BoatBuilding - Fitting Deck Beams! (Tally Ho EP70)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Fitting Deck Beams! (EP70)
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    EPISODE 70.
    It’s time to start building the Deck Structure! Firstly I take a look at the old Beam Shelves and analyse the 110 year-old joinery of the original boatbuilders. I decide to replicate these joints and we start fitting the King Beams, starting at the stern and working forward.
    Pete cuts out the Carlins and Half-Beams before joining me fitting the main beams, and Patrick starts with planing and sanding the beams prior to install.
    After lots and lots of chisel-work fitting the main beams, I look at the original Carlin joints, and then fit the aftermost Carlins that make up the Lazarette hatch.
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    70. BoatBuilding - BoatBuilding - Fitting Deck Beams! (Tally Ho EP70)

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    1. Crazy JinX

      its funny because we think building the boat is hard. I would be dreading the sails xD like how tf

    2. Michael E Jean- louis

      Mate Makita USA should be sponsoring you all their equipment its the best advertising you are doing for them using their tools.

    3. just tim

      Beautiful work.

    4. anotherdrummer2

      Found the channel through ep 71 which was recommended to me last week. Watched through the current episode, then backtracked to the beginning. Now I can say I'm 100% caught up. If you'll pardon the comparison, I am glad to see the introduction of your Ishmael and Queequeg.

    5. BadCat

      Well Leo , the only good thing about this bloody virus is that I've gotten to stay home and isolate and do the chronological crawl through all your videos from the beginning ! what an amazing journey !! and Ms Pancho looks like she has become very proficient at inspecting all the futtocks and joinery work that's been done to them ;-) keep up the good work Pancho ;-)

    6. Andrew Mantle

      great audio track

    7. bart deVos

      Nice to see Ceca showing off her acting skills :)

    8. Andrew Mason

      it's pretty amazing how much of the work is actually done with a saw and a chisel. so satisfying to watch

    9. Let's see how it goes

      around 13:50 I guarantee he just starts makes up word

    10. i9001s

      japan 魂

    11. Patrick Green

      Is he burnishing the wood?

    12. Belo MOLNAR

      High quality wood, Sharp instruments & precise workers. Really pleasant. Thanks a lot.

    13. Tom Oakhill

      These wooden members are huge to me. That they are held together with this (4:07) kind of intricate beautiful joint is stunning. I have built furniture, a hobby, for 40 years. I never in my wildest dreams thought I was see this kind of fine furniture joinery in a wood structure of this size. I have made a lot of locking dovetails. I use if for the same purpose, to keep things from springing apart.

    14. Nigel Marston

      Wow, those joints are simply master-class. I love watching the chisels at work but that huge Makita circular saw is mesmerising... terrifying.

    15. Dave Koons

      Patrick is burnishing the oak to get rid of hair like fibers and give a smooth surface.

    16. roman popov

      4:28 I used to think I'm the carpenter, before I saw this.

    17. Rob Smith

      Does Cecca have a "serious" face - she has a great smile & giggle :-)

    18. Splinter5570

      I love that you are taking the old pieces as reference all the time, (and showing it in the video) Also loved to see that you dug up that old Iron knee, (or was that the previous video) and that it exactly fitted.

    19. Pappa Bob

      "See a real "shipwreck" !! Just joking !! He's got a sense of humor !!! A little levity is always welcome when doing all this tedious and precision work !!!

    20. Ten-Nine-Four

      I am in awe........ The joinery on the half beams blew my mind.

    21. Joe Kind

      Hi Leo, like the boat building videos very much. Also, wanted to tell you your girlfriend is very lovely and Has a tender personality. I suggest you not mess around and prolong your great opportunity AND MARRY THE GIRL BEFORE SHE SAYS, The hell with Leo it’s always boat first. If it doesn’t work out publish it please and I will fly out their instantly.

    22. Guess Guest

      More Patrick ! Lol

    23. Calum Hunter

      more parrot, please.

    24. Calum Hunter

      this epic was total crap, no parrot! (giggles! nw sailor!)

    25. ADD Dude

      The pleasure one feels when watching beautiful joinery is amazing!

