Building a big boatshed - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP3

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    I'm on a mission to rebuild a 1910 gaff cutter called Tally Ho. Having moved the boat up the pacific coast of the US, its time to build a huge shed over her. But I only have a week, and there's nobody around to help..........-If you'd like to support the Tally Ho project, please Subscribe and Share. Thanks!
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    Urbano A Zafra - Danza Filipina
    Tickle - F**k the Man
    Scott Gratton - A moment

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    1. marina brizard

      You are congratulated 100% efficiency, I just took the courage to buy a used boat, however I don't have your skills, I need something in a better state of conservation, but it is fantastic to see that you can do a lot by yourself. congratulations!!

    2. Chris Debono

      Amazing, absolutely amazing. The sheer scale of the task ahead. Even building the shed single handed is no mean feat. Well done young man ☺️

    3. Charles Seymour

      Intro to the tool shed and Ponch.

    4. Charles Seymour

      Nice to see a Brit enjoying what is best about American life. Anything is possible if you set you mind to it.

    5. Norman Pearson

      the music sucks, big time. i think you lost me in your second video.

    6. Andrew Mantle

      Beautiful production, good heart. Going to watch them all.

    7. Christopher Purcell

      im so late to this party but happy to have arrived

    8. S Han

      Were your boat shop and tools donated? Love your channel.

    9. Yaivenov

      It was neat to see the old boat participate in its own restoration as scaffolding to build its shed.

    10. Emily Chb

      Why's there a field of opium poppies (at 6:27)? They legal to grow there? Otherwise he should maybe not record them :p

    11. Brandon Freer

      Holy crap, that sounded like EPMD

    12. Tarman The Champion

      Dream big... and re build even a bigger boat!

    13. Benters

      I often re-visit these old episodes. It is September 2020 now. I'm always amazed at how you didn't just get overwhelmed in those first few days with the enormity of what you had to do. Now I know you better from all the subsequent episodes over the last three years, it is not surprising anymore.

      1. Mark

        The short answer is being aware the project as 10000 parts, a understanding of kinda when they come about but only really thinking hard about the next XX.

    14. signizmz1

      Sir, your a hero, good tunes, too!

    15. diecast jam

      To Merrie Olde England, and on to New England.

    16. nomirodin

      the bird came to help and boost moral

    17. H - M

      Here's another team building a boat and didn't get shed approval:-

    18. Mind Blow

      wow! will enjoy this serie!!

    19. Dr.KingSchultz

      You need a beter song!

    20. KSD Zafeer Gaming


    21. saturday7

      Some people seem to be able to approach seemingly daunting tasks with ease. With an inner confidence in themselves and who they are. And then there are the others, perhaps the majority, who are parallelized by indecision and self doubt, unable to make any progress in realizing their dreams. Destined to "kick around on a piece of ground in your home town, waiting for someone or something to show you the way. And then one day you find ten years have got behind you".

    22. Gonzalo Villabriga

      Bro ! I thought I was crazy for doing that kind of stuff, but man ! Holy crap! You are a Completely leyend man !

    23. John Camp

      I’ve taken on large scale projects, and all the work to do before you can ever start the real work is sometimes monumental on its on.

    24. KTM BIKES

      Because of the music I kept thinking of a sad spongebob lol I was waiting for squidward or patrick to walk in at any moment lol

    25. eXactModellbau

      All along I thought he was too clever to be an American. In the end it came to the conclusion that he was British. That explains everything.

    26. Txwallbed Murphy Beds

      For the more music. I just started watching. The music is not to my liking. To mute it, I miss his audio and I have to get my glasses every time some caption pops up. Other than those two very annoying things I appreciate the videos.

    27. 300leothelion

      I’ve started watching from the beginning after finding ep 74. But that ‘kin music! 🙄🇬🇧👍🏻

    28. Jim Maguire

      7 days, $800 and by yourself - FIVE STARS!

    29. Bent Nickel

      The nautical terminology is like stepping back in time and catching up on the last 1500 years. A new challenge for a 70 y/o and a new "something to look forward to". Thank you.

