11. Demolishing the deck / Reasons to Rebuild - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP11

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    Support Tally Ho here - sampsonboat.co.uk/support-tally-ho I'm on a mission to restore a historic classic sailing yacht called Tally Ho. In this video I talk about why I am rebuilding this boat, when it would probably be easier to just build a new one. I also get some help to take off all the deck planks and demolish the deck beams, and I consider the next stages of work.
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    John Deley and the 41 Players - Saint Gary
    Audionautix - Totally Looped audionautix.com/ (CC BY 2.0)
    Topher Mohr and Alex Elena - Gypsy Dance
    Otis McDonald - Sneaking on September

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      Miss Cecca!

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      Having watched the episodes about the casting in bronze of the floors makes me so happy seeing this in retrospect :)

    5. Clyde Willis

      Please note that Leo is an ENGLISH boatbuilder. As distinct from British. We 'mericans tend to lump Englishmen into 'Brits,' which is not always appreciated by Englishmen.

    6. Robert Miller

      I just recently discovered your channel and I’ve been getting caught up on all your episodes hours an hours. I’ve been enjoying them. you really do good work.

    7. Michael Ratliff

      I wonder what percent will be original in the end.

    8. goinghomesomeday1

      Good grief - How could 49 people dislike this video.

    9. Gary Anthony

      It's not just a restoration, it's a resurrection. Can't wait to see you sail the new Tally Ho.

    10. Slashley gibbins

      This is a bit like Trigger and his brush.

    11. gsmontag

      She is in such rough shape here I'd seriously believe you if you'd told me she was raised from the bottom of the ocean after a couple of years. Genuinely tragic she was so badly treated these last couple of decades. A lot more could've been saved otherwise.

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      Never cut the beam you stand on! :D

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      Every video should have a pretty girl in it.

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      @13:53 "Wood smells good!" That, my friend, is a keeper.

    15. TimothyJBerry

      Leo, how did you become so adept at so many esoteric skills - boatbuilding, carpentry, ropework, sailing, bosun’s mate, navigation? It’s all quite impressive.

    16. coug96fan

      Just discovered your channel (linked from Odd Life Crafting). So amazing that you are just up from Seattle! Your skill and knowledge of old boats (and creating a boat shed!) shows in your joy on saving a piece of history! Good on you. Trying to not jump to the end to see where you are at. I want to see it from the beginning.

    17. David Wass

      Great videos, good entertainment. But just how much of this old boat will be left, less than 5% of the original I'd guess. Can this still be considered "restoration" when you basically replace 95% of the boat? Something I'm missing here.

    18. Harbour Dog

      9:40 Leo, you should contact these guys, maybe they'd be willing to donate some material/fabricate items for you? Anyone in the marine business who watches any of these videos could not help but to be impressed by what you are doing. www.blacksmithmarine.com/

    19. Andreas Parussis

      it nice to hear you talk about the bronze castings like something that would be really nice to put in, but way to expensive... and to see you now casting them and putting them in! amazing!

    20. Manny C Weiss

      thank God I found this Tally Ho project yesterday Vs. 2017, no I can binge watch all the vidz....would've driven my crazy watching them in reel time, get it, reel time?

    21. Chris K

      Spoiler. As of Sep 2020, he'd re used around two thirds of the timber for the transom. Everything else is new. Less than 2% of this boat if from original materials as far as I can tell. Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic build and a series well worth watching and supporting. It's just not a rebuild.


      Leo, will you be renaming the TALLY HO when you are finished and you put her back in the water for her first shakeout sail?

    23. R&T

      joined this about a year ago and now picking away through all of the early episodes. Brave Man. Understand the logic. Still a Brave Man. So much could have wrong along the way. Least of all, your hair. R&T

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      Looket that good ol doggo!

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      Reminds me of triggers broom

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      I can see so many ways to get hurt working on a big old rotten boat. Stepping on a nail, falling through a rotten floor and on and on. Hope you are careful and a bit lucky. Work safe.

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      I'd marry this guy, and I'm not gay. Coming to Tally Ho and Leo late, but will mainline through. I've rebuilt a few early 1900s boats, but Leo makes me look like a sissy.

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      She's making doe eyes and showing interest in your wood. Congrats on hitting that!

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    29. Real Talk with Aaron

      Longbottom is a nautical term how neat

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      The living Theseus' Ship analogy.

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      The Ship of Theseus

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      Question; how long do you think it took to build Tally Ho when new?

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      13:51 look at her picking up after your mess... you owe her big time

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        Does anyone else get the feeling that he repaid the favour?

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      This is where you realized you were going to rebuild the entire boat.

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      Binge watching, I am.

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      Get the feeling this is going to turn into a Triggers broom...