    26. Alain Pascal

      So, I am going to take a wild guess Léo and say that your shipwright is from Missouri...

    27. Clayton Timmer

      Gasp! A multitool!

    28. charles snezd

      Unbelievable wood joints!! Hats off!!!

    29. John Paquin

      When this boat was built it all the extras that were done at that time that make it to last so long as all of that just added straeth to the boat so that made it to hold together better over time that's whey it still where in the world and after you get done and by your addressing all of those detailed will make this boat last another 100 year someday they will be preasing your for saving her as by the kind of workmanship your doing she will out last you

    30. Patrick Connors

      I demand more Patrick footage.

    31. Tim Kelly

      likes for Patrick

    32. DasVERMiT

      14:31 - What is the name of the tool he is using here?

    33. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    34. David Bray


    35. Ali Helmy

      Can we all agree it is a crime we cannot get some Tally Ho / Sampson Boat Co. / Pancho shirts to support the project?

    36. Kai Miller

      Marking the high spots by running a plane backwards ? That my thought

    37. legend !!!

      oh~~ Korean flag t-shirt very good!!!!!!!

    38. Yannick Vertessen

      I love how he used to say 'this 107 year old boat' and now it's 'this 110 year old boat'. Good craftsmanship takes time

    39. Paul Wood

      How much will Tally Ho way when she is finished? And what the hell how are you going to move it to where it needs to go?

    40. SKM 94

      Would this be like 500k or 1 million dollar boat with the labor and material?

    41. anthony wright

      Good thing you reminded me to subscribe,I was sure I did and when I checked oops sorry,but now I ask permission to come aboard,Captain?

    42. bobgcampbell

      OK, so it wasn't until 10:45 or so that I realized the deck beams intersected with ribs. Any reason that you didn't keep them a bit off to reduce complexity of the joint?

    43. Richard chavez

      When is the next video coming out??

    44. Luis 17

      I recently wrote on your channel, and I've seen all the videos now just waiting for the next and anxious to see how this masterpiece of the sea will be, congratulations for the magnificent work.

    45. Jim Pychon

      Francesca is adorable

    46. Piazzawoodworks

      3:51 using plane to mark hi spots

    47. Robert Hodge

      More Patrick footage!

    48. Vic7or

      Well well well that's some good joinery porn we got here

    49. Frank Russell Design

      Bell clicked. Thanks.

    50. 1MinuteFlipDoc

      6:52 such a cutie!!😍 😘

    51. Steve Syncox

      Long sanding on a plane.?

    52. Benjamin Marks

      Is it short for leopald, leonard, leonardo, or just leo?

    53. Tcamp

      What was he doing with the planer? Burnishing the wood?

    54. D|M Photo

      Bringing out the big guns to get people to subscribe, ruthless! 😁 The joinery blows me get that level precision, especially with large pieces.

    55. Robert Neukirch

      more Patrick footage please!

    56. BrokeBike Mtb

      Pete is a beast ass carpenter.......much love buddy

    57. Mikey Renshaw

      Increadable work guys! Such amazing skill on display.

    58. Old Silver

      Fabulous progress, excellent joinery, so good to see a ship shape emerging from all that hard work - Well Done lads, and 'cesca too, gotta love that full bright smile.

    59. Don Devine

      A thing of beauty is a joy forever - Keats

    60. Alex Golubev

      Leo, 3.21 on episode , don't you think you take out little bit too much from deck beam? that is a lot of tension there ? just asking...

    61. Zihnigür Dereli


    62. Raggy Tigger

      I'm amazed at the skills you guys have. I'm blown away by the way you make it all look so easy..... oh yeah , your Mrs is great, she must be to put up with everything that's going on. Definitely a keeper!!!! Lol lol 🤣

    63. Uther

      Watching the beams being slotted in is soooo satisfying :-)

    64. Wayne Dupre

      Hi Leo. I have enjoyed watching you and all of your friends building this work of art. If I were able to I would love to go help you. I love wood working and being a sailor (Tin Can) I love boats and ships. I will be keeping an I on your progress. Good luck and Tally Ho. I also love watching Kieth Rucker. An amazing craftsman in his own field.