    30. Galerak

      Wow! By episode 3 you've managed to get the boat and a parrot. Can't wait to see how long it takes to get the eyepatch and peg-leg lol

    31. Rick Racedog

      NEVER underestimate what a man alone can do when he HAS to do it. Impressive determination and problem solving.

    32. Will Montgomery

      rematch is complete worth it!~

    33. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    34. Who Am I?

      I’m pleased to see the bird stuck around. I love Poncho.

    35. comic cat

      This is what I have always been looking for on youtube! Just a guy filming a passion project for years and watching it for hours on end.

    36. Cam Smeltzer

      Everybody knows that a captain has a parrot. That it found you is fate! This will be the best build!

    37. Thomas Barker

      PPE? Ahead of his time!

    38. Dave Tucker

      This music....hurts me.

    39. Paul Haynes

      This is the point where I got hooked! Never mind restoring a boat, this guy designs and builds a huge boat shed - entirely by himself! And in a week. It takes me a week just to thnk about doing something... 58 episodes later and I know more about boats and boat building than I ever imagined possible, and am even more in awe of Leo - and a Patreon! I won't mention how long it's taken me just to build a patio in the back garden - that's still not finished...

    40. M

      Wtf this dude is a madlad modern day captian jacksparrow

    41. Martin Majewski

      I always wondered how a pirate gets his parrot in the first place. Now I know how! I guess I've learned something new today.

    42. J I


    43. Seanoldio Sweatio

      I love Honda Trail 90's with a dirty passion

    44. Joe Hills

      YOU WHAT M8! awesome

    45. notbohnhere butcantleave

      Wearing the proper PPE kind of takes on a whole new meaning since he said it.

    46. Robert Mulligan

      Great video and so much good info but the music can send you to the psyc ward

      1. Turbo Last Name

        Robert Mulligan right. I had to mute it.

    47. Rasputin Vasiliov

      Damn! she is looking good. This and Project Binky are my go to never miss an episode channels. Thank you for sharing this adventure with us.

    48. twcaldwell1951

      6:05....been there, done that, actually fell a couple of times.

    49. Willie Mortel

      Thanks for sharing your skills my friend!

    50. Charles L

      Hello OSHA? You won't believe this.....

    51. Ray Watson

      In 2020, after most of the boat was discarded, and rebuilt, that $1 seems like the worst deal ever. I guess you could have sold the lead keel for a profit.

    52. Marek Koralewski

      Witam ...

    53. Space Cowboy

      Is the song saying"fuck the man"? Not impressed.

    54. Chuck U. Farley

      Dude, you’re ballin’ on that moped. Great video, thank you.

    55. Loadinglevelone

      Most annoying music ever!

    56. Pfalzgraf

      Just re-watched this. Knowing what follows up to the present (last video I saw, you were placing deck beams) I wonder what you, as well as your hosts expected in terms of time and effort …

    57. Gavan Duffy

      Papaver somniferum!

    58. canarc1

      K, I thought I was insane. This dude makes me feel completely normal. You are a one man army.

    59. fishinggti

      Whens the resto project starting on the honda

    60. Akin Cakin

      I did see you in 4:20 :))

    61. BluetoothSensei


    62. Jess Julian

      I just subscribed and am looking forward to catching up to current videos. Don't know if I will survive the music. But I watch the videos. Recommended by Keith Rucker.

    63. Will Mason

      I love how you used lines to rig and hold the boathouse frames into place. Very cool.

    64. Akabufford

      I noticed your land owners shop had an old Boston Whaler. I work at Whaler small world lol.

    65. Thomas Brown

      Is this shed (and roof!) still the one over her today (2/8/20)? And did anyone want you to have a permit to put that up?

    66. Adam Adamski

      WOW ! my new hero!!

    67. banmadabon

      I knew it! Tally Ho is back in the opium trade (I saw the poppys in the background). Hope you make as many £ as the Roosvelts!

    68. David Rogers

      I wanted to watch your project, but don't like the words in the song you are playing. Good luck hope everything goes well for you!!

    69. Penta Comstat

      Love this

    70. Jeffrey Rollings

      Love the electric guitar music at the beginning. Also I was well impressed with the shed you have erected especially as you did it yourself. Thanks.

