BoatBuilding - Building the Deck Structure! (EP71)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Building the Deck Structure (EP71)
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    EPISODE 71.
    In this episode we finish building the majority of the deck structure! Lots of dovetails are cut, and the deck layout emerges as we add carlins and half beams one by one.
    We also begin making the templates for casting the solid bronze floors, and start the renovation of one of the original teak hatches - which I am hoping to reuse on the the deck. In other news, Pete’s dog meets Pancho, and Cecca does some metawork.
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    Nat Keefe with The Bow Ties - Lost Native
    TrackTribe - Greaser
    Aaron Lieberman - Get ‘er Done
    Fake Dave - Please Don’t Touch
    (Fake Dave is an old friend - check out his bandcamp and great IThomes video here! )

    71. BoatBuilding - Building the Deck Structure! (Tally Ho EP70)

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    1. RockRocky09

      That song at 13:00? I like!

    2. Justin Strik

      Nobody panics when Leo is in charge...have been binge watching, catching up though, nearly there.

    3. Benjamin Scoville

      Anti-checking Cecca with the boat soup hehe

    4. BadCat

      Good job Inspector Pancho , make sure they didn't "pooch" the joinery 14:10 ;-)

    5. Das Sein

      needs more patrick

    6. Andrew Mantle

      I know it's too late, but don't breath old paint dust.

    7. brown hues

      Pete the former Oogle turned shipwright and his old man dog Backtrack are my new favorites. Sorry, Cecca and Pancho.

    8. Rick Knight

      Pete’s infamous smile when Leo asks “What are you doing Pete?”

    9. Ivartshiva

      to make room for the galley and stove

    10. Jasfras1

      Bowsprit ?

    11. philip Brailey

      Fantastic carpentry skills.

    12. Jan Dehn

      more patrick! more patrick! more patrick!

    13. David Bolduc

      Surprised that you used a grinder with disk pad to fair in the frames. I assume you come back afterwards with a plane or belt sander to clean up all the little "circles." Guess it's the fastest way to remove wood stock.

    14. Marcelo Brandão

      Oi! Meu nome é Marcelo, moro no Brasil. Gosto muito de construção naval. Teria ter a oportunidade de trabalhar com vocês em seu projeto. Qual madeira predominou na construção do veleiro.?

    15. Team Phene

      Slime flux, also known as bacterial slime or bacterial wetwood, is a bacterial disease of certain trees including oak. Generally, it is caused by common surface-inhabiting bacteria or yeast fungi that invade wounds and live off the nutrients in the tree sap. The sap eventually is forced out the wound by pressure from gases produced by the microorganisms living in the sap...

    16. Hans Wurst

      Just found your channel. This project is so fucking inspiring!

    17. Armağan Demir

      yaptığınız tekneler gerçekten çok sağlam görünüyor 👍

    18. Mitchivan Taylorov

      ..hey..what kind of wood are you guys using?

    19. Jose Izaguirre

      Hi I like this project . How big is this boat how I can get the plan to build that??.

    20. Ezi Bierx

      Man oh man this is what I call boat building. No messing around, no unnecessary talk, the main goal is to restore TH and nothing else. Excellent Leo well done.

    21. Hernán Javier López

      Hello friend, your work is admirable. Apparently you made the whole ship new. Better than just restore.

    22. Jacob Herron

      Need me I'll give you a year those guys are ok I'm more like you 😁

    23. Ed Konstantellis

      The vinegary odor comes from a tree that may have been submerged for a long while. At least over a year or more.... cut a cured Cypress 👈not good for boats but burning is good 😊

    24. Douglas Dunbar

      It is remarkable how re-watchable this series is, keep up the great work!

    25. C O

      Burn the infected wood. You don't want any of it around the boat or the shop.

    26. Bill Dyke

      None of them is necessarily right or wrong? Iron floors attached to oak is wrong in my book. Sworn enemies. Back to the bronze age, my friend, when boats were built to outlive their makers...

    27. Tim

      ...and then he said “Now we have to take it all apart to bed it all”. WTAF?

    28. Roger D Deane

      Credit to you all for your precision and accuracy.

    29. IcyMidnight

      Awwww yisss. That sweet Patrick footage.

    30. Sean Michel

      Could you have used the wrought iron brackets as a mold?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        No, the old iron (cast, not wrought) pieces don't mate up well to the new wood frames & beams.

    31. SirSchlock

      6:24 'Checca' preventing checking? Check

    32. radon radon

      On one's shoulder at some points.🙂

    33. radon radon

      This parrot has got to go sailing.