    65. curtis nimmo

      I have none of this desire to build a boat but I do so admire you and your friends' talent... I love sailing and I cannot wait to see you launch her

    66. JasperXoR

      13:45 I like to imagine he's just making up words to see how gullible we are. All those specific terms and then the term at 16:30 is Iron Sickness! It is a really cool factoid about building different than the plans. I was already at the moment he was looking at the plans thinking, no matter how smart you are unless you spend time on a boat and building a boat you'll have natural blindspots to how best to design a boat. This is a fun project to watch as the progress is really quite fast, this could be easily a restoration project someone passes over to their kids.

    67. Ethan's Science time

      You really need to put ASMR I love hearing woodwork sounds

    68. Perry Boatfield

      Good evening weak Oak I stored some white oak in a leaky garage after the wood had dried I came to use it and some broke with the in grain looking remarkably similar to the broken handle I can't remember that smell though after saw and planing it looked perfectly good Perry

    69. Simon W

      Very much enjoyed your series- locked down here, so can't build anything! I hadn't seen that "Ship of Theseus" riddle before. Surely, when you had the new keel ready, you must have thought 'let's lay the new keel alongside Tally Ho', start the new buildup, and keep the old remains intact as a pattern'. Only explanation for doing it the way you did it, is with regard to originality. Is that correct?

    70. Mark Eidson

      Just spent the last 2 weeks mesmerized watching all 72 videos, the pipe threader repair and mallet making and could not believe that there was no more to watch. I decided to find the workshop on Google Earth and that managed to fill my time on lock down until now.

    71. Harvey Kimsey

      Wow, that was great footage of you guys cutting various dovetails on those timbers!

    72. loose threads Hermosa

      Really some nice woodworking Leo. Good luck going forward.

    73. stairman

      Can somebody tell me what episode gives the story on the parrot? I'm new to this channel. Thanks

      1. Jim Wiegand

        @kandk920 No idea on that, I don't think she has ever spoken on camera.

      2. stairman

        @Jim Wiegand thanks. Beautiful bird

      3. kandk920

        @Jim Wiegand Any idea if she has a vocabulary?

      4. Jim Wiegand

        I don't remember if there ever was a single episode that explained everything, I think the story has mostly come out over time. The short version is that Pancho belongs to Leo's hosts, but he often watches her for them during the day.

    74. Tom Hutchins

      Its very impressive he is sticking to the original design as the boat was built. Not to the original plans 100%. I really think it will add to the credibility and feel that the boat really is Tally Ho back from the past. So far so good. Ps Dosen't hurt to have a pretty lady smiling for the camera either.

    75. Chase Proctor

      The shoulder also helps to distribute stress on the beam so that the joi t isn’t the only part holding up the weight.

    76. Robert Mecalis

      Did I miss the video where you put the stringers in, or did you forget? 😁

    77. alexander newman

      Hello Leo & Cecca (spelling?) I have been following your porject for a lot of episodes. A couple of things which I find excellent, thank you. Very interesting choices of background Music, really high quality videos, and am astonished and so pleased to see somebody exhibiting such extra-ordinary abilities and professionalism in your work. Of course Cecca brings a wonderful smile and laughter to this wonderful project. Thankyou to you both and to tye wonderful team of volunteers.

    78. ian mclachlan

      The new Tally Ho-it really cannot be considered as anything other than a new boat-provides an interesting contrast with the original. I hope Leo will make a video comparing the two, standard of available materials, time and man hours expended including lofting and pre construction work, including numbers of shipwrights on original, comparison of joinery standards, benefit of modern tools and machinery versus hand tools, how the original could have been improved with modern technology, comparative cost/budgets and any other areas that occur to him.

    79. bizim eller

      51 thumbs down, why? 🤨🤨 I wished some of them explained it, I would love to hear their reasoning. It's looking very good, cheers 👍🇹🇷

    80. Theophilus Jedediah

      Music around 17:0-19:0 sounded a lot like the old standard “My Baby She Love Me Good” circa 1927. Really smooth.

