Finished installing Knees and Breasthooks (TALLY HO EP84)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Finished installing Knees and Breasthooks (EP84)
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    EPISODE 84.
    At long last all the bronze hanging knees, lodging knees, breasthooks and floors are fastened into the boat! In this video we show the final parts of the process, including some welding of the most unusually shaped knees. We also do some more preparation for planking - planing more of the huge boards and finishing the line-out. In other news, Backtrack gets some slick threads, and Pancho shows a hint of halloween evil…
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    84. Finished installing Knees and Breasthooks ( TALLY HO EP84)

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    1. Bean Noneya

      Every of your videos has been wonderful.

    2. Cobra1

      10:28 . . same music as the intro to That Chapter

    3. mukwera

      I'm fascinated and hugely impressed by the knowledge, accuracy and skill sets deployed on this build but I fail to understand why you went to all the trouble of buying and transporting TALLY HO to your build site based on the fact that there seems to be little, if anything, of the original vessel left. You clearly have the original (or maybe copies) of the drawings of TALLO HO when she was first designed, supported by much reference data, so why not just build a replica/exact copy??

    4. Philip M Crow Sr

      Just call him "Lefty"... lol

    5. Zachary Rivera

      That looks like a ship that will last another hundred years. Great Job 😊.

    6. William T. Musil

      Hiya Leo

    7. Juncus Bufonius

      Obviously I only come here to watch Poncho. Shame she couldn't decide which button to press at the end there.


      A conclusao que cheguei VOCE COMPROU UMA SUCATA DE BARCO para retirar os macacos, e nao sabia montar um barco do zero.

    9. Marco Nespoli

      at 3:00 the tshirt text is "unknown tongue" . youre welcome

    10. telosfd

      I didn't ever expect that cordless drill will make hard job like this. I admire entire your job!

    11. massimo amaddeo

      Not sure you are aware of, or care about...but linguaignota on the t shirt is Italian and means unknown language ( literally , but those are two words put together ). Really love your channel. Max ( naval architect form Italy ).

    12. barnabe adriaens

      youtube or Patreon (4271 members)???

    13. stuarth43

      from way back when you were picking live oak oh my word an alu yacht of tallyho size can be framed up with 100x75x8 tee sections for a fraction of you cost, you are brave fer sure HOWEVER at your age, I built from scratch a 43 footer, I finished broke but did do the Pacific Islands you chose to do this, you are educated, smart and skilled and work hard so do not ask for monetary help that is plain wrong

    14. Theophilus Jedediah

      Every description of mounting and setting the ‘knees’ sounded remarkably similar to what my orthopedic surgeon said he would do when installing total knee joint replacements....don’t recommend doing it for entertainment...

    15. Paul K

      ...just beautiful craftsmanship.

    16. Saoirse N Mikey

      “He has the best knees on You Tube” Captain Ahab

    17. Дарья Глухарева

      привет из москвы

    18. andrew macdonald

      Wow, Joe Sugg's good at building boats. Who knew! Great channel Leo👍

    19. Scott and Barbara Smith

      Very impressive!

    20. fred rubble

      Pancho's Perch, aka Tally Ho, is coming along nicely. Keep it up, Leo & the gang.

    21. Jersey Tom

      15:00 saving the end of the tig rod! so simple and obvious but for whatever reason i've never seen anybody else do that

    22. Robert Holding

      The Bird keeps checking to see where Leo is.

    23. Skipp Miller

      very nice job!

    24. Frank Miller

      "Rrrrr" once in a while a pirate may lose a limb to a sea creature, named Tally Ho

    25. Rory Gordon

      Hi Leo, I am an optometrist and remove foreign bodies out of people’s eyes a lot more often than you would think possible. It involves a local anaesthetic and then digging it out with a needle or a spud and then drilling the cornea with a bur to remove any rust. If the metal object penetrates the eye then all sorts of things can go wrong. You cannot possibly imagine how painful having a metal object in your eye can be. I am writing this to ask you to please ensure you wear safety glasses each an every time you pick up any tool of any kind. This includes using chisels, drills, grinding, sanding, hammering, filing or anything else. This goes for your assistants too. Apart from endangering your own eyesight, you are setting a bad example for those watching your wonderful show. Take care and have a wonderful day, with best regards Rory.

    26. Arthur Adams

      Where in bloody hell is her safety glasses while drilling?

    27. Pouscat

      Love this channel and I just wanted to say thumbs up on the music choices in these episodes. The music just adds a perfect little extra something that works so well!

    28. Jesper Hagström

      Just here waiting for the next episode :)

    29. Riley Hunter

      It's like watching the Millenial version of 'The Breakfast Club'...Already a classic. Great stuff!

    30. jimmydiresta

      the progress is just great!! thank you

      1. Matthew Smith

        Will i see a Diresta brand somewhere on the boat in the future?

    31. King Shaw

      So proud to be a supporter through Patreon! You guys are an inspiration!

    32. coug96fan

      OK, I am caught up! What an amazing project. So much craftsmanship, boat building stewardship, wood, bronze, copper work. Now what? I guess I have 2 more years of boat building to enjoy. Keep up the GREAT work Leo and crew.

