BOATBUILDING / Carving Sternpost / Cutting Rabbet (EP60)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Shaping the Stern / Cutting the Rabbet (EP60)
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    EPISODE 60.
    Rowan returns to give me a hand, and we finish shaping the keel with Adze and power-plane. Then we carve some shape into the Stern Assembly, roughing out the Stern-post with a chainsaw first, before cutting the remainder of the Rabbet into the centreline. The chickens enjoy watching our progress.
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    60. Shaping the Stern / Cutting the Rabbet (Tally Ho EP60)

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        @Jason Simonds Ya, the boats nice too.

      2. DijonInjection

        @Tri Nguyen Purpleheart, also known as Violetwood, Amaranth or Pau Roxo. Scientific name: Peltogyne spp. This species originates from Central America and tropical South America. It offers many qualities owing to its colour of deep purple-violet and durability. Time will turn this wood to a deep purplish brown. Because of its resistance to stress, it can be used alternatively for heavy outdoor and marine applications, decking and millwork.

      3. Tri Nguyen

        Hi what type of wood is it, really nice pink colour

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        Hhhhhh ... Bul ... s t

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    2. Justin P

      Coal miners building a boat ... even have the head torches

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      Saya dari Indonesia menyukai pekerjaan anda

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      679 dislikes on one of the best YT channels??? WTF?

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      Fucking love this guy!!!!!

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      Hebat" pembuatan kapal kayu mester..👍👍

    8. santiago goomez garcia

      podrian poner subtitulos en castellano, muy buen trabajo

    9. Bob S

      Just curious what kind of wheel are you using on the angle grinder for wood?

    10. Aditya Syahputra

      Indonesia boat

    11. Bill Dyke

      Did Cecca say futtock?!!

    12. Belo MOLNAR

      Laser work.

    13. Rob Smith

      One boat builder I met described the process of building a wooden boat as converting a pile of logs into a pile of wood chips, a hole in the water and emptying the (new) owner's bank balance...... I think he miss described the hole in the water - in your case "A beautiful hole in the water" would be more appropriate :-)

    14. D H

      She is soooo cute

    15. Harold Conover

      I am still very much , watching ALL of your videos.

    16. xpez

      This shaving away to precisely land on the measurements reminds me of sculpture. Love all of these details and finding the glory in being exact! LOL

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    19. richard oakford

      What is a rabbit or are you talking about a rebate

    20. Алексей Иванов

      Nice girl

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      she’s so cute

    22. Zaio Hellgren

      This looks really nice and like a bunch of fun! I dont know much about boats or boat building but its would be awesome to come and help you out, working on crafmanship is allways good. Sadly you are very far away but atleast i can wish you the best of luck and i will continue following your work

    23. Sabrina Kane

      The spike on the adze makes me nervous on the upswing.

    24. Ashton Payne

      i feel like you definitely see a lot of pink sawdust going down the drain when you shower lmao

    25. D vd

      You must have great neighbours if they don't complain about the noise of a shipyard at night.

    26. Peter Brickwood

      Will the Land Yacht take two years to complete?

    27. Chad M

      Cecca SO HOT

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      Thank you for the free content

    29. Iazzaboyce

      Sharp ends on clamps are a pain when you're trying to play tennis.

    30. Steve Bock

      Why do you put a rabbit line across the entire main backbone of the ship?

      1. Steve Bock

        It appears that your trying to reduce the backbone main line to the bottom sweep with of the ribs width?

    31. Skankhunt 42

      How do they bend the ribs like like?

    32. Felix Engemann

      OMG I just love Rowan

    33. Inaka Sumi

      I wish you all the best guys and you guys are very fortunate and lucky to be near sea, ocean or lake. I've never seen one in my life as I resides on a mountainous region, yeah I know only one thing that's rafting on a clear cold fast flowing river.

    34. davidmellott50

      I'm so impressed with the scope of this build, it blows my mind on how much manual labor is involved in every single piece of this gigantic puzzle. I commend you on your drive and dedication to an endless amount of work. I do like to watch each transformation and not have sweat and huff and puff my way to each accomplishment. Good luck with your enormous build, keep healthy and happy with each part of the build, and because your young and motivated, you will get there before you know it.

    35. John De Jong

      In witch episode does the planking starts?

    36. Jim Pychon

      what was the rabbit for?

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    38. Hame Tuaone

      What wood did you use for the keel? It's gorgeous.

    39. jthepickle7

      Too anal. Get to work. Make bigger chips. Get about being done and stop with the doing. Don't re-invent just build the bloody ship!

    40. tactus tenebris

      too bad there isn't a rabbeting power planer...

    41. Glenn Irving

      Cecca would look extra cute in a pirate outfit (because she’s already cute as she can be) standing on the vessel for T-Shirt idea

    42. JareK Pawlowski

      the amount of money you exchange for wood chips scares me

    43. Wusnae me

      What grinding disk is that nice to watch a craftsman at work British shipbuilding has lost its way

    44. Johan Kotze

      It is mesmerizing to see how the keel timber changes colour after a while. I will almost buy a block of it and shave a bit off everyday!

    45. Matias Sebastian

      What a dangerous tool...

    46. Matthew Hunter

      You’re a legend Leo ♌️ and I love 💓 to view content .....keep them coming :D:D:D

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    48. Destiny Lab

      It is amazing to think how much work goes into each and every hand built boat even with all these fancy modern tools. How in the world did they accomplish these tasks in ancient times? Just think about the man hours that went into each boat and how many ended up on the bottom of the ocean!