    71. freshlysquosen

      Boy meets Pancho. Leo really needs to do a retrospective montage video. 2 1/2 years have gone by so fast! So much respect to the home owners for what they have given to this project.

    72. maconSTUFF

      Respect man!!!.... I am currently bust restoring a reed organ made in 1900, and I thought it was a massive undertaking... but what you're doing here is on another level. I just happened to discover your latest episode and now I'm hooked... working my way through from episode 1. This boathouse is crazy... and to do it all by yourself is even crazier... well done man, I look forward to watching the rest...

    73. Ricky Sowerby

      Looks like im late to the boat party. But I can’t wait to get into this build tally ho looks like she’s found her perfect partner.

    74. BMDecipher

      This guy is a beast

    75. S. O'Connor

      Not sure if you are going to see this now as its been a while, but your vids 4-6 are set to private, just curious if they where still avaliable! Massive undergoing, looking forward to seeing it being re-done (Fellow brit)

    76. tsmall07

      Impressive to complete that by yourself

    77. Belinda Hammond

      What happened to ep 4-6?

    78. Andrew Taylor

      True grit.

    79. TotalVikingPower

      Going back and watching these again really put in to perspective where he came from and how much work that have been done!

    80. sa madrid

      You have a boat and a parrot, just need an eye patch and hoist the skull and cross bones, matey.

    81. Don Graham

      great build .Well done ! But But the risks you took !!!! Then again risk taking sorts the men from the boys .

    82. TheExplant

      A few days after you get your ship, a parrot will arrive. This is nature's way.

    83. Dean Ford

      I am so impressed by your project and the skills you have. And while you’re working on the Bow assembly, Ep.#51, I am going to start from the beginning again to appreciate what you’ve accomplished. #tallyho

    84. marcuskc1

      does anyone know what the D shaped fastening at 6:25 is called? I need some for a project, link would be much appreceated

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        It's called a U-bolt. Usually plated mild steel.

    85. Assassin Mongoose

      3:50 interesting choice of music, I gather you don't have a license to drive 😆 ...go to a International Drivers Permit IDP from AAA Travel Agency center 👌

    86. GLSALW

      Please don't fall !

    87. Charles Reliable

      Leo! You are an advanced Human Being. Thank You for Your documentation work.

    88. j4d3 goat

      Wonderful to see a classic old boat being restored! I'm from New Zealand and we have a love of boats and sailing over here too! I have to say too - what a **beautiful** part of the States!

    89. Willy Mans

      wil je de papegaai filmen of hoe een boot restueerd wordt

    90. James Johnston

      Just discovered you last week and am in through the first three videos (38+ to go to catch up). Amazing stuff and I'm dying to see how you progress. I was in Sequim last summer (Born in Bremerton, live in Niagara Falls, NY) and am envious of your location.

    91. kevin skinner

      how much for the Honda 90? Its a 73 right?

    92. William B

      Amazing what a good keen man can accomplish all by himself. The old basics of leverage, balance, pivots, rollers and fulcrums, not forgetting pulleys and counterweights, can achieve. Brilliant idea to use your go-pro camera along this determined journey. It's a good medium to share what it is you are so obviously capable of achieving. Say hello to Poncho and your pooch from Old William.

    93. etienne leroux

      pretty impressive, super job!!!

    94. Ryan Simon

      I decided to create a subreddit for this project since there is not one already. The link to it is Obviously there isn't really anything there but if I could find a couple people to consistently post on it then I could maybe make them moderators in the future. I'm hoping the sub could one day be a place where people can openly talk and discuss anything related to this project!

    95. JusBidniss

      Why do I keep thinking about Noah?

    96. Bryan McKinnon

      Just stumbled on this. Very familiar with that country ( Live in Portland now). good luck on this!

    97. Lancashirelad

      6:44 yikes. Risky.

    98. Dave XB

      Someone just lent you their large fully equipped workshop?

    99. Mike Yadrick

      I also live in Sequim--came here to build a boat!? Where are you located?-----Mikey

    100. Neil Martinez

      You should reach out to Frank Howarth.