, why not get the entire Western Flyer Team into the Samson Boat yard on a lock down. COVID19-Tally Ho planking party. FYI, you’ve inspired me to build a model for my son to sail in the pond behind our home. It’s all from sight as I’m too cheap to by any plans. She’ll be close to the Tally Ho I hope. Beautiful lines she has.

    86. Andy C

      Back again to try and prevent you sticking a stinky diesel in that thing... Just look at this Leo, it can be done!

    87. Richard chavez

      When is the next video coming out??

    88. Bill Hamilton

      LEO.........I have a problem........IT'S My BIRTHDAY.............and I'm stuck here at home ....alone ...watching reruns of "YOU"......and I don't have any cake .......or mix.......That's a problem...... Cheers Mate

    89. fred rubble

      best parrot show on youtube

    90. Jim Sciolla

      If you have some need for some wood lathe turned items, I am a member of a woodturning club and we could possibly help out. I can be reached at 951-707-9524, Jim

    91. Anthony Wilson

      If you want to flame cut straight and save time grinding, clamp some angle iron on the work with a pair of mole grips one each end, then run the cutting torch along your cut using angle iron as a guide, The flame cuts a safe distance from the angle iron and you can get a pretty straight cut. Love your work Leo Regards Tony.

    92. TrapShooter68

      Leo! It's Sunday night and no new video!! Give us a 60 second health update. We're worried.

    93. Andre Reggio

      Having worked in solid rod rigging years ago, the process to form heads at the end of each line consisted of a sandwiching jig, having to place the shaft in slightly narrower bored sleeve, than the solid rod and an abrasive powder was dusted in the jig and squeezed tight. I think if you fabricate a concave head and attach that to a heavy hammer drill, it could simplify and speed up your threaded bolt production. Hope this can help, oh, and in the shop, hydraulics were used to compress the head. You now have hydraulics Leo. Great job.

    94. gary rhodes

      If you have a badly chipped tooth on thread dies grind that tooth out with a sliting wheel as long as the other teeth on the other dies are ok it will cut better than with it chipped

    95. Robert Fay


    96. SV Talitha

      Great video as always Leo! @SVTalitha Doing my bit for COVID-19 entertainment - Sailing in the Whitsundays Australia (Jan 2020)

    97. Don Hood


    98. Doug Carroll

      Leo ever think of getting apprentices from local unions

    99. Dennis Downes

      Hmmmmm, I now have some new ideas for my old windward sheet cars and mainsheets!! DD

    100. Daniel keirstead sr

      I watch Keith all the time..He is great