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      I was unsubbed.

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      What cutting wheel are you using on the grinder for the rabbet?


      Amazing😉⚓🇲🇨iam from🇲🇨⚓

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      Great job ..... very clever man ....

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      Thanks Andrew Garfield!

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      Во ты ты чувак замутил 👍

    57. Peter Wallace

      How do you get on with the neighbours at evening/night. Effectively milling the keel on site.

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    59. claverton

      Francesca is a very reluctant superstar

    60. claverton

      when I was a jackeroo in far western Queensland in the mid 1970's we had a machine similar to the one that you are using for sharpening the adj and Francesca is using to sharpen the knives. We used it for sharpening axes, chisels, hand shears etc. Except it was ancient contraption with a much larger stone wheel that we turned manually with a foot pedal, and we had a tin can with a hole in the bottom above it that dripped water onto the stone wheel while you sharpened the edge. I loved it. The way it was explained to me by my boss was that using a normal work bench grinder heated up the metal too much, but this machine sharpened the tools without changing the nature of the metal

    61. renee beesley

      Thank you for this channel. Sanity in these times. I am now in my 70's and remember my dad building Comets (little brothers to the Star boat) as a boy. This brings back great memories.

    62. TJ

      these two men seem to have the most synergy between them... Leo and Rowan (Finn was a go getter too) are like a well timed machine the way they get things done w/out getting in each other's way. The video editor must get his due also!!

      1. Paul Bucco

        Finn was an animal



    64. Charles McDonald

      What does the rabbit do ?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        It's an angled recess cut into the centerline timbers & keel to accept the full depth of the hull planking. It provides the surface to which the lowest plank (the garboard) & the ends of the upper planks (hood-ends) are firmly attached w/ bronze wood-screws.

    65. Master Shipyard

      Good job, there's a lot to learn. Like.

    66. Kim Doss

      Beautiful work brother, great teamwork. Regards Kad

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      Beautiful Craftsmanship 👍

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      alatnya lengkap

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      Interesting that you use the purperhart from our Suriname forest Nice work

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    74. Benjamin Hathaway

      Just love watching this Purple Heart being worked, and all the beautiful sawdust and shavings it leaves behind!

    75. Zainul Palodem

      And I like the sophistication of the engine that has been used .... I can only provide healthy support always and keep the spirit ...🤣

    76. Zainul Palodem

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      Nothing evolves mindlessly. Everything is designed intelligently.

    86. Ramphastos

      Purple Heart is such a beautiful timber 😍

    87. Space Cowboy

      Tally Ho has got quite the bum on her....magnificent work leo

    88. MarineMan

      Leo, when a video is going to show you taking a chain saw to the Purple Heart in Tally Ho, could you add a slide, in the beginning, saying something like "WARNING - this video contains content that some viewers may find disturbing...." . I would appreciate it. I don't want to have to start my own Patreon account asking for donations to pay the medical bills brought about by my latest heart attack. Thanks in advance. :)

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        heheh I'll try and be more considerate next time :)

    89. Jed Perkins

      What happened to your awesome lights?

    90. JimTheSoundman

      Leo makes it look so easy. I'd love to see a video describing all the mistakes that were made along the way. I'm sure they had to recut some lumber pieces that didn't work, maybe they put some holes in the wrong places. I'd love to see how he dealt with all those issues.

    91. Paul Drake

      I have watched all the series and I hope there will be a continuation of EP61,62,63 etcetera I am impressed the boat is a work of art as well as a working craft! Cheers

    92. Stephen Blews

      We are dying here, where is the next video?!!

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      Almost two weeks ago Leo, I’ll check on my end something didn’t appear right it was PayPal and I don’t care much for them but the last time I donated it worked fine. I’ll do some checking. And it would be under my name which I use here.

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        Hi Mark, Thanks for your support! But I actually can't see your donation, unless there is a different name attached? I usually send out thank-you emails within a week. When did you make it? thanks again and I apologise if you didn't get a thank-you email.

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      Useful little tip for you

    96. Zach Waddill

      It's not a restoration anymore..

      1. on4xb

        "She will have her original lead ballast keel, some planking, other re-used original timber, and various bits of hardware, as well as the continuity of looking like the same boat in any one given day. According to Lloyds, the Greeks (see ship of Theseus), the wooden-boat community, and myself, it will be the same boat! But, people are free to disagree and call it what they want." Leo Goolden

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    98. saitotiktmdog

      just been watching this basically non stop for the lat few weeks. Very cool. What model stihl saws did you get?

    99. Randy Holk

      What an awesome education. Thank you! First 55 episodes in three days left me waiting anxiously a few weeks for your next posts. Great music. You have been blessed with volunteers. The Californian should be a millwright as exampled by the brilliant application of frame building "automation" brought to the process. Being of Dane and Brit decent the sail bug has stirred an interest that will have to be dealt with. Would love to visit and lend a hand when possible! So obsessed that I found the yard in satellite images. Do you receive mail at 645? A couple we met when living in Pensacola were members of the yacht club. They and ourselves are not living there now but I asked if he would check your site and maybe solicit some support from the club. Upcoming Thanksgiving wishes for you and yours. You need some Weber grill baked turkey and southern corn bread dressing. Mmmm good! Peace!