    37. Lady Dew Build

      Knowing what you know now in late 2020, Just start from scratch, build new, save yourself a lot of demo have the same thing...

    38. B No

      The more they take apart the more and more the Tally ho looks like a archeological find.

    39. Bas Dune

      Love it

    40. jdhalvo

      I really hope y'all are current with your tetanus shots! I also loved your statement of passion starting at 9:52... well said.

    41. Colin Underdown

      After watching these early episodes just one word comes to mind, precarious !!

    42. niklar55

      How to buy a ton load of compost, for £1!😉 Hope he has a wood burner that will use all the debris. I'm wondering if just building a replica would have been easier, as all the demolition would be avoided. (As Above in the intro.)

      1. niklar55

        @Christopher Simonsen I'll take Mark Twain's advice on this one.

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        @niklar55 firsty that's not an intro, secondly you're asking a question he already answered.

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        @Christopher Simonsen *Have you even read what I have written?* _''(As Above in the intro.)''_ *The stupidness is amazing!*

      4. Christopher Simonsen

        Have you even watched the video? 9:50min he tells exactly why he did like he did The stupidness is amazing

    43. Colin Campbell

      Know noughing about boat building can see you reusing lead keel. Seen minimal timber to reuse. Watching to see what use safe baring for templates. Man this is a learning curve

    44. Andy Bush

      So, is this a restoration, a reproduction or a reincarnation when finished please. Maybe all three. An amazing amount of work and certainly worthwhile.

    45. Dug6666666

      7:50 That's it keep him talking so you can have a breather. :)

    46. xpez

      @09:51 The whole point of this project right here! Great vision and something to really think about - what do you really value?

    47. Colby Turybury

      You keep saying lead. Like real lead that makes people go crazy?

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      Am enjoying this. What energy !!!

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      Little did Leo know but cast bronzes floors were in his future......

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        Binge watching these again during covid

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        Was coming down into the comments to say the same thing! Fun to finally go back to the beginning and rewatching everything develop.

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    50. Mr CMH

      Mate the vision and commitment needed here is awesome. Credit to you bud.

    51. Rev. David Willerup

      I’m just starting the series. Any thoughts on uses for discarded wood? I’m thinking they could be used for merchandise sales - pens, knife scales, bottle stoppers, patreon gifts, etc.

    52. Robin Mitchell

      This is really helpful to see how it was built, but what idiot puts steel nails in any wooden boat! Great to see all the bronze fixings still in-tact. Your flat ended drill is a good technique, but if you run the drill backwards you get even less breakout. This is good for soft materials and plastics too.

    53. David Vesseur

      And you made the cast bronze floors!! So awesome.

    54. Brendan Paul

      this is like the triggerproblem in only fools and horses. claims he has had the same brush for years only had to replace the head 6 times and the handle 4 times. is it really the same brush

    55. Frank Velik

      You are saving a soul, not rebuilding, a new boat is a newborn. Great work on saving her. Is so sad she I see a boat rut away.

    56. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

      1. George Mcnaughton

        @J Hemphill true that

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        You damn him with faint praise. _Content_ is found inside sausage casings. What we have here are fine works.

    57. Wayne G

      I think it is kind of stupid for anyone to suggest you could build one cheaper ! ! ! It is extremely disrespectful to you and the boat/ship and It shows a complete lack of thought and understanding as to what and why you are rebuilding/restoring it. Why spend millions to buy the Mona Lisa or a Rembrandt or Van Gogh when you could have a brand new one painted for a few hundred. It is a piece of Fracken history man, a work of art. It was hand made over a hundred years ago and it is still around. How many fiberglass and plywood boats will be able to make that claim.

    58. Peter Brickwood

      Amazing to see you take up the deck as the newest videos are about putting it back down.

    59. lexas

      There doesn't seem to be much camber on the original deck at all.

    60. Chipchase

      It would have been interesting if there had been photographs from back in 1910 of the Talley Ho under construction with the shipwright and boat builders involved. I think they would be very impressed indeed by this 21st century re-build by Leo and his many helpers.

    61. Eric Fermin

      Why rebuild instead of making a new one? Ship of Theseus? What's the difference?

    62. mearrin

      I know nothing about sailing or boats. Well, after binge-watching to now I guess I know a bit more. Thanks for this. Excellent work.

    63. Manic Street

      The ship of Theseus.

    64. Ray Watson

      In 2020 - just watched the rebuild of the deck with new timber, and hand cut joinery. Ah to be able to see the future back then. Not a single bit was re-used.

    65. Ibh111142

      At this stage you must have been seriously looking for a box of matches. Glad you didn’t.

    66. David Earnest

      Leo's had quite a few people come and help, several repeats. But Cecca always seems to be there for him. She appears to be a wonderful human being!