    81. StarSEO Ltd.

      Why don't you use glue?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        Glued joints will always eventually fail after many cycles of changing temperature & moisture content. This is ok if the boat is designed for a 20-year life, but not if the goal is 50 or 100 years.

    82. WKBHB

      Askinig this question because I've wasted too many hours chasing rabbits in the comments. Please forgive if it's already been answered. Are these joints being glued after dry fitting or are they so percise they don't need any adhesive? If they are being glued is it being done as you go or will it happen after all joints are cut?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        @WKBHB - Leo has been using Dolfinite (marine putty) mixed w/ pine tar (for oozy flow) as a gap filler, I don't think it has any adhesive properties.

      2. WKBHB

        I guess I should have assumed that from the previous videos. Does the bedding have adhesive qualities or is it just sealant/crack filler?

      3. Frederick Stibbert

        These joints won't be glued, glue is not at all the thing for this type of construction. After the joints are bedded, expect mechanical fasteners such as bronze screws & through-bolts.

    83. Han's GRT

      Goods best👍👍👍 ep01/70 my from indonesian🙏

    84. sailor d


    85. Fadel Sunni

      Jolly good show, old chap. Had I been younger, I’d have volunteered for the whole project. Strength to your elbow

    86. Andre Reggio

      Can you explain tumble hone? Great endeavor and skills displayed Leo.

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        "tumblehome" - as the sides of the boat rise, they continue to curve & start to bend inward. The deck is therefore less wide than the maximum beam dimension. Tally Ho has a slight amount of tumblehome amidships, but it's often quite noticeable in large wooden warships.

    87. Andreas Scheifele

      4:00 The wood is Mahagoni or Sipo. In Europe import stop. I Think only the wood is much expensive

      1. on4xb

        @Andreas Scheifele Purple Heart is a tropical hard wood used these days by many boatbuilders instead of Teak which is extreme expensive and hard to find. By the way there is another wood species used on the boat: Black Locust. That is used for the tree nails (trunnels), the wooden pegs that hold each frame together (episode 54: )

      2. Andreas Scheifele

        @on4xb I think thats right. Purple Heart is for me today unknown.

      3. on4xb

        @Andreas Scheifele Indeed, see my previous answer: keel, stem and stern are made of Purple Heart. Wait I forgot another wood species: Teak (some of it original from 1910) for the transom (episodes 74 and 76)

      4. Andreas Scheifele

        @on4xb The keel isn't oak

      5. on4xb

        @Andreas Scheifele Sorry, check all the video's [episodes 19, 28, 29: for the frames Live Oak] [halfway episode 55: the wood for planking (Wana) and the beam shelves arrives (Angelicque)] [episode 63: White oak for the deck structure]. There is one species still missing from the list: the keel, stem and stern assemblies are made from Purple Heart.

    88. William T. Musil

      Hiya Leo

    89. Matthew Wise

      When is the next video please

    90. warrenjsimpson

      You do honour to the trees this wood came from.

    91. Stan Kolodin

      How many trees went into this boat? So cool

    92. RHP9898

      Well done Leo, keep going! It must seem like a looooooong haul to the finish.

    93. Charlie Beresford

      id like to see one of the old bits of timber resawn to see the integrity of it on the inside

    94. Alan Hernandez

      A dude I didn’t know y’all had a parrot! Very nice!

      1. Tony Grimes

        Alan Hernandez - You obviously have not watched many Episodes!

    95. Melvin Farqart

      I have always been amazed how the joints Leo is cutting and fashioning fit so well together

    96. Jerry Santos


    97. Tom Campbell

      Tom C...I attempted to send a giftcard off of your wishlist thru Amazon but they just sent the card directly to my house. What address can I send the card to so you can use it in Sequim, Washington?

    98. Aluminium workboat project

      Leo, you might like this

    99. gtr1952

      I have been with you since day 1, and all I can say at the moment is 'WOW'. The chisels are calling.... More to follow 8)

    100. Andrew Bailey

      Watching those half beams go into their dovetails was incredibly satisfying! Also I'm slightly sad that I've now caught up with the series, because I can no longer watch multiple videos a day

      1. on4xb

        restart from the beginning ?