    34. Mark Kyte

      Really enjoying this project good work crew 👍🏻🇬🇧

    35. Raleighburner15 Hynes

      That is the biggest circular saw I've ever seen

    36. Belo MOLNAR

      I ´ m copying all. Mostly precise work & love for details. Work attentively.

    37. Bob Eden

      Hey Leo! what are you going to do with all these tools when the project is finished?

    38. Bob Eden

      Looking forward to seeing her back in the water.

    39. Derpa Perta

      Not sure if you have tested it already, but when stripping/sanding old wood, it imperative that you make sure there is no lead in the paint that you are stripping off the material, especially when using belt sanders, grinders, or basically any power tools. It will micronize/make airborne any lead in the paint and it literally only takes minute amounts of inhaled lead dust to cause permanent damage to the nervous system~ Regards, D~

    40. laweidman

      Hey Leo, I'm an Arborist, and I can't be certain, but I believe that the defect in your oak is Brown Rot, sometimes known as Dry Rot. I'm a wood worker as well and I've seen this in seasoned lumber as well as trees that I've worked on. Based on the brief view of the tool handle that broke, the degradation of strength along the major axis is consistent with Brown Rot. It tends to break the wood up into rectangular chunks. The discoloration is also consistent. Brown Rot is often the result of a large wound in the tree. The fungus can easily travel downhill through the cellulose. It is more common in softwoods and fruit trees; infamous for its devastation to cherry trees, so I would be surprised to see it in White Oak, but not out of the question. Brown Rot selectively breaks down cellulose, leaving behind lignin. Typically fungi are responsible for breaking down cellulose, as well as lignin, so I would be surprised if it was bacterial, but I could be wrong. I'm sure there is someone out there who knows something that I don't. Here's a quick read on some common tree fungi with simple explanations and pictures:

    41. TheDude1764

      It’s remarkable to see the difference in how much Leo is able to relax in this video and just enjoy the pleasure of doing the work. Adding the extra shipwright clearly lifts the burden of doing all the thinking and worry. Not that he hasn’t handled every step of the way in stride up till now-but it was clear to me that he was relaxed and immersed in the craft. So glad to see you could get some additional help.

    42. Hayden C.

      It’s literally 5 in the morning, and I know nothing about boats lol

    43. Jeremy Foland

      Amazing joinery!

    44. fredric Jacobsen.

      Vorfor må Norge betale penger ut av oljefondet vist et anet auropeisk land går dåli for og opreholde deres økonomi?

    45. Vee Dragon

      Hardhats, my dudes/dudettes when working underneath someone else.

    46. Luke Teyssier

      I love that you pulled the beam and took the debit on the money and the time spent on that beam, rather than taking a risk of putting unsound Wood in the boat. To me that’s what real craftsmanship is all about: skill and patience and attention to detail combined with integrity.

    47. Angling Braja Kusuma

      Are you Noah ???

    48. Johan Conradie

      the ark, was NOT! a boat. it was a rectangular triple storied float.

    49. Steve McMullen

      Looks like RED Oak, but much weaker based on the handle breakage test

    50. Tedd

      Have u considered having any things you need templates for scanned with a 3D scanner? In hindsight if u could 3D scan these and have them 3D printed to make the mould? Looks great tho

    51. Bang thoyib277

      Ow very nice good work

    52. Nick Cheyney

      Capt. Leo, and his trusty crew are doing a magnificent job, and creating some really compelling viewing too On-On Me Hearties!

    53. Blue Bird

      Free PALISTINE 🇵🇸Israël criminel

    54. SueandPaul Stickley

      Hi Leo. I have loved watching all these videos, right from the start. I think there could be two or three reasons for offsetting the hatch. First, and most likely, is the space required to accommodate the bowsprit; second, to allow a decent size of locker below for sail storage or similar, and third, to allow space on both sides of the hatch when a headsail is bent to the rail, using tip a large area of foredeck. Nowhere should there be trip hazards or other poor places for feet. Falling onto the deck or worse is not a source of amusement at any level. This displacement from the centre line wa carefully thought out, and is only to be admired as a 110 year old bit of thinking on the part of Mr Strange.

    55. Paul Harris

      This is my third video of today, started with video 1 two days ago.

    56. Mr. Na


    57. Rosendo Montes


    58. بائع العرب

      That bird wants to go back with that boat to where they brought him from

    59. 송골매

      당신들은 어디 나리입니까? 대한민국 옛날에 목제로 배을 만들은 방식입니다.