    67. J Greenseed

      8:50 wink wink

    68. J Greenseed

      When you see the craftmanship that originally went into this boat, you understand why it deserves to be resurrected.

    69. HerrPapa

      I wanted to watch to chill a bit... but nope.... not with that music! ;)

    70. Mick & Julies awesome channel.

      Oh c’mon Leo, dab of putty and a lick of paint those beams will be good to go.

    71. John You

      Ah, what a difference three years make..

    72. Steve Chandler

      Having been watching your progress for the last few months and then backtracking to the beginning, the progress you have made is absolute inspiring. A fantastic, beautiful and heartwarming project. Good luck going forward Leo.

    73. Eric Turner

      110 years from now when she's being restored again, they'll have all these videos to watch. Imagine if you had video like this of the original construction. ;)

      1. thisnicklldo

        Maybe. IThomes will be long gone, 1920x1080 with current encoding will be as obsolete as wax cylinder records. It's a much less permanent world now - he has drawings which only survived because they were on paper, digital stuff currently seems to have a shelf life of about 6 years. There may be a few geeks who know how to resurrect a few things from the 2020's but it'll be similar to reading Etruscan.

    74. PanzerDave

      10:45 Thank you for the excellent and inspirational description of why a classic boat such as this should be restored. Too often we discard our history and replace it with things that have no character, no history, and no heritage. Well done!

    75. Doug Carroll

      Wow to look at it now leo

    76. BluetoothSensei

      Some of the original wood in that boat came from trees that were growing before iron ships existed. A lot of history there. 👍😊

    77. Graham Reeve

      If you hit it with a hammer. If there's a dent wrought iron if not cast.

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    79. Truth Hunter

      Build a new copy would of been more easier and please take that young lady to dinner. Marry her Leo good day

    80. TheJustonemore

      Romantic Lep

    81. AgiHammerthief

      could you recycle the frames for other parts of the boat? non-structual/easy access stuff, just to have more original material.

    82. Rick W

      Hey Its a pattern ship face facts just use the good wood for furnishings and token pieces that don't compromise its sea worthiness obviously.

    83. freshlysquosen

      9:52 Leo's defining moment for the soul of Tally Ho. 2yrs later and so much has been done since this video. "How do you eat a elephant? One bite at a time."

    84. R J Miller

      You can tell the old guy from the young one. The old guy works at shoulder level when he can.

    85. calholli

      seems like it would have been cooler to keep the old boat in tact.. .. and then use it to build a replica. There's not gonna be much left otherwise. earned my sub either way.

    86. Gene Goodman

      Several people have said to write a comment about something doesn't matter it helps. How does a comment help raise the amount of money you tube pays. I understand the number of views and number of subscribers can affect the amount of money, but not the comments. Can someone explain that to me? Also explain the Patreon account. The only way that I understand is to write a check and give it to Uncle Sam or use credit card. Then he must have an account. Thanks stay safe

    87. kairon156

      This video answers my earlier question. Thanks for reading commenters who've come before me.

    88. Mark Blomquist

      13:50 Amen to that!

    89. Arthur Sauret

      The explaination of why you are doing this is a few centuries old! The best exemple is the ship of theseus. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ship_of_Theseus By the end of this project you'll captain of a hundred year old ship.

      1. The Doc

        philosophy and carpentry, perfect fit

    90. Jeff Collins

      As rotted as that deck is, you’re mighty brave standing on that 2x2 framing

    91. Alistair Milner

      I like your little speech as regards the purpose of this endeavour, you're right not everything should boil down to pure sterile economics, it is great to restore certain things, they then add to the rich heritage of our past, throw away, disposable, can't be bothered culture is not a pretty sight. Good luck with the rest of the project. ps I have an inflatable canoe by the way, you have inspired me to fix the puncture its had for the last 2 years !.

    92. Ronnie Stanley

      I have been binge watching these videos from the beginning and I do have a question. Was the prop and gear box a upgrade when used as a fishing boat or was it originally designed for some kind of drive? And, if not is this guy planning to install a motor on it?

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    94. Les Bennett

      Refer to Joshua Slocum, "Sailing Alone Around The World", 1895-1898 ,,, similarity ???

    95. Ernest Kavoian

      Good Idea

    96. timothy jones


    97. D Kelly

      Surprised no one from Bangor Base who is a naval architect or historian to come help him find connections

    98. Walter Fleck

      Sorry, but what i´m seen till now (EP11) it would be not possible to restaure this boat. It would be the same as you put the Kaptain Desk an a brand new Caravelle and call it "Santa Maria". However, the work and the spirit you put in it is increadible.

    99. invernante1985

      I comment to support your channel. Great video

    100. Jennifer Frank

      What kinds of wood was used in the original, that you are removing?