    33. Big Tony


      1. on4xb

        You are in luck, following the normal publishing scheme (every two weeks, or every fourteen days) a video should be uploaded.

    34. randalljames

      happy nothing... you should be proud of the quality of the work... you have a wealth of knowledge and bet that has grown a bit in the last couple years.. (been here since the start)..

    35. Deep River

      Wondering when the motor is going back in? Do plan an upgrade on the motor? Are installing a new prop shaft and prop?

      1. on4xb

        When Leo bought TH, there was no engine with it, as there was no rudder, interior, mast and spars: it was just an empty shell. Look at episode 80: ( ) for the propshaft.

    36. Miguel Andrade

      Man , at 8:30 it looks and sounds like Parker from gold rush

    37. Joshua Diment

      Great job, keep up the good work

    38. Jazzoi

      Also, where does the leaden part of the keel get installed?

      1. on4xb

        Under the wooden keel of course.

    39. Jazzoi

      Number 85 getting close?

    40. Gary Senecal

      I have watched from the beginning. I have walked with you from day one. Nothing short of GREAT ! Thank you !

    41. JnouBy

      I've been following the series for like 2 years now, cannot wait to see this boat in the water soon

    42. moris zaiton

      Best youtuber ever

    43. philip Brailey

      Looking forward to sailing on her as she sails under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

    44. Musclestache Powerlifting

      Tally Ho Crew, what about a tool like this for pounding your rivets in the boat... and then why not a right-angle drill for those tight areas?

    45. bizim eller


    46. Venturi Life

      So that's what the side of a hammer is for...

    47. Ken Marapese

      PBS couldn't have done a better job with this series, very entertaining, thanks Leo.

    48. Ricardo Lordelo

      I love especially the educational value, to me, of your videos. I don't want to be wasting your time, but I'll ask anyway... Why aren't the lead keel bolts going through the keel timber and the bronze floors? instead of only through the keel timber And why are these bolts at an angle? instead of completely vertical and centred ? (I intend to get one or two of the books you mentioned in a previous video, but it's not the time yet...) Greetings, Ricardo Lordelo edit - the music is awesome, there used to be a nice baritone sax... edit 2 - I take back the first question.

    49. eugenecod

      wow this is new boat with old name

    50. Henry Robinson

      Amazing really!

    51. Beefalo Bart

      Looking forward to the planking

    52. JDobsable

      Thought I was watching an episode of “That Chapter” when the song came in at 10:45

    53. Roy Garino

      now i am really updated from ep 1 until 84

    54. David Ollé

      mucho fuerza, pronto al agua. Buen trabajo Buen video

    55. Anders

      Pure cuper is relatively soft metal, what is the pull and shear strength of the rivets?

    56. Durk Ypma

      How Britain Worked - The COMPLETE fifth episode: Trawler | Guy Martin Proper must see its the same you are doing

    57. Phil May

      Just from watching this series, it’s given me a real appreciation of the old, and the really old, days when there were literally hundreds of ships being built and sailed throughout the world. The amount of manpower must have been enormous, and the skill level must have been very high. It’s surprising there’s any trees left!

    58. Pocket Change


    59. Brian Bold

      Hi Leo, A group are restoring a boat to be used by disabled people in Plymouth. Thought I'd bring it to your attention.


      I'm amazed and humbled at your skill and ability.

    61. voodoo_child69 Marra

      Hi Leo, maybe you already answered this, but being a British Shipwright how come your measurements are not Metric? Or do all Shipwrights use Imperial measurements no matter where they are based?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        The 1909 drawings are in Imperial measure, which are still standard in the US. But Leo has been known to use a millimeter or two, especially for detail work.

    62. Jacob MacLeod

      Absolutely fantastic as always, team! Love from across the water!

    63. Jeff Sherman

      What's the word on Cecca? Will she be coming back?

      1. on4xb

        Sigh ! Think ! We live in strange times ! There is a (covid) travel ban

    64. Joe Brown

      All that bronze looks fantastic plus the rivets give it historical flare. You have had so many helping you over the years who seem like a great bunch of guys & gals. Can't wait for planking.

    65. john plaid

      Was the wood steam bent or cut? Is this a kit?

      1. on4xb

        Review the complete video series, al the answers are in them.

    66. Guy Landgrebe


    67. Marius du Plessis

      I always wait for your episodes to come out and am disappointed if you haven't got something your channel, I learn a lot by watching. Greetings from Cape Town south africa. Come round the cape of good hope with Tally Ho as did your forebears eg sir Francis drake

    68. Don Devine

      A thing of beauty is a joy forever.... Keats - Wonderful, just wonderful work.

    69. Craig Gibson

      What is your involvement with the Western Flyer. Seen your staff working on that boat also! Because I love your content I look at other boats being built now. Thanks

    70. Fergywurst

      Here's a comment for your algorithms. 😎

    71. Russell Thomson

      Another huge milestone.

    72. Quarlow 12

      That polished bronze is so beautiful. Well worth the time and effort to grind and finish. After all, Tallyho is not going to fill the same roll as she did long ago.