    60. Joseph Demro

      Leo, Curious question for ya..If you had a crew the size of say what they would have had in 1902. How long do you think it would take to do this build?. Don't get me wrong, the work y'all are doing is very impressive...I cant wait to see her finished.. Keep up the good work, SF, Joe

    61. Fer Garcia

      franky making a tutorial

    62. Wally Soberano

      How many trees did you cut to build this? 🤔🤔

    63. Lady Dew Build

    64. BluesAlmighty

      I think the hatch is offset because of the bow sprit going aft on the deck at an angle?

    65. Capitan Schetttino

      Pedro: I dont know why theese humans are taking so long to build my new house... =)

    66. Diana Rojo-Poulin

      I have to say that I like your hair, good style suits you 😀

    67. Doc strench

      A la, se construyó su barco y navegó

    68. DNEK IDNEK


    69. Stop The Insanity

      It is good to know that Leo’s on-site Building Inspector / Supervisor Pancho is busy keeping the boys in line @ 14:10, @ 20:26 and especially @ 20:35!

    70. Stop The Insanity

      Subliminal message to Leo at 11:04? (Pause @ 11:07)

    71. Michael Shinn

      Sounds like Oak Slime Flux. In the south you sometimes see it when trees are planted too deep or they get back-filled against the trunk. It is caused by a bacteria. Normally it will pass during the winter over and does not harm well established trees. If harvested however, the wood will be week in that spot due to the loss of lignin fibers. Can always be spotted by the odor or frothy white spot on the surface of the tree's bark.

    72. Rev. David Willerup

      Hey @Makita! Sponsor this guy already! You couldn’t dream of a better application for your tools.

    73. Donny Rankin

      You couldn't use the old floors for templates?

    74. Abdurah Man

      Salm dri kalimantan

    75. Abdurah Man


    76. 차경환

      13:57 Korea national flag

    77. 3D The Duke

      What happened to Pete's finger? Did Backtrack bite it?

    78. jucelio santos

      Esses caras são de mais os cara manja de montão

    79. Max_Power

      The forward hatch is offset to make room for the bow sprit.

    80. MrPossumeyes

      Cesca's (sp?) real nice but Pancho is hotter. Gotta thing for the parrot, me

    81. Nestor Knoxs

      Has anybody taste text the paint ships for toxic Led paint? 🤣

    82. zaldy canones

      what is the length, height, and width of that boat?

    83. Decimusunum

      Is it just me or is that 16" circular saw intimidating as hell...

    84. Tenz Vixion


    85. Alejandro Ruiz

      Hello Leo, awesome channel and awesome work. I wanted to ask, at 20:32 and at 20:52 I see a lot of checking (or wood splitting, not sure what the correct term is). Do you foresee any issues with this? Thanks for the great content and keep up the great work.

    86. tylerb

      Pete cracks me up. He's a great addition to the project and channel. You can tell he doesn't like being on camera and to make it worse you make him explain what he's doing. Leo, you obviously have fun making him uncomfortable with the camera. You guys seem to have a really good time and get along well. Patrick is fun to watch because he's more comfortable with the camera and obviously loves being there. Love the channel. Love Cecca. Keep it up. Can't wait to see you splash Tally Ho

    87. Graeme Fenwick

      Good to see Pete is being part of the team by cutting the end off his finger too.

    88. STEVEN R

      ! Pete has a joint stiffener. 😉

    89. Håvard Hamran

      I love the way you edit the sped up segments, with the audio running normal, but still edited to match the video somewhat. It's one of the best ways i've seen timelapses done, especially for a construction project like this. :)

    90. 아스피린

      what a beautiful Korean Flag it is !!!!!!!!

    91. Pavel Komarov

      "Oh you gettin' it. It's what the people want, baby!"

    92. Gavin Trousdale

      could you problem wood be due to spalting

    93. Gino Asci

      you had the time to make a tool handle for a friend? the boat looks amazing!!!

    94. Patrick Charette

      Shipwrights - nature’s wooden jigsaw puzzle makers

    95. George Illing

      Hey Leo, bit late to the party but here is a research paper about Bacterial Wetwood and its effect on Red Oak's structural properties

    96. Jonathan Buckley

      I swear your hair gets bigger every episode.....

    97. Helen Leary

      Maybe quit boat building .. and take a career in presenting... You're excellent at both.

    98. Deane Hill

      Really starting to look like a boat now. Good to have workers who can proceed at a good pace.

    99. Hellwish Presley

      The science haven't caught up with the art in what you guys do. Amazing.

    100. Ed Robertson

      Building tally ho is tough on fingers!!