    73. monsterq6

      I'm so thankful for these videos Leo. One of the most inspiring journeys I've ever seen. God bless and be well, sir. Hope you enjoy each moment you get building Tally Ho and taking her on the water.

    74. SuperMadpom

      The quality and cost of the materials going into to this is unbelievable. I buy a 1200mm x600mm sheet of ply some blockboard for a router bench and some stainless bolts ker ching 140NZD each those knees must have cost double that n brass. The entire keel in purple hardwood - felt like I paid an arm and a leg for one short plank to make a jewelry box from. Don't stop Love your work and the materials you're using.

    75. john plaid

      Also, why aren't you using grade 8 bolts and carbon drill bits? Those copper? shafts don't look secure at the ends although copper is a very tough metal but it's not grade 8 zinc. I used carbon drill bits on a sledge hammer and it went through like butter.

      1. on4xb

        One word (two actually): "Iron sickness", only non ferreous metal is being used in the build, copper and bronze. When copper rivets are used, the bronze knees are countersunk and the rivets head fill that void. They have much more "beef" than you see externally. Leo explains it by the way in the video.

    76. John Lockett

      Excellent videos and really good music.

    77. Ellen Brown

      I notice that the guys are generally pretty good about eye protection, whereas the female is not. This is not acceptable. From a retired female inspector.

    78. Wayne Dupre

      Cant wait for the next video. Please hurry. I have become addicted to watching your progress. I wish I lived closer. i would do any kind of labor that you needed. Even sweeping up and emptying waste cans.

    79. rtz549

      What will you use to seal between the planks?

      1. rtz549

        @Frederick Stibbert Tar by it's nature tends to dry out and break down. Maybe consider a modern alternative unless you want it traditional.

      2. Frederick Stibbert

        Each plank's edges will have a bevel, leaving a ~1/4" gap at the outer surface that tapers to ~0" on the inside. Cotton caulking twine is hammered into the gap using traditional mallets & caulking irons. Then the outside gaps are filled w/ tar.

    80. Aine Ni Bharra

      I'd watch this just for the music, the craic and the very attractive young men even without the incredibly sustained skilled perfectionist extremely organized hard graft.

    81. karL ish

      Leo, hello mate. Quick question. How many clamps do you reckon you have? ;D

    82. Music

      I thought Leo had a hydraulic press to make the heads on the bronze? Video shows hand made with torch hammer and jig.

      1. on4xb

        Two reasons: the press is for copper rivets, not for bronze bolts: bronze is much harder than copper. The bronze bolts have a bigger diameter than the copper rivets and don't fit in the collet.

    83. jimzo1985

      you the man Pete ... never forget it .

    84. Chargeracing

      Silly question, sorry. Why hammer the lodging knee rivets? Especially in cramped quarters or upside down. Why not take a bar clamp and tighten the clamp to press the rivets through?

    85. Jozf

      Leo, if you are still in need of Oak -

    86. Phil Case

      Fun Fact: To anneal most metals, you heat them way up and then let them cool very slowly; cooling them quickly is what makes them hard. Brass/bronze/copper, however, can be cooled quickly and they don't harden. So one can anneal them on a much quicker time-line by just throwing the material into water.

    87. RussellR Renshaw

      Thanks for the entertainment !!!!! ;-)

    88. Scott Swineford

      Astonishing level of craftsmanship in this day and age.

    89. Tiger Traveler

      Boring video, waste of Mobile data

      1. Tiger Traveler

        @The Cornfield II if i reply your comment. . .. . it wolud be a waste of mobile data

    90. Terry Warner

      @10:54 we see Leo's Dodgy School of Circus Acrobats.

    91. Edward Tilley - almost time for jet thrusters? Brass varnish?

    92. Kirin Earl Lee

      The oceans will be a dangerous place once the two icebreakers known as Tally Ho and Arabella are in the water

    93. Paul Lester

      I just started watching your videos after being recommended by a friend, I am at number 53 in a week, I must confess my wife has about had enough of it, however I'm still watching. Great project and great to see such craftsmanship. I am a member of Scarborough Yacht Club, that's Scarborough UK it was founded by Albert Strange as Scarborough Sailing Club back in 1895. Great work.

    94. Paul Lewis

      To encourage people to stay and work for longer, can’t you give them t-shirts after say, a month ?

    95. J B

      Good fun... I like the bucking around

    96. McKenzie Keith

      Glad you showed about the bucking. I was wondering how you could round off the second head without losing compression force of the rivets. You can also listen to the bucking song if you want. More "bucking" puns than you can shake a buckin' stick at.

    97. McKenzie Keith

      I clicked "like" at the exact moment I saw Rosie hammering a rivet. Not a coincidence!

    98. Katmandu


    99. alex ellinson

      Check out these old salt shipwrights of yesteryear...Cheerz

      1. alex ellinson

    100. Roger Hodges

      Quenching the copper rivets after heating them to anneal them completely defeats the annealing. Quenching hardens the heated material.

      1. Gareth Hynes

        Nope....that is mainly ferrous metals.Any one who has had an olde British motorcyle with a copper head gasket knows that you can reuse them if you heat them up and quench them to soften them.Look here...